Gone fishing…

In my previous post, I mentioned that my friend and his wife were here from KL for a few days…and for dinner on their first night in town, I took them to this place for some of our local ethnic delicacies such as the Melanau umai


…which is raw fish with a generous squeeze of calamansi lime and all the other ingredients added including thinly sliced onions and chili and a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste).

For starters, as always, we were served these nice keropok (prawn crackers) from Mukah, a seaside town a few hours’ drive from here…


…and of course, I had to order the only-in-Sarawak midin (wild jungle fern) with belacan


…and their very nice paku (wild jungle fern, a different variety) with santan (coconut milk)…


…and not forgetting, their lokan


…which they claim to be the only one in Malaysia…


…made with the shellfish, minced…with meat, onions and don’t know what else.

That would have been substantial enough, I would think, and the total would come up to over RM50 for 4 persons, inclusive of rice and drinks…and towels. Tsk! Tsk! However, we just had to order the expensive river freshwater prawns or udang galah (tua thow hay/big headed prawns)…


…and despite being listed in their menu as asam (tamarind) prawns, I think it is more towards the Melanau style of cooking, something like how I would do it at home, but a little bit more than my simpler version of that but at that price, perhaps, they could work a bit on the presentation – with a slice or two of terung (brinjal) Dayak maybe or some lemon grass stalks or a few of those fragrant leaves or even some thinly-sliced chili for a bit of colour.

At RM50.00 a kg for the ones that big at the wet market in town or maybe a bit bigger, those of course did not come cheap – RM18.00 each and multiply that by 4, it came up to RM72.00. Ouch!!! But I guess it was still very much cheaper than what we had here at RM85.00 a kg – I wonder if that’s the same in KL and the surrounding areas.

We also ordered another of the specialty of the house – their roast lamb…


…and it was so very good except that it did not come cheap – RM60.00 for that but considering that there were four thick slabs – the size of a regular lamb chop and that would work out to RM15.00 each, I suppose that was quite fairly priced. Most importantly, they did it really well – none of that lamb smell that would put a lot of people off and it was so tender and went absolutely well with the mint sauce and the garlic dip that came with it.

Personally, I do not drop by this place that often as the things aren’t exactly cheap plus I did not quite like the place but that night, it appeared to me like they’ve done something to spruce up the place a bit and for one thing, it was definitely brighter than before and thus, I could take nicer photographs of the food unlike on my previous visits. Besides, I wanted my friends to sample something local instead of stuff that they can find in KL or elsewhere…and of course, I would try not to take them to places that I’d taken them to before on their previous visit.

They did say, however, that they would want to go back here and there for this and that so we’ll see. There’ll be more in the coming posts, so do hang around!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Gone fishing…”

  1. Oooi Bananaz today how come first never had the opportunity before. Ah coz Bananaz loves TGIM? Thank G~d Its Monkday aiya Monday

    Log in at 00.05 a.m. and you’ll be first every day. Don’t miss the other post – two today, by accident. 😦

  2. Nice! Yeah, this place is probably the best place for umai in Sibu!

    It’s a lot different from sashimi, someone recently asked me how different it is and I’m at a loss to describe it except that the acidity from the lime “cooks” it somehow.

    Yup, so in that sense, it isn’t exactly raw…nothing like sashimi.

  3. Oops…didn’t think my comment went through.

    Someone asked me how umai tasted like recently and I was at a loss to describe it, except it’s totally unlike sashimi – the acidity from lime juice cooks it somehow.

    This is the best place for umai and native dishes in Sibu!

    Perhaps the only place around here…and thankfully, what they dish out is pretty good generally, though not all that cheap. No choice… 😦 Ya, it went to spam…but I’ve retrieved the two… 😉

  4. Thought you went fishing. That’s an awesome dinner. Bet your friends are enjoying the dishes. If not they won’t say they will be back again for this and that.

    The food is really good at this place and many of the things are not available elsewhere, but it is a little bit pricey…unfortunately. 😦

  5. Guess the melanau folks are shrewed businessman! Hahaha….. The asam prawn looks very Good!

    Nope! This place is Chinese-owned and run, you racist! 😀 Serving the local Melanau ethnic delights.

  6. All the dishes above, I LIKE!! That means I wanna try lo… sigh.. have to wait.. wait till the kucing family settle down first in their new home and then if got free ticket, we will come again.. hahahaa….

    You can come on your own, no need to wait for them. Come with your sons and daughter… 😉

  7. Oooh! Drooling. For those who visit SIbu, this is a must visit eating place to try on local delicacies. I am still thinking about my first visit to this restaurant last month.

    Ya, I saw your blogpost on this place… Nice eh? Like everything else in Sibu. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  8. Ahhh….my favorite midin!!…
    The first picture…first glance, I thought it was fried kuey teow (thin type)… hehehe…

    You’ve never tried umai? Hmmmm…one place you cak drop by the try when in Sibu!

  9. wow, indeed very special and uniquely your local ethnic delicacies.. and i find that lokan very interesting, something so new to me, and even the Sibu Food Mayor doesn’t know what else they use to make this, hahaha!!

    I do…or at least, my missus does but it’s such a hassle – cleaning the lokan and getting the flesh out of the shells already such a chore. Too much work – don’t expect me to do that. She and my daughter cooked once, just as nice…but never again. Once bitten, twice shy, I guess…scared them off, all that work.

  10. The raw-fish-dish looks like Pad Thai (Thai style Char Koay Teow) at first LOL, roasted lamb’s best friend should be mint sauce :p

    Yes, they go hand in hand.

  11. Argh….three times tried commenting ..three time mr m ate my comments.

    I like the plain midin better. Dun like much with santan.

    Kira cheap la. Kl cant get this price

    Midin with belacan, paku with santan… You got it mixed up. Hmmmm…so you think the prices are reasonable, eh? No sign of your comments in SPAM, dunno where they went to.

  12. I thought I have seen many seafood restaurants here serving lokan from their aquariums. However i do not know the place of its origin.

    I think they mean how they cook it…stuffed in the shell like that.

  13. I had umai once before prepared by my good friend from Sarawak. I loved it a lot! Quite hard for me to get very fresh fish or else I would try making it myself.

    Yup! The fresh would have to be really fresh for it to be nice.

  14. That’s a lot of food there. ^_^

    I agree with Kathy; a plate of plain midin (maybe, seasoned with a little of sesame oil and soya sauce) will be perfect. =)

    I don’t think we can get RM60 for a plate of roasted lamb here… never tried Victoria’s Station, though.

    Sesame oil? Eyewwwwww!!!! Here, the Chinese will just fry plain with garlic and seasonings added…or with ginger and traditional Foochow red wine. Dunno of anybody using sesame oil, quite unheard of. Lately, there are people doing it kerabu-style too…and they call it Thai-style midin.

    Victoria? My friend, Annie-Q went there to celebrate her mum’s birthday…and she complained about how horrible ti was from top to bottom. I wouldn’t want to go there, thank you very much.

  15. Missing midin! love the taste and crunch!

    The lamb is good looking! Interesting to serve with garlic dip. What is the green stuff with the garlic dip?

    That’s mint sauce – a must-have when having roast lamb…plus the garlic dip, it was really very good. Slurpssss!

  16. ooo, at first glance, i thought the umai was a noodle dish. cool stuff, sounds tasty! after doing a quick check, i actually remembered that i have had umai melanau before: http://eatdrinkkl.blogspot.com.au/2009/03/pucuk-ubi.html … hehehe 😀

    Ooooo…TTDI? How come nobody ever told me about this place? Food there looks good – we do not even have one here – this one we went to is not exclusively Melanau, just that we can get some of the special ethnic dishes and that’s why there’s roast lamb. Must check that place out when I hop over again. Why, they even have sago worms…not that I would want to eat those. Hehehehehehe!!!!! I wonder if they serve these too…

  17. I love seeing how places change every once and a while! Glad your experience this time was better than the last! Good Friends always make it better, too! YAY!

    True, how very true! We did enjoy ourselves, that’s for sure.

  18. Is that cucumbers I see in the first dish?

    You know… you tease me with your wild jungle fern dishes, each time I see you posting one of those dishes, I want to try them to see if I’d like them too. I haven’t found them over here (yet.) From my readings it grows in the jungle, right? I’m curious to see if it would grow inside?

    Yup, they’re cucumber all right, commonly used her for decoration, part of the food presentation…but we do eat those slices…sometimes.

    Yup, the ferns grow wild in the jungle but the midin is found mostly in the secondary forest undergrowth among the tall grasses and what not. Only available here in the northern part of the island of Borneo – not in mainland Malaysia.

  19. I wanna try that Lokan… looks really good and I never seen it prepared like this before! I had umai once and I like it… it was really tangy with a bit of spiciness…

    This umai that we had was not spicy and a bit too sour – we’ve had better ones, really but it was ok, not bad.

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