Sorry’s not good enough…

Last weekend, after the sunset church service on Saturday evening, we went for a late dinner here.


I don’t really fancy this place especially at night as it is kind of dark and the horrendous decor with all those twinkling lights and tinsel plus the tacky plastic flowers all around certainly do not contribute in any way towards creating a nice and comfortable ambiance for a pleasant dining experience…but bless my lucky stars – at least, that night, they were not playing those kutu rocker songs that I had heard them playing on the previous occasions I was there …and instead, they had some nice slow Malay songs, albeit a bit too loud, I would say.

Melissa and I had dropped by twice, once before she left for New Zealand and another time a year later when she was home for the holidays and on both occasions, we had their set lunches and she had not had the chance to try anything on their à la carte menu. This time around, my missus wasted no time in ordering the ayam penyet (RM18.90), literally translated as clobbered chicken, for herself…


…as she had that the other time she was here and she liked it a lot.

The price has gone up by RM2.00 since but that was around 2-3 years ago so I guess that is kind of expected. I do think, however, that at that price, they should be able to give something a little bit more substantial for the ulam

AP - ulam

…that accompanied the dish but of course, it did not change the fact that it was very deliciously done and I wonder what went into the omelette on top as it was really very good. All of us loved that very much.

I ordered the kapitan chicken with rice for myself but a while later, the waiter came to tell me that they were out of that and I had to order something else. Sigh!!! I did not know what else to choose so I just settled for the chicken curry…


…with nasi bryani


…which, with a price tag of RM16.90, was, by no means, cheap either. Melissa tried the rice and she thought the one she had here was nicer…and the meat in the curry was tough and on the whole, it wasn’t anything to shout about either.

My girl wanted the nasi bryani with mutton curry for herself…and after everything else was served including this roti canai pisang (RM10.90)…


…there was still no sign of it so I called the waiter to ask what was taking them so long. He went to the kitchen to check and then came back to tell us that they were out of mutton curry as well and Melissa would have to order something else instead. Tsk! Tsk! In the end, she had the ayam penyet too as she liked what she had sampled from her mother’s plate.

The roti canai here is reputed to be the biggest in the country and the banana one that we had…

RCP - banana

…was very well-done and I would say that we did like it a lot…despite the price.

When it was time to leave, I went personally to the counter to settle the bill. Seeing how things had been going, I had to be sure they did not forget to cancel the deleted orders from the bill. There was a lady and a kid who insisted on doing the calculations and making a mess out of everything plus the waiter…and there was quite a hassle between the three before they came out with the total – RM69.50 (inclusive of one iced teh tarek, RM3.90 – the iced water that my missus and I had came free). I paid RM70.50 and the lady gave me 50 sen in return – of course, I pointed out how much I had paid them and insisted that I was given RM1.00 in return. My patience was running out by then…and it sure took a lot of effort on my part not to burst out in a violent rage and with that kind of service, I would not think of leaving a tip, that’s for sure…and seeing how they did things and what had transpired, one can jolly well guess whether or not I would heading back there again, never mind how nice the food may be.

Once Melissa had finished her “late arrival”, we dashed out of the place to the strains of Datuk Siti singing about a love that is not normal (Bukan cinta biasa) blaring into our ears…

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30 thoughts on “Sorry’s not good enough…”

  1. ???? what shop is this Fusion ka? got roti canai geh…

    Have tasted banana roti canai once before. A bit too sweet for my liking. Would love to have the curry. I guess Yoong will be drooling over this…lucky tarak nasi lemak ya :p

    They call themselves nyonya…but the food is more Malay or mamak, I would say. Can’t remember if I had nasi lemak on a previous visit. If I had, then I would say it did not leave an impression and I certainly would not want it again.

    Never had roti canai pisang before either but Melissa had it once in Sg Petani and she liked it and suggested ordering it for dessert – not too sweet, just the sweetness of the bananas. I enjoyed that.

  2. Love the song by Siti Norhaliza!

    Hmmm that’s certainly quite a hefty price even by KL standard for the food! Wowzers!!!

    Yes, I did think it was pricey…for that kind of dining environment and experience. 😦

  3. Dining is a total experience – Food, Ambience and Service.

    I hate poor service and will boycott the restaurant no matter how good the food is.

    Exactly. As Meatloaf would sing, two out of three ain’t bad…and in this case, it is not even one – you would have to know what’s good on the menu as not everything is nice.

  4. Such bad service and they can’t even get their calculation right! I wouldn’t go back there if I had that sort of experience.

    Bad in the sense of efficiency and capability but the waiter was friendly and polite, no doubt. Still, I would definitely think twice about going back there again, regardless.

  5. From my dining experience in Sibu, all restaurants serve the same type of food – and their menu encompasses all South East Asian dishes, whether they advertise themselves Thai or Nyonya. In the end, cleanliness and service counts.

    I don’t know of any authentic Thai place here but Cafe Ind is quintessentially (North) Indian and Indonesian and it’s not exactly fusion as they’re separated – different menus and different kitchens. Payung isn’t exactly this or that, a bit of everything but I particularly love what they serve, the service and the place…and they never declare themselves as either Thai or nyonya or both. I would look for nice ambiance as well – can’t stand noisy places especially at those prices – might as well go to a coffee shop instead.

  6. This shop must be pretty good since what you and Melissa ordered were sold out… maybe too much business, they kelang kabut a bit.. yes, if I were you, I also would check out my bill just in case they didn’t cancel the orders…

    Like I said earlier, I think it is more a case of efficiency and capability. Business was just ok as far as I could see – they should check and replenish their stock regularly if they want to run a business properly…or maybe they had run out of the lot they had cooked for the day and did not want to cook anymore…and were hoping to get rid of the rest as well. Not a very good impression of the place, I’m afraid.

  7. Can’t imagine you in a violent rage. Would’ve loved to see that. Beautiful song, sung by an equally beautiful lady!

    Hahahahaha!!!! As that fella would say – don’t make me angry, you would not like me when I’m angry! 😀 Ya, I do like the song too and a number of the others by her as well.

  8. price has gone up by RM2.00 since 2-3 years ago??

    That’s the expected phenomenon anywhere – any place where the prices of things are dropping? The only thing is to avoid such more pricey places on normal days – can save for special occasions to pamper oneself a bit, no need to be all that deprived…but not here, that’s for sure, at this particular place.

  9. Ermm, this place doesn’t leave a good impression. Pretty expensive too. Roti canai looks good though.On the billing part, why 3 insisted on doing the calculation. In the end, nothing comes out right. Tsk!!!…Tsk!!!

    Yup! I guess that’s the way those people do things… 😦

  10. I love Malay food. Briyani, ayam penyet. Like you said, the ulam looks so pitiful. I can have big plate of Ayam penyet rice with abundance of ulam and belacan for the price of RM7.00 in Kuching! Lol!

    The food at this “scary” place looks nice, but with such services, I am sure I would lose my cool and would not be going over again.

    Can’t blame me, eh? Also the same if you had been in my shoes. At Bandong here…
    I think it is around RM6.00 and RM5.50 for their pecel lele – very nice but of course, open air lah…and the one at this coffee shop is around that price too…
    …also not bad. Haven’t tried all the rest – heard that there are other nice places around, coffee shops.

  11. Ayooo. Bad service. Fortunately the food tasted good. Huhu.

    Not all, my curry chicken and bryani was just ok…and I think they used old mother hen for the curry and did not cook long enough – tough.

  12. Huh!!!! Roti canai pisang (RM10.90)…??? Pisang expensive or the roti? Is this the normal price sorry long time didn’t eat roti pisang may not know the actual price. Come to my cave can get banana for free haha.

    Your banana? No, thank you!

    It was the size of at least 4 roti canai put together…so that works out to around 2.50-3.00 a piece, normal size and piece…and you eat such things in a cafe, what to expect? How to compare with mamak stall by the roadside one?

  13. The roti canai pisang looks like a stingray waiting to sting someone?

    You are hyper-imaginative… It looked like what a roti canai should look like…just that it was very big – over 12 square inches.

  14. Looks like that you had an unpleasant evening. Tsk tsk…bad customer service can cause bad temper. Good thing that you managed to hold on to your patience a little longer…possibly the effect of just coming from the church. 🙂

    The decors of the restaurant reminds me of karaoke bars here in my country.

    LOL!!! 😀 That’s an interesting comparison. It would be way nicer if they did away with all those stuff and just keep it plain and simple and maybe, make the place a bit brighter…and turn down the music too. Ya…probably there was divine intervention and I was able to keep my cool. 😛

  15. That place looks haunted and the decor is damn awful. The owner has weird taste and the food might tally with his thoughts.

    Thankfully, some of the things on the menu were quite good…just that most were not available… 😦

  16. Sometimes comfort food will not always “comfort” to our taste buds ,my friend
    this is calle “cukup tau aja” in Indonesis, litterrary meams
    “just known it”

    The food’s ok, some of the items on the menu…but not the place nor the service…and worse, it seemed to run out of everything. Tsk! Tsk!

    Hey! Your first time here? Welcome! Welcome! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Will link you in my blogroll. Do keep again, ya? 😉

  17. Makes me think of the other time i was in JB having dinner, i went to pay while my friend have not finish her yet, but i didn’t tell my friend that i have paid…

    When my friend finish and went to the counter to pay, the person actually wanted to collect the money from her, then when i show them the reciept that i have paid, they kept quiet.

    My friend and i were said, if i did not show them the receipt, they gonna collected 2nd round? Their system should have shown that we have paid and why they still wanted to collect the money..

    No more next round there liao…

    So far so good here – I don’t think any place would collect again if someone has already paid – they will surely tell one.

  18. i am sure you won’t go back for a very long time. The roti pisang look very good, now, that will be my breakfast for tomorrow morning.

    I wonder if they have that in the coffee shops here – I enjoyed that! I’m sure it would be cheaper…even though not as big and bananas would be bananas – can’t possibly be much different.

  19. looks like a fun cross-sampling of asian fare, yes. ayam penyet is indonesian, kapitan chicken is malaysian nyonya, and nasi briyani and roti could be south asian/indian, hehehe 😀

    Yup, something of everything but that’s fine if the food is good…and some of the items are not bad really – just can’t stand the place and the fact that they seemed to have run out of everything – was only 8 something, still early in the night. 😦

  20. Those were the food I was having a couple of days before I accidentally gave birth >_< And Siti Nurhaliza was there too at that said event. Surprisingly she is still as beautiful in person 🙂

    Just the voice, unfortunately. Hmmm…good thing I did not give birth after eating all that food – already so many years overdue! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  21. Sorry this wasn’t the best experience for you guys! The lights are neat in the pic, tho! 🙂 But you are right…the decor was a bit ‘busy’. LOL 🙂

    Eyewwww!!!! Not those twinkling Christmas lights – wrong time of year. 😀

  22. PS – Shout out to you on my blog today! You inspired me to try and do a Vegan Egg Fried Rice 🙂

    Oooo…flattered. Will hop over to enjoy the limelight. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  23. I do not doubt that it’s the biggest in the country!

    I was about to ask if it’s the angle before I read that part. The roti pisang looks HUGE! I wish I had this when I was in Cafe Ind last time! 😀

    This wasn’t at Cafe Ind – it was at the nyonya cafe I told you about – but IO think it was not open when I wanted to take you there one night. The canai is consistently good.

  24. some business owners never get it… once a bad experience is done, it can never be forgotten… so always understand the basic rules of having a business. It’s also the principle of it and not the money so I can understand why you are unhappy about this… 🙂

    Yup, like at my favourite place in town. The things are not cheap but they win hands down on all other counts…and that’s why I keep going back.

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