I got mine…

It’s about two weeks away – the Mooncake Festival aka the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) or as we call it in the Hokkien dialect, pek quek tong chiew (the 8th Month Autumn Festival)…and as in previous years, the mooncakes do not come cheap, not at all and even our pretty good local made ones were kind of pricey last year – I’ve yet to drop by to check them out this year but I can bet my bottom dollar that the prices can’t possibly have gone in any direction other than up…up…and up. Tsk! Tsk!

Just when I’ve resigned myself to my fate of not being able to afford any to eat this year, I got these…


…from my kind and generous friend, Annie-Q!!!

Oooooo!!!! Lavender! I love their layer cakes, very buttery and very nice…and I bet their mooncakes…


…would be great too. Of course, it goes without saying that anything from that celebrated bakery does not come cheap so I’m saving them till the actual day of the festival to uphold the age-old Chinese tradition which means that I will only be cutting them then to savour and enjoy, nibbling bit by bit. If I remember to take the photographs, I will blog about them again and show you what they look like inside.

Annie also sent me a pack of these made-in-Penang instant noodles…


…to try but I will leave that till the next post.

Thank you so much, Annie, but you simply must stop sending me things or at least let me know when your mum would be going over so I can send a little something to you then. Thanks to her too for bringing the things back for me, so sorry for troubling her all the time.

Hmmm…there is an English saying that it never rains, it pours and if I’m not mistaken, it means that when bad things happen, they do not stop with just a few but they would be followed by a whole lot of the same. Well, I must say that in my case, this would refer to the good things that I’ve been getting from so many people…like it is never gonna end. Why, this box of goodies just came all the way from the UK…


I love McVitie’s! Their digestive biscuits are my favourite and their Scottish shortbread is very nice – once selling at over RM6.00 but I think they’re around RM8 or 9 now, still cheaper than the other more popular brands. Hmmmm…I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into these but I guess I will have to nibble and nibble them slowly too and not finish it all in one sitting – despite what it says on the box, I really mustn’t be so indulgent now, right? Muahahahahaha!!!! Thanks, Xavier – you’re a gem! It certainly is so sweet and thoughtful of you to buy that and carry it all the way home to give to me.

Thank you, thank you so very very much, one and all!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “I got mine…”

  1. Lavender mooncakes are nice, esp the snowskin ones (for me anyway). Lucky you for being showered with so many gifts.

    I am indeed…abundantly blessed. Not a fan of snowskin…or maybe, the ones here aren’t that great. We get a lot of those – even homemade ones.

  2. You are loved 😉

    See so many people sending you things

    I know I am. So thankful to have such kind and thoughtful and generous friends… 😉

  3. oh how sweet of them!! delicious mooncake and yummy instant noodles and a lovely postcard.. sure you can plan to enjoy them one day and make yourself happy – instant noodles as “main dish”, then mooncake and biscuits as “dessert” while having the full “Haatyai view”~~ muahaha!!

    Good things must be slowly savoured and enjoyed and appreciated to the max… Dunno when there’ll be anymore coming. Hint! Hint! 😉

  4. One of the luckiest man, I would say. Gifts keep pouring in from far & near. Not really into mooncake but I love hong choi pia. Ban ban enjoy ok.

    No doubt about that…and yes, will enjoy slowly. 😉

  5. McVitie’s shortbread cookies to go with a cup of tea will be nice 😀

    They’re very nice – just as nice than the celebrated and well-marketed/widely-available (and more expensive) Walker’s and definitely nicer than any of the Australian ones.

  6. Oooh! So many goodies. Are you planning to share them??? Don’t forget me okay? Lol! 😉

    Oh? I was hoping I’d be getting some from you… You’ve got my address? Can PM me – I can always go and collect, save you the trouble. Muahahahaha!!!!

  7. I know dy. The instant noodles Annie sent you very sedap wan. I saw on your FB 😛

    I’ve never tried Lavender’s mooncake. Must go get one later 🙂

    Watch out for the post on the noodles tomorrow. I haven’t eaten the mooncakes so no comment at this point in time… 😉

  8. Mooncakes are pricey and too sweet ! But that cookies by mcvites look so good !

    Bet the cookies are sweet…and by no means, cheap either. Overseas goodies – just can’t afford!

  9. Heard about the Curry mee before, some people gone crazy over it… not buying any moon cakes this year i guess, inflation oh inflation T.T

    You’re working, aren’t you? Grad salary, so lucrative. Must buy a box for your parents, don;t forget – token, now that you’re working. You, no need lah…too sweet, very fattening. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. wow….so many goodies from thoughtful friends!
    I too like McVitie’s! digestive biscuits 🙂

    Yes, they’re very thoughtful indeed. I just bought their digestives from the supermart near my house – two of the short tubes (half the length of the usual) for RM3.60, special offer. Best for making the base for cheese cakes…

  11. Very blessed, eh? So nice to receive all those nice presents! I love McVities biscuits. I used to eat the Digestive Biscuits and they are really tasty.

    Indeed. Ya…other Digestives, Jacob’s e.g., not as nice…

  12. Wooaahh.. your friends all so nice one.. tell me what you want from Kuching.. I’ll send it over to you .. Christmas comes early this year.. hahaha !! So, email me your postal address 🙂

    No lah, no…thank you. Kuching so near, next time I hop over – you take me out belanja makan, can? 😉

  13. Very nice packaging. Not a fan of mooncakes because they are mostly sickly sweet. Usually I can only have 1/4 of a cake. So I guess I am not missing out much. Hahahaha. Though nowadays there are so many diff flavours, maybe some of them might suit my palate….

    Not crazy about all those new flavours – I’m so old school and will just stick to the traditional bean paste…but I do lie lotus, plain. Yup, sweet – have to cut into small bits and pieces and eat a little at a time. Last time, I would eat one whole cake in one sitting…can’t do that anymore – old people, have to cut down on the sugar intake. 😦

  14. Bananaz will be going nuts again over the nutty mooncakes. Breakfast mooncake lunch mooncake & dinner os mooncake not any kind of mooncake but nutty ones hehe. Whack first and worry about uric acid later. Of course if you send a couple over any cake would be moony for Bananaz haha.

    Ours here not nice, no class one. I was hoping you would send me some… 😉

  15. Hope you like them, make sure you keep in fridge since you said you will only eat it on the actual day. 🙂 You’re most welcome, it is also happen my mum was here for a short trip, otherwise i also can’t get you anything. :D:D

    I know you like those in traditional type, that’s why i didn’t get for you those with “funky” taste type of mooncake. 😀

    Glad you like the curry instant noodles, this is the noodles that I said want to let you try. My brother don’t like it, just eat one spoon, that’s it. :S

    LOL!!! Too hot for him? Something like curry laksa/mee also…lemak-lemak one.

    Must keep in fridge kah? It’s only about two weeks away – those in the shops displayed for months still ok leh? I’ll check the box and see what it says… Ya, I don’t like those odd ones with cheese, chocolate and all that… Where got mooncakes like those one? 😦

  16. Ooo, I should probably hurry. I haven’t eaten a single slice of mooncakes so far this year! =)

    No? You’re not in the group of bloggers who get to go to all those food tasting events and sample all the mooncakes for free? Some really have all the luck in the world…but no worries, you’re not alone – me neither. Sobsss!!!! 😀

  17. Blessed are those who have such thoughtful friends. You’re always not short of goodies and souvenirs on festivals like this 🙂
    Mooncakes are getting more and more expensive each year! And every year, some retailers will come up with new creations which are very fusion and weird! I also like the traditional types like white lotus paste and I don’t mind green tea 🙂

    Truly abundantly blessed! No green tea for me, I don’t like the green smell. I’d just stick to plain lotus paste – good enough for me.

  18. Do Haagen-Dazs still do ice cream mooncakes?
    I miss them. 🙂

    I think so. Somebody shared a photo of that in Facebook the other day…but I find their regular ice cream melts very fast and I would feel like drinking milk.

  19. Lavender mooncakes! 🙂

    Very nice and generous of Annie!

    I’m planning to get theirs, MO and also Musang King mooncakes from Tai Thong (the restaurant) this year!

    No, thank you…No durian ones for me – I’m old school…not receptive to change. 😀

  20. Oh yes… Mooncake festival is coming… Time flies!

    But I’m not into mooncakes due to the super high sugar content… 😀 But I like the feeling of family and friends coming together over mooncakes and tea!

    Yup. But I would eat…to uphold the tradition. Can’t eat more even if I want to – can’t afford. They’re simply too expensive here. 😦

  21. Me and Kathy waiting for the sale at Oversea HQ nearby my office. See what is the good deal we can get there.

    They have a sale as the festival draws near? Here too…but I think everyone has the same idea – so all sold out once they lower the prices on the actual day. 😦

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