One day more…

Melissa had only one day more to the end of her holidays last Friday and I wanted to take her out for a really good lunch – something that she would truly enjoy and I know jolly well that she loves Japanese food and actually, when she just came back when the two-week vacation started, she and her mum went to one other place here and they did not think it was nice at all. They brought the leftover sushi home and I tried a couple of them and true enough, they did not taste good…plus it wasn’t cheap either.

Well, everybody knows that I’m not really a fan of Japanese cuisine but if I really have to go for that, this place would be my choice…and besides, I saw on their Facebook page the previous day that their stock of air-flown Norwegian salmon had just arrived and even though I’m not too crazy about it, Melissa loves it a lot and that was why we made our way there for lunch that day.

We had the salmon mentaiyaki (RM19.90)…


…and for someone who is not into the fish, I would say it was very well done and I enjoyed it a great deal.

We also had the sakura balls (RM14.00)…


…and that was good too but I thought the dai dai rolls (RM20.90)…


…had an edge over them as far as the taste went.

We had the pumpkin korokke (RM13.90)…


…on our previous visit and Melissa enjoyed it a lot and she wanted that again…

M & PK

…so of course, I ordered that as well and for something substantial to go with everything else, I asked for the seafood fried rice (RM9.90)…


…and I don’t usually think very much of other people’s fried rice as they tend to pale in comparison with my own but this one was very well done and had that very nice wok hei fragrance – my compliments to the chef!

We certainly enjoyed our lunch that afternoon and I would say that was truly a fitting end to the holidays…before Melissa made her way back to her rural/jungle school the very next day.

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35 thoughts on “One day more…”

  1. I couldn’t help but smile when I read your view of fried rice..

    …and I don’t usually think very much of other people’s fried rice as they tend to pale in comparison with my own but this one was very well done and had that very nice wok hei fragrance – my compliments to the chef!

    I usually feel the same way. There’s (usually) something missing with the fried rices I’ve tried. I can make it much better myself.
    The pumpkin korokke looks interesting. Is it fried? Not a fan of fried foods, but I will have to try making something like that one day soon; I’ll bake mine. We’ve harvested plenty of pumpkins from our garden.

    LOL!!! Hope it’s not a case of “Every ass loves to hear itself bray!” 😉 Here, some may not have that fragrance while most would be loaded with msg. The pumpkin’s fried – my girl loves anything and everything deep-fried. Would be very much healthier baked, I guess.

    1. LOL, no not that at all my daughter loves egg included with her fried rice and some that we occasionally frequent don’t use that and others… way too salty!

      Never mind what ingredients I use, I will always add an egg or two – makes a whole lot of difference to the fried rice. I think most pople fry the egg first…so the flavour does not go into the rice…and you do not get the egg coating some of the grains. I always add the egg last…

      1. I used to fry my egg first, but started adding it last. Of course I picked up that wonderful tip from you many months ago! Thanks! Because of that simple change, my daughter likes her fried rice even more. I didn’t think that was possible.

        Ahhhh!!! I’ve always been doing that – don’t know when or how it started and then I saw this chef, Kylie Kwong – I think she’s Australian and has her own cooking show on TV. She also added her eggs last – said that it would coat the grains of rice and enhance the flavour. There!!! I was right all along – and people keep telling me to add it first. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  2. oh the Sibu Food Mayor went for Japanese!! what a surprise.. i love the salmon, sakura balls and korokke.. they look so delicious in the photo~~ 🙂

    Hahahahahaha!!!! As they say, every dog has its day! 😀

  3. Wow!! The food above looks very *salivating!* Love all the above..just look at the roe! Or is it the camera that brings credit to the food? hahaha…

    Everything did look great! They’re really good with their presentation here… 😉

    1. Sometimes the camera plays a part.. my food doesn’t look that nice mostly because I use my iPhone 3.. very outdated one.. 🙂

      I thought you have a nice digital camera? Lazy to bring around?

  4. Though I am not a fan of either Japanese or Korean food, but right now I am droolling over the food. Both my kids would love them heaps.

    This place is good – loved the one in Auckland very much too. Haven’t been elsewhere but I think Melissa said she went to two at MV and she liked them as well.

  5. What I usually love at Japanese restaurants are the sushi rolls like the dai dai rolls you had. I don’t really care much about their salmon or deep fried stuff.

    I’m not really into sushi…but I don’t mind the ones here because they have different tastes. The other places here – especially those sushi stalls at the malls, you have one you have them all – all the same.

  6. Oh.. I like Japanese Cuisines! Unfortunately the only Halal restaurant I’ve known is the Yukimi Sushi in Kuching.

    This one is another “serve no pork” place…but I think CM or some big shot did dine at their sister cafe next door.

  7. Oh, I like Japanese food and the salmon looks gorgeous. The fried rice looks very normal but you said very nicely fried with wok hei? Well I guess we just can’t judge by the look at times!😉

    The fish just arrived the day before – very fresh. I’ve had at other places – very strong salmon smell which put me off. Maybe they were not Norwegian, I wouldn’t know. Yup, how else can fried rice look like, if not like that? The real test is in the eating. 😉

  8. with the recent Fukushima leak, will it affect the quality of food from Japan…Hmmm

    The salmon’s Norwegian…so not too sure what’s Japanese and what isn’t.

  9. The food looks great! True that wok hei makes a lot of difference in Chinese cooking.

    With all the good food for two weeks, Melissa looks like having fuller cheeks? No matter, she still looks sweet and cute with this haircut. 😀

    Yes, she did look a bit better after two weeks but now that she’s gone back, I guess she’ll go back to “normal” pretty soon. 😦

  10. You are really enjoying your life hunting and eating the best food around. It’s so heart warming to see your loving relationship with Melissa. It ain’t cheap to dine in a Japanese restaurant but as long as the food is good, it’s worth every penny!

    …and she’s the only one I’ve got. No need to hoard all the money, can’t bring it with me when I go so what better way to spend…spend…spend…that with one’s loved one plus it’s not every day so that’s perfectly all right. 😉

  11. You had many “balls” eh LOL! No Sashimi for a Jap meal? 😦

    Daughter picked the orders – anything she wanted. I only ate and paid…

    1. Thought daughter pays coz all the time hear you say ‘kan pei’ *can’t pay* each time you gulp down sake? haha

      No lah, starting graduate pay not so high…and I’ve my pension – kerajaan paying me for not working…so I can always foot the bill, no problem. LOL!!!

  12. Japanese food!! My favorite! Too bad there’s not many choices here at my hometown…

    We only have two here, not counting those sushi stalls in the malls…

  13. What a loving papa to pamper his sweet daughter!
    I don’t think I have eaten Sakura Balls and Dai Dai yet. They looked nice and delicious. I am also surprised that you have interest in Japanese Food!

    Anything my girl wants – not important what I like or don’t like.

  14. wow, a very nice meal! i definitely share melissa’s taste buds in this case. the salmon topped with cod roe, the fried pumpkin and the rolls topped with fish roe would all make me salivate with eagerness! 😀

    I know! I know! You love Japanese too… 😉

  15. Your photos & over-all blog lay-out is always stunning!

    Thanks for your kind words. I just snapped the pics with my digicam and drafted the posts revolving around the ones that come out all right and are nice enough to include – many things to blog about…all lined up, scheduled till almost National Day already.

  16. Where is this Zen place? I love Jap food and also Korean food. yum yum. But like what i always said, go back home, i only eat local food.

    A few doors away from Cafe Cafe – I think next door is Hong Leong – the bank is the last shoplot in that block.

  17. I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine so I have been thinking of visiting this place soon, but have not have that chance yet. Hopefully soon….

    Weekend’s here. Good time to go… Nice food there, you will not regret it.

  18. The picture says a thousand words. Melissa looks so happy! I like Japanese food but it’s really expensive here. 3 pcs of sushi cost about 3 pounds, i.e., about RM15!

    Don’t convert! Think of it as RM3 and that is really very cheap! 😀

  19. Wah…u must hv gone there with a mercedes tangki….looking at ur orders….

    No leh… Not very expensive and after all, it’s a special treat for my girl before she goes back to the jungle, so kesian – not all the time…and nothing much I can do with my pension around here, actually. People say small towns – got money, don’t know where to spend. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    Btw, hello, old guy…welcome and do drop by to comment again sometime, ok? 😉

  20. pumpkin korokke? – croquette is it? I like to eat Jap style one very crunchy and soft inside.

    I guess that Japanese name is derived from that word – sounds similar. Aren’t all croquettes supposed to be crunchy outside and soft inside?

  21. I love a good fried rice. Simple to make but yet so many places get the wok hei part wrong!
    Hmmm the school holidays certainly passed very fast!

    Ya…so fast and now, it’s back to the same old routine. 😦 I dunno how they do it outside…even if they have the same ingredients, the fried rice can be quite tasteless – like they just fry and add oyster sauce and msg. Not nice at all.

  22. now that makes me hungry, salmon and pumpkin korokke looks
    very appetizing i like it both

    All very nice, worth going, that’s for sure.

  23. Wow… Love the look and presentation of the dai dai rolls! I bet it tasted yummy too!

    Not bad, eh? For this little small town. I love all that I’ve had at this place – still others on the menu to try…but at those prices, I’d just drop by once in a while or maybe save it for special occasions. 😦

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