Welcome home…

I can’t remember how we got acquainted initially – whether she came and commented in my blog or whether it was through Facebook but I think it was the latter and since then, we have kept in touch via that social media. We did get to meet in person when I was in KL and she dropped by to say hello.

Anyway, she came back to her hometown for the holidays and last Saturday afternoon, she hopped over to Sibu for a while. I wished she had come earlier to spend the whole day here before driving back – that way, we could have gone around to eat more of the best in town. In the end, we only managed to come here…


…as she wanted to try all those lovely sweet desserts that I had featured before like the chocolate lava cake…


the crème brûlée and the mille crepes – she had the tiramisu and also the rum and raisin. I still enjoyed the crème brûlée a lot but I thought the cake was extremely sweet and I was beginning to get bored with the tiramisu. Everybody agreed that the rum and raisin was the best as it had the right balance in its taste and sweetness. She actually wanted to tapao some home but by the time we were about to leave, all were already sold out and she had to settle for something else.

She had the pork chop baked cheese rice that I had once


…and she said it was good. I made it a point to ask for a knife so she would not have to wrestle with the meat like I did when I had that same dish there.

The mum had the very nice sizzling roast honey pork spare ribs that I had before but unfortunately, the photo that I took of it turned out a bit blur. The slab of meat was soooooo huge, covering the whole plate and burying all the accompaniments underneath it. Probably I was so excited by the sheer sight of that BIG thing that my hands were shaking. LOL!!! The price has gone up though since that time when I had it last year by RM3.00 – it is RM24.90 now…but of course, the price of pork here has gone escalating sky high lately so much so that some people have resorted to substituting pork with chicken in the dishes that they are cooking and selling.

Her brother had the Foochow mee sua in chicken soup…


…and I quite like the one here. Hey! We got a drumstick again! I thought everyone would get that but obviously, that is not always the case. Somebody was commenting on Facebook that I seem to get some special treatment here – I wonder how true that is, really! Well, his birthday was coming up so I would think that was a very appropriate choice – for longevity and prosperity.

Other than that, they also ordered the dry fried chicken dumplings and these irresistible deep fried kompia stuffed with pork belly slices…


Nom! Nom! Nom!

We did not have much time that day as they had to go visit her aunt so I only managed to get her to try the stuff here and other than that, we did stop by a bakery to get a cake for her brother’s birthday. Unfortunately, they had to settle for something else as my favourite was sold out – their Japanese baked cotton cheese cake but she did get a smaller oval one to enjoy. It wasn’t cheap – RM14.00 (I am quite positive it was only RM10 before…or less) but she said it was much cheaper than what she had to fork out in KL and she wanted to try the one here to see which was better.

It sure was nice seeing you again, my friend…and thank you so very much for the goodies that you brought back all the way to give to me


Oh dear! I did not manage to get anything for you as I was not sure whether you would be coming and when exactly and by the time I got word from you that you were already here, I quickly rushed to meet you and buying a little something completely slipped my mind, so sorry for that…and that’s two times in row! Spank! Spank! I must make sure this does not happen again the next time around…

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39 thoughts on “Welcome home…”

  1. I love their logo!

    They also served desserts? Nice!

    They probably started with noodles…but now they have a whole lot of items on the menu, not noodles. Best desserts in town, no question about that.

  2. terbangun aku dari tidur, terdengar kompia pork belly… ketika aku sedang nak tidur, rupa rupa nya termimpi mimpi noodle house ini.. aish….

    Wah! Wah! Wah! Sampai berpantun pulak! Muahahahahahaha!!!! Mimpi pun mimpi Noodle House – time to come over again – well over a year now! 😉

  3. I am craving Foochow dishes! The bowl of foochow mee suah is mouthwateringlah. It does not help that I love mee suah too as a general rule.

    Personally I feel the ones in Sibu are way better than any that I had in the peninsula by a mile…but that may be because I’m more used to the taste of what we have here. You’ll have to come over and try and give your opinion… 😉

  4. I was having a problem commenting on your blog yesterday! So sorry! Gotta LOVE a place called Noodle House, eh!? Awesome!

    Simple name, nothing fancy…but the place is really awesome – even my friends and relatives from overseas were impressed. Hmmm…I wonder why you had a problem. Hope all is ok now.

  5. There is a shop here called Noodle Expert at Kenyalang Park. The mee is very nice but portion is so little. Love the mee sua and for kompia I prefer the one with minced meat. Oh, those are from your friend for the laksa theme.

    You don’t know how much fat there is in minced meat as you do not get to see it – may be even worse than sliced pork belly…many, many times. These are business people, you know…and they say when buying minced meat from the butcher, they throw all the “unwanted” meat in. Have to get from one that you know well and get him to mince a nice slab of meat in your presence. Otherwise, I guess it will be a case of what the saying says – what you don’t know wouldn’t hurt you.

    Yes, so sweet of her to share with me – her hubby works in Singapore so he can get for her. Not cheap there too though – will touch on this in one of my later posts.

    1. That’s what I did. Always choose the meat and ask to mince for me. Yup, what you say is true. Business people. Hampalang everything and minced. Come to think of it, eweeeeee!!!

      Yes, I seldom buy – will mince my own but when I do, I would not want any from that mountain of minced meat that they have prepared, no way!

  6. Arthur, did you take us to Noodle house last time? Poor memory.. looks like we did go, right? hahaha… Wee Kean will surely remember, if not me… I must try the mee sua next time!

    No need to remember – come again and I’ll take you there, problem solved! LOL!!!

  7. wow, this Noodle House doesn’t only sell noodles, but everything that she wanted to try all under one roof!! hmmm, guess this would be the place the Food Mayor shall bring us visiting Sibu to 🙂

    If at all you bother to come… 😦 They’ve progressed way beyond just noodles…obviously.

  8. All Foochow dishes. I am sure they enjoyed them very much.

    No leh? The only Foochow ones would be the mee sua and the kompia – all the rest, definitely not Foochow.

  9. The rolls that are showcasing the pork belly looks delicious. How was it? The pork chops with cheese rice is interesting. I must try it some time and see what my family thinks.

    Everything was nice. I had the rice once before and I liked it.

  10. The cheese baked rice making me craving for it. Maybe we can have that at one of the Char Chan Teng over here.

    No crepe?

    TWO! Tiramisu…and rum & raisin! And she tapoa-ed some home even!

  11. You got me excited to see the Instant laksa! I will buy them soon to experiment with canned tuna and noodles. I just love the taste of Assam Laksa’s gravy.

    If I ever visit Sibu, I will give you many weeks notice so that I will have time to eat everything and bring home your complete goodies! Muahahaha

    This is not assam laksa – this is the Singapore nyonya curry laksa – not the same. Will blog about it in my posts in a few days’ time…all scheduled already. Come, come…would be delighted to bring you…or anybody else, for that matter…around. Anybody who wants to come, all most warmly welcomed.

  12. The food here all looks good! I’m not really a fan of kosong kompia. But with I’m okay with meat filling. The fried kompia stuffed with pork belly slices here looks very nice. Made me feel like taking one from the screen. LOL!

    Next time, you come back…stop in Sibu for a night or two and I’ll take you here…and all the nice places we have in town. Sarikei can wait! 😉

    1. Mayb can go for one stop nia…. usually go bek Sarikei oso quite short duration only. But you can still take me to this place or any that you feel best, rite? hehe….

      Like my friend. Could just hop over for a while, had to go and see an auntie some more before heading back to Bintangor… Hardly any time to take her to enjoy all the nice things we have here!

  13. when you posted on facebook, i actually thought those were burgers and i was like 0.o, so many burgers in one shot LOL!

    Burgers? Gee!!! Don’t tell me your stringent diet is affecting your vision? Muahahahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  14. Ah, such glorious food! I bet your friend will come back again very soon 🙂

    Not this time around – she has to spend quality time back home with her family before the holidays end. Maybe, next time.

  15. Noodles house, too many food to choose. Ok, bookmark here, mille crepe ,creme brulee ,ribs and the chocolate lava cake!

    LOL!!! Have to go a few times… 😉

  16. Ah it’s nice when u get to meet fellow bloggers… last week we had a gathering and it was great!

    I love meeting blogger friends and progressing from virtual to real friends.

  17. Cheese baked rice is common here in KL nowadays. Some are nice, some not so.

    Yes, here too. Had it once at one place – not nice…and it has since closed down, not surprised. Another place here is quite good – chicken, this one’s not bad.

  18. mmmm, all this savory fare looks good to me (it’s nearly dinnertime now). i’ve been drinking coffee and eating cakes so far today, so i need something salty now, like that porky-cheesy rice dish in your pic 😀

    The kompia would be good, savoury, not sweet! 🙂

  19. the day we met~LOL…feeling hungry when i see the food again…

    We did? It wasn’t you that I spoke to, I’m sure…the ex-student now a tutor in Miri? My, you sure look VERY different from what you looked like when you were in school…

  20. the choco lava was something I would really love to try
    and as well as that porkchop and the dry fried chicken dumplings
    it was all great and yummy

    If you come over, this is one place that I will surely take you to…and you can enjoy everything to your heart’s content. 😉

  21. i actually like my kompia plain or with just minced meat. i don’t like it soggy after soaking in the gravy!

    yeah i also went to Noodle Station when i was there. but i thought the rum and raisin doesn’t really has rum in it wo…

    It has a bit of the fragrance but that probably came from the raisins. Of course lah…so cheap, don’t expect real rum – liquor is so expensive…like in rum and raisin ice cream, even the expensive B & R ones – I doubt there is real rum…or it would not be halal then. And it’s Noodle House, you’ve got the name wrong. Hehehehehe!!!!

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