The Muslim fasting month of Ramadan had just gone past and last week, they celebrated the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival.  Melissa and her mum did drop by the Ramadan bazaars here and there in the town a couple of times and they did come home with some very nice stuff. I, however, did not bother as lately the heat here had been quite unbearable (to me, at least) or on some days, it would be pouring cats and dogs.

However, two days before the end of Ramadan, Melissa said she would like to have some nasi kerabu for dinner so we headed to the bazaar at Bandong in search of that. Unfortunately, we could not find anybody selling that as most of the stalls were not open probably because they had already wrapped up their business for the year to get ready for the grand celebration of the festival right after the following day. I saw the guy from whom I would buy his very nice nasi lemak in the morning – he wasn’t selling that though and by the time we got there, his mee jawa was already sold out and he only had some rojak mamak left.

This was something like what they call pasembur or the Chinese would call it Indian rojak but the people here used to call it rojak Kassim after the man who was noted for the very nice one that he once sold at his stall at a coffee shop here. To me, I would think it is something like the Indonesian gado-gado

RM 1

…and this one that I bought that day was selling for RM3.00, plus another 60 sen for an extra cucur (fried fritters) added. His cucur was very nice, big and crunchy and  the rojak, I would say, was pretty good though I would prefer the peanut sauce/gravy to be a little bit more like what we usually have as a dip with our satay.

RM 2

The following day, Hari Raya eve, we tried the stalls at the bazaar in the town centre. Needless to say, most were not open anymore but I chanced upon one selling nasi bryani and I recognised the lady as being the wife of the nice Indian guy here and she suggested that we went to the shop instead for the sup kambing (mutton soup)…


…and the thosai


…and that was exactly what we did!

Melissa also had the nasi bryani


…with mutton curry…


…and we also tried the ayam berempah (spiced chicken)…


All in all, we enjoyed the food – everything was great. I would say that I would very much prefer the sup kambing here to the celebrated one at Penang Road in Penang – it was not so oily and they did tone down the use of those Indian spices so the smell was not as strong. It could have been a little bit thicker though – I thought that was kind of watery/diluted.

The owner said that he has managed to get two guys from India to work for him and he plans to add some new items to his existing menu after Hari Raya…and he added that the two, being on a working visa, would be more reliable and would not disappear without warning after a while – like the one who used to cook his white tom yam for him. Somebody did comment that he went to the shop in the hope of eating that but was informed that they no longer served it.

Together with the drinks….


…the bill came up to over RM25.00 but the nice guy just rounded it up for me. Well, even if he did not do that, considering that we quite enjoyed all that we had that day, rest assured that we would be dropping by again…and again…

So, going back to the title of this post, that was the exact number of times I went to the Ramadan bazaar this year – twice! What about you?

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27 thoughts on “Twice…”

  1. It’s a lot of fun hunting around bazaars. You never know what treasures you’ll find. 🙂

    Used to love it but growing old and cranky – can’t stand the heat and crowded places…and parking used to be a pain – had to park illegally anywhere by the road but it seems that this year, they’ve done up the place nicely, very well-organised and ample parking spaces available. Would think of going more often next year…or whenever there’s a food festival in town, same venue – there should be one at the end of the year.

  2. I went to the bazaar to buy kueh only … oh, one time bought a packet of laksa which did not taste good cos the noodles.. they were so hard and not properly boiled.. hmmm…

    Ya…that was why I stopped going. I went a couple of years ago – so many stalls, dunno what to choose…and in the end, bought a few things and all not nice. Waste of time and money. But my missus and Melissa did bring home some very nice stuff this year – maybe they’ve improved or the two went to the right stalls.

  3. nice food. always make hungry when I am here! lol

    You’re in Sibu now. Do drop by the shop – Sri Pelita to the right of Paramount Hotel. Quite nice the food there – I think it’s the only non-Chinese place in town where I find that they can cook the vegetables quite well. Korean BBQ place on the first floor, if you are interested.

  4. None for me this year. Lazy to go out under the scorching hot sun but if my son is at home, at least few times visiting Ramadan Bazaar see see look look. He likes to buy kuih muih. Mutton curry looks nice. Yummy!!!

    Ya, usually with anak…but she went with the mum without me while they were out shopping. 😦

  5. Seeing the sprouts is a reminder that I haven’t sprouted anything in a while. I must rectify that. Oh the rice is so colorful! I hope it tasted as good as it looks? What was the green drink? Some type of fruit blend or green tea?

    That’s wheat grass, supposed to be healthy. They use tumeric in the rice so that gives it the very nice yellow colour. It’s very nice, very fragrant. I guess you use saffron over there?

    1. Oh wheat grass, yes it has some great benefits. I plant and harvest it for juicing. I use tumeric also ad you’re right it gives a nice color to foods. Tumeric has a lot of health benefits too. Yes, I use saffron not as much as tumeric. I use tumeric several times weekly. 🙂

      Yes, they all have health benefits – tumeric is also used in alternative medicine, if I’m not mistaken. We can’t get saffron here and even if we can, it would be too expensive for our everyday use – maybe they have that in the posh classy and of course, very expensive cafes and restaurants in the cities. Tumeric is easily available.

  6. Oh i love all these! Nasi Briyani with Mutton soup, slurps! The cucur udang looks very spicy though

    Mana ada cucur udang? In the rojak? Don’t think there’s any udang in it – just cucur kosong… 😦

  7. wow wow wow!!! rojak pasembor, tosai, nasi briyani, ayam berempah!!! i like!! they look so delicious in the photo~~

    They were! VERY delicious. We had a delightful meal that day… 🙂

  8. thosai is something a bit like roti canai, right??? (long time didn’t have it, kind of forget about how’s the food look like)

    Nope. This one is paper thin and has that fermented taste – may be served the same way at some places with the dhal dip.

  9. hahaha We all must be getting old and wary of the hot weather cos I also went ONCE only this year! Was a bit put off by the grilled fish stall cos not grilled on the spot and the sambal, if u can call it that, was just terrible!

    Didn’t see that…as by the time I went, most of the stalls were not open anymore. Maybe that was because of the volume of the business – like in the case of satay. They would cook the sticks partially…and then heat and serve, I noticed. I guess with fish, it may become overcooked inside and turn out a bit too dry. The grilled fish (black pomfret) with sambal and the sotong, both in banana leaves, that my missus bought were good and very cheap – dunno which stall she went to.

  10. I went to buy over 5 times and regretted for buying too much! I could not finish them all and some were delicious while others were bluek. I was often being misled by my resident’s community Facebook which bragged their own amateur stalls.

    That was a problem once – all the things I bought, we just threw away – all not nice, not edible. But this year, my missus and daughter went twice – before the two times we went together. First time, it was ok – good enough, the usual – nothing to shout about…but the stuff they got the second time was really very nice. Wouldn’t mind going back for more if I know they have a permanent stall/shop somewhere…

  11. Gosh, u managed to get to the bazaars two times more than I did … I didn’t go at all this year, cos the weather, the crowds, the traffic were all a bit too daunting for lazybones me. I would have liked some nasi kerabu too though! The Rojak in your pic looks tasty, it’s like the Rojak we get in malacca 😀

    Nah!!! You frequent all those classy joints, where got you want to go to those places, so hot, so crowded…and if not properly managed, so dirty? 😉 Here, I know of two pretty good locations…just that I was too lazy and hate going out in the hot afternoon.

  12. Have not been visiting any bazaar ramadhan these past 2 years. Somehow they bore me, whatmore with ‘jacked- up” price for all the kueh and food.

    Plus, when your office is located in a kampung melayu itself, everything is available everyday. No need to wait for ramadhan to get that special special.. hehe

    Probably so sick of the same old things. Not really expensive here – the grilled bawal hitam, big one, for RM15 that my missus bought was a steal. Not so cheap if we were to buy and cook our own.

  13. It’s been a while since I had rojak mamak. The sauce is very important as I have tasted not so good ones. I used to frequent the Ramadan bazaars many years ago near my present office area. But the vendors were no longer allowed to trade here for many years already. Too much rubbish and cause congestion I guess. Oh dear, the nasi biryani and mutton curry is calling me again 😀

    Yes, we have a very good location in the town centre – they used to just set up the stalls – parking was a pain but this year, they’ve a nice big area, tarred, for parking – one way in and another way out – so it was really very nice now. So, are you going to answer their calls? Hehehehehe!!!!!

  14. None this year. But i got people go and queue and buy that “famous” poppiah for me few times. hahahhaha. Like what other said, once step foot at bazaar ramadhan, you will tend to buy everything! But end up you only eat a few and some taste not so good, so i better not go. kekeke

    I love paper thosai or thosai and that rempah ayam, yummy!!

    This one’s not bad. I liked the old place beside the old Sibu mosque (behind Ruby) but no more – changed hands already, I hear – not the same menu anymore. They did say the nasi lemak is nice but I have not gone to try.

  15. Never been to any Ramadhan Bazaar, not a fan of ‘street food’ as I have weak stomach. If I crave for the dish I just make at home haha

    Yes, nothing beats cooking one’s own, that’s for sure…but it’s hard cooking in small portions for two persons or even three and I would end up over-eating or having to eat left-overs for the next few days.

  16. Sprouts/Wheat Grass! YAY! Love them! Must start sprouting again…once I clean my house, that is. I’ve been out of sorts for about 2 weeks! Eeeek!

    Oh dear! Hope all’s well now. 🙂

  17. We don’t have Ramadan bazaar here so my answer to your question is zero.

    Sup Kambing is mutton soup. It is quite close because kambing means goat in the Philippines. Lamb and goat are cousins, I think. 😉

    Yes, kambing is goat here in Malay as well. Sheep would be biri-biri…and I guess lamb’s the same. Not too sure if it’s mutton or lamb – I guess it’s lamb as mutton’s not usually available here.

  18. I went to the bazaar Ramadan three times, I think. Although most of the food are found on normal days at selected pasar malam or pasar pagi, the atmosphere at the bazaar is different. Bought murtabak, nasi kerabu, cendol & kueh. Nice!
    The nasi bryani that Melissa had looked yummy! And total bill came to Rm25? That’s cheap.
    Now gonna wait another year for bazaar Ramadan…

    Yes, it does seem a lot cheerful, more happening at these bazaars…and you get a lot more to choose from. Yes, eating here is cheap…most of the time. 😉

  19. i have no idea what i was busy with until i missed out this year’s ramadhan bazaar.. huhuhuhu.. din even go for once 😦

    Time flies these days, so fast and it was all over…

  20. all dish were overpowering when it comes to color huh
    well that gave me a impression that those has great and strong taste for most
    colorful meals were so,
    as for the drinks it was all interesting but i like the green one better

    Ya, very colourful indeed – Indian food, lots of chili and all kinds of ingredients that give it all the colours.

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