Happy days are here again…

It’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri here in Malaysia, a festival Muslims all over the world would be celebrating at this point in time – Selamat Hari Raya ma’af zahir dan batin to all my Muslim readers, relatives & friends alike.

We’re also coming to the end of the first week of the school holidays here and Melissa has been home since the end of last week and of course, we would grab the chance to spend some quality time together. I suggested going somewhere for the holidays but she didn’t think that would be a good idea. She felt that she would rather spend the few days at home since she would not get to do that when working, other than the brief weekends when she would get to come home for a night or two.

Of course, we’ve been out and about whenever we liked and we did stop by here where she had this fruit cocktail…


…and I had the bubur cacar with red beans & cincao (grass jelly)…

TC BC with RB & C

I thought it was really nice though I wished they had added a bit more crushed ice as it all melted away a bit too fast, possibly because it had been very very hot here lately. Nonetheless, it was really good and I tapaoed some for my mum to enjoy…


On one of our outings, we stopped by a stall at Kampung Nangka here and Melissa bought some of these…


She said she tried that for the first time when a friend of hers at the teacher-training institute in Sungai Petani, Kedah, gave her some and said that it came from Sarawak and she did not even know of its existence, much less its name.

I had seen them somewhere before but I never felt like buying as they looked so pale and did not seem very palatable – little did I know how mistaken I was for they were indeed very nice, these kuih cincin as they are called…

KC - cross-section

I found out that they’re a traditional delicacy originating from Sabah or Brunei and we would get a lot here in the towns of Lawas and Limbang – I must have seen them there a long long time ago…and somebody was telling me that in Sabah, the best ones come from a place called Papar. Inside, there is something made from gula apong (nipah palm sugar) giving it a slight sweetness in taste. I liked it…and sure would not mind buying again.

One night, we also drove through Hua Kiew Road here. I think my lawyer-friend/ex-student, Louis, told me a long long time ago that they sold very nice steamed pao‘s there…

HKR pao

…but only at night and more recently, I’ve seen people sharing about them either on Facebook or somewhere else.

If you drive straight in from the Sibu Post Office traffic lights junction, with the Central Police Station on your right and the Maybank branch on your left, you will come to the place not too far in on the left hand side. The road is kind of dimly-lit and narrow, so do go slow…and stop when you see a tower of those big bamboo steamers at the entrance/gate of one house. That is the only one along that whole road so you will not miss it – in fact, I could find it without any specific directions so it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone else.

The big ones are selling for RM1.80 each and the small ones, RM1.20. They are certainly very generous with the filling…

HKR pao - meat

…and I loved it at first bite – it really tasted good and the skin was pretty well done as well, just the way I would like it!

The char siew ones were great too, same price…

HKR pao - char siew

…and I’ve been told that these people would buy the char siew oil from the people selling those barbecued stuff for use. I guess they would only use a bit with a lot of meat, for obvious reasons, and that would explain the light shade of red in the filling.

I did not have a problem with the colour of the filling but I did Β think there was a little bit too much fat in it and they could just do away with that teeny-weeny bit of egg – it was so small that one would hardly notice it was there!

We have been cooking and baking stuff at home as well – things that we can’t get outside here or even if we can, they are usually not that nice and not really worth the calories. Melissa made this quiche lorraine…


…and I enjoyed that a lot…


…especially with all that ham in it…


Slurpssss!!!! Yum! Yum!Β In fact, I’ve been thinking of baking that for a long time now but as they say, procrastination is the Β thief of time. Hehehehehe!!!!!

Ok, I guess this is more than enough for the time being – we’ll pick up from here in some other later posts… Stay tuned!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Happy days are here again…”

  1. I used to hate quiche, until I made my own. The first few I had were store bought and they simply didn’t taste good at all. What’s inside the Kampung Nangka?

    Ya, can’t really say that I’ve had any nice quiche outside that’s really nice either. 😦

    That’s the kuih cincin, literally translated as ring biscuit..even though it looks more like a knuckle duster. Inside is probably the same dough with palm sugar added – tastes something like coconut candy so it gives the delicacy its sweetness. Very nice! Kampung Nangka is a neighbourhood here – as for what the name means…kampung means village and nangka is jackfruit.

  2. Oh great… middle of the night, hungry, and first thing i see is this fruit cocktail with the ‘telur katak’… hahah. Pow! cucur! omg…

    Happy Holiday Arthur!

    Cucur? Where? Boy, you ARE hungry – you’re hallucinating! Muahahahahahahaha!!!! Happy holidays to you too! Go visit your Muslim friends, lots to eat! πŸ˜‰

  3. yummy yummy! i think i’ll gain more weight if i stay with u for a month! πŸ˜›

    …and you will surely look a lot more handsome. Come, come! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  4. Everything looks very delicious to me….mmmm. Wow….Melissa is very good at baking! Arthur, you are a very lucky father! πŸ˜€

    I sure am, indeed! πŸ™‚

  5. delightful kuih cincin! tasted it when Sheraton Four Points Sandakan served us that in our room as part of our food trail.

    They served that at a 5-star hotel? Gee! Something like their regional pride and joy then… So many things in our country that we don’t know – lots of new things we can learn every day.

  6. I thought two weeks school hols? Anyway, this festive season is really time of family gathering… And time do travel fast too…soon our kids have to gonback to their respective ‘homes’ again…

    Yup! But one week already gone. One more week to go… 😦

  7. This post is awesome, full of yummy goodies. Oh, that is called kuih cincin. Though I have seen it but don’t know its name and never tasted it. Melissa bakes quite a bit when she is back during this holidays. So you kuat untung, sit back and relax. That’s is life!!!!!…

    Yes, and we have around a week more to go… Having the time of our lives, home sweet home!!! πŸ™‚

  8. The weather is very hot now, the desserts come in time, hehe…

    It is hot here as well but we do get quite a bit of rain so it isn’t too bad. Count our blessings! Imagine how hot it must be in Shanghai – they were cooking meat on the streets, saw that on TV and it’s on youtube too! πŸ˜›

  9. ooo, i had never heard of kuih cincin before either. it does look deceptive from its outer surface … i wouldn’t have guessed that it’s stuffed with something sugary of an entirely different color. wonder how it was invented in the first place. wish someone could write a book about all these quirky types of kuih and their origins, but i guess it might be difficult to research πŸ˜€

    Yes, I was also feeling curious as to how they could get it all white on the outside and the nice sweet brown filling inside like that. Interesting, eh?

  10. That’s a very nice pie dish! πŸ˜€ mmmm wouldn’t mind some big buns now yum!

    These are good! So far the best that I’ve tasted around here – for that price. Another one that I like – my favourite, RM2.70 each but I have not bought for a long time. Dunno how much now… 😦

  11. Ooooo!!! I love Quiche Lorraine! Did Melissa put bacon in there πŸ™‚ I must learn to bake it.

    Just ham…and four thin slices, over RM10… So expensive here. 😦

  12. the perfect stuff to have for a hot day indeed! i was drooling over those sweet refreshment!
    and that last dish it was really great I could barely say how great was it just by those pictures

    The last one? My daughter made that! *beaming with pride* πŸ˜‰

  13. The thing with the odd shape looks like Pretzels ! Malay-Pretzels, hahahaha! :p

    Not really and definitely tastes completely different.

  14. That cookie without name is so unique with fillings inside. It looked like some sea corals.
    I love to eat quiche and they are very expensive here compared to a slice of cheese cake! Yummy!

    Are they? Never bought – those we find at bakeries here do not look very palatable. Cookie? Oh, that kuih! Ya, it does look like some coral, eh? Lots of them in Sabah, that’s for sure – both the kuih and corals…

  15. Kuih cincin, something new and never heard before also, look interesting.

    Now I know Melissa can cook very well too!! I love to cook too when I am not working. And I love experience new things too.

    Can you believe I don know how to cook till I got married. Hahahha

  16. Hi Arthur! The kuih cincin looks interesting… I have never seen or tasted it before. The bubur cacar looks very refreshing too. It has been a while since I last had bubur cacar. The pic makes me want to try that tomorrow!

    I saw before but never tasted and probably would not have if my daughter didn’t say she wanted to buy it. Somehow, appearance does make a difference. Ahhhhh!!!! Bubur cacar, can get anywhere…or cook one’s own. I wouldn’t though – will end up with one big pot and guess who will have to finish most of it. Easier to just go out and have a bowl.

  17. What’s the thing on top of the fruit cocktail??? The one like the fish eye…so scary….!!! =[

    The big one? Longan? Or the black dots? Those are seeds of the kiwi fruit or dunno what. I’m not into those sweet desserts…and definitely not those Taiwanese ones, thank you very much.

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