In between…

I love sandwiches but of course, it depends on what’s in between. I’m not crazy about peanut butter sandwiches though they can be quite nice with bananas in them and no, I wouldn’t want any Vegemite or Bovril sandwich either.

I love the ones with ham or bacon….or even luncheon meat or SPAM in them or corned beef or sardine and chicken would be nice or at least, I would want egg in them. We can buy egg sandwiches at some bakeries here but they do not come cheap and there would be some creamy stuff in between, probably a whole lot of margarine and very little egg, if any…and considering the price, I think it would be better to make our own at home.

It is really very easy to do that actually. Personally, I find that it would be nicer to have some cheese in the egg sandwich, cream cheese perhaps…or you can chop up those slices of smoked cheddar which would have a nicer stronger flavour…

Cheese & margarine

…and add butter to it. I used olive oil margarine – we usually eat that at home as people say it is healthier…unlike butter but of course, butter would be so much nicer. Sigh!!!!

You would need some hard boiled eggs, that goes without saying…

Hardboiled eggs

…and using a fork, you have to mash the eggs and mix everything together…

Mash with fork

As you can see, the heat from the eggs would melt the cheese so you would not see those bits and pieces once you’re done…


You may want to add some salt and pepper or some herbs to enhance the taste – that would be entirely up to you.

I had some cucumber in the fridge that day so I sliced a bit of it thinly…


Personally, I prefer tomatoes as they have their own more distinct taste but I did not have any.

You will have to toast some slices of sandwich bread using a toaster or you can do it on a pan…


…and then, you’re ready to roll.

Apply a layer of the egg on one slice of toast…


…and place a few slices of cucumber on top…

Cucumber slices

Add a bit more egg…

More egg

…to hold the cucumber so that they would not drop out while you are enjoying your sandwich…and placing another slice of toast over that, you can cut your sandwich diagonally like this…


I would trim away the crusty edges if I were serving this to guests at a tea party or something as that would make the sandwiches look nicer. Presentation, as we all know, is important, right?

Well, now that it is done, you can start enjoying eating it…

Egg sandwich

…and THAT is what I would call an egg sandwich – one in which I would be able to enjoy the bits of egg, the taste of cheese and the crunchiness of cucumber, anytime better than those pricey ones in the shops.

In fact, if we estimate the cost of making my own egg sandwiches like this, it would look something like this:
Bread (10 slices)- RM2.00
Eggs (3) – RM0.90
Cheese (2 slices) – RM1.60
Margarine (one spoonful) – RM0.50
Cucumber (1/2) – RM0.50
…and that would total up to RM5.50 altogether…so for 5 sandwiches, it would come down to only RM1.10 each and I would say that’s comparatively cheaper too plus with the way the prices are going these days, it sure makes sense to just make one’s own, don’t you think?

Hmmmm…I think the filling would be great in croissants as well and we can get very nice buttery ones from a hypermart here. Perhaps I would hop over one of these days to grab a few and see what I can do with them… You’ll stick around, won’t you?

Author: suituapui

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38 thoughts on “In between…”

  1. some mustard and LP sauce will do wonder… i just love egg sandwiches…

    Lea & Perrins? Hmmm….can try that next time – still have some in the fridge. Mustard…no lah, don’t have. Maybe will buy some one of these days – make some honey mustard sauce.

  2. Have not eaten sandwiches for a VERY long time! Now you make me feel like making some πŸ˜€ I love egg sandwiches….mmmm

    Huh? I thought you people there eat bread all the time…every morning for breakfast?

  3. I love sandwiches! Love the luncheon meat ones…or egg sandwiches with bacon bites in them:D Simple to make and easy to pack around!

    The only way I’d consider eating bread, if I can help it. Oooo…bacon!!!! Slurpssss!!!!

  4. i like your sandwich recipe! looks absolutely satisfying, just the way you described it. my favorites are savory sandwiches … i think i’d probably stuff mine with eggs done two ways (scrambled and sunny-side-up), avocado & pork bacon!!!! πŸ˜€

    Bacon… If only! if only! Drool! Drool! And I love avocado too – can’t get them here….usually. Wah!!! You sure know how to indulge, thank goodness you do not look like me. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Yes, i am with Sean Eat Drink KL, fried egg, bacon, and avocado will be my favourite sandwiches.

      Hah!!! An extra one hour in the gym after that! πŸ˜€

  5. Love this very much but I prefer it without cucumber! Mum normally prepare it with eggs and mayo only

    You don’t like cucumber? My daughter doesn’t either. I love it but I prefer tomatoes or lettuce – more taste.

  6. A satisfying and appealing sandwich. I did my sandwiches with egg and mayonaise and substitute cucumber with lettuce. But frankly speaking, I like it simple, luncheon meat and fried egg only. Yum!!!!…Yum!!!…

    Yes, lettuce would be great too!!! I’d love that as well.

  7. Cool, this is the type of sandwich that I love! =D Mine would include a pan-fried egg with onions and grated cheese. =)

    I’d like that too but fried egg – there would not be enough to go round – one egg, one sandwich…unless it’s an omelette. That would be nice too.

  8. oh, nice.. i actually love egg mayo sandwich!! this is one of the simplest and easiest filling i’ve tried making on my own during schooldays.. and another one, tuna mayo.. hahaha!! awesome~~ πŸ™‚

    Didn’t include mayo. With all the mayo this, mayo that all over, everything buried in mayo, I think I am a little put off by that now. Would rather make my own salad dressing instead.

    1. oh yeah, now i only realized that mayo was missing but replaced by the cheese!! blur sotong me, hahaha!! hmmm, that would surely give a rich and crispier flavor i can imagine.. good, i want to try this one day…

      Go ahead! This is the egg sandwich in its simplest form but with a little bit of extra – the cheese added. Can add anything you want, sure will make it better, nicer! πŸ˜‰

  9. Means can open shop already la..

    Cannot lah! Sandwiches not laku here… That probably explains why we do not have any sandwich shop around. 😦

  10. Reminds me of my first experience with making egg sandwiches. That was in Domestic Science class back then. The eggs looked kinda gooey. I didn’t even dare try any let alone bring them home for family so they all went straight into the bin. Oops!

    Years later, who would have thought egg sandwiches have become my fav easy-to-make sandwiches though I prefer them being toasted in a sandwich-toaster with sardines on one half. Yum! Weird, I know.

    Hmmm…young and inexperienced then. Bet you make great sandwiches now. I do have a sandwich maker but somehow, I am not that fond of using it. Old school – I’d just stick to my good ol’ toaster – a friend gave me in 1991, still going strong. πŸ˜‰

    I remember those Home/Domestic Science days – the room was right next to the staff room in my school at the time and they would have tests/exams and the teacher would invite us to go and sample and give comments on the taste, the presentation, table lay out and decoration, everything. Depending on the question but if it was on some kind of tea, there would be cakes and sandwiches – usually egg or sardine. Those days, tuna was quite unheard of. Gee!!! Didn’t know then that we already had Masterchef of some kind, eh? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  11. My kind of sandwich too. And yes, it does taste great in croissant too. I think me and kids missed croissants from Kuching Skycafe Bread & Pastry. I could not find nice croissants in Sibu but heard that Breadsense’s croissants not bad, but I been to the shop few times, they are not selling them all the times. Any nice croissants you can recommended in Sibu???

    Giant! Theirs are very nice! Nice buttery fragrance… You can get them at their supermarket/hypermart at the megamall next to SMK Bandar Sibu. I think they are also available at the one in town, ground floor – Wisma Sanyan/Parkson. Not a fan of Breadsense’s or anywhere else.

  12. Oo…this is very old school type sandwich. I remember this was the type of sandwich our teacher taught us to make..except it the bread isn’t toast. No toaster at school.

    Yes, I remember eating the ones the students in the Home/Domestic classes made in school… They were taught to make these then. I would just use the pan to toast the bread if I’m too lazy to take out the toaster.

  13. Luncheon meat, my all time favorite! hehehe….
    When making egg sandwich..I usually substitute cheese with mayo. πŸ˜‰

    That’s what I did. So sick of mayo now – mayo everything, everywhere these days.

  14. Gonna love this sandwich, especially the cucumbers, i like them to be eaten chilled haha, thank GOD its olive oil margarine, if its butter….. *faints*

    I would prefer butter though – thick generous layers of it – so nice and fragrant! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  15. wah, nice one leh… my son sure love this! Never thought to add cheese to my egg salad and to melt it too!! and that amount of butter… lol… you’re my kind of cook! πŸ˜‰

    I would rather not eat than to go without something and make do with what is not as nice. But unfortunately, there wasn’t any butter in the house and it was 5 or 6 in the morning… 😦

  16. Yea, I used to do this kinda egg fillings too! But I add only mayonese, taste heavenly good too!

    Should be fine with mayo…or better still, cream cheese… Yummmm!!!!

  17. I love egg sandwiches! Your egg sandwich filling sure looks yummy. I usually mash them up with Heinz salad cream. Then I put one slice of cheddar cheese on the bread, top with the egg filling and then with the other slice of bread. Pure heaven!

    Salad cream would be nice – I would add a bit of this or that to make it even nicer, got my own family recipe. Hmmmm…looks like A LOT of people love egg sandwiches, one way or another – not just me.

  18. wow! you calculate to such precision! can open coffeeshop la, i’ll definitely support you! πŸ™‚ your sandwich looks uber nice btw! πŸ™‚ do you know behind my father’s shop, at butterfly garden there is one dimly-lit coffeeshop, they still sell kaya sandwich toasted on low charcoal fire.

    I think they do that at Farley too but usually, these people will use Yeo’s kaya and Planta’s margarine – like they did in the past but I am not a fan of those. 😦 Sigh!!! I should have gone into the food business instead of becoming a teacher. Would be rich by now. 😦

  19. hmmm..not a fan of egg sandwiches, yours look good and look very “rich” with cheese and margerine, maybe next time you can add some mayo and some lemon juice and black pepper.

    I did add a bit of salt and pepper, no mayo in the house – we do not buy anymore but I think thousand island would be nicer. There was half a lemon in the fridge…but I did not think of using that.

    Just wanted to keep it simple like in the old days’ Home/Domestic Science lessons – somebody shared something about old ladies in the years to come being unable to sew or knit but can take nice pictures in the toilet – a reflection of young girls today – I guess some can’t make nice egg sandwiches either, even simple ones like this.

  20. Delivery to Bintulu, please please please?? It is too tempting!

    You’re in Bintulu? I thought you’re in Sibu? Gone there on holiday or what? Boyfriend there, is it? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  21. Nice..I never tried this. Mine is always mayo + pepper + chopped shallot + cheese.

    This is supposed to be egg sandwich in its simplest form – for those who do not know how to make them…but I did stretch it a bit – with the cheese and the cucumber added.

  22. Arthur, margarine is trans fat, it’s also called Franken fat, as in Frankenstein. Real butter is much better healthwise, but of course, always in moderation.

    Ya, I read that somewhere. Then again, there are people who claim olive oil is better than all the rest. Whatever, I’m with you on this – moderation is the key! I eat everything but not too much at a time and not too often.

  23. i’m actually thinking of replacing rice with bread
    cause rice makes my tummy even bigger
    anyway, egg and mayo it what i usually do but this is quite
    interesting too, and i kinda like it, thanks for sharing i’ll consider having such in
    my meals

    You? You have a tummy? But you’re so skinny!!! πŸ˜‰

  24. Hey Arthur you inspired me to make some egg sandwiches for my sons’ and my own lunch today. I realized I can just use cream cheese instead on mayo. Cheers!

    Yes, anytime nicer than mayo – not too crazy about that!

  25. This like my breakfast last time, simple and yummy!!! =]

    Been making a few of these sandwiches lately, trying different combinations. I like!

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