Just once more…

I dropped by here once a long time ago with my daughter when it first opened and I had not been there since then. For one thing, I am not into those franchise places and for another, it’s on the other side of town and I do not usually go that way…plus the fact that the things aren’t exactly cheap. However, my daughter wanted to go there for lunch and I didn’t mind at all as I did see on their Facebook page that there would be some new items on the menu.

My missus had not been there before and she decided to try their 5-piece yangnyeom combo (RM15.90)…

Chicken combo

…which came with the rice and the seaweed side dish and also a free drink. We had this the last time Melissa and I were there and we thought it was great though we thought we preferred the crunchy original as we loved the yellow sauce that came with it, the one that Melissa said was something like honey mustard dressing.

Of course, my missus could not finish all that chicken so Melissa and I had to help her out a bit. I had the Korean ramyeon (RM9.90)…


…which was all right, nothing to get excited about and don’t ask me what went into it to give it that colour. Frankly, I do not know.

Melissa ordered the crunchy chicken burger (RM10.90)…


…for herself that came with this bowl of french fries…


…and a free drink.

She enjoyed that…and I saw that it had that very nice yellow sauce inside…


…so that could be one reason why she liked it.

Well, on the whole, it was a good lunch and Melissa insisted on footing the bill again as she now has a regular monthly income. Hmmmm…I do have my pension too but since she insisted, I guess I’d just let her have the pleasure of giving her pa and ma a treat once in a while.

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33 thoughts on “Just once more…”

  1. mmmm, contemporary korean! the ramyeon looks potentially quite spicy hor. i think i’d opt for your missus’ choice and go for the yangnyeom too 😀

    Not at all! Is it supposed to be spicy? I’m quite ignorant when it comes to Korean…

  2. Interesting K fusion…though I think I stick to traditional K dishes.

    Yes you have your pension…but do allow Melissa to treat you too! Hehehe…

    Haiz!!! I’m old, don’t need to have much money at hand – she’s still young, just starting out and should keep for things that she would need and for her own use.

  3. Teacher’s pay not bad! Yes, our kids insist on paying nowadays.. they feel nice about it so why not? 🙂 Count it a Blessing! 🙂

    I know many working in KL and elsewhere are still depending on the parents to pay for this and that, buy this and buy that. Some pay for their spending using their supplementary credit cards and the poor father at home would have to pay every month… Indeed, we are so very blessed that our kids have turned out really well… 🙂

  4. Melissa is a very considerate girl, lucky you. I know of some young people who are already gainfully employed but still expect their parents to continue footing their personal expenses like handphone bills and petrol. Really unbecoming!

    I know some too! Glad that she isn’t like that…despite my pestering her as to whether she has enough and whether she needs any money. Old habits die hard. Sometimes, it’s just so hard to let go… 😦

  5. That’s nice of Melissa! 🙂

    Lucky you to have a daughter like that.

    The red sauce in the yangnyeom combo looks delicious too.

    Yes, I truly am, VERY lucky! Personally I prefer the crunchy with the extra nice yellow sauce. Loved that!

  6. Even the Korean Ramyeon and the burgers look yumz too. Feel hungry now.

    I guess I’m not so much into Korean and you know franchise places – food’s nice but not great…and things don’t come cheap. 😦

  7. You are blessed in every way. So sweet your girl. I am not a fan of Korean/Japanese food or burger but this time round I find the chicken burger looks tempting to me.

    I am, indeed! Me too, not a fan of those…so maybe that is why I usually do not really enjoy what I eat. Always ok, nice…but nothing that would make me go, “Wow!!!!”

  8. pretty interesting modern interpretation, I’m more intrigued by the chicken burger than anything tho. hehe.

    This one’s the Korean franchise – the only one in Malaysia. Didn’t try the burger so I can’t really comment on it. Everything’s ok, not cheap…but not too bad if you opt for the sets or value meals.

  9. the vibrancy of the dish makes it look very appetizing,
    as for a chicken lover i really like that first dish,
    while that Korean ramyeon was interesting too it seems to
    have a strong type of taste. as for the burger, it seems okay to me

    Nope, like Japanese, it was kind of mild. I guess all’s ok, typical franchise food…

  10. Today is something about western food! Hehe.

    That korean ramyeon looks spicy to me.

    No leh, Korean is also Asian… 😉 Nope, not spicy at all.

  11. that yangnyeom combo looks good, and RM15.90 has to be those once-in-a-bluemoon thing i’m gonna try.. and what is that Korean ramyeon?? instant noodles?? wow, that’s expensive, buy one pack at RM3 the most and cook at home yourself lah~~ tsk tsk tsk 😀

    Don’t ask me! It’s Greek to me. I don’t know about those in Korean restaurants…but this one, you’d be better off with your RM3 a packet Korean instant noodles…minus the fried chicken strips though.

  12. actually to me, the above does look pretty good.. maybe cos I am a Korean fanatic… hehe…except that burger looked kinda small..

    It’s big all right. Maybe you’re used to those gigantic ones they have these days, the ones everyone seems to be queuing up for?

  13. No thank you, deep fried this deep fried that LOL *faints*

    Didn’t I see that in one of your posts too? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  14. That’s very sweet of your girl. Yupp..that’s what me and my younger brother does. Once in a while we will bring our pa & ma for a dim sum treat.

    Ohh…we just had burgers last night…Yummm

    You have a younger brother? Looks like you or not? Not as skinny, I hope… Still available? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  15. That chicken looks so delicious! The rice looks interesting too. Food at most franchise food outlets are nothing to shout about generally, IMO.

    Except our own Sarawak franchise – Sugar Bun. They have a few delightful items, not found in other fast food restaurants. I think they also have nasi lemak, if I’m not mistaken.

  16. The Korean Spicy Chicken looks nice. At least better than the one promoted at KFC recently :-p
    and the burger also looks not bad!

    Dunno. I don’t frequent those…no, thank you.

  17. At 15.90 with a free drink is consider quite reasonable.

    …and everything else. The sets or value meals are o.k. but not it you pick individual items or not to me, at least.

  18. [“However, my daughter wanted to go there…”] How nice to be your daughter and whoever is your son-in-law would be even nicer? hehe.

    Know of any potential, come…introduce, quick…quick!!! 😉

  19. Bananaz would for sure to go for the hot stone ‘Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap’ when ever step into a Korean restaurant and nothing else.

    They do not have that at this franchise shop…

    1. Then what about Korkampua noodles there got ah?

      Only these noodles, no other variety…and don’t ever suggest that! Don’t insult our kampua – anytime better than anything they have…and the same goes to the country next to it.

  20. Oh, they have something new on the menu.

    How is your Korean Ramyeon, taste ok? But it don’t look like Korean ramen to me, it looks like laksa to me. hahahhahah

    Melissa’s Chicken burger looks very good!

    Nope, nothing like laksa – that would be much nicer. Something like those packet Korean instant noodles… 😦 Melissa enjoyed the burger, I did not try though…

  21. My husband is the traditional kind, that’s for sure. Sometimes I get really fed up of taking care of things regarding the kid and things at home on my own!

    Find consolation in the fact that the kids will up closer to the mum…

  22. You’re so blessed to have Melissa. Biarla… she wanna belanja…just makan lorr…hahahaha…

    Yalor! Whatever makes her happy. Ya, so abundantly blessed, praise the Lord!

  23. Aaaww.. very sweet of her.. My Mama and I always fight to see who pay first.. and many times she play cheat to pay it at the counter cos the waiters/waitresses normally would take my money instead of my Mama’s 😀 😀

    Ya, she’s a sweet girl. I don’t mind paying all the time as at my age, there isn’t much that I can do with my money…. 😉

  24. wow! i love melissa’s burger. and the fried chicken! thanks for the post! we were rather skeptical about the place, but i’m going to give this place a try when i go back 🙂

    Don’t expect too much! You know what franchises are like – good but nothing to get me jumping with delight…and besides, I’m not really into Korean…or Japanese…

  25. I like the tower high burger, look so tempting. 🙂 The yangnyeom combo look awesome… I’m sure it taste heavenly!
    That’s so sweet of your daughter to foot the bill, it’s her turn to pamper the parent so you just sit back and enjoy. My daughter too will pay the bill when we eat out. 🙂

    Best regards.

    So nice of your daughter. I wouldn’t mind paying all the time as at my age, I do not really know what to do with my money – not much excitement in my life these days. Hehehehehe!!!! The food’s ok…the only Korean franchise in Malaysia…and you know franchises – nice, not great…and not really cheap. 😦

  26. It sounds like you all had a great time. I know Melissa, must feel great, being able to give back to her wonderful parents. I felt the same way when I was able to purchase things for my parents. Fast forward to years later and I still give them things, “just because.”

    Me too! Will always thinks of what nice things to buy for my mum to eat, or to cook for her…

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