On your special day…

All of us went out for dinner on Saturday at this restaurant in town to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday …


My missus ordered a cake for her…


…and my niece who came home all the way from Singapore ordered one too…


…from that same place. She loves the cakes so much that she would always order one whenever she comes home, never mind whether there is anybody’s birthday or not.

Of course the dinner had to start with the longevity noodles and eggs…


– the fried mee sua (thread noodles). I remember we never had the noodles fried in the past until a colleague told me a long time ago that she had it here at this very restaurant and it was very nice. Probably they were the first one to cook it this way but nowadays, you can get the same at virtually anywhere else but of course, some are good and some aren’t really worth the calories. The one we had that night was very well done though – very nice, indeed!

I don’t know why but this came next – the sea cucumber and mussels with mushroom and broccoli …


Usually, this would be served towards the end before the prawns and the dessert.

Normally, this would be the first dish or the second, after the mee sua

Big ship

…and that night, they had really good stuff inside – lobster, soft shell crab and everything else, all so very nice!

THE soup followed…and after that came the specialty of the house – their fish head curry…


When dining at the restaurant, this is one dish that you must not miss and I must say that it is absolutely out of this world – none that I have had anywhere else can be better and that I can declare without any reservation whatsoever. The problem is it is usually served with rice or bread and after this dish, there would hardly be any room left in the tummy for very much more.

The roast duck came next…


…served in mantao with the other condiments and sauce added…


…and after that, we had the butter prawns…


…before the fruit platter for dessert…


The servings were all so huge that most of the time, we were not able to finish despite the fact that there were 12 of us and we had to tapao the leftovers home.

I noticed that the table next to ours was having the exact same dishes – if I’m not mistaken, this is one of their standard dinner set menus…so would anybody like to try and guess how much that would cost?

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43 thoughts on “On your special day…”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to her! What a celebration! LOTS of food!!!!

    Thank you. Yes, too much for 12, would have been enough for 20, at least.

  2. oh … selamat hari jadi… gimme the mi sua and sea cucumber… the rest, later…

    Thank you. How much, you think – one table?

  3. Wow! So nice of you treating your Mom in law with such delicious food!

    My missus wanted to pick up the tab – said there was something about the daughter’s duty to do that for such celebrations…but my niece insisted on doing it instead. Come, come…make a guess! How much a table like that here?

  4. ooo, 80, that’s a nice milestone of a birthday. and your mom-in-law is still younger than my grandmother (who’s 88). the food looks good, and i’d wallop the duck and prawns 😀

    My father’s that age, same as your grandma. The food was really good that night…but the food at this restaurant has been consistently good over the years – been around for a long time now.

  5. Happy belated birthday to your missus’s mother, Melissa’s grandma and also your mother-in-law..;), Lup the butter prawns

    Thanks for the birthday greeting. How’s this spread compared to what you had over there for your wedding? How much was yours, one table? Guess how much this one was…

    1. Mine about RM900 with the as usual seo tu kia, hu chi, steam fish, prawns etc sorry Bananaz is hopeless in guessing your price over there should be easily more than half a thousand?

      Exactly, not more…but no seo tu kia, not like yours! Too bad I missed that… 😦

  6. Super yummy!Aaiyah! Don’t want to guess how much lahor u always let us wait till next day for the answer! I like to know now 🙂

    LOL!!! Patience, patience… 😉

  7. Happy belated birthday to your mum in law. That’s a lot of food. With sea cucumbers and lobster, one table can be around 400-500?

    Thanks. And there’s the not-to-be-named soup as well! Is that the price around Ipoh or Penang?

  8. Happy Blessed Birthday to your MIL. Wow, love all the awesome dishes. Every serving was huge. I noticed the Logos Hope loaded with all the calories and good to flush them down with the fruits.

    Yes, too huge! Would be enough for 20, at least. Her birthday was actually on Monday but we had the celebration earlier over the weekend as the son and his family could come back from Bintulu and the grandchildren too – from Singapore and KL.

  9. RM350…..

    Wahhhh!!!! Got sea cucumber so big, got sharks’ fins…and I think the fish head curry, small already RM45 (I used to buy home when it was at the old place – RM25 only) – this one is big! That price would be some 10 years or more ago, I think.

    1. AH..this will be the price i will be guessing too. But since u said “wah!” so means it is wrong. HAHAHHAHA

      Wahhhhh!!!! Your agong’s head also so very big kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Wah, I read this post with my mouth open 😀 All the dishes I like a lot! Hmmm….how much it costs? I reckon must be above RM300++++

    Of course!!! I wonder if there’s any place that one can get anything this nice at that price anymore. 😦

  11. oooh, nice food, nice cake and nice company.. i am sure your MIL was a very happy girl that night on her birthday, hehehe~~ :p

    She most certainly was… I guess I would too and everybody else, for that matter – especially when dear ones in the family come home from near and far.

  12. roast duck is calling my name!

    It is? Personally, I think there are better ones in KL – the ones here are all right…but I like the authentic Peking duck with red crispy skin more.

  13. Wow, you’re right, those servings look huge! Would like to try some of that mee sua, and I like how the fish head curry is served in a set meal, rarely get that in Chinese dinner sets but it looks so hearty! Happy belated birthday to your MIL – she must have had a great time! 🙂

    Thanks. I think they usually serve steamed fish in their sets – but most people would request for that to be replaced by the fish head curry as it’s the specialty of the house and is very very very nice.

  14. Yum yum. The cold dish boat reminded me of the wedding reception lunch of my SIL’s wedding in February in Paramount Hotel. I wonder is there any meaning of the display on a boat???

    I haven’t got a clue…but you can get the boat at most restaurants here – more expensive than a platter though.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday to your MIL… a truly blessed 80 years!

    What a meal… lots of goodies and every dish is a little bit different from the ones here in KL. The mee sua served with eggs.. is that a norm for Sibu?

    Thank you. The mee sua’s a must for birthdays, for longevity – you can choose to have the chicken & ginger soup version though but there will be eggs as well – that’s part of the tradition, I guess.

  16. Every thing looks good, wonder how much for a standard set like this costs? what were the round thingy presented around the mee sua? deep fried hard boiled egg? deep fried pau?

    That’s hard-boiled egg – lightly fried to give it a thin golden coating on the outside – that’s the Chinese tradition. Anything that is red or gold is good, signifying good fortune & prosperity.

  17. drooling over the cake. where can i order these?

    There’s this guy named Marcus or Hua Kwong – Delta, Lane 3…on the right somewhere in the middle (with nice luxury cars). You can ask one of the houses there – they will be able to tell you. Once, I went to the wrong house and the neighbour came out to let me know… Blush! Blush!

    1. oh! I remembered! My mum used to order our birthday cakes from there too. He has a separate small ‘hut’ just for baking right.

      Yes, at the back of the house…

  18. RM700 inclusive drinks.

    Wahhh!!! You should get some stuff a lot more special with that – more lobster in the salad or bigger sharks fins, perhaps… 😉

  19. Happy b’day to your MIL.
    Love the butter prawns. Normally only can eat this dish during wedding dinner. The curry looks good too….

    Thanks. Here, we can order at many places anytime…but not all are good, of course. Will have to know where to go.

  20. Happy belated birthday to your mother in law!

    Sheraton, yum yum, love the mee suah and the sea cucumber and i love their giant plate of ice kacang!!

    My guess on the dinner, RM500!

    Thank you. Hah!!! You are familiar with the prices of the menus here, I’m sure – a regular at this place yourself. Not a fan of the ice kacang – tried once – didn’t like the fact that the red beans were hard. 😦

  21. Happy Birthday! Love how you started with cake!

    Thanks. That’s the usual practice, isn’t it? The singing of the birthday song, the blowing of the candles and the cutting of the cake. The waitresses at this particular restaurant would help cut and serve each person a slice…

  22. We were going to have lunch there today, but Wednesday is its day off. The curry fish is TOPS!

    Oh? I didn’t know they close any day of the week? Thanks for the shout-out. Must remember not to go there in Wednesdays then. Ya…they say it’s the lady boss’ secret recipe from Indonesia…or she came from Indonesia or something like that and even the cooks there do not know what goes into the ingredients which she prepares personally.

  23. RM500. Yes, this restaurant’s standard has been consistently pretty good. I reckon they have the best roasted chicken in town. Crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. What fish is that? Tapah?

    Didn’t ask and yes, it looked like tapah. They also serve the same dish with another type of fish, cheaper…but also nice. It’s the gravy that steals the show. Been patronising this place ever since they started at the old place in Delta…and it has been good all this while.

  24. wow one of my grand mother just
    had a party for her 80th birthday too what a coincidence
    anyway each of the dish looks yummy but
    as expected i was looking more on the cakes and second one
    seems better

    Both good…

  25. First of all, I love the cakes!!! Slurp! I wouldn’t mind starting off a meal with desserts! The food here also looks great.. different, I like to try out new dishes..something different from over here.. and I guess the price is around RM350-400… 🙂

    Wahhhhhh!!!! So cheap in Ipoh kah? That was the RM500 set menu. Ya…it’s different here and a lot nicer – or to me, at least, compared to what I had in KL or Penang. Never had in Ipoh…waiting for the opportunity. Wink! Wink! 😀

  26. My guess will be RM688 for that set? I kinda like the sequence of the food served unlike the usual where I wont be able to eat those last few coz I’ve stuffed myself too much earlier..

    I am usually full after that first dish – the ship…or what you people call the Four Seasons there except that we have many seasons here and they’re all very nice. No self-control, me! Nope, it’s RM500…not so expensive.

  27. Happy belated B’day to your MIL!

    What a feast! I do not mind just having the fish head curry with rice! Bring me there ok? LOL!

    RM500 for all these?! Really value for money!

    Thanks. Sure!!! Would be delighted to – now, when are you coming to Sibu? Ya…that’s SIN$200 only – dirt cheap, isn’t it?

  28. I must say the fried mee suah looks perfect! The ones we have here are either deep fried or all mushy and broken!

    That’s what some people say – they would deep fry first…but I do not think so. That would make it too oily and maybe hard or crispy…and this wasn’t.

  29. Happy Birthday to your MIL. all food looks delicious. But best of all is everyone gather for her bday la

    I miss the fried mi suah la….

    Next month, next month!!! Confirm coming?

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