Good morning…

It certainly was a good day, that bright and sunny morning when Philip, my friend home from the US, suggested going out for breakfast.

We went to this coffee shop in Sungai Merah which is very popular around here for the coffee…

Choon Seng coffee

I find that it is just all right – sometimes, it is good but at other times, it can be quite disappointing. It certainly looks like they have very poor quality control and that morning, it was just so-so, not really that nice.

I love the porridge there…

Choon Seng porridge

…which is consistently good every time but don’t bother about the special (RM3.50). I had that and I found that all the extras that came in it was a little piece of liver and intestine, no century egg.

Philip had the typical Malaysian breakfast of kaya (coconut jam) and toast and two half-boiled/cooked eggs…

Choon Seng eggs

…done to perfection unlike the ones we had here. Tsk! Tsk!

Philip loves the roti telur (roti canai with egg) there…

Choon Seng roti telur 1

I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite in town but it is nice…

Choon Seng roti telur 2

…and I love the fact that they serve it with nice curry gravy instead of the usual dhall dip. He ordered a piece for me too and with the porridge, I was so very full by the end of it – that certainly was a heavy breakfast, I must say.

Well, that’s not all! After we left the place, we adjourned here to try the tiramisu mille crepe (RM9.00)…

Noodle House tiramisu mille crepe

It was really good and Philip was so very impressed by the fact that in this little town, we have such great desserts that can rival any that he has had elsewhere, even in the States.

I also tried the crème brûlée (RM7.00)…

Noodle House creme brulee 1

…which I truly enjoyed very much. It was so very good though I found the caramelised layer of sugar at the top a little bit too thick – I think it should be thinner…by half, at least. But it was good – I loved the rich custard underneath…

Noodle House creme brulee

…and I sure would not mind having it again sometime. Actually I had wanted to try these two for quite sometime now but every time I dropped by, I could not resist ordering their chocolate lava cake instead. Well, having had that twice already, this time I did manage to resist the temptation…but the sight of it being served to the other people there that morning was torturing! Humph!!! LOL!!!

I did  order the kompia with stewed pork belly that is the favourite of many, for Philip to try…but old habits die hard. He did not like the fact that it was deep fried…and the meat was a bit too fat for his liking. Never mind, as the song goes, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

I certainly had a great outing. Thank you so much, Philip, for the packets of Sarawak laksa paste that you got me from Kuching…

Sarawak laksa paste

– I’ve tried Hj Manan’s and it was not bad…and I’m certainly looking forward to trying the other one soon…and thanks a lot also for the treats but I don’t think I would want to go out with you again…if you keep insisting on picking up the tab.  Next round, my turn!

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38 thoughts on “Good morning…”

  1. Hi Arthur! The soft boiled eggs and the crepe cake make me so very hungry now!

    Hah!!! You can boil two of your own, oops…eggs, I mean – chicken eggs. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀 I bet you and your missus make nicer desserts – hope I could try some someday.

  2. The soft boiled eggs! That’s what I am going to have in 2 hours time for my sahur!!! Yummeh! Though I hope I make it right! LOL.

    You’re fasting? I would think hard-boiled can sustain a person longer. Will not feel hungry all day after two of those.

    1. haha yes…fasting on the days I do not have a lunch review.

      So nice, all the reviews to do. Can always send a representative….me! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  3. The Hj Manan’s paste is quite light (not so lemak). Still prefer the swallow brand but some people said it’s not Halal. If only I know how to make Laksa Paste.

    Ya, didn’t think the Hj Manan one was all that great, just ok. Can’t get the original swallow now… I hear the eagle (helang) one is not bad.

  4. I wanna try all the desserts mentioned above!! Crème brûlée… don’t think Ipoh has this too…

    It should have…just that you do not usually frequent those places. Ask your girl, she would know… 😉

  5. Oohhhh…the desserts are certainly irresistible! I noticed that the bowl of curry was put on top of the roti. I always feel uneasy when restaurants do that because we don’t know how clean is the bottom of the bowl……

    Exactly! I had that same feeling too…and I quickly removed it after taking the photograph. Wouldn’t be so bad if it had been placed on the plate but by the side of the roti… 😦

  6. All looks so good and I love the porridge and half-boiled egg. You have all that in the same morning. That’s a lot. How’s the taste of the laksa paste? Any better than the in-house selling one which Louis bought for you sometime ago.

    Yes, that is soooo much, hor? I couldn’t eat lunch anymore after that… Have yet to try the laksa paste – will surely blog about it.

  7. Half boiled eggs? I have 2 almost every morning, till I want to puke looking at eggs. Lol!

    LOL!!! I would too…if I were to have that every morning – like when I was small and going to school. Two every morning – sometimes, I would just leave them there and my mum would put them in the rice…and by the time I got home from school, they would be hard boiled…and I liked them better like that.

  8. The creme brulee certainly is so tempting. Didn’t know they also have this dessert

    It’s new…like the chocolate lave cake and the tiramisu mille crepe. Now, I’ve tried all three. Yet to try the baked creamy cheese chicken rice though…

  9. The desserts are tempting me too!

    The shop should’ve served the bowl separately instead of placing it on top of the roti canai; it doesn’t feel hygienic. People have been telling me that the half-boiled eggs are healthier.

    They say ignorance is bliss – what you don’t know will not hurt you…but I walked past the kitchen in a big Chinese restaurant once…and they had already got the presentation for the dishes ready – the tomato and orange slices, the green lettuce…all laid out in each plate and they just stacked them up one on top of the other. Eyewwwwww!!!!!

    This one, the old Malay lady probably wiped the bowl dry and clean before scooping the curry gravy into it and placing it on the roti – not as bad as at that restaurant. They would have to put the big plates down somewhere to arrange everything…

  10. The crepe is so tempting…

    It was really nice…and the creme brulee too… Hope to go back again soon for a second round. Slurpssss!!!!

  11. No, thank you.. i’m not really a fans of coffee and i also hate half-boiled eggs, haha!! but i do want to try that roti, that mille crepe as well as the creme brulee!! yummy yummy~~

    No worries – so many things available at one place, you’d be truly spoilt for choice…and you can always go to one of the many others as well.

  12. Breakfast and Dessert back-to-back… sounds like my kind of treat! Simple breakfast but I bet it taste awesome….the best taste in life is simplicity…

    the packets of laksa paste looks awesome… cant find these here…

    One’s so-so, yet to try the other one…see if it’s any good.

  13. No thank you, i will definitely skip on the pork innards. Try to dip the roti canai into the half boiled egg, should be good xD

    I was not having the egg – but I think people do that with their kaya toast…use the bread to wipe the plate clean.

  14. Wahh…Laksa paste. When r u cooking it? 😉
    I often prefered curry gravy over dhall dip. Cos I afraid of getting those too watery dhall 😦
    That porridge looks so homely type.

    Maybe that’s why I like it – like home-cooked porridge.

    Yes, the watery dhall is really no good. My favourite canai place – the canai is the best but the dhall dip is not as good at another place where the canai is also good but not as fragrant (with ghee) as the other one. So hard, can’t have the best of both worlds. LOL!!!

    No worries, will surely blog about it when I get round to cooking the laksa.

  15. coming here wrong timing…hungry time. everything also wanna eat but i have to say no thank you on the half boiled eggs if anyone were to treat me on that. Dislike having that. The rest are okay

    My daughter’s favourite – half-boiled eggs…not that she likes them, I think, but easy to eat, just slurp it all down…plus a bottle of chicken essence – that’s enough for her for the whole day. Same reason why she likes porridge or mee sua…instead of rice – no need to chew.

  16. Hello from Manila 🙂 I love having porridge for breakfast. How your stomach can fill up so much food in one morning? Amazing!

    You should see my size… LOL!!! 😀 But some people say I do not really eat that much, tangki very small… 😉

  17. Wow..porridge and half boiled egg look very very good!!! I love the roti canai here but not their dhall, maybe should try their curry sauce next time. Aloha serve very good roti canai too, but the dhall out too. Some place dhall is nice, but roti is out. 😦

    After heavy breakfast still got space for crepe and crème brûlée ? Amazing!! hahahahaha

    They have dhall? I always get curry gravy… Twin Star (Paramount) – the one you like, has the best dhall dip. Hmmm…no space also must make space lor – wanted to try for a long time liao. LOL!!! 😀

  18. is that egg? wow never seen an egg cooked that way and never thought that i could come with coco jam haha
    anyway i was drooling over that tiramisu and crème brûlée(however it was pronounced haha)

    What jam? You need your eyes checked? That was dark soy sauce…and the eggs were half-boiled. Maybe you eat it in an egg cup out of the shell…with salt and pepper? That’s the western style…quite unlike what we do here.

  19. The best breakfast I’ve had in quite a while but can’t have it all the time. That brullee thing is a bit too rich for me. I like the that french kek lapis better.

    LOL!!! I love the custard, slurpssss!!!!! We’ve yet to locate that elusive RTM coffee shop, ya? 😉

  20. Very good looking Creme brûlée! I like the sugar layer thick though but with good crunch. Too bad my blow torch has joined my home appliance graveyard so I haven’t been able to make Creme brûlée for a while. Must rectify that soon!

    It was thick, not really hard…so it was all right just that I had never had any this thick before.

  21. I do like the aroma of Creme Brulee! YEARS ago when I sold Candles we had over 200 scents and one of them was Creme Brulee and it was amazing!

    I wouldn’t want that – would trigger this craving in me all the time. LOL!!! 😀

  22. Wooaahh.. I’ve been looking for this mille crepe but I just couldn’t find it in kuching. Huhuhu.

    Haven’t heard of any in Kuching… So far, KL, Malacca, Penang and here. Coming to Sibu anytime soon? 😉

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