It’s my pleasure…

Oscar’s my ex-student and he has been living abroad after completing his tertiary education overseas. He dropped by my house when he was home for Chinese New Year earlier this year and he told me that he would be getting married and he hoped I would be able to be present. Well, of course, I would – it would be my pleasure…and there I was, as promised, on Saturday morning last week.

Oscar (left) and his best men stood waiting at the altar…

Groom & best men

…as the father of the bride walked her down the aisle…

Father & bride

…and gave away her hand in marriage…

Over to you

There was a choir…


…and the ceremony went on without a hitch…


…and here, you can see Oscar placing the wedding ring on his bride’s finger…


A lot of their families and friends turned up for the church service…


…including one guy who was obviously Scottish, judging from the kilt that he was wearing but as always, as in the case of all weddings I’ve attended, there were a lot more people at the dinner than at the church. Perhaps it would be a good idea to invite guests to the wedding ceremony in church only…and inform everyone of the time and place of the dinner there and then – that way, everyone would have no choice but to show up at the most important part of any wedding.

The grand reception was held at a leading hotel in town…

Dinner venue

…but I am not putting up any photos of the food this time as I was at a table with not very familiar people and anyway, I’ve been attending dinners at this place a number of times already and the food is generally more or less the same.

Thanks for the invitation, Oscar, and here’s wishing you and Ai Lin once again all the best and every happiness in the years ahead. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “It’s my pleasure…”

  1. Wah, your student’s all grown up! It’s great that he still appreciates your efforts as his former teacher. The ceremony looks beautiful, with everyone so sharply groomed. And that massive choir, wow! 😀

    Yes, beautiful ceremony, nice church.

  2. At the wedding ceremony it ended with something different coz of snake year ‘you may hiss the bride’ .

    Guess you’ve been doing that, you snake – hissing at the missus? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  3. Very grand wedding leh. Looks like all your students getting hitch these few years…all “matang” liao. Gonna have a lot more “red bombs” soon.

    Must have been a proud moment for you to see them getting married , starting a new journey in life .

    No problem here in Sibu. The standard clause is: “Gifts in cash and kind are respectfully declined.” Always my pleasure to share their joy, that’s for sure.

  4. The bride and groom are beautiful! All your students really respect and love you!

    I always enjoyed attending church weddings as they looked really like weddings. I agree that they should just have lunch reception at the church after the ceremonies but the Chinese cannot miss the dinner banquet. In US, the church weddings are so beautifully organized and they usually have lunch & dance thereafter.

    Well, some do, I guess…a few, at least. Not usual here for the reception to be held in the church or the venue of the marriage ceremony, unlike overseas but some do have the full-course Chinese-style banquets right after that at a restaurant – so everyone would just adjourn there…and very often, the couple would just take off after everything was over…for their honeymoon.

    But what I was saying is that considering how few people bother to attend the ceremony in church – which I always feel is the most important part of the whole thing – they can inform guests there and then the venue and the time of the banquet instead of stating those details in the invitation card. Personally, I feel that it reflects rather poorly on the guests – like they only want to eat, not really there to share the joy.

  5. You are such a popular teacher! Getting invited to quite a few of your students’ weddings!

    Not that many, just a few… Most would choose to conveniently forget, unfortunately. 😉

  6. Lovely couple indeed, What a great pleasure to witness their wedding. Seeing them as a student to family man. Love the beautiful flowers. Congratulations to the newly weds.

    Thanks. Ya, I love going for weddings – so much happiness, great vibes!!!

  7. Weddings are always so lovely. I guess many guests forgo the church ceremony perhaps they are not Christians or couldn’t spare the time?

    Saturday – time shouldn’t be a problem unless they’re self-employed, running their own businesses and would not want to get away. But those non-Christians, probably they do not feel the ceremony in church is of any significance, no meaning at all to them – just go for the dinner, that’s it.

  8. Very nice couple! Congratulations to them!

    Yeah, in a table of unfamiliar faces, I also feel very awkward taking pictures.. some might think that we never attended or eaten the food at weddings before.. hahaha… but for the younger generation, they will understand.. now most cameras “eat first” instead of humans.. hahahaa…

    Thanks. Ya, that was why I did not bother…plus I’ve gone for dinner there many times already and you get more or less the same dishes.

  9. a handsome groom and a beautiful wife what a
    great couple they are, well it’s cool that he remembers you
    and invited you to witness his wedding that only means
    you were a great teacher

    I certainly hope so – real flattered that some of them do bother to invite me to come along and join in and share their joyous moments. Most would choose to just conveniently forget…unfortunately.

  10. I think I know what you’re trying to say, STP, and not all of the invited guests are holding the same religion as the bridal couple, but you’re right there. When my parents got hitched, the whole Church was filled to the brim with some lunch after that. Dinner was included.

    Congrats to Oscar and Ai Lin!

    How nice! A packed church! I’m not in that same Christian denomination but still, I went…but I guess for those who are not Christians, they do not consider that to be very important – just leave that to the couple and their families…and they will just show up to eat.

    Thanks on their behalf for you well-wishes.

  11. congratulations to Oscar and Ai Lin.. very sweet couple, wishing them eternal happiness.. 🙂

    Thank you. When’s your turn? Don’t you dare forget to invite me… Me, face skin, thick-thick one… I don’t care! Will just show up at yours, even if uninvited. LOL!!! 😀

  12. splendid photos! 🙂 you can take up freelancing photography projects! 🙂

    No lah, I just quickly snapped a few shots from where I was sitting, trying not to be obtrusive. Quite put off by the “professional” photographer and the one doing the video shoot – they just plonked themselves there, right in the middle…never mind if they were blocking the view of the whole congregation. Tsk! Tsk!

  13. Wow congratulations to them! Lovely couple.

    Looks like a very well decorated place too!

    Think they got a wedding planner to handle all that… Personally, I’d rather spend on the food. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  14. You must be happy for your student, seeing them all grown up and still remembering you, i think many students tend to ignore their ex-teachers these days hahaha, i was teaching in a primary school (temporary for 3 months after my foundation studies), the students tend to ignore me after a couple months when i accidentally saw them on the road 😦

    Oh dear! Most of my students will greet me when I meet them – even those from classes that I did not teach. Some will drop by when they’re home for Chinese New Year, some will ask me out to eat and chat a while…but not all and not all will invite me to their weddings. Of course, it makes me happy – I am sure everyone feels great to be appreciated in some way, any way.

  15. Congrats to Oscar! It certainly looked like a nice and well-executed ceremony. Ever thought of you walking Melissa down that aisle some day in the future?? Hehe

    Sigh!!! I wonder when that will be… Waiting…waiting… Any eligible Aussie there? 😉

  16. COngratulations to Oscar. Now it is time that your students all get married. Soon it will be your daughter’s turn! hehehe! And you would be the proud parent giving away your daughter in church. :p

    Thanks. Hmmmm…waiting…waiting!!! 😉

  17. A happy moment. Congrats to Oscar and wife!

    Very happy indeed, thanks. Hey! Haven’t seen you around for a while. Been busy? Gone to Manila and back, have you?

    1. Yes, having a headache with all the work piled up on my desk. Going to manila again this friday.

      So nice. I wonder when I can get to go… Next time you’re going, tell me…and I tag along. Can tumpang hotel, save money – never mind, I sleep on the floor… 😀

  18. Congratulations to your ex-student. May he and his wife have a blessed married life.

    It’s been a long time since my last visit. I am very sorry for that STP.

    Thanks. Yes, have not seen you around for a while. Do drop by when you can.

  19. You must be great teacher, STP. Your students even invited you to their wedding.

    I was just being myself and did what I had do. I guess they liked it that way…

  20. That’s our friend, Ai Lin, here in Aberdeen! Then of course we soon know Oscar 😀 Lovely couple!

    Gee!!! Ya…Dr Lee is based in Aberdeen. Didn’t know she’s your friend. Tell them you’re my friend when you get to see them. What a pleasant surprise!

  21. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

    Attend more wedding ceremony, can gain more experience, next time you know what to do for Melissa. kekekekekke.

    Love the hotel wedding set up, very nice.

    Thanks. No need lah… Already very pandai, can handle any time… Too bad, no potential. Sighhhhh!!!!!!

  22. Oh, no! A church wedding. *sobsob* it’s so beautiful. I get misty eyes whenever i look at church wedding pics. They’re just so… you know… beautiful! Congrats to the newlyweds. 😀 May God bless them always.

    Thanks. I love church weddings too, so romantic…

  23. I’ve never been to a church wedding before. I’ve not been to many weddings actually unlike Sir Arthur. It shows how nice a teacher you are. Your students keep in touch with you!

    Only a few…only a few… 😦

  24. how true.. my sis church wedding and my niece one is also less ppl… but again I was also told that sometimes most are not invited unless the church is big enough to hold all of them.. 🙂

    love the bright colors of the big choir here.. congrats to the couple!

    Thanks. Here, it is stated in the invitation – the time & place for the church service and the time and place for the dinner. No problem, we have very big churches here. May be a good idea to use a small village church so the place would not look so empty.

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