Black night…

On the 27th last, there was a blackout throughout the whole state of Sarawak.

It so happened that my friend, Philip, in the US would be flying home and reaching Sibu on that particular day and he had emailed me sometime before that asking me if I could pick him up at the airport. Of course I could…and the same goes to anyone else who cares to drop by this little town as well…but not on Sunday afternoons as I would be sending my daughter back to her school in Selangau and probably not on Friday too as I might have to drive all the way there to get her and take her home for the weekend.

I had just finished dinner at around 6.00 p.m. when it started and I quickly left the house to make my way to the airport. There were massive jams at the traffic lights but I was able to use some detours and managed to get on the road to the airport reaching there well before Philip’s flight landed. The airport was running on generator, it seemed and there were lights – not all but what they had on were good enough. The escalators were not working but I saw somebody using the left to go up (one floor!!!). Gee!!! At times like this, I certainly would not risk it. Shudders!!! There was air blowing out of a couple of those air-conditioning outlets but it was not cold – probably they were functioning as some kind of exhaust to circulate the air inside the terminal.

Philip arrived as scheduled – luckily, his flight was not reverted back to the port of origin, probably because it was not really dark yet at the time the aircraft landed. I heard that it happened to many flights to Sarawak that night. We made our way back to town and to his house and I made sure that I took a long route that I thought would not be that heavily congested. The police officers were at hand at every junction to control the flow…and I drove through Rejang Park. It was pitch dark and all the shops were closed except for some coffee shops but I don’t think they had very much business that night.

I dropped Philip off and made my way home the usual way which would be the shortest and usually, the easiest. Bad mistake! There was a deadlock at the junction ahead, bumper to bumper…left, right and centre. This is what happens when people do not bother to be a bit patient and co-operate – the police officers could not do anything as nobody wanted to budge…and blaring your blasted horns would not help one bit, you stupid people!!! The first detour I was able to make, I quickly got out of the jam…and took another route home and thankfully, I managed to do so…in one piece. Tsk! Tsk!

Anyway, it was fine by me as I had all the time in the world and in no hurry to go anywhere…and at least, I managed to help a friend out and got him home in the midst of all that commotion. He got me these…

From the US

…noodles and chocolate truffles from the US.

In fact, there were three but I had eaten one – the Hokkien noodles with teriyaki sauce…

HN with TS

I had taken some photographs earlier but I must have absentmindedly deleted the album/file so I had to go and retrieve this sole photograph that I had shared on Facebook.

The one I had was very nice and I was saving the other two for Melissa – she loves Japanese, not me…and when she came home for the weekend, she had the miso


…and this was what they had to say about it on the box…


She liked it, of course, and I did get to try a little…and frankly, I would stick to our local instant noodles, Mee Daddy or whatever. It certainly did not get me slurping away, that’s for sure.

They even had this fried rice recipe on the box as well…


…but I am pretty sure cooking it this way, the end product will come nowhere near those that I’ve managed to whip up time and time again.

We’ve yet to try the last one….but thank you so much, Philip. It certainly was so very thoughtful of you to get those noodles for me and to carry them all the way from the US to try and thanks also for the chocolate.

And getting back to the blackout that night, it lasted till around 11.35 p.m. by which time I was perspiring profusely and was seriously contemplating whether or not I should just go and sleep in the car. @#$%^&*+*!!!!!

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29 thoughts on “Black night…”

  1. I’ve had a few of Annie Chun’s Vegan Options. They are ok…but…yes…local and original IS best 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the black out and all the commotion!

    It was ok. At least it did not last too long.

  2. i knew about the blackout too!

    i love buying those instant udon mee!

    I don’t. Too expensive. With my measly pension, I have to be very very careful how I spend my money. Who knows how long I will be around…and I do not intend to go begging in the streets.

  3. Hey Arthur! The Hokkien mee and the sunny egg talk to me! Look really yummy!

    Good grief! Dr Doolittle talked to the animals…and I’ve heard of people talking to their plants…and now here’s a true masterchef – the food talks to him!!! Amazing!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Bro, part of my comment was censored?! Too political?! Haha…

      Right, and yours was not the only one. Those who have been around long enough would know that I steer clear of politics, religion and sex. The (same old) stories will never end…and there are always both sides – best not to bother about those. I have to put up with enough of all these on Facebook already… Tsk! Tsk!

  4. wow, that’s a memorable experience (though not exactly a pleasant one). hope the state officials have learned valuable lessons from the blackout, and you’ll never ever have to endure one like that again in sarawak! (hope it never happens in kl too!)

    It happened once – throughout the whole peninsula. Can’t remember exactly but it probably was in the 90’s when something went wrong in Terengganu and the WHOLE peninsula, all the states, went without power for a day…or maybe, even two! They should have learnt the lesson from that…and not be wholly-dependent on one source. I’ve read reports of back-up strategies and what not so hopefully, this would not happen again.

    Actually, it used to be a lot more frequent when the supply came from here and there – not for a while now…and thankfully, it did not last too long.

  5. Heard that all Sarawak were blackout that night. The water pressure was very low too. It was the worst night I had experienced. Imagine me with a toddler like my daughter… very excited to see candles… and then she wanted to ‘poo poo’ with a limited water supply. Adoi….

    The water here was ok. Heard there was a disruption but they started their generators and supply resumed. I did not even know there was a problem with the water. What I could not understand was why everybody wanted to go out and jam the streets… Perhaps they wanted the air-conditioning in the cars, I wouldn’t know…

  6. Slurppp!!!….love the yummy looking Hockkien mee and egg.. Yup, blackout through whole of Sarawak and was only restored at 12 something at my place. Luckily that night was so windy and we manage to pull through the night.

    Yes, thankfully, it was very windy outside…but my missus was grumbling about the mosquitoes though it was ok for me. Maybe I’m not smart – they say mosquitoes like to bite intelligent people. Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. Yes, the black out was in the papers and of all days, you have to go to the airport… It must be pretty frustrating esp. With no traffic lights and so on.. As you said, thank God you reached home in one piece despite the jam… Dont ever sleep in the car with the air con on… Hahaha… So dangerous…

    Yes, I saw my neighbour – the whole family, kids and all in the cart with the aircon on… I can imagine how poisonous and dangerous that is, all that carbon monoxide… 😦 Luckily the blackout was not too long – imagine if it had been the whole night through – wonder what side effects that would bring.

    The road to the airport and back was fine – dark but smooth sailing – it was only when we got to town that the problems began – all the massive jams at the junctions…or one junction, at least.

  8. I think its very common to have blackouts in Malaysia LOL *wink*. those udons look very atas leh, must be expensive ;x

    Not here lately. Haven’t had any in my area for a long time now…so this one-off incident ain’t that bad really…and praise the Lord, we do not have a problem with water either, unlike at some states. Touch wood!!!

    Atas? They’re instant – all the way from America!

  9. The hokkien mee looks good in your photo. I personally preferred the miso but wanted you to try all three flavors. I agree the local instant mee taste better but I think the ingredients in Annie Chun are probably healthier. Thanks again for the ride. Never expected my timing to be so good.

    Wouldn’t say that was a bright welcome…but there were fireworks that night, if you heard. Probably some people decided to play with their Chinese New Year leftovers to pass the time.

    No problem at all, you’re most welcome…and thanks for the noodles and chocs. There’s still the udon left – will try that soon.

  10. Black out is good sign will see huge changes instantly..hehe

    So you’re always wishing and hoping there’ll be frequent blackouts in your area, I suppose?

    1. People said its like magic single digit $ will increase $$$$$$$ after blackout how true? Still waiting for blackout.

      Depends on who you are and what you do, I guess. Hopefully, will not decrease instead… Sadly, those in the business field especially the restaurants and coffee shop people would have suffered big losses that night…especially when it happened right when the customers would start coming on normal days. 😦

  11. Yes! I remember the blackout! Wasn’t too sure whether my trip to Kuching would have to be called off then.

    Was your flight diverted back? I heard many were that night. Thank goodness my friend’s landed before it got dark.

  12. Oh, I hate blackouts! Especially in the evening. It is hot and can get really eerie having to use candlelight. I watch too many horror movies “D

    Don’t let your imagination run wild now… Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. perspiring profusely?? STP should have tucked himself in the bathtub (filled with icy cold water and a hint of rose essence) with his missus together for a “romantic” night~~ muahahaha!! 😀

    Yes, I was actually contemplating on doing that…but scared that I would doze off and drown!!! Ok…enough…get that image off your mind! Tsk! Tsk! LOL!!! 😀

  14. Lucky Philip’s flight managed to land. I heard some flights going back to Sarawak, after 30 mins, they had to turn back to LCCT.

    Annie Chun’s instant noodles? Looks yummy! Good to keep some in office when don’t know what to eat for lunch, this comes handy.

    Very! Just pour hot water and wait for two minutes. Dunno if they have this here – I’ve tried those Maggi cups…so hard to open the sealed cover and would tear it accidentally – then how to cover again to wait for the noodles to cook? This one’s very nice…got nice cover. I’m keeping the bowls to reuse.

  15. No power. End of civilization.

    You’re talking about the behaviour of the drivers? I would say even when there is no blackout, some/many of them do behave in an atrocious manner – speeding on busy roads, parking anywhere they like – one car, two spaces, double or triple parking (like outside Sacred Heart school after school hours), occupying parking lots for the disabled – a reflection of their big egos and their pea-sized brains. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. On parking. Nothing get me more mad seeing lousy or inconsiderate driver haphazardly taking up 2 parking space when parking space are as hard to find as gold dust.

      Yup, we see that all the time…everywhere. Disgusting!

  16. Oh no. Sleeping in the car won’t be very healthy.
    Poor you, suffering during that blackout period, at least you kept your cool in the traffic jam, hopefully.

    Of course, I did. Old people like me are in no hurry to go anywhere…just yet! We’ll take our sweet time.

  17. Whatever you do, do not ever sleep in the car with the airconditioned running. You’ll end up sleeping FOREVER! Get naked and sleep at HOME is the best option 😛

    The hokkien noodle looks good! Probably because of the egg which I BELIEVE is not included in the pack >_<

    Ooooo….bet you look forward to blackouts in your area? LOL!!! Nope…I added the egg – cooked just the way I like it, hard on the outside, runny on the inside.

  18. Sibu sounded very familiar to me. It is a dive spot?

    Sky diving, yes…or base jump, I think it’s called. They have this annual event where they dive down from the tallest building in the town. I think it’s an international event, if I’m not mistaken. Other than that, I don’t know of any other diving activities around here.

  19. It lasted till almost 12 midnight that night in Kuching. 6 hours!! Phew! But luckily it rained that evening so it was pretty cooling to sleep with the windows opened.

    I opened the windows too but not cold like outside the house. I think the mosquito netting prevented the breeze from coming in… 😦

  20. The Hokkien noodles with the poached looking egg looks delicious! Interesting that it came out of a ramen bowl!

    Heard about the blackout too, it was news here as well.

    Not the egg. I cooked it half-boiled myself, egg white hard but yolk runny…just the way I like it.

  21. all I can see was that gorgeous egg you make with the golden yolk… lol…

    anyway, thats really nice of you to help your friend… its hard when electricity goes out… we never give it much thoughts until its not available to us.

    True, people always take it for granted. I try to switch off everything, every light not in use to save the environment…and that may help cut down the electricity bill a bit. Hah!!! I’m quite an expert at cooking half boiled eggs with runny yolks now…but still hopeless at poached eggs. 😀

  22. The blackout news was in the papers for a number of days here and I thought of you and how you’d be coping, would you believe it? I really did.

    So nice of Philip to bring you those goodies. And so very nice of you to provide him the airport transfer. You’re a good person, Sui tua pui!

    Oooo…thanks for the thought. Used to be quite frequent but not lately…so it was all right, and it was only for a few hours, thank goodness. Ya, he’s a really great friend…

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