The wonder of you…

There’s a new coffee shop in my neighbourhood…


…and I wonder why there are so many places here by that name. I thought they would not approve that when one tries to register one’s company and there is already one by the same name like the one here, for instance. Maybe the use of the definite article, the, would single it out from the rest, I wouldn’t know.

This one is located round the corner from my house, taking over the place of that bakery with the most yummy cream puffs which seems to have called it a day so I guess I would have to hunt for some new places now where their cream puffs would be good enough to be worth the calories.

This one is not really like the usual coffee shop though – it looks a whole lot nicer…


…and there is air-conditioning just that the unit was not switched on that morning I was there. It did not really matter as it was pretty early in the morning so it was not hot at all.

I ordered the iced coffee, black (RM2.50)…

Iced black coffee

…and from what the waiter said to me in Mandarin, if I’m not mistaken, it was Nescafe. That was fine by me as I usually would drink that at home – too lazy to brew my own cuppa…and I was glad that it was nicely done – no complaint whatsoever. I remember when I was in Kuching sometime back, I was quite put off by the fact that I was not getting good coffee from the coffee shops in the vicinity so I ordered Nescafe from the Malay coffee shop right next door to the hotel where I was staying, thinking that it would not go wrong…but it did go wrong! Even that was awful! Tsk! Tsk!

I ordered what they call their Singapore prawn noodles (RM7.90)…


…which was quite nice especially with the special fragrance of the fried garlic that they garnished it with and also with the cili padi dip…


However, I would say that I find the Penang prawn noodles here a whole lot nicer…and cheaper too!

Service was excellent and I found the people very friendly but it seems that the things are not necessarily nicer and definitely pricier than elsewhere probably due to the fact that the place appears a bit more atas (classier) than the regular kopitiam (coffee shop).

So, would I be heading back there again? Well, maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. Perhaps if I happen to be around the area, I may just drop by again and try some of the other things they have on their menu. Who knows?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “The wonder of you…”

  1. The furnishing and color scheme for this place looks quite interesting. And the noodles seem nicely topped enough with prawn and eggs. The risky thing about naming a cafe ‘wonderful’ though is that some customers might mock it by saying it’s not so wonderful!

    There’s a place here called “How Nice” – dunno if that’s an exclamation or a question.

    1. Haha just want to butt in and say that some restaurant is named Delicious and it’s really not that delicious at all!

      I went to one some years ago, one at some residences in KL. It was nice, nothing exclusively sensational…but nice.

  2. I saw chicken cutlet on the menu on the wall, maybe next time you can try their chicken cutlet.

    Will have to drop by again and try some of the other stuff they have to offer.

  3. next thing you know, someone will open “wonderful me” or “wonderful you” cafe.. or is there already one out there 🙂

    None so far but there’s a “Wonderful Furniture” shop, that I know…

  4. I think the decor is nice. I especially love the green on the wall. Green is one of my favorite colors. I see eggs peeking out of one of the dishes. My daughter would gobble up the whites, but would turn up her nose at the egg yolk, silly girl.

    Speaking of eggs…
    Next year, I’m getting a few chickens to place on part of our property. They’re great at aerating the soil. So I will make them a moveable pen and place strategically (depending on planting season) throughout the garden. They also are great at keeping weeds at bay. My parents had chickens when my brother and I were little. The most we had were 75.

    My daughter’s favourite colour too – green. She only ate the white when she was younger but she does eat the yolk now. Gosh!!! So many! We reared our own chickens long long ago when I was small, even for eggs…but not anymore. The town authorities do not allow people to rear poultry around the houses now.

  5. Good morning STP, you are first to comment in my blog. Maybe should get something for first commenters in my blog *thinking*

    I get up early in the morning to go blog-hopping. The connection is so much better when everyone else around here is still asleep…and then, I’d go and cook breakfast. Had yours yet? Bon appetit…and have a beautiful Sunday!

  6. Hi Arthur. Good morning to you.

    This cafe looks nice to me. Maybe one day will drop by and try the noodle. I havent been around much other than my sil’ shop and schools. Haha.

    Ya…still settling in, I guess. You’ll get used to the way of life here eventually…

  7. Used to be a Chinaman whose name is Wang De Fu and later English-nized to Wonderful..Bananaz Beleaf It Or Not hahaha

    And you used to be a Chinese lady named Pan Na Na, izzit? 😀

  8. I wonder how
    I wonder why
    Yesterday you told me ’bout the blue blue sky
    And all that I can see is just another cili padi ♫

    Nice with a squeeze of lime…but not lemon, not quite compatible.

    1. It would be a good idea to name a shop called BananaZ OR pAN nA nA!! LOL.. both of you are really hilarious! Lemon tree song also gets involved now…gosh!

      Not me! *points at Bananaz* 😀

      1. What about this then…?

        And you’re always there to lend a hand
        In everything I do
        That’s the wonder
        The wonder of you..♫

        Ooooo…Elvis is in the house! 😀

  9. That’s a nice name for the shop, meaning to tell everyone whatever you eat there you will find the taste wonderful even though it is otherwise. Love the chilli padi dip and it goes well with that bowl of prawn mee. Slurrpppp!!!!…..

    Yes, loved the dip – so pedas, so nice.

  10. Singapore or Penang Prawn Noodles…. nay… i can simply go out and bungkus LOL 😛

    Ya, they’re every where in Penang but of course, must know where to go for the good ones, not all are good. Here, I know one that’s really good…but I do not like to bungkus soupy stuff – would rather eat there, steaming hot.

  11. The staffs friendly is good. Some restaurant is 50-50. Might wanna go back might not wanna go back.

    Ya, usually the more popular they are the worse…but most of them here are very nice.

  12. another new, coffee shop huh, and that was indeed a common name
    hmmm the ice black coffee seems fine to me, it seems quite refreshing actually
    and as for Singaporean prawn noodles seems fulling and yummy as well

    Not bad, not bad…just a bit more expensive. 😦

  13. The wonderful cafe, sounds like quite wonderful to me, haha xD

    Prawn mee looks delish~

    There’s one at another place here that is a lot nicer – so very very nice…and not as expensive.

  14. I love iced coffee and as far as noodles are concerned, I must have my cili padi dip or else it feels incomplete.

    That cili padi dip is part and parcel of the thing over there – the whole works, is it? I know in Penang, they dump the hay kor (prawn paste) in the bowl…with everything else. The other place here with the nicer prawn noodles give some kind of sambal belacan…and it’s very nice!

  15. Waaa… this coffee shop looks quite canggih… duzzin look like your regular kopitiam.

    That probably explains the prices… 😦

  16. Coffee from a Malay shop. Here, I wouldn’t order one from one. Mamak is a better option. LOL

    Why? They do not make good coffee? But frankly, never mind what race, I am not fond of the coffee at all the coffee shops at your side…or maybe I did not go to the right ones. Even here, opne would know where to go for really good coffee, not all are. Only those branded ones I had there were good but they were soooo expensive…and maybe those at the hotels too.

  17. If not mistaken, the cafe name can be the same but the company name must be different 🙂
    All cafes sure wanna say their food are wonderful ma, right?

    Not to sure about the rules governing this registration of companies. There was a case McD’s suing McCurry or something?

  18. Bro, Let’s go try the real Singapore prawn noodle when you are here!

    Is it like the one I had at this shop? Googled the images and they do look similar. Or you mean the fried ones wrapped in some kind of dried leaf – I had that…way back in 1973. Nice! We had that here too once – somebody who used to work in Singapore…but he’s left town now. Last I heard, he was in KK, Sabah.

  19. Another “Wonderful” cafe? So confusing.

    What else they serve? That prawn mee look good, it do look like Sibu foochow noodles to me.

    It was all right – the Penang prawn noodles at the other place at the Sibu bus terminal (below Medan Hotel) is much nicer. Haven’t gone back to see what else they have – I remember they have lor mee…but I’m not really a fan of that.

  20. I like that lime green wall! 🙂 It’s the same color as my cell phone cover! LOL
    We have a few places that have recently relocated and/or are going thru a re-design – I should go and take pics and blog about them 🙂

    The new places certainly look better – not the same old coffee shop image that we’re accustomed to…but I would rather have the usual prices than nice decor and ambiance but the things are expensive. 😦

  21. Hmmm too many cafes and restaurants now bear almost a similar name. A tad hard to figure them out somedays.

    Even in this little town. Sometimes I wonder if they’re the same people who own or run all those outlets.

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