Problem + solution……

I love nyonya chang…and the problem is I can’t make my own and we can’t buy any here in Sibu either. Luckily, my friend, Richard, would make some every year and he would always remember to spare me some.

When I was younger, my mum would make them for the Dumpling Festival (赛舟会) and she would get so put off when one or more of them burst during cooking and all the pulut (glutinous rice) coming out would make a horrible mess. That was why on ordinary days, she would take the easy way out. Well, this year, Richard had some of the meat filling left after he had tied all his changs and he gave it all to me. That was why I decided to try and do it the way my mother did long ago.

I cooked some pulut and taking half of the lot, I put it in a greased casserole dish and pressed it down like this…

Layer 1

Then I added a layer of the meat filling…

Layer 2

…and having done that, I covered it with the rest of the pulut and pressed it down further…

Layer 3

Putting some pandan (screwpine) leaves on top…


…I steamed the whole thing for a while before removing it from the dish…

Layers 1

Hmmm….that looked good…

Layers 2

…and it tasted great too!

The pulut was a bit soft…


…so I would need to use less water next time.

This certainly is the solution if you’re like me and don’t know how to tie those chang(s) or would not want to go through the tedious chore of doing that.

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35 thoughts on “Problem + solution……”

  1. maybe can alas with the chang leaves, am sure will part a very subtle nice aroma of the bamboo leaves… ah well, beggars cant be choosy… maybe u can buy those smaller stainless steels bowl and turn those into lomaikai shape…

    My mum used to do that with chang leaves – none in the house bah. Anyway, nyonya chang, they often use pandan leaves to wrap instead of those bamboo leaves. Ya… they do that at that breakfast place in town – they use chicken…but very nice too.
    Come, come to Sibu…we go and eat there!

  2. Brilliant idea, Arthur! How big is that container? I would call this a “Pillow” nyonya chang! ;P

    I used a rectangular casserole – too lazy to dig out the square baking tin. I would say it is more than a foot by 6 inches, quite big.

  3. I am not one for presentation (although I can appreciate a great display), as I rather have all the effort be put into the taste of said food LOL That looks amazing and I am just dying to have either some pulut or chang 🙂

    I’m sure you can buy pulut there? Never mind, just let Peter know and he’ll courier some over to you in no time at all. 😉

  4. Say, that looks great! I’ve never had that before although I’ve seen dishes that were similar. I’ll have to try a veggie and a meat version.

    May be nice with sweet potatoes cooked with curry powder, mashed in place of the meat filling in the middle.

    1. Oh, that’s an excellent idea. I’ve had a similar dish and loved it! Thanks! 🙂

      Ahhhh!!! I wonder what you had in yours…

    2. YES!!! Mashed Potatoes! Excellent! I have a few on hand! Also have 1 Sweet Potato left I need to use, too!

      Would need more than one for a dish like this… 😉

  5. There goes the saying, “If there is a will, there is a way”. I, for one who doesn’t master the skills of wrapping bak chang too. Will try out this amazing idea once I am in the mood. By the way, will it fall apart when you cut?…but yours seem nicely done. Thumbs Up and thanks for sharing , Arthur.

    Press harder and handle with care! Or eat with a spoon… LOL!!! 😀

    1. Sooner or later, there will be no traditional triangle bak chang. All will make the modern bak chang like yours.

      I guess if the young ones don’t bother to learn, that is definitely going to happen soon enough…

  6. Hah! Hah! Arthur, that is genius! Now I can make my own chang too, yah? Eh, how come today I did not receive email on your new post? I came over just to check and sure enough you have a new post up as always 🙂

    If I can, anybody can. Hehehehehe!!!! You get email notifications? Hmmm…not me, but only if there are comments, it will show in my spambox. 😀

  7. *clap clap clap* very clever Arthur!!! Hahahha..but still cannot stop laughing, but but I love your idea!!!

    Laugh! Laugh! I know you can tie…but I’ve never had the chance to try yours leh? Come, come…next time you make courier some over. Dijamin sampai hari esok. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!!

  8. Clever nyer! Nyonyas all over the world will flip at this idea but who cares? As long as it is sedap to eat! 😀 Send some over can? 🙂

    Finished liao… Just made some more a few days ago with the leftover glutinous rice and meat filling – disappeared almost instantly. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. I love to try this recipe…

    I don’t know what went into the filling but I guess you can come out with your own – as long as it tastes good.

  10. now that is what i call yumminess! haha rice and meat combined like that
    well it looks great and the meat filling seems very tasty great job buddy
    it can also be presented nicely too

    Loved it…but no more, unfortunately. 😦

  11. Bananaz also dunno its called screwpines until today. Kita kampung mali not very the angmoh-ish type haha. kamsia

    Can google mah…names of sayur, fish…semua ada! 😉

  12. Got Cantonese/Hakka pillow chang so what shall this be? STP fuchow mattress chang?

    Definitely not Foochow. You can call it katil nyonya, if you want…

  13. This is called a Giant Pillow Chang! Haha… Good idea, Arthur… I shall share this idea with my mom and sisters…see if they want to do this way minus the wraps… Lol…

    If they can wrap, sure they would not want to do it this way. Ain;t nothing like the real thing!

  14. Yeah, it’s quite difficult to tie the changs without the fillings leaking out. Personal experience. Nowadays, I’d usually buy ’em.

    We do not have the nyonya ones here…and the Chinese/Hokkien ones are not worth the calories…nor the money.

  15. I used my leftover filling last time to just steam in ramekins. Like loh mai Kai. Hehe

    I always feel loh mai kai is something along this same line – chang without the wrapping.

  16. Brilliant! I will try this next time I crave for Chang. I must go back and ask my mum for her chang filling recipe. I wonder if she still have the nyonya chang filling recipe. My late Tua Koh used to make the best nyonya chang. And everything else. Miss her lots.

    As far as I know, even the filling needs a lot of work – have to cut the meat into little cubes, no minced. 😦

  17. Wah, so innovative and creative way of making chang. Great idea, it still looks delicious. Regards.

    Tastes the same, only minus the wrapping…

  18. Nice solution! Now you have me thinking about other things to ‘put in the middle’ of it…I might try to veganize something down the road! Neat!

    That shouldn’t be a problem. Can do it with mashed potatoes too instead of glutinous rice…and have curried veg such as carrots as filling.

    1. The rice doesn’t scare me actually! I LOVE rice! I think Carrots would be WONDERFUL! Thanks!

      We do it in other ways too…with glutinous rice. Not too sure if I can but maybe one of these days I can give it a try and blog about it.

  19. Good idea! I am a klutz at wrapping the dumplings too!

    Hmmmm mind sharing the recipe? Hehehe

    I’m afraid I don’t have it but I saw it just now in Edith C’s blog:
    You can see what she had for the filling – that was what my friend, Richard, gave me, I guess.

  20. Saucer loves to eat chang, but I don’t know how to wrap them too! Yours is a good idea.. hehe OR I could ask my mom to teach me how to wrap them when she’s here next week! Surely it can’t be that hard… 😛

    I’ve tried…and failed. My missus too…so good luck to you! LOL!!! 😉

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