The best we got…

Ok, ok…I would not say it’s the best but we do not have a lot to choose from here and this would probably be nicer than some of the others around and of all the things that Melissa wanted for breakfast when we got home from KL that day – dim sum!!! Gee!!! We could have gone to many places over there and have something  a lot nicer including the Chinese restaurant located beside the lobby of the hotel where we were staying. We would have dropped by though but it only opened at 11.00 a.m. by which time, I would have starved to death already.

Ah well!!! As they say, beggars can’t be choosers so there we were at this dim sum cum shabu-shabu place here…


It has been in business for a number of years now and I used to drop by quite frequently but this time around, I thought it actually looked its age – perhaps they should do something to spruce it up a little bit. Nevertheless, I thought they had some pretty good stuff on display like this one at the door…


…and these Chinese paintings on the wall here…


…and also here…




…looked pretty nice too, don’t you think?

We ordered the char siew pao


…which did not look all that nice as they were gaping a little bit wider than I thought they should but it didn’t really matter so much as they tasted great.

We also had the siew mai


…and I don’t know whether it was my imagination or what but they came across to me as not being all that fresh and I had to dip it generously in the chili dip to drown out the hint that I seemed to get eating them. Thankfully, this was just an isolated case and everything else was fine.

Melissa wanted the fried carrot cake slices…


…that went absolutely well with the belacan (dried fermented prawn paste) dip…


I ordered these too…


…to try. This was new on the menu and they had some kind of fish paste inside…


…wrapped with bean curd skin and deep fried. It was a bit too much though – that serving was actually meant for 8 persons and it was quite a struggle to finish the whole lot.

Lastly, we also had these seaweed rolls too…


– nice but not something that would get me jumping up and down with delight and running back there again for more.

There were other things as well like these so-called “phoenix claws” (No, thank you!) and the black bean pork ribs and har kau


…but we already had had a lot more than we should.

And in case you’re wondering…of course, we did not have lunch that day! LOL!!!

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35 thoughts on “The best we got…”

  1. I love dim sums! But it’s hard to get dim sums that restaurants make themselves (except hotels and bigger restaurants). Most seem to be taking from commercially made ones.

    Oh? Is that so? All the coffee shops everywhere? Hmmm….those wouldn’t be nice then. 😦

  2. cis… barely touching the tip of the iceberg… let me show u how to eat dimsum ok… hahaha… lomaikai, taipao, cheecheongfun, … ok tmrw morning is dimsum morning… next trip to KL u remind me to bring u for dmnsum ok…

    Old liao…cannot eat so much. Vehicle big only, petrol tank small one… Shrunk already. They have good chee cheong fan here, lor mai kai…not bad also but nobody wanted so we did not order.

  3. So many beautiful decorations, and so many nice dim sums…. The carrot cake is it something similar like the Yam cake?

    Yup, more or less. In Kuching, you see stalls where they cut it into small bits and fry with egg and chao po (preserved/dried vegetable). My daughter loves that!

  4. Awesome dim sums you have there. Deep fried bean curd with fish paste is something new to me. Fried carrot slice with belacan, ermm, I prefer with Thai chilli sauce. Oh, oh that is my favourite phoenix claws. Yummy!!!…nom!!!…nom!!!…

    Eyewwwwww!!!! I can’t get the image of what they’ve been stepping on out of my mind. Muahahahahaha!!!!! The bean curd skin with fish paste was good – first time trying…but too much – for 8 people! First time eating carrot cake with belacan dip…very nice! Like in Penang, they serve yam cake with rojak liao plus chili sauce. Love it too!

  5. What a heavy breakfast! All selections look very nice. I always go for the char siew pau first 🙂

    That was served first…but not a good idea, I would think. After that, already full…can;t eat much else. 😦

  6. Ooh dim sum. I’ve just got home after a month of travels and I think dim sum should be on my list of must eats this weekend. 🙂

    Bon appetit!!! 😉

  7. I love dum sum ! But very expensive to dine frequently. U don’t like the phoenix claws? There are awesome. My kids love them too. Ha ha

    Old people said will have shaky hands from eating those – arthritis? Never mind if this is just an old wives’ tale, no…thank you very much! LOL!!!

    1. Because old people like to eat phoenix claws so they will tell you the old wives’ tale to scare you off. Then they can enjoy themselves.

      Yakah? LOL!!!!

  8. fried carrot cake with belacan dip, really something unique, haven’t had dim sum for months! i’m so tempted for dim sum right now T.T

    Like how they serve steamed yam cake with hay kor (prawn paste) in Penang – not the usual combination but nice, very nice! I loved it!

  9. wah everywhere very ang ang …like going for a wedding :p

    Dim sum can be very filling coz mostly made of meat. Yea sometimes there are hits and miss.

    Good luck mah…for the Chinese. You’ve been here before…the last time you were in Sibu.

  10. Hmmmm…Interesting that the carrot cake can go well with the belacan dip.

    By itself, I thought it was kind of bland. You can give it a try… 😉

  11. no no…this place is a no no for me. previous owners left.

    The original chefs from Shanghai left after a year – I heard the owner(s) sent them packing once the local workers had learnt the tricks in the book. Not as nice anymore, that’s for sure…and many nice stuff no longer available…but it is still one of the better ones around. What to do? 😦

  12. Looks like the food can serve more than both of you! wow.. so much… and I love the looks of char siew pau..they look juicy enough from the picture… 🙂

    The pao was good – just that it was wide open. Not shy-shy one… LOL!!! 😀 There were three of us but still it was quite a striggle to finish everything. Problem was we wanted to try so many things, couldn’t decide what not to have… 😦

  13. oh, the one next to your hotel?? i-Dragon if i’m not wrong?? didn’t know they serve dimsum though, but they are famous for their xiao long bao.. oh, all those dimsum you had, the char siew pao kind of looked nice though i won’t realize the narrow or wide gap, haha.. and the fried carrot cake, also nice.. 🙂

    Yup, their xiao long pao’s very popular…but I’m not a fan of those. I saw a lot of people eating dim sum out of the steamer baskets there…others as well, not only those paos.

  14. Bananaz got one of those big jar at home too. The entrance is going up the stairs next to those jars? Got a feeling it’s not. No?

    Nope, it’s right beside it – to the left.

  15. Wah the restaurant is so ‘china’ feel, all red red, ONG ar!! 😀

    I love siew mai, every time I go have dim sum sure order one 😉

    Not Melissa’s favourite…but she doesn’t mind eating them or har kau now – maybe after the dim sum sessions with her friends in Wellingtion.

  16. I like how they deco the restaurant with those frames and Chinese arts.
    But too bad the dim sum are below expectation 😦

    It was good…except maybe for the siew mai that morning – just that it used to be a lot better when the Shanghai chefs were around…on par with dim sum anywhere else in the country or abroad.

  17. Erm, did you try the chicken feet stew? My fav lor.
    Siu mai and har kao too.

    No, thank you. If you come, I can order…and you can have it all. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  18. All those paintings doesn’t look cheap though. Nice decor, especially those miniature size patung!

    Nice decor but the place does need a bit of sprucing up… The age is starting to show.

  19. well the designs were interesting and as well as the food
    is was drooling over that fried carrot cake it seems like it have
    a perfect chewiness and texture

    Ya, all good…but it was very much nicer when it first opened. In a way, good also…just so I do not go that often any more – just once in a while.

  20. Oh yes… We all love Dim Sum Yum Char! I do not eat chicken feet else where but I do not mind having some in a Dim Sum restaurant if done well.

    I thought the char siew paus look good? The pan fried carrot cake too…

    Last Sunday morning, which is the first morning after our long trip, the whole family woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep due to jet lag. We went to a nearby Dim Sum restaurant for breakfast and we were the first customers!

    Being first and only customers, the service was topnotch! It was a good experience and will definitely go for early dim sum in the future!

    Not when we went to one place in Auckland – the horrible old lady insisted that we ordered from the menu even though we said we wanted to wait for the carts. We were a bit too early… 😦

    Everything that we had here was good except the siew mai which I thought had a certain smell, not very distinct but I could taste it…and the seaweed ones and the sweet potatoes were just so-so. Enjoyed all the rest…and I did wish the char siew pao were a bit discreet… All wide open and exposed like that! 😉 Hehehehehehe!!!!

  21. Dim sum, yum!! We just had it last week. I only love char siew pau, lor mai kai, siew mai , chee cheong fun, carrot cake or yam cake. That is all the same old thing i will order whenever we go for dim sum.

    We would like to try new things in case there are nicer ones that we would not want to miss…but we will always have some of our regular favourites.

  22. wow…u ordered so much. read but can’t find the name of this restaurant anywhere on the posting?

    There’s the shop sign in the first pic, no? It used to be called Mitsu Dim Sum but now it is Mitsu Shabu-shabu. They have shabu-shabu at night.

  23. Yeah, agree with you on this – Sibu doesn’t have good dim sum compared to Peninsula but at least we have passable ones.

    Yup…not too bad, really. I think there are worse over there…at some places.

  24. At first glance I thought the Carrot Cake Slices were Tofu Steaks! 🙂 I really LOVE the wall hangings and decor! Neat!

    Yes, lovely indeed. They do the same with yam here too. I would think they have this as well over there at dim sum places…or Down Under, they call it yam char. Not sure if they have vegan ones.

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