Sweet treat…

That Sunday, Father’s Day, Melissa insisted on going out for brunch before we sent her back to her school in Selangau. I did mention that we would go for the lovely chocolate lava cake here for dessert after our dinner that night…but by the end of it, we were simply too full to eat anything else and thus, we were forced to give it a miss.

So, there we were that morning…and I had the traditional longevity noodles (mee sua) served in chicken soup (RM9.80)…


…that I had had a number of times before and I quite like the one here even though I do think they could do with a bit more of the Foochow red wine.

Melissa had the stewed pork rice (RM7.20)…


…which I had before too. I thought it was very nice then but the serving was a bit small for the likes of me. This time around, they seemed to have given a lot more.

She had their mixed fruit soda (RM6.90)…


…that she wanted to try on our last visit but it was not available. Other than the kiwi fruit, they had longans and don’t know what else somewhere in there too.

My missus had the sizzling braised chicken noodle (RM11.20)…


…and a Facebook friend of mine commented that I seemed to be given special treatment at this place as we got all the drumsticks. Hmmmm…I didn’t even notice. Hehehehehe!!!!

And of course, for dessert, we had their out-of-this-world chocolate lava cake (RM9.00)…


…with the chocolate sauce oozing out of the cake like volcanic lava…



That certainly was a delightful lunch and time well-spent with loved ones. I would have to go back there again sometime soon though as I have yet to try their crème brûlée and their tiramisu mille crepe. Watch out for those in one of the coming posts!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Sweet treat…”

  1. i thot u r cutting down your sugar intake? well… well… most prob you are the main shareholder there… gotta eat the best chicken drumsticks around… eh, no kompia this time around?

    Ooi!!!! Don’t simply spread rumours, ya! Nanti u kena tangkap ISA, tau? Hehehehehe!!!!! Ya, cutting down – 3 sharing 1 – normally it would be one to one… 😉 No kompia…price increase – RM4.50 now, last time only 3 something. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Never had choc lava before…mud pie had before but not this. The chocolate tasted sweet or bitter?

    Sweet. 1st time better, not so sweet… 2nd time, a bit sweet, gula tumpah maybe. Hehehehehe!!!! That’s why must share – can only order in a group. Cannot lah eat so much of barang2 so sweet one.

  3. A bowl of hot mee sua is all I need!

    I love mee sua too… Hey, your 1st time here, I see. Thanks for commenting. Welcome! Welcome! Will hop over to your blog soon and will add you in my blogroll. Do come again.

    1. Ha ha.. there’s nothing much to see in Johore lah.
      A bit malu but I haven’t been to Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan, Perlis and Kedah. ;p

      At least I’ve been to Kedah! LOL!!! Well, there’s Legoland but I guess it’s not quite for old folks like me… 😦 😀

      1. Hey, I just recalled that I’ve been to Langkawi. 🙂
        That’s part of Kedah, right?
        So not bad, four states left to visit, just like you.

        Legoland is overpriced, they sure know how to rip rich Singaporeans off.
        Local people can hardly sustain their business growth.

        LOL!!! Yup, Langkawi is in Kedah even though it is right across from Perlis. I though the locals in Johore is reaping the harvest – all the Singaporeans coming over to spend their money there?

  4. Love that mee sua and the chocolate lava cake!

    My wife has a tested and proven lava cake recipe. I can share with the great Daddy if he would like to bake for Melissa?!

    Bake? Shudders!!!! 😀 No, thank you. I’ve yet to try my hand at baking a simple butter cake. Must get down to that one of these days…never mind how it turns out. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  5. Tempting me again and again with that perfect chocolate lava cake… I need some of that good stuff now! Hehe.

    A small confession on my latest post on my blog. I couldn’t make it for that party, since it was on a Friday night in Penang. Did a write up anyway since they were paying. It was so tough writing on an event which I did not attend. ><

    All for the money. eh? Never mind…just bluff…as long as the money keeps rolling in. Hehehehehe!!!! Come, come – this and more, all the nice stuff here waiting for you!

  6. What a sinful treat! haha, those calories… EHEM…

    As they say, it’s a waste to sin…and it’s a waste not to sin. Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. that bowl of meesua soup brings back so much memories for me… mom serves this every 2nd day of CNY as part of our tradition… I dont get to eat this anymore after I got married… cos I only arrive home after 2nd day… 😦

    simple food always taste the best!

    I see. We usually have it first thing in the morning on Chinese New Year’s Day. Mee sua’s fine for me, anytime… Love it!

  8. Nice lunch you have with all the awesome food. Well, well, I am eyeing for the sizzling braised chicken noodle. Oh, that chocolate lava cake is to die for. See the chocolate sauce oozing out. I can feel it in my mouth and I will shout Yummy!!!…Yummy!!!…

    Ask you to come to Sibu again…and again…but you tarek harga, not interested in coming. Many things here nicer than what you can get in Kuching, if you can get it…and cheaper too!

  9. wow, looks like you had a very wonderful Father’s Day this year huh?? sweet treat, great food and most importantly great company!! the meesua looked good BTW, slurp!!

    Yes, it was great this year…most meaningful one ever. Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, the children should treat once they’re old enough and are working – no meaning if treating oneself.

  10. Mee sua looks so good to me! But I think STP the master chef also can cook this at home with no problems la! :p

    Sure. It’s Foochow…fast and easy to cook, nice to eat!

  11. well i like what mellisa had, better that the first,
    and as for that drink that seems very yummy and refreshing
    and for that dessert im out of word for it was so captivating

    Both nice, depending on whether you want noodles or rice…and of course, the cake is simply out of this world.

  12. gasp! that gooey-thick-creamy chocolate lava cake! i can still recall the first time i ever had that cake, some years ago. it was like … wow 😀

    Same thing happened when I had the ones here the first time. Didn’t wow me over when I had it the first time ever in Auckland…

  13. Ok, next time if or when I go, I want to try all the desserts! Different days la..of course.. but must be on sharing basis… like you, cannot take too sweet already .. .sigh…

    Come, come…this and lots more, all waiting and waiting for you.

  14. Got one fav shop in Penang with the sign ‘Ark Tui *duck drumstick* Mee Sua’ but no got ‘ark tui’ instead most of the time kay tui *chicken drumstick* only. Never ask why no got ark tui not bothered to know coz no likey ark tui haha. Yummy yummy.

    Never have ark thui with mee sua like this here…but when it’s ark, it is cooked with pek ting eyok (eight medicinal herbs) and that is eaten with rice or mee sua. Not my favourite but it’s not bad.

  15. The chocolate cake…very tempting. Does anyone know any food outlet in Kuching has this on their menu? If not, we’ll have to go en masse to Sibu just for it 🙂

    Not that I know of. Looks like you’ll have to come to Sibu for this… When are you coming? 😉

  16. Oh everything looks delicious, I like the “fruit soda” I haven’t made that in years though. Perhaps, I should make some for my daughter. I’m sure she’d like it a lot.

    I didn’t try this one but I had one at another place with pineapple – it was very nice!

  17. Noodle house. I tried their mee suah once, which my mum said it is nice, like what you said, maybe they didn’t put not enough foochow red wine, so to me it taste so so, i can cook a better one. hahahhaha

    Choco lava cake, i had it once here in KL, it is good! Something like yours, choco sauce just like volcanic lava! Yum!!

    Yup, just a slight hint of the ang chiew – the one at Breakfast@Cafecafe’s better as they give extra ang chiew – you can add yourself. I don;t mind the one here as well though, not bad…better than some stalls at the coffee shops. Of course, our own would be lots better. Hehehehehe!!!!

  18. Love all the selections especially the chocolate lava cake! The mixed fruit soda drink looks nice and refreshing.

    I guess it was ok, didn’t hear Melissa complain about the drink…but the pineapple soda we had at another place was really good. We all enjoyed it.

  19. Ooooooh Aaaaaaaah I certainly wouldn’t mind a hot bowl of soupy Foochow red wine noodles. And that lava cake! Ooooooooh Aaaaaaah

    Nice eh? Sheer ecstasy!!! Slurpssss!!!!

  20. Yeah, you get all the drumsticks!

    That is preferential treatment. Haha!

    I didn’t know that. I thought everybody would get drumsticks…but then again, one chicken only has two legs. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  21. I want the fruit soda. You are making me thirsty. It’s almost 11pm and I wonder if it’s okay to go get myself a cold iced drink from the fridge now without catching cold when I sleep tonight >_<

    Still young, shouldn’t be a problem having cold drinks in the middle of the night… They do it at the clubs till the wee hours of the morning, don’t they?

  22. stewed pork!!! so yummy… maybe you should come to belgium as the food portion here is so big. It probably can feed 3 of me. lol

    You’re in Belgium now? Hmmm…wish I could go one day…

  23. Interesting to see an egg in the longetivity mee suah. Is that a norm in Sibu?

    One hardboiled egg usually. Some people cook the soup with fried egg with red wine and ginger, pounded and serve with mee sua. I think they call it the mee sua with egg drop soup of something like that. Same recipe, very nice too!

  24. HI, The braised chicken noodle look really good. Off course the lava cake is the best, luscious and heavenly. You can try to bake this, it’s not that difficult.

    Have a great week ahead.

    Shudders!!!! I can’t even bake a simple butter cake. 😦

  25. LOVE Kiwifruit! 🙂
    Yes…I have a bit of catching up to do on your blog! SO sorry about that 🙂

    Yes, haven’t seen you for a while. Welcome back!

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