Father and daughter…

Father’s Day falls on the 3rd Sunday in June every year and this year, it was on the 16th last.

Melissa was home that Friday as usual and she insisted on going out for dinner to celebrate. She got her salary for the first time at the end of May and gave me a BIG ang pao the moment she could withdraw some of it from the bank. That was so sweet of her but I told her not to give me anymore as I have my pension and I would ask from her should I ever run short of money.

Well, this would be the first Father’s Day ever when she would be able to give me a special treat…and she insisted on doing just that, my sweet little girl…

F & d

…and we could only make it that night as on Saturday nights, we would go for the sunset church service…and after lunch on Sundays, we would have to send Melissa back to her school in Selangau already.

We agreed upon this place…


…which was something else before (and the food was not all that great then) as I have heard of their very nice soup served in a bread bowl (RM8.90)…


It really was very nice! The bread was very crusty and fragrant…


The mushroom soup inside was nice though it tasted like something out of the can with extra mushrooms and other ingredients added.  It was all right with us though as we do go for those canned soups once in a while, anyway.

It was a nice cosy place…


…with nice lampshades…


They had those with strings tied all round, thus creating the shadow effect on the walls and Melissa thought that was kind of artistic…


The ambiance was further enhanced with the pleasantly soft music and they were playing one of my favourites – “Send in the clowns” when we arrived…but unfortunately, it was short-lived. A group of young people came in later – one boy and five girls…and they were so loud that they drowned out the music completely. Tsk! Tsk! Somehow, voices carry and they get amplified in a small enclosed place like this. I would have chosen to go al fresco and pick one of the tables outside if I were to go in a big group…and make as much noise as I like without disturbing the other diners.

Their island catch (RM29.90)…


…was HUGE…and very nice. I wonder why it was listed under “appetisers” – normally, I would expect something small like  a shrimp cocktail perhaps to whet up an appetite. The waitress did say it was going to be big though…and frankly, just this and the mushroom soup alone would be more than enough for the three of us for dinner. The mussels (far left) were particularly nice – I loved the salsa-like sauce with chopped tomatoes and all.

The fish and chips (RM14.90)…


…were all right. I prefer the ones at this other place that we would go to everytime we feel like having that.

The fajitas trio (RM22.90) – chicken, beef and prawns…


…with the wraps…


…were a disappointment. It tasted all right…but the filling was distinctively Chinese. It would be nice if they had cooked it with the sauce that they had with the mussels in their island catch…and I would say that just one serving of this would be enough for three, at least. They certainly have everything in large portions here, it seems.

The iced black coffee (RM2.90) was very nice…


…and I loved the stirrer, and Melissa too.

Initially, we had planned to go for dessert after the dinner but with the enormous servings, we were already too full and did not have any tummy space left for anything else.

Thanks so much, darling, for the lovely dinner albeit a really heavy one. We’ll go there again sometime for the soup and try some of the other things on the menu…and I’ll pick up the tab next time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Father and daughter…”

  1. cant take my eyes off your eyebrows… so hypnotizing… soup in da bread, i like…

    Like Pao Ching Thien, don’t you think? Hehehehehehe!!!! Come, come…when you come to Sibu, this is one place you must not miss. Awesome bread bowl, nice soup!

  2. wow, how sweet!! the very first Father’s Day you celebrate with Melissa using her own salary huh?? that must be so meaningful.. and i bet although the food may not taste as good as you would have expected, i think they were sure yummy because they are bought for you by Melissa.. it’s the thought and not the taste this time i’d say?? 🙂

    Of course!!! And the company that counts too! What’s more special that a special day spent with one’s special ones?

    The food was good though…just that the servings were huge and one must know what one should order. Just one soup and one other dish for three would be more than enough.

  3. She is so sweet… and such a good daughter. 😀
    Oh where is this place? The mushroom soup is really unique.

    She most certainly is, a heart full of love. This place? At the Sibu bus terminal area, round the corner from UOB – somewhere opposite Baba & Siam or the market there.

  4. The portions are really huge! Perhaps following American style portions, like Chilli’s or TGIF. But what makes it extra special is who you spend Father’s day with, isn’t it? Good on Melissa! 🙂

    Yes, I saw people having the pasta dishes – one can be shared by 2 or 3…plus the mushroom soup, more than enough for a meal. Hope to drop by and try one of these days.

  5. That is really so sweet of Melissa! She is a very thoughtful girl and I guess papa has a special place in her heart 🙂 Wah, the serving size at the restaurant is big, my type of place to go hah! hah! Glad you and family had a lovely Father’s Day 🙂

    …and she in her papa’s too. Yes, it certainly was a memorable evening, one to cherish – that’s for sure!

  6. So sweet, daddy’s girl. Give ang pao and treat daddy to a lovely Father’s Day Dinner. So touching. Reminds me of my daughter’s first pay and her treat last time. The bread bowl looks like the Seremban curry in the bread.

    Seremban kah? I thought that’s originally from Ipoh? Penang also got…and here too…but the ones here, they wrap the curry in cling film inside the bread – plastic! No, thank you… I’d rather buy bread and cook my own curry to eat. This one…no, lah! Where got the same? Worlds apart!

    1. I don’t know where it originates but I have my first taste at Seremban?

      My friend, Jimmy, bought me one once from a bakery in Bintulu – very nice…and that was the first time I had it…and the next time, I had it in Penang…and I also had it once here from a bakery near my house. I know there’s one other place here but I did not go to try that one… Didn’t see it when I was in Seremban but then again, we didn’t explore the place – just hit and run! 😛

    1. Nice indeed, they are quite generous with sesame seeds or rather didn’t see any in one of the Western Restaurant nearby. Mango & I would share and the old price was at RM8 few months back but now RM10.

      Wahhhh!!!! So it’s a little bit cheaper here then… 🙂

      1. If served in a bowl with the roti think they charge RM7-8 can’t actually remember the price, but with roti its nicer

        …without the roti, you mean. Ya…I wouldn’t want the soup without the bread bowl – so nice, dip in the soup. Yum! Yummmmm!!!!!

  7. Oh, quite unique choices like fajitas and wrap, prices are reasonable too, would love to try the mushroom soup, did they use fresh mushrooms or just ordinary canned ones LOL

    Not sure but the soup was just so-so…not much better than what you get in cans…or at Pizza Hut. The bread bowl was the one that stole the show. Very very nice! Loved it a lot! My daughter said it was better than what she had in Auckland – the bread bowl, that is…not the soup.

  8. I am glad you gave in to Melissa’s wish to treat you with her first pay check. I remember I took the whole family out to makan when I first got my salary…it wasn’t much back then, but I wanted to. In fact, I insisted, just like Melissa did 😉

    She insisted and I would not want to deprive her of the pleasure, that sweet girl…

  9. The bread bowl looks like something that I’ve had in Swenson. It was nice. Doesn’t taste like canned mushroom soup.

    But the best is still from marche.

    Ahhhhh!!!! That’s one place I’ve always wanted to try since I saw it in Singapore. Must remember next time…

  10. My mom was so touched when I gave her pocket money from my first salary!
    Above…look like a nice place to celebrate.

    I was very touched too…but I don’t want her to give me anymore – right now, my pension’s more than what she’s getting… 😦

  11. love the connection you have with your daughter… can tell how close you both are… 🙂

    Happy Belated Father’s Day!

    Thanks, and yes, we’re very close. Only one I’ve got, precious! 😉

  12. Must take.. must take.. hahahaa…first paycheck and blessings from your girl… how sweet…we as parents are so proud and touched when our kids bless us…
    You have a very nice and thoughtful girl there…. no doubt about that… now you can sit back, put up your legs and goyang goyang… hahaha….

    Sighhhh!!!! A parent’s job is never done…maybe not till she gets married, then hopefully, can pass over to the hubby liao… Yes, we are indeed blessed to have such wonderful kids, praise the Lord!

  13. What a lovely father’s day dinner and so sweet of Melissa too. I am sure this is the most memorable father’s day. 🙂

    Where is this place? My mum told me there is a place serve western food, they have very good pasta, and with very reasonable price. Cannot remember where is it, she show me once, but i told her i don’t want western food.

    Last time at Garden, also had a place that serve mushroom soup in bread, very nice, but cannot eat too often. After a while, i don’t know why it closed down, that is the thai food that you went to eat during your recent trip.

    Bus terminal area somewhere across the road from Sweet Family on one side and Baba & Siam on the other – same side of the road coming from 101 at the corner where there was a shooting case something ago. Pretty good (anytime better than that Italian place Anson went to last night or the night before) – will certainly go back there again to try some of the other stuff on their menu – quite a lot to choose from. Can take you here for the soup when you’re home – very nice…and cheap!

  14. The wraps remind me of chappati….

    …or naan. Actually, I saw those wraps sold in the supermarts in KL. Should have bought some home – then, I would be able to make my own… Can’t get them here. 😦

  15. Hi Arthur! I’m back!

    I could feel your pride and love for Melissa – Daddy’s girl! I’m sure you all with have more good times ahead!

    Hi…welcome home! I was beginning to wonder when you’ll be back… This comment went to spam, dunno why…but I retrieved it. 😛

  16. the first salary was the most precious of all,
    you look great together, and as for the foods it looks great too
    and the place itself was okay simple and neat

    Yes, place nice and pleasant…and food was good and the best part, it was my daughter’s first dinner treat. So touched.

  17. Hi Arthur! I’m back and wide awake right now as I am still trying to recover from the jet lag!

    I could feel the pride and your love for Melissa! As a father myself (although not as old), I fully understand this feeling! Melissa is a good girl and she has a great father! Wishing you and the family many many years of great time ahead.

    Ya…our night is their morning – but not a problem for me. Can sleep anytime…once I get horizontal. Hehehehehe!!!! Thanks for your good wishes. She’s a good girl all right, all heart…

  18. Yeah, the bread soup is very nice!

    I like it and my dad loves it too, he was the one who told me about this place.

    The fajitas doesn’t look all that appealing. Even Chillis fajitas are vaguely Tex-Mex. It’s not fajitas unless there’s salsa inside.

    Melissa is a very nice and sweet daughter, lucky you! 🙂

    She is. Ya…exactly what I thought – they should have whatever they had with their mussels in their fajitas – would be very nice then.

  19. First pay check and blessings from your own daughter Author. This is so sweet. I wasn’t even with my Dad on Father’s Day. He’s in Malacca and I was in PJ… But I’ll see him this weekend lah. See, I’m not as good a daughter as Melissa!

    Spank! Spank! PJ to Malacca, soooooo near…and the highways there are superb, not like the link-road, not highway, that we have to put up with over this side…😦

  20. This place looks and sounds so cool! Happy belated Father’s Day! Glad you got to spend time with your daughter! Nice photo!!!

    Thanks. Yes, we had a good dinner and a lovely night-out.

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