So far apart…

We were very close, my paternal cousin and I…

Cousin 1
*second from left*

…the main reason being the fact that we’re about the same age and we shared a lot of common interests. We liked the same singers and songs and kept up with the latest hits and we would send requests for songs to be played on the radio and dedicate them to friends…and we would go to parties and dances at the Sibu Recreation Club (SRC)…and we used to hang around a lot together. Then, she left for her further studies in New Zealand…and later moved to Australia where she has settled down permanently with her husband and family.

I cannot recall seeing her again after she left Sibu so many years ago…and once, when she came back, we did not get to meet as I was away attending my niece’s wedding in Penang. This time around, however, we did not let the chance slip by and we did manage to go out together for tea here when she was back in town…

Cousin 2

In fact, we were on the same flight back from the LCCT to Sibu that day.

She had had some kompia earlier (toasted with minced meat filling) somewhere but somehow, they did not come across like what she used to have before so I just had to let her try the deep-fried ones with pork belly/three-layer pork here and she enjoyed them very much. I also ordered the salt & pepper calamari and the dry fried sui jiao (chicken dumplings) that I had had on a previous visit  and for our drinks, she had the papaya milk smoothie (RM5.90)…


…while Melissa had the iced lemon soda (RM5.20)…


I thought the jug-like glass mug that they used for that was kind of nice.

I had the iced lemon tea (RM4.20)…


…and it seemed that they had blended it and hence, there was a lot of froth making it look like the dark beer that I had many years ago in England.

But another reason why I chose that place was the fact that I wanted to try this new item on their menu…


– the chocolate lava cake (RM9.00)…and I must say it did not disappoint me, not at all. In fact, it was so very good that all of us were really very impressed and loved it to bits.

Just look at what happened when we cut the cake – the chocolate inside oozed out slowly like volcanic lava…


Absolutely perfect! The only time I had this before was when I was in New Zealand…and I must say that perhaps they may have better elsewhere but what we had paled in comparison. This one swept me off my feet…and if not for the fact that I’m trying to cut down on my intake of sweet stuff, I would have gone back there again and again for more.

It sure was nice seeing you again, Yvette, and I really had a lovely time that day catching up on old times and talking about people that we knew…and of course, that awesome chocolate lava cake simply made our day. Thanks so much for the very nice pistachio & almond nougats…

N & C

– not really sweet and very fragrant with all the nuts in them…and I hope you did not mind the fact that I did not get you anything. Blush! Blush!

Incidentally, my ex-student was back in town from the US…and we managed to go out for tea together the very next day and he gave me the chocolates that you can see in the above photograph. Thanks, Raphael – that was indeed so very sweet of you.

Personally, I find that it really feels so nice getting together with people so dear especially when we’re now so far apart as somehow it leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling inside…and I do hope that feeling’s mutual.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “So far apart…”

  1. great. it’s kinda true what they say, yeah … in the end, family are the people who really matter, when all the years and decades have gone by 😀

    Friends matter too…a lot. But more often than not, when one settles down and has children, one’s life revolves around the family…and gradually, drifts apart from one’s friends and hence, the belief. Sad…

  2. wow, was that our dearest Sibu Food Mayor on the rightmost of that photo?? fuyoh, so slim and so handsome and smiling so happily!! sure Missus STP was so attracted by this slim handsome guy back then~~ 😀

    Slim? I’ve always been known to be on the heavy side all my life, hence the nickname…tua pui or ah pui! 😦

    1. so the one is the photo wasn’t you?? i always thought you were slim tall and handsome when you were young and you only gained weight after you retired~~ :p

      I did look slim hor??? But dunno why people always considered me fat… Was slim 1973 in Singapore and after that for a few years, but that was torture – had to starve to death, could not eat anything…and had gastric problems. Suffering like hell… 😦

  3. cant help but to keep staring at your eyebrows….. and also, where are Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello? U are tempting me to sibu again eh…?

    You’re coming soon, aren’t you? Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉 My eyebrows? One “old” Chinese colleague told me they’re an indication of “strength”…and you can guess in what aspect. Hehehehehe!!!! Oh…the other three…probably in Terengganu, Rantau Abang? LOL!!! 😀

  4. cant confirm lah… u go ahead with your plans, if any ok… sorry about that…

    Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  5. ahh, extended family bonding.. which remindsme, all my cousins are so far away from me, most are overseas. The only time we meet is during chinese new year reunions, if ever they come back. Hmm.

    oooo. my favourite! the lava chocolate volcano thingy.. so many times i was left disappointed when I cut into the cake and the lava doesn’t ooze out freely 😦

    You’d love the one here – absolutely perfect.

    Well, thanks to my bog and also Facebook, we do keep in touch regularly even though we’re miles apart… 😉

  6. It’s great you could meet up with your cousin. And that chocolate lava cake was absolutely oozing yummy chocolate. Have never tried it before but will sure do if I come across it anywhere 🙂

    The ones here are absolutely perfect! My friend, Jimmy (formerly in Bintulu, the one who used to send me the best cincaluk, belacan and tempoyak), makes impressive-looking ones too…but I’ve only seen his in photos on Facebook. Yet to try… 😦

  7. Wow, Wow…a thorn among the roses. Why stand so far apart? It is always nice to meet up someone whom you have not seen for ages. The chocolate lava cake looks so awesome and I can feel the sweetness of the chocolate oozing out. This is one great dessert for Claire who has sweet tooth. Hear that, Claire.

    Really, really good! She definitely must come and try… 😉

  8. Every time you meeting friends/relatives, sure got gifts to receive! Can tell you guys are close! 😉

    In Malay, we call that buah tangan mah… Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  9. Every time meeting friends/relatives, sure got gifts to receive, doesn’t it feels wonderful? Hehe…

    Oops!!! Dunno why your comments went to spam…but I managed to retrieve them both. Never mind, the more the merrier. 😀

  10. What a good looking bunch of kids, esp. that guy on the right and his paternal cousin. Thanks for the ride the other night, Arthur. Guess we survived the great blackout of ’13.

    Ya, those were the good ol’ days and we sure had out share of fun. You’re most welcome, no problem at all…except that we could not stop for a bite on the way. Thank goodness the blackout didn’t last till morning – I would have died! So hot!!!

  11. The first picture was when you were in the teens? Very slim looking la… and your cousin also is very sweet looking too! 🙂

    We’re both in our 60’s now…and she’s already a grandma! Wonder when my turn will come…to be a grandpa… Sigh!!!

  12. well we also have this particular cousin we loved the most we grew up all together that’s why, and up until now we still have such closeness!
    anyway another jaw dropping post sm most especially that choco lava yums

    I’m close with my cousins but mostly on my maternal side – just this one and a couple of others on my paternal side. You’ll have to eat that cake to really know what it’s like – just like heaven!!! Slurpssss!!!!!

  13. Very much agreed with you. I also have few close cousins when I was young mostly my maternal side but as we grow older, we are not so close anymore probably bcos everyone move apart and not in Kuching. And funny thing is that I am closer to my cousins from paternal side as I grow older. Glad that we keep in touch via FB and phone and once a while one or two of them came back Kuching and we are able to meet up and catch on the old times. 🙂

    Not me – my paternal side, I only have this one…and two others in close contact on Facebook. My maternal side, we’re planning a reunion later this year…and the list is now around 40, and not all can come!

  14. The lava cake looks like a very promising addition! Like a souffle that doesn’t deflate if you don’t eat it within a minute.

    It’s a cake so of course, it doesn’t deflate. They say they have this at Domino’s. You can go and have one there – whether it is good or not, that’s another thing. The one I had in NZ, the chocolate did not flow out.

    1. If you over-baked the stuff, it ended up like normal cake. If you under-baked it, the top might collapse or deflate.

      Dunno, I can’t even bake simple cakes…so I sure wouldn’t want to try these…no, thank you.

  15. Chocolate Fondant is very easy to make if you know how. My son taught my wife how to make them and I do the eating part. I like to have lots of Vanilla ice cream to go with these. Makes it taste even better. You can make them in advance, keep them in the fridge for quite a long time and bake them whenever you wanted one. I think to get that ‘lava’ thing, baking time is the key.

    Fondue you mean? Fondant’s the icing they use to make all those colourful and fancy decorations in cakes suck as cupcakes like the ones for children parties.

  16. I’ve not try lava cake before. Saw many pictures on FB but never got the chance to try it. Will put this in my ‘to eat’ list definitely. I also like the jug-like glass mug.

    It was very very nice, simply out of this world…but for people my age, I wish it had been less sweet – will only go for it when going with a few other people and I can just nibble a bit… 😦

  17. Me and my cousins used to play together when we were young, now that we have grown up, some have migrated, and not is each of us busy with our things…

    Sad. Some say blood is thicker than water but of course, some friends are really great…may be heaps better than one’s next of kin.

  18. gosh, you both sure look so much alike! I can see the resemblance… 🙂

    omg.. that lava cake looks to-die-for…. hehe

    Fruits from the same tree. Hehehehehe!!! Oooo…that lava cake is so nice! Too bad I’ve to control a bit or sure, I’d be going back there again and again for more. Heavenly, absolutely heavenly!!!

  19. So neat you got to spend time with each other! Those drinks look tasty! Here – we call those chocolate treats Molten Lava Cakes 🙂

    Ya, I look forward to the weekends when she’ll be home and we can go out and spend quality time together.

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