Nothing like home…

It was already mid-afternoon when we got home from our holiday that day and there were lots to do – the laundry, the unpacking and all and we had to hop over to see my mum for a while as we had been away for so many days…so we decided not to cook dinner and to just grab something to eat outside instead.

We went to this place that we used to frequent a lot before but we do not go there so often these days. Melissa wanted the cangkuk manis


…and in my opinion, the best in town is right here.  Funny how when you’ve been away for a while, you would crave for stuff that you love and can only find at home. Annie-Q would definitely have this more than once every time she comes home to Sibu.

This used to be Melissa’s favourite – their breadcrumb-coated fish fillet…


…and she liked their own-made tofu as well…

RR - T

…so we ordered those and had sea cucumber soup to wash all that down.


I do not usually have coffee in the evenings in case I would not be able to sleep but I just had to have a cuppa…


…of their very special brew – blended so that you would get that bit of froth on top, making it look like Guinness stout. Nothing beats our own local coffee, none of those expensive ones that I had in KL…and I remember the boss telling me that they get the coffee powder from here, the same place where I would get mine. The best part, of course, was that this was only RM2.50…and you can get pretty good ones as well for only RM1.50 at some selected coffee shops in town.

The bill came up to RM35.00 for the food but I guess that was pretty reasonable for three persons, considering that they very generous with the sea cucumber…


…and that does not come cheap these days.

So, after the dinner, we went home and finished off what we had to do before calling it a day.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Nothing like home…”

  1. red color table cloth… unmistakenly Ruby’s! I lurve Sea Cucumber… and manichai, and the Guinness…

    Coming soon…coming soon… 😉

  2. i wonder if i’ve ever had cangkuk manis before. i can’t quite tell. i’m bad at recognizing veggies! 😀

    If you have had pan mee before…with the ikan bilis and all, the green veg in it would be this one… They have it in lui cha here too, dunno over there.

  3. oooh…… so that’s called cangkuk manis? I love it too and can only find it in the foochow town of yong peng in Johor. And, not all restaurants have it too!

    Foochow veg… But I’m sure you can get it elsewhere…in the pan mee and perhaps, the lui cha shops. This is usually one of the basic ingredients.

    1. Oh The cangkuk manis only got in Sarawak? That’s new to me. I love the veggie especially cooked with egg. 🙂

      They have the pucuk manis from Sabah, the small ones…and they probably have this too for their pan mee but that is about it, it seems. Not so widespread there, people eating this, not as popular.

  4. Manichai…yes, I can polish them off a few platters at a time when I am home 🙂 There was once where I think I ate a whole platter of manichai and a whole fish by myself! LOL Yeah I think everyone at the restaurant were giving me double-takes and funny looks….but that’s okay by me!

    Gosh!!! Thank goodness you’re active or you’d have ended up like me long ago…but who cares? Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. I have to watch what I eat now since I am relegated to wearing a cast for 6 weeks (only 3 more weeks to go!) So this has been really difficult when all I want to do is indulge, indulge, indulge! LOL But you are right, who cares?!?! I don’t 🙂

      Hopefully, all will be back to normal soon but do take care there.

  5. I like the billing part, only RM35 for all those lovely dishes. Oh boy!!…I love the sea cucumber soup. I can finish all by myself. If I drink that glass of coffee that late, the after effect would be me tossing on my bed till morning. Some people drink tea also cannot sleep.

    I cannot sleep when I drink tea as I would be going to the toilet all night lone – detoxifying! 😦 The sea cucumber soup here is very nice – they cook it like sharks’ fins soup style.

  6. Oh dear.. the comment was published even before I finished writing it! 🙂 I was going to mention that the Meal is so so Cheap! Maybe you are their regular customer liow.. so everything comes in cheap and nice! 🙂

    No lah… As long as you do not order (fresh) fish and prawns, it is really quite cheap here. But I do get a bit of discount everytime. 😉

  7. aaaahhhh, everything is so much better in Sibu right?? like those fish fillet, toufu and sea cucumber soup.. yummy yummy!!!

    That goes without saying! Come on over and try it for yourself! You’ll keep coming back for more… 😉

  8. Cangkuk manis? Is it the same one we can find in Pan mee?

    Yes, but according to Annie-Q, the ones here sweeter and crunchier. Maybe the ones there, not freshly-cut…or too old.

  9. Yes, there’s no where like home! I haven’t had cangkuk manis done that way before.. usually with soup. It will be interesting to try!

    I haven’t had it in soup since I was young. My mum would cook it with a few cloves of garlic, salt and msg according to taste – that’s all. But the sweetness would all go into the soup, so we would drink all of that and leave the veg behind and my mum would grumble…grumble…grumble. These days, if I cook soup with it, it would be rebus, kampung-style…or masak lemak and usually with other ingredients.

  10. I’d say Rm 35 is quite cheap for three! I like those cangkuk manis in my pan mee but i don’t quite enjoy when stir fried as a dish 😛

    Probably depends on how it’s cook – I’m the opposite…don’t really like it in pan mee PLUS must be young, freshly-cut…and must “tear” it well. Some Malay stalls here fry/cook it whole – not nice.

  11. It does really look like guinness stout 🙂 .
    Good morning STP!, hope order has been restored in Sibu since the blackout last night.

    Back to normal from 11.35 last night…starting from around 6.00 p.m. Could have been worse, count our blessings!!!

    1. Waves! My first time to pearl international hotel unfortunately wasn’t exactly what I expected. The place looks quite run down, as it shares nearly the same place as the local shopping mall and all 😦 food is ok though, and friendly management

      I’ve retired for so long now…and I was there while I was still working. Looked ok then, but lots of China tourists…and there was this durian smell from the supermarket next door at the mall – Pearl Point – ALL the time. Have not been since so I don’t know what it’s like now. Not cheap though, that hotel…I checked that day. 😦

  12. Sea cucumber soup looks appetizing! I can have a big plate of rice with just that! ^^

    Hmmm…I would need a bit more than just soup with rice. Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. TM, wanted to say the same and then saw your comment. Yes Bananaz loves the soup version with an egg and will finish the soup & vege then wallop the egg.

    Not too crazy about the soup version as the soup gets very sweet…but the veg becomes somewhat bland. I prefer it fried whereby the veg will retain all its sweetness.

  14. tsk tsk tsk..very bad! Two of my favourite dish, sea cucumber soup and mani cai!!!! Lucky i am very full from lunch today. hahahhahahahahha

    Have you tried the one next to “millenium cafe”, forgot what is the name , try their braised pork with mani cai, very very nice. I like that.

    Lau-tee-fang…or in English, Mum’s. Haven’t been there for a while now…but yes, I’ve tried that dish there – not bad. They also serve it like that at Y2K (Millenium) and also A+, also not bad…but the pork leg is not cooked the way my mum did – my missus can cook the same way…but these days, she seldom cooks, says I cannot eat pork leg too often… 😦

  15. There’s nothing at home. I will always miss Malaysian food every time I went abroad. The bread crumb coated fish fillet seems very nice.

    Like home, you mean? The food here is not bad at all – all those who have been here can vouch for this…

  16. Nice! I still miss their buttterscotch prawns, although the ones you brought me to at Ming Mei Shi was pretty good too!

    We wanted to go to Ruby last time but it was closed so we headed to Y2K instead, my dad’s favorite place to eat. The prices are higher than the one beside it, which is why it’s almost always empty and the smoke that comes out of the kitchen will make your clothes smell of Chinese cooking in the ventilated air conditioned seating area but it has reasonably good food.

    I usually order the kung pow deer meat.

    I like Y2K but yes, it is getting more and more expensive and I think MingMeiShi as well. The creamy butter prawns at the latter are very good but different from Ruby’s butter scotch. Both are nice…and different from the usual butter prawns elsewhere. We seldom order deer meat but it is nice at most places.

  17. Yummy! Very nice food back home. You must be quite tired going here there and everywhere when you were in KL. I love sea cucumber. I like the springy texture but I don’t know how to prepare it on my own.

    Not really. Wish I could stay longer and try more things there…but of course, the hole in my pocket was getting bigger and bigger. Coming back here, it’s going to be the same old places and the same old things unless they have some new things on their menu. 😦

  18. Yummy. All my favourite dishes. It is always nice to find good food only at home.

    You get these and more here and at many other places when you’re in Sibu… 😉

  19. well it sure is good to be home but
    a part of being home is household chores haha and that makes
    me feel I wanna spend more time out haha,
    anyway foods were as always appetizing

    Ain’t no place like home…sweet home.

  20. want the cangkuk manis too la. You tempting annie, aku pulak jadi mangsa….

    No worries! You’ll get to eat it soon! 😉

  21. Ahh, just several days away from home and miss Sibu food.
    Haven’t tried the sea cucumber soup..looks interesting and very generous with the sea cucumbers! All in Rm35 is cheap, definitely cannot find in KL!

    Getting expensive here too at some of my regular haunts. Thought this was pretty reasonable…still.

  22. Hehe!!! I saw sea cucumber!!! I love sea cucumber, yummy!!! =]

    Depends on the soup or how it’s cooked – it’s tasteless but they say it has health benefits.

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