We came home to Sibu on the 9th day in the morning. I had offers to send us to the airport but I turned them all down as I would not want to drag anyone out of bed so early on a Sunday morning and we could easily get a cab from the hotel, no problem at all.

We got there early – before the counter for our flight opened so we went here…


…for breakfast. It was so crowded and I felt ill at ease that we had to leave our trolley with our luggage outside. Anyone could just grab something and make a run for it and conveniently disappear in the crowd – we certainly wouldn’t have the chance to nab the guy, I’m sure.

Melissa only wanted the eggs…

OT eggs

…and I was quite put off by the fact that they were served with their yolks already broken. I would think for such a place, this was such an utter disgrace. Any kopitiam (coffee shop) in town would be able to do a much better job in serving that, I’m sure – with the yolks all intact, and at a very much cheaper price. Tsk! Tsk!

I can’t remember what my missus had…


I think it was their har mee (prawn noodles) except that there wasn’t a single prawn to be seen. Well, at least, she said it was nice so I guess that was all that mattered.

I wish I could say the same about my dry chicken hor fun though…


I should have ordered the soup version as I tried the complimentary soup and it was great!

As you can see from the above photograph, the airport was terribly congested and if there was any air-conditioning, I certainly could not feel it at all and my sweat was gushing out from every pore. Finally, when the counter was opened, I quickly went to get our boarding passes verified and drop off our big suitcase. I had to walk to one end of the check-in area to get the bag through security and the queues there  were so long…and knowing what people here are like, there would be some to whom the word “queue” was of no significance whatsoever. Having done that, I had to go back to yet another side and join the queue there…


I really cannot understand how they can think it is more convenient to check in online and just get our boarding passes verified at the airport and to just drop off our baggage when we would need to stand in line like everybody else. The only thing would be the fact that we would not need to pay the RM10.00 per pax for checking in at the counter.

Well, at least, I went early…but my cousin, back from Perth, was on the same flight and she came a little bit later and was so put off by the hassle and the lack of any proper system at security check and the check-in counter. They were running out of time and only at the eleventh hour did they open an extra counter or two to handle the rest of the passengers waiting in line. In the end, she only got to the departure gate around 15 minutes before take-off. Maybe that is why their flights are always delayed – just add 10 minutes to each flight and by the end of the day, the plane would be delayed by at least one hour already, if there is no untoward incident that would stall the plane even longer.

We did not proceed to the departure lounge right away as we were told to go in at around an hour before take off…so we went and sat at the seats provided beside the arrival gate which brings another question to mind? Why aren’t there any seats at the departure side and yet they have some at arrivals? I thought passengers arriving would make their way out of the place right away and would not be sitting around – not when comfort is the last word to describe the place in question?

Well, things weren’t much better at the departure lounge, I’m afraid. Nobody could sit in the front row for obvious reasons…

Hot seats

This certainly gives a whole new meaning to what they call “hot seats” including the ones for the disabled, the elderly and expectant mums. Probably whoever designed the airport thought that those glass panels…


…would help make the place brighter and they would be able to save electricity on the lighting. Unfortunately, it brought with it this problem and besides, the radiation also contributes greatly to the heat in the already hot and stuffy place.

I am pretty sure that it does not take a genius to figure out that the airport authorities make quite a bundle considering the amount they charge per passenger and there are so many passengers leaving and arriving at this airport in particular and it would not be half as bad if they could at least put in some effort to make things a bit better. This was the toilet INSIDE the departure lounge…


…used by people who can afford to fly! I dread to imagine what the ones outside would be like! Shudders!!! And just look at the little flies on the wall…


…and the graffiti on the door…


The public toilets in the little rural town of Selangau would put these to shame, honestly. In fact, it is not even a town – they call it a “pekan” which simply means a bazaar.

Well, the consoling fact is that they will open a new terminal soon…


…but if this is the general attitude of the individuals concerned and the way they run things round here, I really do not expect it to be very much better…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “Sweat…”

  1. The toilet view really makes me sick. Ewww…

    As far as I know, they tender out the contracts to cleaners but they should supervise and make sure that the job is done properly and well…but of course, there are “circumstances” whereby they are forced to keep their eyes closed and turn a deaf ear. Was at the airport in Sibu just the other day, and the cleaners seemed to be cleaning all the time…but then again, there are not so many passengers…and only two public toilets at departure (outside).

    1. Cleaners need to do their job and visitors also need to do their job. By not behaving like uncivilised people when using the toilet. It has to work both ways.

      Precisely…and whoever used the hose should at least have the decency to put it back on the hook and not throw it on the floor like that – so dirty, I would not want to pick it up to hose up the place a little to make it a bit cleaner. It was already wet so would not make much of a difference…but at least, it might be a bit better.

  2. “…. I really do not expect it to be very much better…”
    Same old attitude, even there’s a new place also ended back to the square! Sigh!

    Gives the impression that we’re an under-developed Third World country…or are we? The mentality & attitudes, the practices and habits are all there… Such a shame!

  3. aiks. yeah, flying in and out of lcct can be a bit depressing. it makes us really appreciate klia, heh! 😀

    I guess that is what one expects for being cheap…but RM700 return per pax SBW-KUL return is definitely NOT cheap. Best to avoid peak periods when travelling. Tsk! Tsk!

  4. To be honest, I’ll be put off too by the eggs. I mean, even I can crack half boiled eggs without breaking the yolk. And I tell you, my fussypot boy WILL NOT touch half boiled eggs if the yolks are already broken before he dip it in with his toasts.

    For an established Malaysian franchise, that is disgraceful, eh? And they’re not cheap…

  5. I personally do not rate Air Asia’s overall service in general.
    I would fly with them only if I am single, do not fly with family and children, and want to save every penny I could.

    I’ve only ever flew with them once from KL to Sibu and had my in-laws with me. The inconvenience throughout the whole experience is enough to tell me never fly with them in the future.
    Not only if their check in process ridiculous, but our flight was delayed. They also suspended our international flight to Abu Dhabi for unknown reasons though only contacting us via email 1.5 months prior which meant we had to look for alternative carrier and pay the higher price due to late bookings.
    Though I am really happy we did.

    Not much choice here – that day, MAS, I would have to fly to Kuching (MasWings) and spend the night there and fly to KL the next day…and it was not cheap either (and one would need to add the one-night hotel in Kuching too). So Air Asia it had to be…and at over RM700 per pax, it certainly was NOT cheap! Best to avoid flying during school holidays and festivals. But I did not have any problem with the airline actually – just that miserable airport!

    I wonder when you were in Sibu with your in-laws but I was very happy with how they manage things here, better than MAS…nobody ever listens to those announcements so they might as well not waste time doing that and do something. Air Asia did! Post on that coming up. With the commotion at LCCT, I am not surprised there would be delays – just 10-15 minutes here and there…you would be delayed for quite a long time if you’re flying evenings.

    Well, there’s Malindo now. You can give it a try and see if it’s any better.

  6. Oppss!!!..the egg looks messy but the har mee and hor fun looks nice, Hahaha!!!…AA provides free suana for you. Heard that Malindo Airline operates direct flight from Sibu-KL. Hope it renders better service.

    If you go and LIKE Malindo’s Facebook page, you will see all the grouses – 2 hours’ delay KL-Singapore, 3 hours, KL to Penang…and their inaugural flight to Sibu, Sibu to KL, they had to leave half of the passengers’ luggage behind. Heard they did not have access to the vehicles and had to carry the bags, suitcases, boxes and all by hand. Dunno why.

    And make no mistake, Malaysia Airports does not equate Air Asia – the issue here is with the airport, not the airline. Personally, I was quite happy with the airline, both going and coming home – post on that coming up.

    1. Malindo isn’t convenient. Only 1 flight a day around noon and by the time you reach your destination, half day already gone.

      Malindo, my cousin’s flights in September…OD1674 KL>SBW 1355, arriving 1550…and SBW>KL OD1673 1630, arriving 1825. Night already by the time you get there.

      And don’t expect too much of the in-flight meal – I saw in some blogs, it is only a sandwich and mineral water…but at least, it’s free. 😉

  7. Hope the Air Asia authorities will look into this.. especially your post here about the long queues and TOILET! Aikss… you still have time to snap a picture or two in the toilet? hahaha… I would have done my “biz” and run get out fast fast!

    It’s the Malaysia Airports lah!!! Many people can’t seem to differentiate between the two. Air Asia is one of the airlines PAYING to use the facilities…and dunno where all that money from the airport charges have gone to. Wink! Wink! 😉 Now they’ve delayed the opening of KLIA2 to April 2014 – that Tony should sue them for business adversely affected.

    I had ample time as I went 3/4 hours early…knowing that holiday time. there would be this horrendous crowd and I would want to avoid the mad rush.

  8. Some old town outlets are terrible. I had a bowl of chicken hor fun last Friday without the chicken slices!

    Can’t say I liked anything that I had at the outlets I’ve visited but my daughter loved the hor fun at the one she used to frequent in Sg Petani. Maybe it was such a welcome change from the dirty, murky roadside food stalls across the road from the teacher training institute where they would have to go and eat every day – anything else would taste like heaven!

  9. well well well.. a new terminal KLIA2 for budget carriers which is more expensive than KLIA itself.. i guess also the very first “such” airport in Asia and in the world huh??

    If it ever gets completed. 😦 More expensive than KLIA comparing the price when KLIA was built – the price then and the price for building KLIA 2 now?

    1. I am sure different outlet has different quality food, even from the same franchise. Even with KFC, I find that to be the case. Didn’t like the one here but the one I had at Sri Aman once was very good.

      Like the Pizza Hut I went to in Sg Petani. Other than the pizzas, everything else was horrible compared to what we can get here…what more to say, our local Malaysian franchises.

  10. haha it’s funny that at first this post was appetizing but then when you reach
    the bottom of it that grossly comfort room would contradict it hahaha
    hmm tho the egg yolk was crack it still seems a very yummy egg dish

    I guess one could still see there were two eggs in it – there could have been just one. 😦

    1. The worst McDonald I eat was the one at Penang airport. Biting into the burger is like biting into a pile of sawdust.

      …and my daughter had diarrhea after she ate a burger there prior to her flight to KL. Had to run to the washroom upon landing at KLIA. I loved the all-day breakfast at Coffee Bean there though.

  11. Oooh, a change in layout! I like this layout; it’s cleaner. =)

    Never quite fancied Old Town, but their branch in Taipan seems alright. I just hope that when KLIA2 is up and ready that those airport folks maintain their building well.

    Fingers crossed. Yup…trying out some new themes, may change to something else…not too sure yet. I prefer the photographs bigger.

  12. Wah new template? Looks refreshing!

    I love Old Town’s hor fun, hehe, but long time never been there already.

    The toilets……… Eww… terrible la!!

    There’s a similar one in Sibu too – never bother to go after the first few times to give it a try. Ya…the toilets worse than the rural bazaar near the school where my daughter is teaching. So shameful lah…

    Hmmm…still working on the template. Not too happy with all so far.

  13. I have stopped going to this type of kopitiam for a long time, especially this one….poor food quality, poor hygiene. But then, there is not much choice for eatery at the LCCT.

    Omg, the photos of the toilets are disgusting! And to think that is an international low cost carrier airport. 😦
    And I vow not to fly AA again, especially AA X, if I could help it…

    I don’t know if it is the same in the international side. This is the domestic one. But this has got to do with the airport authorities, not the airline and we are paying quite a lot for the airport taxes so they should do a whole lot better than this. As for the food, we can get a lot better at our very own Sarawak franchise outlet here at the Sibu airport – same price as in the town centre…not like how they jack up the prices elsewhere.

    I don’t mind the airline really – in fact, I feel it is nice, in some ways better than MAS…and if one can get the cheap fares, then it’s even better. They’ve come a long way from the time they first started – I thought it was quite horrible at the time too but not anymore.

  14. Never been to there before but been hearing complaints since then… Never liked old town as well, tend to have heavy MSG in their dishes…. did you all discover any thirst after having those noodles?

    It was ok as far as the msg went – maybe that would vary depending on the outlets…but that aside, I did not think the food was worth dropping by for, not in the least. 😦

  15. The hot seats are specially reserved for the Sibu Food Mayor lah aiya how come you did not cool the seats?

    I’m hawt…and you know it!!! Will burn those seats for sure…

  16. tQ for the info about klia2 with the 300m Skybridge connection. Bolehland is always eager going for No.1

    If it ever gets completed. Taxi driver that day told me next month but news has it that it has been postponed to April, 2014. 😦

  17. Yikes!! Feeling so disgusted by the flies laaa 😦

    Exactly. They do not have those in the public toilets at the market or the public bus rest stops in that rural town here – really disgraceful to find them at an airport.

  18. i really hate taking my flight in LCCT, the toilets are dirty.. old town is warm, dirty and sometimes the order takes too long to reach. Sigh… hopefully the new KLIA2 will complete soon.

    Service was ok that day, you got our orders very quickly…just that the egg yolks were broken.

  19. Like my friend said…the LCCT now is like the old KL Puduraya.
    Poor ventilation. Even at eateries oso feel warm. I dislike the food at Oldtown there..but sometimes dun have much choice, just cincai settle there lo.

    My sentiments exactly. I would want to go to Coffee Bean at the arrival side, not so congested but my daughter wanted OT…and yet, she only wanted eggs. 😦

  20. I don’t like old town. The quality of food is deteriorating, but the price is increasing over the years. We can have better food at a lower cost anywhere else.

    I do not transit through LCCT, but I always heard complaints about the cleanliness of this place from close friends and relatives. My mum once told me that she rather hold until boarding time rather than use the toilet at the airport. The washroom at KLIA terminal building is clean, but the one at the bus terminal is as sucks as LCCT.

    KLIA, you see the cleaners here and there all the time. No sign of them at LCCT. Different contractor maybe? Ya, I would not want to go to OT ever again…after so many disappointing visits here and there.

  21. You need to get your boarding passes verified at the counter? I didn’t have to do that but of course they sometime did a quick check at the departure entrance.

    Had to – both going and coming back and anyway, I had baggage…so no choice. It was good at Sibu airport – we went very early and the counter was open and I was the only one already there so I got everything done very fast. They said if you check in using the booth, you do not need to verify…but if you do it online at home, you need to do that, dunno…seldom fly AA.

    1. I did my check-in online and I don’t have to do any verification at counter, either here or KL. But then I don’t have luggage.

      I will ask my ex-student – he works for Air Asia. But anyway, I still have to drop off my baggage – will surely have lots of things to bring over and give to my friends.

  22. A bank gave me a credit card with a complementary Priority Pass card. That entitles me to go into Plaza lounge for free. They have some buffet food there and it’s nicer than that kopitam you went.

    No such luck for me… Have to suffer like everybody else. 😦

  23. I also have a phobia of leaving my luggage and trolley outside the outlet, so need to look out for them most of the times when dining in the airport’s eatery place.

    Yukky! The look at the toilet spoil my dinner!!

    Hard to enjoy the food when one’s ill at ease like that – so worried. Hah!!! You never saw that there? Maybe the ladies’ are cleaner?

  24. Never like the low cost terminal , if I can have a choice. Have not dined in at those franchise kopitiam, notice their food are getting bad. 😦

    I think ladies toilet are ok, visit few times, didn’t see any flies or wall graffiti.

    Oh, this time when we fly to CM, first time I got a chance to try what is hot seat, and it is on the first row. Happy to be the first go up and first come down. Kekkekekekkeke.

    Additional RM30, SBW_KUL, no need lah… Ya, never had anything good at that airport. Once we were there, at that Asian food place, I was so put off as there were flies all over, houseflies…thank goodness not the same variety as those in the toilet. 😦 I guess Old Town is more or less like Ipoh Town, nothing really great but ok enough…and not cheap! 😦

  25. Somehow I don’t have much faith in the food served at those modern kopitiams. Gosh, the airport is so badly managed. The toilet is so eeeksss……!!!! I haven’t flown for a while and I better be prepared the next time I do. And the graffiti…hee…hee….some people are very unhappy with Air Asia.

    I wonder why. I’ve been quite pleased with what I’ve been getting of late, no complaints at all. Perhaps I’ve been lucky… 😉

  26. yucks! the toilet is seriously bad! glad i did not have to go in to use it prior to my flights.

    KLIA2 is delayed again…so i guess we all have to live with the current conditions? HuHuHu

    No choice, have to grit our teeth and bear with it… 😦

  27. Me too don’t like the yolk broken…kinda yucky.

    I love prawn mee but hard to find good ones nowadays. Guess its roo much work to make so not many sell this anymore

    One VERY nice one here…the one below Medan Hotel. Come, come!!! Haven’t gone for a while now… Maybe I’ll drop by tomorrow. Slurpssss!!!!

    1. Jahaaaatttttt…tempting me ah..I would not be surprised if you post up the photo in fb tomorrow

      No worries… Old man, very lazy to go out most days so it may take a few days before you get to see it. Hehehehehe!!!!

  28. never like Old town.. stop going cos I really think the food quality has dropped and for the price, the portion is small….and yes, our LCCT is poorly managed. They can build the most hi tech or beautiful KLIA2 they want but if it’s not maintained well, it all eventually goes back to this issue…

    Fingers crossed, let’s hope and pray that the new one will not turn out this way.

  29. Besides the toilet, the gate hall that I used to wait for my flight last time, the light was like disco light, keep blinking there…=.=!!! Sigh!!!

    LOL!!! You could have danced in the toilet then! 😀

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