Just one more night…

We had just one more night left before the end of our holiday and we had to come back to Sibu…and that night had been booked way ahead by Annie-Q, long before we went over, as soon as she heard that we would be coming. She left for Chiangmai on a holiday with her family the day after we arrived but she said that she would be back that Saturday and insisted that we went out for dinner that night…

With the kids
*Annie’s photo from Facebook…or was it Elaine’s?*

…with her, her hubby and her handsome twins. Elaine and her hubby and their pretty daughter, Amber, were able to join us as well.

She took us all the way to Damansara Heights to this place…

The restaurant

…that did not even have a signboard outside.

It did have a name though…


…and this was their menu…


LOL!!! This was cute! The poor pig looked like it had just come out from A & E…


…and I liked that…



It did not seem that what we had was on the menu though. This was their garlic chicken…


Very nice and I don’t usually eat garlic cloves whole but theirs tasted great and I enjoyed them and of course, the chicken too. The gravy that came with it was very nice as well and helped add to the enjoyment we had eating that.

We had the house salad…


…and the longans in it actually went pretty well with the rest in the dish.

This was the star attraction – the Lord of the Ribs…


…and it was simply awesome. Very very nice!

The huge slice of pork belly…

pork belly

…was just as nice or perhaps even nicer as far as the taste went but I would very much prefer it well done instead of medium rare. Personally, I’m not all that comfortable with meat that is not completely cooked but I know many who would prefer it that way especially when it comes to beef steaks and stuff like that…so what I did was…I ate the parts that were not quite red in colour and I loved it! Very sweet and juicy and very tasty!

We also had this scampi dish towards the end…


…but after the delightful pork dishes, this paled in comparison. There was also a pretty good pasta dish as well but I did not manage to snap a photograph of that.

Dinner was great and the company too…and just look at what Annie brought back for us from Thailand. There were these very pretty colourful bags for my missus and Melissa…


…and bead necklaces and souvenirs too…


…and this probably came from their 7-Eleven…


…which obviously is heaps better than the miserable ones that we have in KL and other places in our country. My missus used one of the packets to cook this Thai green curry…


…and it was really very very good despite the appearance – with the thickness and colour of the gravy, it did not quite look like green curry but it did not matter one bit. We all loved it…a lot!

Getting back to my post proper, Elaine texted me to tell me that she would buy some chang (dumplings) for me to take back to Sibu but I told her not to do so as I already had a lot from smallkucing…and I specifically told her not to buy me anything but obviously, that fell on deaf ears and she gave me this fruit cake…


…that she made herself. Ah well!!! I guess technically, she did not buy anything – she made it herself. I have tried her fruit cake before – Christmas, 2010 and I served it at my dinner to celebrate the festive occasion and everybody loved it so much!

And talking about the Lord of the Ribs, this was like something from the Lord of the Rings. The following morning, as we were about to leave the hotel, I realised that I had lost my ring. We searched high and low in the room but to no avail. In the end we just gave up and left KL without it…or so we thought. A few days after we came home, I decided that I should shift the cake from the fridge to the freezer in order that we would be able to save it for Christmas at the end of the year or any special occasion before then and lo and behold!!! Look at what I found in the box…


The ring!!! Frankly, I do believe that things are all pre-destined and what will happen will happen and what will not will not and I guess it was not pre-destined that my ring and I should part and go our separate ways.

And if you think, that was all, you’re sadly mistaken. Annie asked me to pass a little bag of something to her mum in Sibu and when the mother came to collect it, she gave me this…


– one HUGE fish, patin no less and very very fresh! As for how I cooked that, I’m afraid you will have to wait awhile as I still have some things to blog about in connection with our holiday.

In the meantime, a million thanks to Annie and her family and also to Elaine and hers – we certainly enjoyed the dinner and thank you also for all the gifts and for taking time off to take us out. We are indeed very much obliged…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Just one more night…”

  1. wah, meaty meal! that lord of the ribs … wow, it would make cavemen and carnivores verrrrrrry happy 😀

    I belong to that first category – the rest, all in the second. Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. Wow! We just came home from having pork rack ribs and pork knuckles tonight (err, last night, since past midnight), and I read your post about the Lord of the Ribs. What a creative name for the dish. This time you really spent many days in KL and went to so many places ‘jalan-jalan cari makan’ 🙂 Of course, since this jolly celebrity and his family are in town, so many blogger friends met up with you and belanja you ‘kau kau’!

    Where did you go? They’ve a number of such pork places in Kuching – not as nice but not bad too. Ya, I seldom stay this long in KL…usually two or three days and more often than not, I would just hang around the places in the Bukit Bintang vicinity. This time is the longest…and I got to go to more places. Next time I go, you belanja at that pork place you went to, can? 😉

    1. Not a problem! But you must inform in advance of your trip…so can ‘book my slot’ in your busy entertainment schedule! Ok?

      Ya, hopefully…one day!

  3. What an oinky oinky phrase of saying “PRAISE THE ‘LARD’ AND SATISFACTION WILL BE UPON THEE.” haha

    Some people are really good at playing with words. 😉

  4. Whoa ‘Lord of the Ribs’ got ‘Chicken Little’ kah? hehe

    I guess you can call the garlic chicken that if you dine there alone? This one was shared by the whole group, so many of us.

  5. the chicken looks promising, chicken works well with ginger/garlic/spring onions. Steam the patin since its fresh? 😀

    My daughter’s not too fond of steamed fish, Chinese-style. I cooked it another way, still steamed…so the sauce does not go into the fish – can still get its natural sweetness and sweetness. Watch out for the post, coming soon.

  6. As usual foods looks good. Love those colourful souvenirs from Thailand and oh dear!!…the poor pig looks so cute. Can’t figure out how the ring slip from your finger and don’t tell me you are losing weight instead of gaining after the whole week of good food.

    I can’t figure out either. I can’t even remember opening the box to see what was inside…or maybe I did, old man…memory not so good liao.

  7. Yea that pig looks cute! Haha xD
    Wow lucky you have found your ring!! Wedding ring is it?

    Nope. Wedding ring long long time already shrunk – cannot use anymore! 😀

  8. so nice of Annie-Q to have booked you way ahead, also so nice of you to have told her way ahead too!! wow, the chicken looked good and also that delicious Lord of the Ribs for Lord of the Food Mayor of Sibu!! 😀

    Food was good. Ya, Annie’s very nice…and Elaine too. So blessed to have such wonderful friends.

  9. OMG, you lost your ring!! that’s your wedding ring and your missus must be very angry you lost it!! luckily lost and found.. and i wonder how the hell it was inside the cake box?? too delicious even the ring wanted to have a taste of it?? 😀

    No lah… My wedding ring shrank, contraction…so too small to use…a long time ago. Hehehehehe!!!! I usually will take off and will put it on when going out, not used to wearing anything… Oops!!! Don’t let your imagination run wild now… 😉

  10. Very interesting trip you have, Arthur… I met up with Elaine before but not with Annie yet. Hope to see them one day!

    Ya, Annie’s very nice too…just like Elaine…or Mandy…or the kucings. Will never let people pay one. 😦

  11. I must check out that porky place. The ribs and pork belly look really good! I have had similar experience with my ring. “Lost” it three times, and every time it came back. Once I found it in my office filing cabinet. LOL!

    Go ahead! Big portions though… You’d better not go alone. Hmmm…better don;t ear anything valuable.

  12. Ha! The dinner post! Glad you and your family enjoy the food and glad to catch up with you and your family again.

    I love this porky place, and everytime I will order that BOR ( belly of ribs) . Don’t look at the colour, not medium rare, the boss know his meat very well. 🙂
    The chicken dish not in the menu and not always has it, special menu for the day, I am first time eating that too. We only order so little food??? Hmmm…but I am so full from the dinner. Hahhahahah

    Now I also wonder how the ring go into the box!! Like what other said, maybe the ring also want to eat the fruit cake or you lost weight! LOL

    Now will wait for the thai green curry post!!

    Thank you too for the tees for my boys and also owls to my collection! !

    No post on the green curry…but the patin. Will have to wait quite a bit though, still got many scheduled posts lined up. Hehehehehe!!!!!
    Most welcome! Just a little bit in return for your generous gifts. You always buy me so many things, non-stop…shy lah, never get you anything. 😦
    Me lose weight? Impossible… On the flight home, the seat belt so tight but I did not want to ask for an extension – later they asked me to pay. Air Asia mah…everything is money.
    Sure was a great dinner, so full after that…great way to end our holiday!

  13. well just the perfect post to read before having my dinner!
    and as for your ring! that is quite a story huh, well the bottomline is
    you have found it already

    Amazing but true! 😉

  14. Love the ribs there!

    Glad that this post reminded me that I still have a lot of Thai instant mixes sitting in the cupboard courtesy of a pal who came back with almost 14 bags for me. Love the green curry though. Colour a bit out but taste wise is awesome.

    Yup, we loved it! Yet to try the rest…

  15. Annie is a true friend la. Come back though tired yet take tine to meet you up. But u also good coz we go sibu you took time to arrange all.

    Lol….lucky find the ring …hmmm…means you thin liao la…must eat more.

    Come! Come…coma again soon! Always glad to have company! Me thin? That will be the day… Cannot be sui – tuapui already lor if like that!

  16. wow.. a must check out place! thanks for featuring the place in ur blog.. food looks gooood

    We certainly enjoyed it there. Small place though – not many tables inside…and just a few more outside.

    Your first time here, I see. Welcome…and do come again! Always glad to have company… 😉

  17. Nice meet up and all the food look awesome especially the ribs ….I’m sure it’s finger licking good.
    The oink oink wrap ‘bandages’ look so cute. 🙂

    Best regards.

    We had a great time – lovely evening spent together, lovely food.

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