Been so long…

This restaurant…


…at Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, has been around so long – since 1985 that one look at the menu…

SM - menu

…and you would be able to confirm the fact right away. Perhaps it is high time for some reprints, I would think because the place looks nice and new, pretty impressive unlike the tattered and torn cover that you can see in the photograph. Hmmm…1985. I was in KL in 1986 – I wonder where it was then because I don’t think this mall was around at the time.

Anyway, Mandy took us to the bookshop upstairs and after that, we stopped by this restaurant for lunch. I would say the the food was absolutely great, though not as spicy as they seemed to claim. We all loved the chicken kapitan

SM - ck

…and this brinjal with salted fish dish was very nice too…

SM - bsf

…but just when we thought nothing could beat their sambal sotong (squid) petai (stink beans)…

SM - ssp

…out came their mango fish…

SM - mf

…that was simply out of this world. The fish, a siakap (barramundi), went absolutely well with the sour mango sauce and the strips of the fruit used to garnish it.

I would award them top marks for the food but should you happen to drop by this place, I would suggest that you give the desserts a miss. Mandy had the Red Ruby…

SM - rr

…and other than using the pickled version of the fruit, they also used canned santan (coconut milk) so it was far from satisfactory.

When Melissa ordered the sago pudding with gula melaka (palm sugar), I imagined something out of a low cylindrical mold with the nice palm sugar generously poured over it but what she was served in the end was nothing like that…

SM - sp

…and likewise, the cendol that I had…

SM - cendol

…wasn’t anything to get excited about.

I don’t know how much that delightful lunch (delightful except for the desserts, that is) cost as when you go out with Mandy, don’t dream of ever picking up the tab. These sales people will never take no for an answer. Sigh!!!!

I was enthralled by the things they had for sale at the weekend flea market at the mall but we did not buy anything (other than a t-shirt for Melissa in aid of some deaf foundation) as we had already used up all our luggage allowance, check-in and hand carry, for our flight the following day…but I really had a great time walking and looking around. Should I go over to KL again, I must make a point to drop by there…and I will surely cart home at least one of the so very beautiful blue & white crockery sets that I saw that day.

Thank you, Mandy, so very much for the scrumptious lunch and I truly enjoyed that brief outing a lot…and thanks also for your help and everything during our stay in the peninsula!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Been so long…”

  1. gosh, i must admit i had forgotten about this outlet. it’s been a long time since i visited amcorp. i used to buy CDs at their ground-floor shops. and they have a couple of good korean and indonesian eateries too, if i recall right 😀

    Don’t think I saw any Korean or Indonesian, just a few other eateries – probably Malay food…and this one. Did not really scout around though. Mandy had her mind set on this place as she was there not too long ago and she thought it was good….plus I love nyonya!!!

  2. well just the fact that they lasted for that long
    i can say, they have great service and food there!
    and it shows on your photographs

    The food was superb but not the dessert and the service was good too. Not sure what time we got there, maybe past lunch hour so there were not so many people.

  3. Is that Eggplant I see in the first one? 🙂

    That’s right. We are more used to calling it brinjal here, probably a practice inherited from our British colonial past.

  4. What a nice lunch? Everything seems so good and appetizing though you claim that the desserts are nothing excited. One great place to go. Looks like this is the last episode of your wonderful trip to KL. Hopefully your next trip you will bring back the beautiful blue & white crockery sets. Have a delightful weekend, Arthur.

    Not yet! Not yet! There’s still dinner…plus a few more posts, odds & ends, on the trip before normal posts will resume. Be patient, ya? Don’t run away… LOL!!! 😀

    1. No, definitely not running away. Just feel that your KL posts are interesting and make me feel as if I am taking a tour and enjoy drooling at all the good food, hehehe!!!…

      Thank you for the compliments… Nice dinner coming up! LOL!!! 😀

  5. The food Mandy ordered looks great to me! Must try this restaurant if i had a chance to. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay in KL….. When are you coming over again? 🙂

    Not so soon, I’m sure. Waiting for you all to come over first… 😉

  6. Oh ya, the food at Sri Melaka is very good. Haven’t been there for a while though. Must revisit one of these days 🙂

    Yes, I thought it was better than what I had at the over-rated (and not very customer-friendly) place in Malacca…
    …but of course, we did not have the same dishes so may not be an accurate comparison. You should try this place too – pretty good!

    1. STP, the Korean restaurant’s on the 3rd floor, somewhere near McD.

      McD? I might have seen that – one small unimpressive outlet that looked like our own Sarawak fast food franchise in some rural town here.

      1. Used to be double lot as biz was pretty good then but heard got problem with the owner. That was my first time there and ordered bibimpap and really fell in love with it. It was love at first bite, ooooh lup it very muchie.

        Must look out for it the next time I hop over – maybe we can meet there this time around…and you can get to enjoy your bibimpap. 😉

  7. Their menu looks not bad eh?
    But as I know, Amcorp mall is quite an old mall? Not many people one…

    It was ok, quite a crowd…especially at the bookshop and the flea market. I don’t like over-crowded places anyway.

  8. The squid with petai looks good! I can wallop 2 bowls of rice with that dish (if i am not on a diet plan 😛

    Diet? What diet, young boy? Go and exercise! Diet’s for old people like me – cannot eat this, cannot eat that…and walking is the only form of exercise that I can manage. 😦

  9. now where have i heard of this name “sri melaka” before.. hmm, getting very forgetful nowadays.

    Brain overload, counting all your money? Hehehehehe!!!! Maybe you’ve eaten there before?

  10. Been to one utama outlet once with my mum, cannot remember what we have already, I think not very good and I said I wont go back again. Maybe should try the fried fish, it looks very yum yum!!

    I like armcorp mall, use to hang out there a lot. During weekend they have flea market, a lot things to see. Now with my busy weekend schdule, hardly go there.

    Yes, I loved the flea market. Next time, we go, ok? 🙂 What we had at this outlet was really good, but not the desserts. All failed big time… Our dinner coming up next, stay tuned!!!

  11. I stayed nearby during my college days and always jog to Taman Jaya opposite that mall. But these days I don’t go there anymore, don’t know why. I heard the flea market there is awesome too but still I don’t really like that place.. I’m a 1U kinda girl 😛

    1U classier mah… This one’s more like an old shopping complex in a small town…or some of the others like Pearl Point. Things may be cheaper, I wouldn’t know – definitely VERY cheap at that bookshop – I heard one Mat Salleh guy exclaim in shock/surprise – “This is so @#$%^& cheap!!!!”…and I loved that flea market. Would definitely want to go again. 1U? Never mind lah…can give it a pass. More or less the same as the rest…

  12. Nice food there. Didn’t know about this till my friend who works in the bookshop told me about it.

    Loved the food but not the dessert…and loved the flea market too! Must go again next trip…use MAS, 30 kg free!!!

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