A little at a time…

After our breakfast on the 7th morning in KL, I decided to follow Melissa and her mum as they went browsing through the shops in the adjoining mall next door. It did not last very long though for while they were still in the first shop where they stopped to look at the clothes and stuff, I decided that I would make my way back to the hotel by myself. Hehehehehehe!!!!

On the way, I saw this place…


My friend had the coffee there and shared her photograph of it on Facebook and Annie-Q commented that I must drop by to try it…

EL - C

So, was it any good? Well, at RM8.00  a glass, it just had to be good. Tsk! Tsk! Four glasses of that and we could buy a kilo of the best locally-roasted coffee in town which may be just as good or perhaps, even better…and drink ourselves to kingdom come!

I also ordered a slice of this – mango…


…to try as we do not have that flavour here and if I remember correctly, it is one of Annie-Q’s favourites. RM11.90!!! Just 10 sen more and we could have two slices of our just-as-nice ones here – vanilla. For one thing, I think I’ve had too much of those over these last couple of years so I’ve grown quite impartial to it – no longer something that I would die for, not anymore.

After that pit-stop on my way back to the hotel, I dropped by this stall…


…as I would like to buy some…


…and take them back to the hotel room to try…


I thought the lady was definitely no Miss Congeniality though I would not say she was ill-mannered or rude or anything of the sort. The impression that I got was she was very proud of what she makes and sells – like they were the best in the world. Unfortunately, I did not share those same sentiments, I’m afraid – the filling was so-so and there wasn’t any egg inside…


…but the pastry was crispy all right, though a tad too hard especially along the crust. I would think the ones I had in Sungai Petani were half the price at the time and heaps nicer…and at RM2.70 each, I definitely would think twice about having that again.

I also saw this on my way back to the hotel…


…at this place…


…and I wondered if they were anything like bagels…or perhaps, even Sibu kompia, so later that afternoon, I made my way back there to give it a try.

No, I did not go for those sweet stuff that seems to be the craze at places like this…

KK donuts

…and is very popular among the younger set. Ok…ok…I’m old, I know that and I’m not really into those things, I’m afraid.

The coffee was nothing like those that I had had at the other places…

KK - coffee

…and no, it was nothing like bagel or kompia

KK - KC with TH

– it was more or less like bread and to be fair, it tasted all right though I felt it was a bit small and at RM10.50 for all that, you can jolly well guess whether I would or would not be having that again.

Next stop, dinner – and a great time with some blogger-friends who cared to drop by. Stay tuned!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “A little at a time…”

  1. Lol…pricey right the food there. But the rental there also very high if am not mistaken.

    I terkejut when saw the curry puff at rm2.70. Pasar malam ones that is palm size is being sold at rm1 or rm1.50 , I already sakit gigi to buy lor. If I see this price I would say no thankiu.

    Oh is it our dinner post yet tmw???

    Ya…one nice plate of kampua noodles, still got 20 sen change. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been sooooo nice but it was just like any other – even those from the stalls can be better. I thought at that price it would be really good like the ones I had in Sg Petani – like that, definitely no second time, thank you very much.

    1. Darn it! My stubby fingers…the first paragraph i meant the rental in MV is also high.

      Ok ok I better go to zzz now…connection between brain , fingers and phone is down at the moment. I guess Angeline n tm will be here soon


      Early to bed, early to rise…makes a person healthy and wise!

  2. i actually like the donuts from krispy kreme cause they are not as sweet as those from big apple or dunkin, coffee is good too but i normally go for two donuts with a coffee for RM5 for breakfast. Not sure if they still have that promotion or not

    Coffee good? Hmmmm…not for me. Never mind if they’re not as sweet, I don’t really fancy donuts, ordinary or “branded” and at my age, I need to cut down on my intake of sweet stuff so better save the minimal intake allowance for things that are really really worth it.

  3. Ooo, heheh, I actually never make my own coffee, so I’m pretty ignorant about how much coffee really costs! These cafes do try to use some pricier beans, and I’m not sure how much profit they make from each glass of latte =)

    Not into latte and stuff – the milk makes me sleepy. It’s black for me all the time…and we can get very good coffee here at 25% of the price…or maybe 30% if at some fancy cafes – just as good if not better.

  4. Mille Crepes! I’m shouting for it. I couldn’t have a chance to try it during Melaka… I think I hope to taste it next month… Will see how.

    Well, if you’ve never had it before, you’d probably love it. I used to…a lot but guess I’ve gone past that stage already.

  5. RM2.70 for that karipap a bit expensive… Hey wait, I thought there’s an egg, but tarak leh… Not worth it unless the crispy pastry right?

    Definitely over-priced. Even the filling’s the same as any place outside – mostly sweet potatoes, no trace of the meat. At that price, I would expect lots of meat plus an egg or part of it…and anyway, I prefer baked, not deep-fried so potong markah already even before actually eating it.

    1. I wait to try kampua noodle from your place…

      Come on over!!! You’ll love it here, I assure you…the food especially…and of course, nice people like me. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  6. Yeah…they are starting to push the donut bagel sandwich things here, too! I bet they are filled with TONS of questionable ingredients! I do like the color combo of the first place! Neat pic! Sounds like you still had fun, tho!

    Ya, I really enjoyed going around, trying stuff… Wouldn’t know unless one tries, right? And it was so very consoling to find that we have stuff a lot nicer back home…and cheaper too! 😉

  7. It is not the product but the place. Local road side stall selling karipap less than RM1.00, kopitiam selling currypap less than RM1.50 and the currypuff at MV is puffing all the way up the ceiling.

    Here, 80 sen at one bakery – pretty good ones with meat inside, baked…and 3 for RM1.00 at my regular kueh stall in the kampung, all sweet potatoes inside, deep fried…all very nice and tasty. Imagine buying one of that, how many one can get here! I thought the taste would be simply out of this world but unfortunately, no. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  8. Never mind.. pay a bit more to enjoy under the cooling air con… I dont know whether KL has this Old Changi or not.. their curry puffs are the best that I have ever tasted and they are selling less than RM2 if I am not mistaken. Maybe Kathy will know better… 🙂

    Ya…and we’ll never know unless we try, right?

    1. Duno wor….

      I’ve heard of those long ago, even saw on tv…but dunno exactly where. Some Chinese food show, if I remember correctly.

  9. Pastries and coffee delight eh. Not a big fan of both but pastries are nice when they crumble easily, with flakes.

    Expresso L**, now why does that sound so familiar. Hmm.

    Yup…like the ones smallkucing got me from this TK place or whatever – those were really good! Yum! Yum! Hmmmm…I’m sure that coffee place has outlets everywhere…

  10. Ayooo… So many obstacles and godaan before you get into your room. Lol. Hotel food are pricy and tasteless. 😦

    These were at the mall…not in the hotel. Didn’t try the ones at the one where we were staying, no comment.

  11. Prices of the mille crepe & curry puff is a bit too steep. I guess you have cheaper and nice crepe in Sibu rite. So it is true that not all expensive stuff taste good.

    Ya, cheaper and nicer in Sibu! 😉

  12. I always go for Ikea’s curry puff if I’m looking for puffs with eggs inside. RM1 per piece.

    That ExpressoLab coffee.. I always pass by in 1Utama and the aroma makes me CRAZY! They smell so good that I feel like I really have to HAVE IT but then again, I don’t take coffee. I’ll faint after a sip…

    Sorry I did not turn up that night as Ethan has drum class and was feeling a little under the weather so decided to let him rest instead. I promise to make it up to you one of these days 😦

    Ya, people keep telling me about IKEA curry puffs and the meatballs…but it’s so far away – nobody to take me there…or buy from there for me. Sobssssss!!!!! Hmmm…second time already – wanted to meet but did not get to do so…or was it the 3rd? Memang no jodoh lah, we two! 😦

  13. You should have tried the Krispy Kreme donut, well if u r into sweet things, cos it’s really good! Love the original flavour.

    That’s the problem! At my age, I’m cutting down on my sugar…not too oily, not salty either…doing away with msg so anything too oily, salty or with msg overload would put me off. Still crazy…about eating…after all these years though! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  14. I came in as a silent reader a few times. Browsing with mobile but not leaving you any comments. I do not want my clumsy fingers leaving here any spelling mistake. Hehe!
    Thank Goodness, you still haven’t posted up the gathering with bloggers. I will come in to check again tomorrow.
    By the way, I enjoy looking at all the food that you have had in KL.

    Coming to an end soon… Enjoy it while it lasts. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. I was supposed to type donut!!! But type too fast!!! But I never know it should be spelt as doughnut lo!!! Thanks to let me know!!! =]

      Ya, doughnut is very very old school…from my time. I guess people nowadays take short cuts, probably the Americans started it all, and prefer to spell it as donut. I think doughnut is somewhat obsolete now – only old people stick to it… Oops!!! Some still use the old spelling in their comments above. Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. Well, at least you have some me-time without the girls, right? hehehe!

    Wow! Donuts! Not a big fan of donuts although I do take the almond donuts. We don’t have this outlet in Kuching, other than the Big Apple Donuts.

    We have the apple one in Sibu too…and of course, I never step anywhere near there. I’d much sooner go for the kampung ones – RM1.00, you get 10 – nice buttery fragrance, lightly coated with sugar…not so sweet.

  16. Mango mille crepe looks yummy! I like mille crepe!
    Speaking of curry puff, have you tried the one selling at Ikea food court? Cheap and nice!!

    Arghhhhhh!!!! The next person to mention IKEA curry puff, I’ll delegate to SPAM! See my reply to Merryn Tan’s comment. >.< Hehehehehe!!!!

    Mille crepes, we have in Sibu, no need to go all the way to KL to eat – at that price, I thought it would be sensational, simply out of this world and will take my breath away – no leh, more or less the same also. Ours here can be even nicer and very much cheaper too!

    1. IKEA curry puff
      IKEA curry puff
      IKEA curry puff
      IKEA curry puff
      IKEA curry puff
      IKEA curry puff
      IKEA curry puff
      used to be nice though hahahahahaha..


  17. wow, Sibu Food Mayor has tried so many mille crepes over the past couple of years?? the ulu SK didn’t even have a chance to tried that at all lah, too expensive already, and like you said, better pay for two normal cakes than just one mille crepe right?? hehe~~

    Come, come to Sibu…and I’ll stuff you with all the mille crepes you want. Here, cheap…and nice(r)!

  18. and that curry puff.. errr, i remember it started at RM2, then RM2.30, then RM2.50 and now RM2.70.. nah, not going to buy that anymore, it’s so expensive and really nothing to shout about.. the pastry is also kind of very oily and i do not enjoy it at all.. i can get nicer ones with egg inside at RM1 outside at the nyonya kuih stall~~

    Couldn’t agree more. Once, never again… 😦

  19. the craze for all these fancy donuts started in 2007 or 2008 but i don’t think there is anymore craze now at all (even the bubble milk tea has failed to attract crowds now too).. all these donut shops have moved from their previously grand big stores into tiny little stalls at corners nobody can easily noticed.. walk pass and i don’t even think of buying any, haha!! 😀

    Ya…I was aware of it when the craze started and I was not in the least interested even then. Right here in Sibu – they started doing the same thing with our chu nu miang (the sweeter version of our kompia)…
    …but I don’t think they still have those now… The fad has died a natural death.

  20. Love the mile crepe all the time. You must have a very big compartment in your stomach to store all these foods every day at KL. haha.

    Nicer and cheaper here… 😉 Hmmm…not really! What goes in must come out, right? LOL!!! 😀 Actually people say my vehicle big only but my petrol tank so small… Cannot eat a lot. 😉

  21. Aiyooo….all the above oso I’ve not tried before T_T *sigh* except for the karipap! I like the layers crust…but it has been quite awhile I din buy edi…Now increased to RM2.70/piece!! omg…

    The layers were very well done, impressive…but the pastry was somewhat lacking in taste and the same with the filling. I was disappointed.

  22. Wah, mille crepes don’t excite you anymore? I don’t mind paying RM2.70 for the karipap if it is of a decent size and taste good. I tried the Krispy Kreme doughnuts before and I like it!

    This wasn’t one of their doughnuts and not what I had expected either – was all right, nothing to shout about…not like O’Brien’s – bigger and nicer. Well, unfortunately, the puffs I bought failed on the second part…and as for the mille crepes, there is some truth in what they say, everyday eat meat, also bosan…would want to eat vegetables instead.

  23. Rm 2.70 for a curry puff ?!?! That’s so expensive!

    Shocking, isn’t it? Wouldn’t be so bad if it had been heavenly good. 😦

  24. Oh, you did try Expresso L**, still my favourite place. Haven’t try their mango crepe, usually i go for their original taste. Yes, agree with you, after eat so many times, you feel bosan, nothing excited, but if I want to eat crepe, I will still come to this place and have a coffee here too.

    That curry puff, always want to buy, but never, now after read your comment, ok, better not get it, I can get some nice one at the morning market nearby my house.

    Not a doughnut fans, but sometime I do crave for doughnut, I like it plain and with blueberry filling, it is yum!

    When you come back again, I’ll get you the kampung ones:
    – anytime better than any of those but of course, minus all the decorations – that one, gimmick only!
    Ya…don’t bother about those curry puffs – not worth the calories, not worth the money.
    I’ve yet to go and try the tiramisu mille crepe at Noodle House, dunno nice or not.

  25. that was a very tempting mango cake! yum yum! and as for those krispy
    cream doughnuts they were the best! i like that milky flavor, i just forgot its name

    Not a fan of doughnuts – I prefer savoury stuff like curry puffs. The mango mille crepe was ok, too expensive for the likes of me. 😦

  26. STP,
    MV should appoint them as food mayor of megamall la. You cover so much food outlets there during your vacation!

    Nobody to take me anywhere else mah. Hint! Hint! So just check out the places there lor. Luckily, so many…the few days there, could not even check out all of them.

  27. I used to go KL a lot but i never step in this shop >.< i guess my KL friends top healthy. Lol.

    Look on the bright side – all of you are slim and healthy! 😉

  28. Not tried the mille crepe there but Krispy Kreme is one of my fave spots for donuts 😀 With a cup of black coffee to balance of the sweetness.

    Not a fan of doughnuts…and the coffee’s not strong and fragrant enough unlike the ones I had at the other places.

  29. there is just so much food at Mid Valley… lol…. ya, the curry puff is ok cos i find the skin too thick and a bit hard sometimes… I love Krispy Kreme.. Boston Chocolate with Custard.. super loaded with calories..
    I don’t think you even tried the whole food places there even if you stay a week!

    Yup! Especially around the edges – I threw those parts away! Probably not…so big, so many. I wish I knew where the good stuff is so I could just go for those instead of trying to sample everything to find out good or not.

  30. arthur! the krispy kreme original glaze is to die for! should try! 🙂

    Maybe next time…if I can get somebody to share. I’m cutting down on my sugar intake. Bad for my age to have a sweet tooth.

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