Pancake & syrup…

That was what we had for our dinner on the 6th day of our holiday in the peninsula.

Melissa and I really enjoyed our set lunches at this pancake place a few years ago and this particular outlet…


…seemed to enjoy pretty good business as I would see quite a lot of people eating there at any time of day everytime I walked past so we decided to go for it that particular evening in question.

PH - menu

Melissa had the best taco special set (RM15.90) and she got these…


…and also three pieces of pancakes…

PH - pancakes

…and a drink in the form of a glass of iced peach tea. Of course, she enjoyed them very much – she is always into this sort of things, my little girl.

I opted for the house specials set (RM19.90)…


…which also came with the pancakes and the peach tea.

I reckoned that in having that, I would be able to try most of what they had to offer but I was not really impressed with what came in the platter. The spaghetti was so-so and the slice of garlic bread was…like garlic bread. I wasn’t too sure what dip they had in the middle but it did not particularly turn me on and the fried chicken…


…wasn’t anything to shout about either. The pancakes were all right though, a little bit too thick but they were fine.

My missus did not want any of the sets and she chose their smoked grilled tilapia (RM15.90) instead…


…and I would say that the fish was really very nice! It had the taste and fragrance of ikan salai, our local smoked fish and I could not for the dear life of me figure out how they could remove ALL the bones in the fish…


…and put it all back together again. Amazing!!!

All in all, it was an o.k. meal…but we probably should have tried the other pancake place, Paddington, on the LG floor of the Gardens next door instead. In fact, we wanted to go there on another day but we just did not have the time. That would just have to wait till our next time around, I guess…

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44 thoughts on “Pancake & syrup…”

      1. You’re the food mayor, you know which one is the best!

        Can’t say I’m always right. To each his own, one man’s meat is another man’s poison…so what I like, others may not. I am only voicing my opinion…others can voice their own and hopefully, more diplomatically and somewhat nicely. Some sound like they want to start an argument or pick up a fight… 😦

    1. Paddington is on LG floor.

      Pancake House on 1st floor la Angeline.

      Ummm….was she asking for the locations? I think we were referring to where I mentioned it in the post. Of course, you know the place like the back of your hand since your office is there. PH is in MV, Paddington’s at Gardens…but there is always the floor directory if one wants to look for some place there. Very convenient.

  1. Overall the spaghetti platter with tacos… I LIKE 100X

    It was all right. Maybe many others think like you – that place was often crowded…

  2. I love peach tea, too. Especially with the sweet fragrance. The dip sauce look likes ‘dhal’ to me. LOL! The spaghetti’s sauce… ayooo.. kedekut nya… 😦

    No, it wasn’t dhal…and whatever it was, I did not like the taste. I’m not into tea – kopi-o guy! 😉

  3. That boneless fish is amazing. Wonder how they did it. The pancake looks good and it goes well with a hot cup of kopi kaw kaw. Slurppppp!!!….

    Dunno. We were amazed!!! The pancakes were nice – just slightly thicker than the ones we make at home.

    1. Who knows, one day maybe from scratch you know how to do the boneless fish, share with everyone ya, much appreciate.

      I cannot even debone a fish to get fish fillet…much less put it all together again like that. 😦

  4. Not too keen on pancakes , it’s too sweet and filling!

    Pancakes are not sweet – they should be soft and fluffy and fragrant, a bit bland…and that’s what the syrup is for. Who asked you to pour all the syrup on them? >.<

  5. I’ve tried once at its Pavilion outlet and that’s it, not intending to patronize the place anymore be it a different outlet, haha!!! oh yeah, I think the House of Paddington is at least better, but of course also more expensive..

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I just had a comment on Facebook that said otherwise…

  6. I would love to try the fish.. yes, it is something different.. needs a lot of time and labour.. 🙂

    We thought it was very nice but then again, we always have a soft spot for those kampung-style salai ikan (smoked fish). Nice!

  7. Just had homemade pancakes few weeks ago, now don’t feel like having any, haha xD
    But the rest of the dishes, yes, looks tempting to me!

    Missus not making… 😦 so no complaint! Happy to have the chance to eat some sometime…

  8. Not crazy about Pancakes…LOL…maybe am too ah chim la.

    Don’t mind once in a while for a change…but must have rich buttery fragrance, baru best! Better than donuts!

    1. That’s why la…must come here longer… week of course not enough time to makan ler…tummy only have limited space LOL….and it was just Midvalley. Other places yet to venture out leh

      Yalor…just that one place, also did not manage to try all. But cannot afford l;ah… Next time, I go alone stay in small cheap hotel…then maybe can stay longer.

    2. Duno how to appreciate that coz never had it when young. Now old already eat that like kurang something la . The Boss will like la this type of things. Me more of nasi lemak (hope yoong not reading this comment), curry noodles n dimsum type.

      I would prefer pancakes to dim sum actually…and Sarawak laksa to curry noodles – tasty but the wangi kurang and different.

      1. But make sure announce early ah…mana tau even claire, yannie n Yvonne might be able to join leh.

        Nah!!! Two of them were around when I was there, no sound pun???

      2. I also didn’t know u were around in KL … no sound pun from you.. hehehee… some more one week.. if i had known then…..hmmmm…. different story then.. hahahaha…

        I did! I texted you to thank you for the gifts you sent me through mamakucing…but I knew you were so very busy with your siblings and everybody else back in the country from abroad…so I did not pester you to meet up. Another time perhaps…in Sibu or in Ipoh? 😉

      3. Yeah….only knew from Kathy …by then all the plans were already full.. hahaha….. never mind.. some other time… Ipoh and Sibu are always around…

        Yup…waiting for you to come here…

  9. Wow…not bad la u…tried so many food at Midvalley. I’ve not tried this place oso T_T
    I heard my fren said food at Paddington House is not bad.

    I’ve seen some nice reviews on Paddington in blogs…but my cousin who was there around the same time said she went there to eat as it was the only place that was not crowded…and she found out why it was not crowded. Speaks volumes!!!

    1. Me too would be lost in MV. Tarak tau where N.E.W.S.

      Loooooong time ago there is one nice pan mee stall at one of the food court…but niw I don’t know whether it still exists or not

      Somebody did mention the pan mee. Didn’t get to try that. Food courts used to be on the west court side…but since they linked up with Gardens, they’re no longer there. Can always refer to the floor directory, not a problem locating one place.

  10. “best” taco special is from Melissa or their menu haha. May wanna try this in future but dunno when maybe months or year later? lol

    That was what they call it on the menu. I’d just go for the pancakes for tea…or the fish – the rest, not something to die for really. Many other nicer things to eat around…yang better than best! 😀

  11. For a pancake place, the dishes look kinda out of place. Spaghetti with pancakes? What a strange combination not to mention carb heavy.

    Yup…I would expect nothing other than pancakes…or maybe sweet stuff like waffles and ice cream desserts but it looks like they’ve anything and everything.

  12. Aha….Western food this time. They look good. I had some vegetable fritters just now…..very close to pancakes 😀

    They’re ok, not bad…just not that great that you would find me rushing back for more.

  13. Not a big fan of pancakes. But I would love to taste that smoked fish! Looks delicious.

    I like! But must use butter, so will have the buttery fragrance. Nice for a change, not eating the same things every day. The smoked fish was good.

  14. Never try this pancake house before, yes, it is always packed, but when i look at the menu, it didn’t “excite” me. Been to Paddington House few times, food not too bad la.

    Noted, so next time go to Pancake house must try the fish and not the pancakes! hahahhahahahha

    Pancakes ok….and the fish. Can skip the rest. Nothing to get excited about.

  15. I think there is a Paddington at 1-Utama but I never ventured there. The fish your missus had, it was boneless? The person who removed the bones must be very skilled.

    Yes, and they put it back altogether again looking like one whole fish completely intact. Credit to the chef!

  16. Never tried pancake house before…but paddington nothing to shout about lah..
    So-so only.. 😦

    Oh? Looks like there are mixed reviews as far as Paddington goes – some like, others don’t…

  17. For some reason, my family prefers to eat the pancakes that my Mom does. Not sure why.

    I’ve not tasted Paddington or Pancake House but I’m aware that their pancakes don’t come cheap. After what you’ve just mentioned, STP, I’ll remember to spend my money on a tastier meal instead.

    Me too!!! The ones here are good, just a bit thick…but my missus’ pancakes has an edge over theirs. Just that she seldom makes… 😦

  18. That’s quite the food combo, there! 🙂
    Can’t go wrong with tacos, ya know!? Or Pasta, really! Sooooo versatile! Since omitting dairy from my diet I have yet to search out ‘vegan’ pancakes! I should start playing with them a bit! Thanks for the reminder!

    Oh? Without dairy, it will probably be like the egg wrap that they make for the traditional cakes – yellow in colour or green, if they use the colouring from screwpine leaves…like those kueh lenggang or kueh ketayap (with grated coconut mixed with sugar filling…and the roti jala in this earlier post:

  19. Is that portion of fish too big??? It looks such big portion to me duh!!! =]

    It was quite big – bigger than a big kembong…something like a small terubok. I would like there would be enough for 2 or 3 actually, just add one or two other veg dishes or something.

  20. I haven’t tried Pancake House before but I used to LOVE Paddington! There must have been a phase where I went to Paddington almost every week for a good few months. haha.. too bad you didn’t manage to try it or you could tell me which one is better!

    Ya, too many places…too little time. I prefer the place though – looked nicer than Pancake House which was split into two – one small place…and then a dining area right across and people walking past would look at you eating – like visitors looking at animals in the zoo…. 😦

  21. The fish loks amazing! They actually deboned it and put it all together. Must go try.

    Pancakes…I think homemade are still the best.

    Agree 100%. If only, some people would be “in the mood” to make some sometimes… 😦

  22. my son will love this place because of the pancakes!

    The fish is boneless ? amazing…

    My daughter loves pancakes too…and I do enjoy them once in a while.

  23. the smoked tilapia doesnt look like tilapia.. maybe it is a special one? it does look really inviting…

    I visited Paddington onece.. also ok only for me.. expensive for the portion size.. never went back. hehehe… maybe cos I had fabulous pancakes overseas but over here, it’s still not that great.. dunno abt Pancake house cos I never tied.

    Exactly what I thought!!! Not like tilapia as I know it…but it was good and I loved the fact that there were no bones in it. Ok…another one not quite in favour of Paddington. Now, I’ll have second thoughts about dropping by to try.

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