Dinner is served…

After the very interesting tour around Tanjung Sepat, smallkucing and family took us here…


…for dinner. Unfortunately, there weren’t any sexy babes in skimpy bikinis nor any hunky lifeguards in their red speedos. LOL!!!

They had this ship by the side of the entrance…


I wonder if anyone of you has heard of this superstition that when you place a ship (or for that matter, a horse too) as a piece of decor in your house, it should be pointing inwards so that good fortune will come sailing in. If it is placed facing outwards, the opposite will happen.

Oh? Axian’s (aka Jason) been here too?


Now, what did we have that day? The drunken lalas (clams) were soooo good…

Drunken lalas

I loved the wine in the sauce and I kept drinking it like it was some kind of soup.

These claypot prawns were supposed to be a specialty of the house, very popular among diners at this place…

Claypot prawns

…but unfortunately, they were overshadowed by the lalas. I loved the prawns though – hard, sweet and succulent…very fresh!

The fried sotong (squids) was nice…

Fried sotong

…but I would not say the same about the or chian (oyster omelette)…

Or chian

…which paled in comparison with the other dishes. Personally, I prefer the ones I had in Penang and I’ve had better ones elsewhere too but to be fair, it was all right, this much I would say.

The kai lan (Chinese broccoli) was great too…

Kai lan

– very crunchy and sweet. I remember I had that once in Sarikei or some place and in my toothless state, I simply could not chew the vegetable to eat even though I did not have a problem with the meat. I guess it had something to do with the texture.

After that very satisfying dinner, I excused myself, saying that I had to walk around the place and get a bit of fresh air…and I sneaked off to the payment counter to settle the bill. I wished the lady boss could have been faster in calculating for out of the blue, lo and behold, there she was – mamakucing appeared right beside her – INSIDE the counter…and the lady boss nonchalantly ignored me and took her money instead, convincing me even more that the ringgit from Sarawak has no value whatsoever in the peninsula. Tsk! Tsk!

Hmmmm…thanks so much to smalkucing and his papa and mama for everything  – the dinner, the delightful tour…the paos and the dragon fruit. It certainly was a wonderful evening well-spent and we really had a great time! I do wish I could get to pay once in a while though… Sigh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Dinner is served…”

  1. ooo, i think i’ve driven past this restaurant (in PJ, right?) but i’ve never eaten here before. my thanks to smallkucing and his family too for showing us what this restaurant serves … the drunken lala look like something i’d wanna get drunk on! 😀

    Oh no!!! This isn’t the one in PJ, or Kelana Jaya to be exact. I went to that one in 2009:
    That one’s a fun pub and it serves western cuisine. This one’s in Tanjung Sepat, a seafood restaurant…far far away.

  2. Everything looks great! I really like the Chinese broccoli.

    My daughter is starting to like seafood. Yesterday I made her salmon cakes. She really likes crab cakes, shrimp fried rice and she loves when I make her fried clam strips.

    Ya, the broccoli was good, real sweet and crunchy. Gosh! It must be hard to cook all the nice things for her when you do not eat them yourself – you’re vegan, right?

    1. Yes, I’m vegan and I don’t mind making things that I don’t eat. My daughter
      does eat a lot of fruit and vegetables but she loves meat too. I look at it this way, why should I restrict her from eating those foods? I like to cook so do not mind preparing them for her or loved ones. 🙂

      Typical of all parents – will cook for the children what they like to eat or take them out to eat it even though they’re not too crazy about it themselves. I guess when you don’t eat those things, you will not feel like eating them. I really admire the Malays here during the Muslim fasting month as they have to cook the food for sale at the annual fasting month bazaar or for their own breaking of fast at home.

  3. wah. … u got pampered again! And fresh seafood now! wow! I miss seafood by the beach. The wine lala sounds good.

    It was awesomely good…so nice! So much wine in it! Yum! Yum!

  4. have not been to Tg Sepat for a long long long time lah, i guess 20 years probably.. errr, didn’t know there’s this Baywatch restaurant.. the food looked yummy!!! love the oyster omelette, kale with mui choy, and that la-la!! fuyoh, that one i also like the soup very much, sweet and fresh..

    So very near from where you are. What’s stopping you? Come, bodek mamakucing to take you there. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  5. Glad you had a good time visiting and enjoying all the glorious food! More to come? 🙂

    Yes! A LOT more…right up till the end of the month. Bet you all will be bored stiff! LOL!!! 😀

  6. I am not too crazy about seafood but the dishes you had looked really good and would make seafood lovers very happy. I am a very boring chicken person hee..hee…

    Between the two, I would rather have seafood…but can’t have too much of that. High cholesterol… 😦

  7. I go Sibu, u bring me go look c look c, makan ya, but not shopping centre to shop shop shop ya (That’s the last place i want to go, lol)

    Of course! Would be crazy to come shopping in Sibu – you have so much better in Singapore…but maybe to the market – many things here that you can’t get to see in Singapore.

  8. Oh my. Drooling over the nice nice food.. Huhu

    The tip of the iceberg! Lots more to come…right up till around the end of the month. LOL!!! 😀

  9. I heard about picture of horses – in the house you should have horses running in so that your children will be home; in the office you should have horses running out so that your sales people will go out to get more business. Does that make sense to you?

    LOL!!! I guess it may vary depending on a person’s point of view.

  10. Food looks good! The last time we were there, we went makan at the seafood restaurant just beside the famous bridge, not bad too! 🙂

    That must be the one in my previous post. We did not eat there. This one certainly looks better.

  11. Oh you were expecting to see Pamela Anderson? haha. Long time no eat or chian already

    Know of any good place in KL. So far, I think I only had some good ones in Penang. Kuching too but different style.

    1. Come to think about sorry lah bro have not eaten any ‘or chian’ in KL before. Had eaten once in Long River it was so horrible coz the stall owner was a new hand who was selling some noodles in another kopitiam before she moved. It was like fried scrambled eggs with ‘or chian’ toppings as they were not sticking together. After some time she bungkus-ed closed shop and heard she went back selling noodles in another kopitiam.

      I had or chian in Jalan Alur when there were those not so nice individual stalls – very nice! Love the char kway teow too. Now, all grouped today, all the stalls in large nicer looking shops…and manned by Banglas, Myanmarese, Indons…all the food not nice anymore. Not worth going.

  12. Nice place. I love the fried squids. I used to have them quite a lot when I was a young, but after married, haih…u know lar (being controlled already). :p

    Muahahahahahahaha!!!! Poor thing! So kesian! My daughter loves it too – if it’s on the menu, she surely will order. Yummmm!!!!

  13. Hmmm The claypot prawns lack of wine la…duno what wine they used. Maybe should use the ones from the lala nicer lah.

    You are welcome…told you already Sibu money no value over here la…LOL

    Tsk! Tsk! Next time I go KL, I keep quiet liao… Don’t wanna go out with your people anymore…so shy one. Never let me pay. 😦

  14. Wow, all the food looks some nice and delicious. The drunken lalas sounds interesting. I wonder you got drunk or not. Yes, I have also heard of the superstition. Likewise if you hang a picture of fish, the fish must be swimming inwards and luck will follow in, hahaha!!…

    Chinese, lots of these superstitions. Not that much wine lah…just the right amount, tasted really good.

  15. always pass this restaurant but never got to try cos we tried most of the ones near the lover bridge! marking tis place down for my next trip … hehehe… the only thing I guess I would not order is the weird blackish looking oyster omelette… there is one really nice at another restaurant at the lover’s bridge but you have to queue…

    Yup! Skip that oyster omelette… You go there often? You’re from around there, are you?

    1. no.. I m from Penang.. hehehe… its just that this place is good for short day trips… 🙂

      Oh? You are? Ok….got one more to take me out makan should I hop over there again one of these days. 😉

  16. yummy!!! Wine lala always my favourite! I like it if they put a lot ginger and some chili padi, i always ask for more “soup”. That prawns look good too. I don’t take or chian but my hub love it so much. If i remember it correctly, the one beside the lover bridge, that restaurant serve better or chian and the bouncy fish balls big and fresh!

    Hmmm…don’t think I’ll be passing that way again. So far, if coming from KL.

  17. Ahh reading all your food posts is killing me!! haha… I love the look of the lala and prawns! Luckily we can get fresh seafood here, and not expensive too. Now to figure out how to COOK them.. 😛

    LOL!!! At least you can cook…and can do it pretty well too! Good for you. The drunken seafood should be pretty easy – Chinese cooking is usually not too complicated, not that difficult.

  18. haha interesting name for a restaurant huh
    It would surely reminds you of that old show
    anyways as for the foods i like it all aside
    the first, for as you know i hate shellfish dishes

    You do not like shellfish, no ladies fingers, what else? Hmmmm…no wonder so skinny, very picky with your food. I guess that’s a good thing – look at me, I eat anything and everything! LOL!!! 😀

  19. I had to google where tanjung Sepat is … hahaha

    Drunken lalas is good huh? looks good too! the prawn looks simple, hope it tastes better than it looks.

    At least, you took the trouble to do so. For many, ignorance is bliss! 😉 The prawns were ok but overshadowed by the lalas…with the wine. Slurpssss!!!!

  20. Not a fan of seafood. But good place to recommend to others, I guess. 🙂

    Oh? Another one! I love seafood but can’t eat often…too expensive and high cholesterol. Will stick to fish though.

  21. I’m really craving for the drunken lala right now…Actually, any drunken dish is amazing….if done the right way…

    Ya, I’ve had very nice drunken freshwater prawns here too once…very very nice!

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