Still at Tanjung Sepat, our next stop was at the jetty

TS jetty

…where we were able to catch breathtaking views…

TS sunset 1

…of the beautiful sunset…

TS sunset 2

There are some seafood restaurants there like this one

TS - SR1

…but this one with a rather romantic name did not seem to be open for business that day…

TS - SR2

…and there is a stall in the vicinity…

TS - stall

…selling all kinds of dried seafood products and also a shop…

TS - shop

My missus spent a long time in the latter buying things like ikan bilisย (dried anchovies) and what not and for fear that she would use up all our baggage allowance even before we reached KL proper, I had to send my daughter over to get her and tell her that we would be going off without her, leaving her behind. LOL!!!

I was more interested in all the antique stuff on display all around the shop like this ancient radio and gramaphone…

TS - antiques 1

…for instance, or this old sewing machine…

TS - antiques 2

…and the charcoal irons beside it and also the ones here…

TS - antiques 3

This is something like the traditional grinding stone that my grandma used to have…

TS - antiques  4

…for use when grinding stuff in large amounts, too much to be pounded using a batu lesung (mortar and pestle).

I bet my dear friend in New Zealand would love these…

TS - antiques 5

…but I was more attracted to these endearing-looking pigs…

TS - pigs

…in the too-lang – the rattan basket/cage used to transport those poor things to the slaughter house/abattior.

Frankly, I love touring around interesting places like this a lot more than going from shop to shop, one departmental store to another in the shopping malls and I would have liked to stick around longer to see if there was anything that I might have missed but it was already time for dinner…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “Sunset…”

  1. Beautiful place and I like the stuffs they sell there! I am sure the seafood was great!

    Very nice. As for the food, you’ll have to come back and see tomorrow’s post. Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. wahhh, the glorious beautiful sea, with the horizon stretching out so far ahead. you picked a great-weather day to visit the beach! ๐Ÿ˜€ gosh, at first glance, i thought the dogs in your pic were alive! well-made, heheh ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ya, we were lucky. Pretty good weather all the time when we were out and about…except one night when we went out for dinner in KL but then again, that helped to make it cooler when dining outdoors. Hmmmm…you need new glasses, Sean, but yes, they’re very well made – nice collection of stuff there.

  3. Interesting place to visit. Did you buy some antique stuff? I like the old sewing machine.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    No, I can imagine our excess baggage if I did…and anyway, no place to keep in my small house… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. We almost booked a seaside resort near theSepang side in KL for Christmas this yr, they have a promo in our local paper, the individual private villas are buit over the seas, like Bora Bora, n have free shuttles to KL city shop malls etc. but only condition is we are not allowed to book in December peaks n lots of other conditions,so we decided against it. Not sure if this resort near the place u blog above.

    That would be the Golden Palm Tree, I guess…right next door. Very nice exclusive place built in the shape of a palm tree. You can’t even drive in – would have to park outside and a buggy would bring you in. I hear you will have to walk a lot especially if you’re staying in a chalet at the end of one of the “leaves” and I’ve heard complaints about the food there. Not cheap, of course.

  5. Wah, didn’t know Tg Sepat can be so scenic. I remember those old irons that use charcoal to heat them up.

    Yes, really breathtaking sunset views indeed. Very nice.

  6. Beautiful scenery. Looks something like our Buntal/Santubong area. Oh!!!!…many likes for the antiques on display. Oh yes, I have that charcoal iron, very heavy.

    Wah!!!! That must be worth a fortune!!!! My birthday’s in December… Hehehehehe!!!!!

  7. Fuiyoh…you really captured very nice sunset view lor…lll…looks like thus weekend many would be tempted to visit tj sepat

    Hope it doesn’t rain… LOL!!!

  8. Lovely pixz of sunset. Ohhh like the olden China bathtub is it for sale?

    That big jar like one those salted egg ones? That’s a bathtub, is it? I dunno… You will have to go there and ask.

  9. the place is very commercialized now huh?? i still remember when i went to this Lovers’ Bridge when i was a kid (my grandparents used to stay there), there was only just this bridge and nothing else.. somemore it was wooden and not concrete like today…

    Gee!!! So things have changed there too eh? Looking around, I thought time had stood still…and I really loved the place. They should just restore and preserve and not change things so drastically till they’re beyond recognition. Tsk! Tsk!

  10. Beautiful place. If you had bought the grinding stone you’ll definitely maxed your baggage allowance! Maybe you’ll need to purchase an extra air ticket just for that! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yalor! And I don’t think I would need to use it for anything these days, anyway…

  11. Love the jetty and sunset view photos. Lovely shots.

    I really enjoyed the tour so very much, thanks so much to Kathy & family for taking us here, so nice of them to go all the way.

  12. Very interesting place here…i hope i can go there one day….

    Next time in KL, hint-hint to Kathy lah. You always so busy one, I know…no time for all this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Who said no time for all these.. wait till I retire.. I can spend one month here and there… hahahaa… you all better look for “cover” then!

      No problem. Always love company. Come, come…anytime…and stay as long as you wish!

  13. Wow.beautiful sunset and what a nice place to visit. Hopefully I get to go there too ๐Ÿ™‚ and the last pic about the piggies in the rattan cage….thinking of my piggies leh ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lovely place indeed – I enjoyed the brief visit so much. Piggy…another one in a scheduled post but not so soon though. Gee!!! So many posts already and we haven’t moved to KL proper yet… So many things to blog about, will go on till the end of the month.

  14. That is indeed a very beautiful place. Simply breathtaking. I thought of staying around there at golden palm tree resort last year, but was put off due to the high rate in the holiday season. Woman by nature loves shopping. The same goes to my wife.

    Yup!!! I checked too. Sooooooo expensive. I wouldn’t want to spend my money like that – kinda foolish, I would say. Hmmmm…daring you hor! Say your wife like that, later she will pull your ears till long long!!! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Beautiful sunset pictures. The last time i went, i reached there quite late and it get dark, so i don’t get to see the beautiful view, love the first three pictures, really nice.
    i think that is the restaurant that we went for dinner. And after dinner, we also check out the shop that next to it, the one that you all went. If i am not wrong, my sil or my friend said the tom yam paste or something there very nice, must buy. Lucy want to buy anchovies? hahahha…i think Sibu one still better? I bought from Sibu and carry it back here.
    You didnโ€™t go and hug that โ€œround china bathubโ€? It said, once you hug it, your money luck will keep coming in!!

    Haiyor!!!!! You should have told me earlier!!! No luck lah these days! Waiting and waiting for a windfall…but all in vain! Now I will have to go back to Tg Sepat again…to hug the bathtub! LOL!!! The anchovies – she said very cheap…RM15 a kg only, half the price in Sibu. Haven’t tried, so dunno same or nicer. Bought a lot of things, dunno what else…didn’t bother to check – I think to give to her mum also.

  16. really nice sunset photo!

    i have that charcoal iron at home too! daddy love this kinda antique stuffs too!

    Thanks. Then your father would love this place too, very interesting stuff there.

  17. I like the 2nd photo, beautiful sunset. Where is the one of you and your missus, silhouetted against that lovely skyline? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Aiyor!!! If I had one taken, would not be able to see the beautiful sunset laio lor. Block the whole view… ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Beautiful-looking sunset pictures there, STP! =)

    I think it’s from this place that my friend bought the dog with the welcome sign. I’ve asked him before; he barely remembered where. Hopefully it doesn’t break on its trip back to KL.

    Oh? It’s still on the way. Good luck… LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. first i think those first shots were perfect
    as for those vintage items never seen any of that
    aside in the museum and in horror movies haha

    Not bad eh…for an amateur with a cheap digicam. I’m sure you have such stuff in the Philippines, maybe lots more…just that you never bother so you don’t notice even when you see them.

  20. OMG the view is so mesmerizing!!
    I must bring my bf go some time hehe!

    Go, go…but watch where you’re going! The jetty’s not very wide – don’t fall into the sea. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Love the view at the bridge, so beautiful and romantic!

    Doesn’t it look like you can walk down that bridge right up to the horizon?

  22. oh what great views you had! I had a few good ones but it was super crowded the day we went… full of human traffic…. and yes, I also took photos of the unique antiques of that shop… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh? Was pretty quiet that day…despite it being the school holidays. It was a weekday though…

  23. Beautiful scenery. Those antiques look cool especially the charcoal iron. I’d one in my collection pass down from grandma. I love the grinding stone, if only I got space to keep. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best regards.

    I’ve some antiques in the house too, given by my late aunt. Not keen on collecting, small house…dunno where to keep.

  24. Awesome photos! LOVE the colors in the sunset/water photos! So peaceful!

    Lovely place. I’d go for places like this anytime rather than the busy cities.

    1. Yes, it is a lovely little town. Enjoyed the trip so much!

      Hello! Your first time here, I see. Welcome and thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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