All white everything…

I remember studying in my History books about how, in those colonial days, the British during the Emergency in Malaya would fence up villages to prevent the Communists from getting their food supplies from the villagers and once a place was free of any terrorist threat, it would be declared a “white area”. Well, I was told that Tanjung Sepat, a coastal town/fishing village in Kuala Langat, was one such area.

I was indeed pleasantly amazed when smallkucing and family took us there that evening on our 3rd day in the peninsula. The wooden shophouses…

TS shops

…reminded me of the old Sungai Merah bazaar here before it lost its character and identity when they were all demolished and replaced with modern buildings no different from any that can be found elsewhere. In that same way, I very much prefer this original location of the famous pao (steamed bun) place to the present one…

TS pao shop 1

Gee!!! It seems that this famous Hong Kong foodie had been here too…

HK foodie

…like how he was here as well.

The people in the shop…

Making paos 1

…seemed quite oblivious to people dropping by and looking at them and taking photographs as they went through the process of making the paos. This girl here was making the ones with kaya (coconut jam) filling…

Making paos 2

…and they certainly were not at all bothered by the fact that there were so many flies fleeting around and stopping on the buns once in a while in transit. I was told that it, being a fishing village, those flies are a regular feature all over so I guess they must be quite used to the presence of those insects…like summer in Australia. Eyewwwww!!!!! My missus did buy a few to try – well, since this place is so famous, we just had to take the risk.

Upon coming out of the place, we chanced upon this lady…

FB lady

…and Mamakucing bought some of her fish balls…

FB 1

…including some fried ones…

FB 2

Personally, I am more accustomed to those that are round and of a regular shape but despite the odd appearance, these tasted really great and the texture was just perfect.

The lady secretly told mamakucing that there was another place where the paos would be a lot nicer and with her leading the way, we ended up here…

PS 2

For one thing, this one was not infested with flies…

PS 2 - paos

– I wonder why…and I was wondering too as to why they were blowing the nice white buns full blast using the huge stand fan…

PS 2 - fan

I thought that was to keep away the flies but when mamakucing asked them, they said it was to make the paos rise. Huh? I thought they leave the dough to rise before making the buns and steaming them…and not after they’re already cooked? Is there anybody out there in the know who can shed some light on the matter?

Well, she bought some and at the end of the trip, she shoved them all to us…and since there was no way we could steam them to eat, we just kept them in the hotel fridge and took them home to Sibu with us.

I steamed some of them on our first morning home…


…and as you can see, the celebrated ones (the three in the middle) from the former are much smaller than those from the latter. Other than that, they have something printed on the paper beneath the paos

Sp - label

…and I was quite put off by the fact that a bit of the colour came off onto the bottom of the buns. I wonder if that was because we had kept the paos frozen for too long and whether the ink would be safe for consumption.

I tried one of each and I found the one from the first place we went to…

SP - 1st place

…to be less tasty than the one from the second place…

Sp = 2nd place

Maybe if I had not eaten the two together simultaneously like that, I would not have noticed the difference but as it was, I thought the latter had a stronger and very much nicer taste.

Anyway, back to our tour of Tanjung Sepat, I would say that I really enjoyed myself looking around…

TS houe

…and one thing I noticed was that the people there do not seem in the least bothered about whatever traffic rules…

No law land

…and what have you.

Anyway, on with the tour…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “All white everything…”

  1. Aiya, I think outskirt area is like that. Many people intend not to wear helmet one.

    Not here. Even in the small towns…or “pekan”, we do not see this -= maybe some isolated cases but generally, people will just toe the line.

    1. Sometimes, you can even see younger children drive motorbike too. Below age ok!

      We see that in our kampungs here in the evenings but isolated cases – not the whole kampung flaunting the law like this.

  2. a pau paradise 😀 nice exploration of a place that still seems to have a lot of links to its historical past, eh? i’ve never been to kuala langat, and maybe i never will, so thanks for posting this, cos it’s a great slice of insight into the place =)

    Gosh! So near yet so far. I find tours to such places so interesting, anytime better than all the big cities anywhere – they’re all the same…right down to the popular chain stores and eateries all over. To me, one mall is more less like any other.

  3. I love pau! When I was small, the bread vendor would come by on his bicycle and he used to sell small kaya paus. My grandma would but for me and it was such a treat. This post brought back these nice memories. Sometimes my parents would drive down to town in the evening and buy pau for our dinner.

    I do too…but meat, nothing less. Yummmmm!!!!! 😀

  4. When you mention “flies”, instantly I thought of Sungai Petani where flies are a common sight. Eweeeeee!!!!!. Oh yes,after filling have to let the dough rise for another half an hour or so as I was taught.Don’t ask me why for I just follow blindly.

    Oh? So those paos were not steamed yet then. They certainly looked cooked to me. Hah!!! There! I am not the only one who keeps complaining about the flies in Sg Petani. I really got so put off by the sight of so many hovering over the food at the stalls there.

  5. Arthur, the girl with short pants on the bike caught your attention or the fact that she is without a helmet? 😛

    Where is Tg Sepat?! I have no idea! Yikes.. fail lah me!

    Yahor!!! No helmet!!! Gee! I didn’t even notice that. Hehehehehehe!!!! You know me so well. 😉
    Gosh! You don’t know where Tg Sepat is? In between KL and Malacca leh… Another one, so near, yet so far.

  6. The pau looks special, wrap in paper somemore.
    Fish balls looks yummy too! Gosh which one should I eat first? xD

    Don’t fall for those gimmicks. Sometimes the simple ones can be a lot nicer. Do what I did! Eat all! LOL!!! 😀

  7. Tanjung Sepat.. this is my mum’s hometown.. went there quite often while the grandparents were still around.. lots of changes and modernization have taken place but the fishballs and pau are always nice.. 🙂

    Not really leh? It looked like a place where time had stood still – good to preserve the heritage though. Not many around here anymore, unfortunately. 😦

  8. what a coincidence! I was just there too recently. I did wonder about the Mr Black but did not try it. I will do so next round….yes, the original one just was too crowded when I was there… flies and ppl … lol…. did you go to the famous lover’s bridge and eat seafood there? 🙂

    Tomorrow’s post. We were there but it was closed that day. We went to another place instead, stay tuned…

  9. Despite I can’t wait to make a trip here especially when Mamarazzi keep feeding me with the delicious pao.

    Very near for you…especially now that you have a chauffeur to drive you all the way. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  10. I told SmallKucing that I wanna go for a week stay in their place then I can have a good tour too!! What an interesting Food Trip you all had….. drooling over here in IPOH! 🙂

    Lots more to come. When are you going? Let me know, I may just join you too… 🙂

  11. I don’t like it either when the ink from the paper stained the paus. My health freak wife will remove the pau skin immediately.

    Exactly what I did. Dunno what cheap quality ink they used. Actually my first time seeing that… 😦

  12. I heard my friend said the paos are good. Haven’t got chance to try the paos there. When i went there that time, it is already late afternoon, and we just had seafood dinner there.

    Maybe next time should tumpang Kathy to buy some for me. kekekekekeke

    We were there very late too – left the airport hotel at around 4.30 like that. Can drive there, not that far and very nice roads…not like the ones here. 😦

  13. Ohh i saw this on small kucing post,
    those fish balls sure different on what we have here which are
    mostly flat haha
    anyway, here too you can see a lot of people not wearing any helmet,
    that’s why once in a while police were having a check point at a
    random place haha

    Gosh!!! We try to keep to the rules all the time here… Flat fish balls? Then they’re not balls anymore?

  14. ooh home made paos! must be super duper good, we have something similar in Penang too but quite far, like the other side of the island and they often sold out within an hour…

    They were good especially the ones at the second place….but we’ve got good ones here too.

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