After that scrumptious lunch,  we went back to the  hotel to rest for a while and not long after that, we were on our way to tour some places of interest like this dragon fruit farm in Sepang

DFF Sepang

For the uninitiated, this is what the plants look like…

DF plant

Oops!!! I did not notice my shadow when I was snapping the photograph. The plants will flower…

DF flower

…and the fruit will appear from it as it gradually withers…

DF fruit

They will have to wrap the fruits in plastic bags one by one to prevent them from being attacked by insects.

This nice lady, probably the owner, mans the stall at the entrance to the farm…

DF stall

She is indeed very generous and will cut up the fruit to let any potential buyer try before they make their purchases.

We did not buy any back but we ordered a couple, cut and served so we could enjoy eating them on the spot…

DF sliced

They were very sweet – I do not recall ever eating any here that was as nice…and these purple/red ones are supposed to be better than the white variety.

They did order a few glasses of dragon fruit juice which came in huge glass mugs but after that heavy lunch and all that fruit, I did not want any. The lady was so generous – she cut up the rest of the fruit (the one that she let her customers taste minutes ago) and gave it to us free of charge.

While they were enjoying the juice, I walked around the place and saw some very nice orchids…


…and lilies…


I did not go further in but my missus and Melissa did and they said that there was a nice big house at the back. Hmmm…it certainly looks like they do make quite a bit doing this kind of business.

When we were done, we continued on our way…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Purple…”

  1. Yaya, saw this at Small Kucing’s blog, very interesting to see how the dragon fruit grows and also touch the plant itself.

    I love dragon fruit!

    Yes, it reminded me of my visit to a strawberry farm in NZ…just that they have not ventured into making dragon fruit ice cream.

  2. I haven’t tried that fruit honestly
    never seen it around haha!
    but the way it looks i think i would like it

    I prefer the colour or lack of it in the white ones but they say these purple ones have health benefits so they’re much more popular.

  3. ooo, i must admit that dragon fruit is not really one of my favorite buah-buahan, but the ones in your pic look so juicily ripe and temptingly vibrant. would be nice chilled and enjoyed on a hot afternoon 😀

    Not mine either…but I really enjoyed those that day. Really very sweet and juicy…and yes, it was chilled and it was a hot afternoon. Felt so good eating them…

  4. Interesting, I love dragon fruits. had the white version but not purple before.noted the address on the sign board and next time if passing by KL, a worthy place to visit.

    Not very near KL though, Sepang…KLIA side.

  5. how much initially for one dragon fruit? (if its not free la)

    It’s RM8 a kilo. I think here, it would go up to around RM10. 😦

  6. The dragon fruits looks juicy. They are very nice if they are really sweet ones. Yes, red/purples one are better than white. if you take the red ones, you will notice the urine is also reddish when you pee.

    …and something else that comes out the next day. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  7. Used to like dragon fruit but don’t know why start to dislike eating it. Lol.

    Too much perhaps. I seldom eat – once in a while when people give. Would be nice for salad or fruit cocktail…like kiwi fruit, I’m sure. I think it’s nicer than kiwi actually…

  8. I love dragon fruits esp the red ones…they are much sweeter! Very interesting outing …

    Just the beginning… Had a great time – check out the next few posts!

  9. Red (or rather purple) dragon fruit is always sweeter compared to their white siblings. I love making juice out of them and love it even more when you go to the loo and see your pee redish in color! It can give you a serious heart seizure the very first time encountering it!!! I almost died…

    I got scared the first time.,..but ok now, know what to expect already. LOL!!!

  10. I love dragon fruit, especially the red/purple ones. The white ones I usually use for dishes.. Tastes good when you stir fry with beef 🙂

    Oh? Would love to try one of these days…

  11. To me dragonfruit is sweet but the taste is nothing to shout about but I used to drink the juice for the nutrients and anti-oxidant value. And I tried it in a salad once and it was quite good.

    Ya, I reckoned it would be good for salads like kiwis. Kiwis are very expensive here and may not be all that sweet unless you get the golden ones which are even more expensive and here, even harder to get.

  12. This trip look so fruitfull, visit so many place. I am sure next one will be tanjung sepat? Been there once only, to the beach then for seafood dinner.

    My boys love dragon fruits, good for constipation too. I eat because of the health benefit.

    Clever girl!!! We were on the way – Tanjung Sepat coming up in the next two or three posts.

  13. Yes, the purple one is the best. I enjoy eating purple dragon fruits.

    I’m ok. My favourites – bananas and papayas. So boring hor, this old man. Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. Dragonfruit is one of my favourite fruits. It contains lots of health benefits. I can transform dragonfruit into juice, jelly and ice-cream. Simply loving it.

    Ice cream too? I wished they had that at the farm…but they didn’t. 😦

  15. I purplely love dragonfruit. Saw it from Mamarazzi’s site. Especially dragonfruit juice, my fav.

    I didn’t try the juice. So much of the fruit, so filling already.

  16. My girlfriends sent me tons of dragon fruits since I returned from USA. She said it is good for me to take lots of fruits for bone healing. I know pineapple is good for that but not so sure about dragon fruit.

    Not sure about fruits but for bones, I guess you will have to go for the calcium-rich stuff.

  17. wow….the dragon fruits look so sweet and juicy. Not forgetting its fresh!
    I prefered the red ones…not liking the white ones 😉

    I’m fine with both though I would not say it is my must-eat fruit.

  18. Very nice place. I love dragon fruits too. I prefer the red ones over their white color flesh cousins. You seems to be able to travel to more places that me who lives in the peninsula.

    I am blessed with such wonderful friends. Good to travel, can be an eye-opening and an enriching experience.

  19. Oh man Uncle Arthur! You and your pics of Paus and fruit from back home…..they kill me! LOL I too love visiting small towns/villages like these as they beat visiting the shopping malls any day!

    Ahhhhh!!!! I’m not alone then. Ya…especially for those living overseas – nothing here attracts them as they’ve much better and nicer over there but not these interesting things in all the small places.

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