My friend…

My friend, Ivan, was flying off somewhere the day we arrived in the peninsula and only came back late that night/the next morning. After a good rest, he came over to the hotel to take us out to dinner…

With Ivan & Art

His Thai-Filipino friend/colleague, whose name was coincidentally the same as mine, was able to join us that evening as well.

He wanted to take us some place by the lake in Putrajaya for some Malay food but we were not that keen and chose to go back to this place in Dengkil instead. I was there twice before and I really enjoyed the food a lot – this was my 3rd visit…and we did not hesitate to order the paku (wild jungle fern)…

Dengkil - paku

…that we had and enjoyed so very much the last time around. I thought it was nicer on that previous occasion or perhaps, after so many weeks in New Zealand, it really tasted like heaven at the time.

The pork ribs were very good…

Dengkil - pork ribs

…but I guess we can get these elsewhere, even here in Sibu.

I don’t know what they call this dish of prawns…

Dengkil - prawns

…but they were so very yummy and went absolutely well with the dip that came with it. Β Melissa loved it a lot and had the lion’s share of those crustaceans.

But my favourite was this homemade tofu

Dengkil - tofu

It was really good especially with the minced meat topping and the sauce.

We certainly enjoyed the dinner and of course, the company as well – thank you so much, Ivan. The bill came up to around RM100 inclusive of drinks…and drats!!! The lady boss refused to accept my money – the ringgit notes from Sarawak not laku in the peninsula, it seems. Tsk! Tsk!

Well, I guess congratulations are in order, Ivan, though a bit belated, on your promotion. He’s now flying to countries further away now and that very sweet and thoughtful young chap did not forget to pick up some goodies for me here, there and everywhere…

From Ivan

He gave me these Australian cookies – very fragrant, not too sweet…and a fridge magnet from Taiwan…and SPAM from Korea. Initially, I thought this was made in Korea and could not wait to go home and try but checking the information on the tin, it was actually made in the US. I guess it would be the same as all the SPAM that I have had before then. Other than these, he also got me “something” from duty-free…and if I’m not mistaken, this Korean souvenir came from him too…

Korean souvenir

…or was it from Mandy? Gosh!!! There were so many people giving me things that I am having a tough time trying to remember exactly what came from who. Old man like that lah! LOL!!!

Anyway, thank you so much, Ivan, for the lovely dinner and for all the gifts. It sure feels warm and fuzzy to know that I’ve such nice and caring friends like you…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “My friend…”

  1. ooo, cool, i’ve only visited dengkil for work once or twice, but never eaten there before. wouldn’t have suspected that there’d be such an alluring plate of chunky pork ribs awaiting me there! πŸ˜€

    The food’s really good…one of the few that I truly like over at your side. Most of the time, it may be good but not all that great and we’ve got nicer places here.

  2. So blessed to have friends here and there.. the food looks good and the price is reasonable as well ! I must venture out more often to taste food from these places one day!

    This is one place to go too – food’s always good. Been there four times now…watch out for the next post on it…and I don’t mind going again!

  3. Nice food you have there. One of the truly blessed with lovely friends around. So cute the Korean souvenir. Congratulations to Ivan on his promotion.

    Thanks, on his behalf. Yes, so blessed with all the wonderful friends everywhere.

  4. wow, how nice Ivan brought his friend along deep into Putrajaya to feed you food.. i love every dish up there, so delicious lah.. and oh, so many presents for you also.. what did you get him?? that “I LOVE SIBU” fridge magnet?? :p

    He stays close by, had to be near the airport…so not a problem for him to come over, provided he’s not flying. Oops!!! I did not buy him a thing!!! *face palm* and he did not even let me pay for dinner. Sighhhh!!!!!

  5. Your friend is very handsome, hehehe *shy*

    Got gifts somemore?? Ish you’re so lucky! πŸ˜‰

    He is, isn’t he? And such a sweet young and thoughtful chap some more. Ya, I am very lucky indeed. πŸ™‚

  6. Why the lady boss refused to accept your money? So rude ?!

    I guess Ivan’s their regular customer as he stays nearby…so she’s more familiar with him and would listen to him…and not me.

  7. Lol the bookmark I thought its from your silent reader Ivy :p

    No leh? Silent…and anonymous and thus, it remains. She’s in Korea?

  8. This is why you should come and stay longer. More friends able to meet up with you and go food hunting

    Aiyor!!! My mum was grumbling already here – go away so long!!! 😦

  9. The paku looks very fresh, must be tasty.

    Hahha! Next time you may need to bring a little sticker along when you are travelling and start writing down the names of your friends who give you gifts. :p

    Shy lah like that!!! Like the Foochow traditional practice at weddings – noting down in an exercise book at the restaurant’s entrance how much people gave for their ang paos… LOL!!!

  10.’re really Sibu VIP, come to KL, also so many people come and visit you and bring you out for dinner!!! tsk tsk tsk tsk.

    No leh, only a few. Hehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  11. your friend very leng chai πŸ™‚ .. is he a model or something?

    Nope, cabin crew. A bit thin to be a model, would need to work out a bit first. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  12. cool gifts buddy, i like that korean thingy it was really cute
    and as for the foods the pork ribs sure looks tasty
    and that prawns seems interesting too

    Yes, loved the food…and so thankful for the lovely gifts.

  13. SPAM! SPAM is always good…ooops…I mean SPAM luncheon meat. No thank you, no SPAM mails!

    Not many Chinese eateries in Dengkil but most of them are good:D

    Oh? I never tried any of the others. Should do that when I get the chance in the future, instead of going to the same place all the time.

  14. Never been to Dengkil before, but after looking at these foods from your posts, I think this place is worth a visit. Nice souveneirs. Love the keychain!

    It certainly is. Much nicer than many other places that I’ve been to…

  15. Hey Arthur, the food here indeed looks delicious! You mean the restaurant lady boss didn’t make you guys pay? Wow.. you must be some celebrity in the peninsular! πŸ˜€

    Unfortunately, no. I wanted to pay but my friend insisted on footing the bill…and she accepted his payment instead of mine. Me, nobody mah…money, no value! πŸ˜‰ But I would say the over the other side, the food here is the best I’ve had around, liked most everything we had there…though on this trip, I did come across a few very nice dishes at some other places. The posts are all in the queue…

  16. nice place to eat, I had it before since I work in cyberjaya….

    another coincidence, I also just bought that KOrean Spam… hehe… haven’t open yet… πŸ˜‰

    Neither have I. Yes, the food here is really good…and Cyberjaya is just a stone’s throw away.

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