We flew over to the peninsula on the 25th last – my missus, Melissa and I for Melissa’s convocation – the Malaysian one, at Putrajaya. That was why we stayed here and arranged for people to take her/us to Putrajaya on the following two days. We had gone to the one in Wellington, New Zealand already but since she wanted to go to this one as well to meet and catch up with her friends, I said ok and seeing that it was during the school holidays, I suggested staying on for a few days in KL to do whatever we liked.

smallkucing and family met us on arrival at the airport and sent us to the hotel. He was so sweet as to save this for me…

TD gift

…and Melissa – his Teachers’ Day gift to the teachers in his kindy. Melissa’s a full-fledged teacher now so she got one as well.

Papa & mamakucing were so thoughtful and kind and generous. They were afraid that we would starve to death at the hotel in the middle of nowhere so they got us these lovely char siew paos…


They were really good! Even Melissa, who is not really a fan of char siew pao, loved it a lot.

The siew mai were great too…


…and also the ones with salted egg inside.


Mamakucing made these herself…


…and she also gave me a few to eat in the room. You can see that she was extra generous with the filling…

BC - filling

…and there was salted egg inside too. Yum! Yum! I super-LIKE!!!!

Well, that wasn’t all! There was also this bag of coffee-roasted chestnuts…


Ooooo…they were so fragrant, so very nice that it did not take us long to finish the whole lot.

And oh gosh!!! They were so nice that they would drive all the way to take us around and go for dinner here, there and everywhere…but those would be in some later posts, not now. Thank you so very much for your warm hospitality and generosity. You all must come to Sibu now so that I can reciprocate in my small little ways.

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26 thoughts on “Landed…”

  1. You are welcome. We went Sibu and you did that last time

    Adoi!!! That was over a year ago and since then, I have gone over so many times plus most/all of the time, kena hijack – no chance to pay :(… Time to make a trip here again – many things more you have not tried…and this time, we go Kanowit. Would be interesting too…like going to Tanjong Sepat.

  2. Bring them to Mukah, next time. Can borong fish, prawns, sago, tebaloi.. hehe.

    Yes, Mukah’s a good option too…but it’s further away. That Nibong Restaurant there…best lah!!! Yum! Yum!

  3. This’ s so lovely and nice meeting!!! =]

    Had a great time meeting everybody…and eating too, of course! Lots of posts on the 1-week plus stay coming up!

  4. Looks like you and family had a nice time here 🙂 My cousin and family sure know how to feed people well hee..hee…:)

    Didn’t get to see you leh? Doesn’t run in the family kah? Hehehehehe!!!! This is just the tip of the iceberg! Lots and lots and lots more coming up…

  5. I agree with you..the whole kucing family is very sweet and generous! I wouldnt mind getting to know more kucings like that.. hahahaa…

    Yes, I heard you were in KL too at the time and you got some of the dim sums too. Too bad we did not manage to get to meet. Thanks for the gifts you passed through mamakucing – you’re so sweet and generous too.

  6. Yalor the whole Kucing family is very sweet… I saw she posted about her bak chang, but I have not tasted it before… hehehe

    Hint! Hint! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. That coffee roasted chesnut must be another delicious snack yeah? keep munch and munch all the way while mamarazzi drive you guys go “jalan jalan”.

    They dropped us off at the hotel and later when they came again to take us out for dinner, we had finished the whole lot… No chance to munch in the car. LOL!!! 😀

  8. You are truly blessed. That’s a lot of nice things to eat. All looks so good. Any excess luggage????? hehehe!!!…

    Nope. But we could not buy much as we were already overloaded with all the tings people gave us. We made sure our checked in luggage was not overweight…but our hand-carried bags were all very very heavy…even though they were not big and we pretended that they were very light so we got through without any problem. Many were asked to weigh and forced to check in their bags.

  9. the Kucing family is definitely one of the most friendly and hospitable ones i have met before (though not yet the papa).. bringing you around the place and feeding you with delicious dimsum, how nice.. and that almost professional bak chang, i got two from mama kucing too, yummy!!

    You did! Humph!!! I thought they were exclusively for me! Ok…ok…O got so many so you can have the two. Aiyor!!! Somebody sure jealous, he did not get even one. I got lots of other goodies – will feature them slowly…post by post. Eat your heart out! Hehehehehe!!!!!

    You never met the papa before? Very nice guy, and just as generous. But next trip, I would not tell them I would be going over – maybe not until the last day there. So scared lah…they kept giving…and giving…and giving me things. So paiseh one! Nothing to give back in return.

  10. well overall, I think small kucing made a pretty good job huh,
    all seems yummy and very tasty

    This was just the beginning! There would be more…and more…and more…like it never was going to end.

  11. Just left a comment on Small Kucing’s blog on the similar topic, the dumplings looked so goood!!

    Yes, had one in the hotel – it was cold…so we brought all the rest back. Can’t wait to steam them and enjoy them…piping hot.

  12. AH!! So sweet and generous of small kucing and family. hahah..they sure scared you get starve in hotel, so much food they prepared for you. I think i met Kathy and small kucing twice only, not the papa kucing yet. 🙂

    You were out of town or we could have got together sometime within that week. Ya…the hotel in the middle of nowhere. I kept telling them I could always call room service or take the free shuttle to KLIA but they would not hear of it. Insisted on driving soooooo far to take us out to eat. Shy lah, and they kept bringing food some more – each time they came…as if what you eat outside was not enough.

  13. Great to have good and thoughtful friends who think of your welfare. You are well taken care of, Arthur! :p

    Yum yum. I missed the roasted chestnuts. Had a lot of those nuts when I was studying in Nilai many years ago.

    I don’t think we can get those in Sibu…just those preserved packet ones. Melissa loved them so much – I think she ate the most. 😛

    1. Yeap. We don’t have people roasting the chestnut over here too. Have the raw one in supermarket, so we need to roast ourselves. Lol!

      Only can find in WM and Singapore. The last time I had it was in Singapore, bought from a hawker selling on his bike at the road side.

      Oh? That would be quite tedious, no…thank you. 😀

  14. Awww…. so much hospitality showered from the kucing family. They drove your and family around and made bak chang to serve you.

    This is because you are good to everyone, too. What goes around comes around.

    I would love to go to Taiping next – see whether the Taiping ladies will give me such a warm welcome or not. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  15. Great! The Mayor has Landed. Wonder you put on more weight in KatLumPor or lost weight? Sorry dunno much about finding yummy food & dunno much about going places. Maybe you be my navigator instead.

    Flying over, the seat belt on board the aircraft was fine…but coming home, it was such a tight squeeze. 😦 Yes, I can take you to places with nice food if you want, even over at your end…no problem at all.

  16. ooh the kucing family! what a heart-warming bak chang, home made ones are the best!

    I’m saving them in the freezer for the dumpling festival on June 12th.

  17. Thats so sweet of Mamakucing and family! But yes…you deserve it!

    I must have done something good in my previous life to deserve all this.

  18. They are always the generous Kucing family! Glad you and your family had a good time at KL.

    Ya, too bad we did not get to meet this time around… 😦 People too busy now eh? Wink! Wink! 😉

  19. Wow, Arthur, I lose out to the kucing family.. Haih…. 😦

    But you are the biggest beneficiary, haha! Pardon the pun…

    No lah! You’re busy with your work…but that fish at dinner that night was soooooo good. Would take a while before I get to blog about it though, so many things to blog about.

  20. Huh Arthur! You should stop over Singapore to look for me! 😀 Ok… Next time okay?

    Your friends in KL were really thoughtful!

    They certainly were…and many others too! I’m really so very blessed to have such great friends everywhere. Would love to make a trip to Singapore one of these days.

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