Going, going, gone…

If you remember, I cooked some macaroni sometime back but I only managed to use up half of the 250 gm pack and I guess most of you would know by now that I simply cannot stand things sitting there idle, looking pretty…so I just had to cook something with it and use it all up.

I thought of frying it, kway teowΒ (flat rice noodles) style but it so happened that it was a no-meat day and adding some thin slices of lap cheong (Chinese sausages) was out of the question and besides, I did not have any taugeh (bean sprouts) in the house. However, that certainly did not stop me and I went about cooking it with whatever there was available in the fridge or the pantry…

STP's FM - ingedients

I fried the sliced shallot and garlic in a bit of oil before putting in the pounded chili, prawns and sliced mushrooms. Then, I added some fish gravy/sauce and finally, I broke the eggs into the wok and mixed them thoroughly with everything else till cooked.

Once I was happy that it had been fried enough, I dished it all out…

STP's FM 1

…and sat down to enjoy the fruit of my labour…

STP's FM 2

It was very nice but gosh!!! Unlike her pounded chili before, this time around, my missus used cili padi and because I had added a spoonful like what I would always do before whenever I was using some of that in my cooking, it was burning hot…and I was blowing hot air like a furious dragon. Still, I would say that I liked it very much…and needless to say, my missus loved it a lot but unfortunately, Melissa isn’t into anything so fierily spicy like the two of us. Sigh!!!!

Whatever it was, that remaining half a packet of macaroni that was going…going…is all gone now! *happy* Hehehehehe!!!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Going, going, gone…”

  1. ooh, no-meat-day? that sounds interesting. heheh, i wonder whether it’s possible to make up for a no-meat-day by having a no-veggie-day the next day! πŸ˜€ p.s. nice macaroni!

    …and the following day will be constipation day! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  2. hahahaha…. fried macaroni with prawns and cili padi, interesting! Should down a glass of milk with this! πŸ˜€

    That would ease the spicy after-taste in the mouth, I hear…drinking milk.

  3. Sometimes I made Macaroni Creamy Soup, Fried Macaroni, Baked Macaroni…. LOL.
    I think your daughter is just like me. Couldn’t really stand spicy food. Some of my friend used to call me “Lidah Mem”.

    Oh? I’m surprised!!! My daughter’s “lidah mem”, that’s quite true – prefers western cuisine…or Japanese.

  4. Wow, whip out a nice plate of fried macaroni with just the simple basic things. Looking at the pix I can feel the burning sensation in my mouth. Less pedas for me, please.

    You’re like Claire…not geng with my missus, not a fan of anything extra pedas.

  5. Feel like this is the new way of cooking macaroni!!! Will try to cook like this next time!!! =]

    Try with prawns, lap cheong and taugeh…like char kway teow. Nice! Oops! You don’t eat taugeh – use chives (koochai) then…

  6. It looks pretty good too! My grandma used to put macaroni (she calls it makoni) in chicken soup. So far I have not bought macaroni. I feel like trying your recipe soon hee..hee.. πŸ™‚

    I can’t remember where I’ve eaten that – sold somewhere… Was ok, did not really win me over.

  7. This looks really good, for a no-meat dish!

    It’s like an Asian fusion pasta. The prawns will certainly taste good with this, I imagine.

    Can’t go wrong with prawns.

  8. Nice Asian take! The hongkees use Macaroni in soup but I like it the good old fashion way ie mac n cheese (none of those box stuff of course, the laborious type made with roux). My Asian twist would be adding a ton of Chili flakes or cayenne pepper in it for spice.

    Wow!!! You sure do like it hot, eh? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! I’ve tried the soup version somewhere, can’t remember where, and it did not leave much of an impression.

  9. and that was so delicious! now, It seems pretty tasty with a kick of spicy taste!
    which i like yum yum
    I crave for pasta! it’s been a while
    since the last time I had one.

    Available everywhere – the authentic Italian ones. Go ahead and grab some. This Asian fusion, you’ll have to cook your own, I’m afraid.

  10. I don’t like spicy food, too. =(

    I must say that the pasta looks delicious, definitely suitable for a no-meat day.

    You don’t as well? Hmmm…I thought most people are into spicy stuff like my missus. Probably not the current young generation.

  11. This is something unique to me, I mean the way you cooked it.. hehe.

    Looks absolutely tempting!

    Give it a try. Use prawns, lap cheong, taugeh…char kway teow style, see ham and all. Sure will taste really great, you can take my word for it.

  12. Whah…Arthur, you are creative in cooking! Looks very delicious. My gosh….you eat so spicy? I guess I’ll sit with Melissa and watch both of you eat….haha

    LOL!!! Another one. You can join Claire’s gang…and Irene Tan too. My missus will not really enjoy anything not spicy – fir her, the spicier the better!.

  13. Get to cook anything you found from the fridge is definitely a genius. Some people say that would be the hardest thing to do… muahaha

    My missus would surely drive out to get any missing ingredient…and may even make more than just one trip but not me. Maybe women are more particular – must follow recipe to the letter. I’d just make do with what I have…

  14. cili padi?? No thank you *****run away****

    What? And you asked me to buy the cili padi kering…and I used my hand to pick the good ones and when walking back to the car, I wiped the sweat off my face with my hand, alamak…got burning sensation, so ciak lat one!

  15. made macaroni too last night for dinner since the hubby was sick. added bacon and sambal belacan to mine πŸ˜€

    Oooo…bacon! And belacan too!!! I like!!! Hope hubby’s better now. Very hot these days…

  16. oh i love this, i often use fettuccine instead and i will also add in a lot of garlic for the extra kick, didnt like these canned mushrooms, i prefer fresh ones :p

    Me too…but we can’t get those fresh mushrooms here and when we do have, not fresh, starting to rot already…plus sooooo expensive – bought some to take home from KL when we came back yesterday.

  17. Now that I have finally met your very charming & elegant wife and lovely daughter, I can picture them better when I read your blogs mentioning them. You are indeed so blessed to have a happy and close knit family,

    Now I am learning new tricks to fry the macaroni like yours. I only knew how to cook them the western way with lots of cheese!

    Me leh? Not charming, elegant and lovely too kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  18. No meat day? Prawns seafood, so can? How about fish? Can also?

    Ah! I would love this fried with spaghetti, i don’t know why i don’t take macaroni, if i can have a choice.

    Prawn and fish, seafood ok. I bought the macaroni on offer, no spaghetti so I did not get any of that.

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