Well, halia in Malay means “ginger” and this cafe was located some place else before but it has shifted here for quite sometime now…


– two doors away from the cake shop that I blogged about recently.

We stopped by here for lunch that day on our way home from Selangau and I had the nasi campur (mixed rice)…

HC - NC1

…with a bit of daging masak hitam and brinjal fried with sambal…and I also had the paku (wild fern) and a bit of the cincaluk (fermented shrimps) dip…

HC - NC2

It did not come cheap though – all that came up to RM4.90 but the consoling part was that everything tasted great except the cincaluk. I found out later that they used the bottled ones from Malacca…

Malacca cincaluk

…which was extremely salty and not fragrant unlike our local ones especially those from Bintulu.

My missus had the mee sup (RM3.50)…


…which was all right, nothing to shout about but I must say that the fried mihun (RM3.50) that my daughter had…


…was really very nice. For once, I can say that the mihun fried and sold outside is as nice as mine or perhaps even nicer.

On the whole, I would think this would be a nice place to stop by for a bite and the crowd there certainly seemed to think likewise.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Ginger…”

  1. well that first meal was kinda interesting, three dishes right?
    well i probably would be asking for more rice for that

    Technically four, with the shrimp dip…but I took a double serving of the beef…so five. I thought that was quite expensive at the time until I saw at one place here in KL, RM9.80 for two meat and one veg… *faints*

    1. Haha, yes… this is not really expensive by KL standards…

      How very true! This is really cheap in comparison to the prices of things in KL.

  2. The mee sup certainly looks good!

    You know, the name Halia Cafe is quite familiar – I’m not sure if I’ve ever been there, might have just passed by.

    Good to hear that it’s good – good Malay food to lay the path! πŸ˜‰

    You have. I saw your post on this place long long ago when It was still at its original location near the Selemo roundabout. I never got to drop by and try though when it was there. Now it’s in the shops in front of the Star Megamall.

    1. Oh! No wonder it sounded familiar. Haha!

      It used to be at the very bad feng shui place where a lot of cafes have changed hands eh.

      Star Megamall – a bit far for Sibu, but worth a visit if on the way.

      Ya, there was a Vietnamese place before Halia but it did not last too long.

  3. I really like how the last dish looks, I bet it was delicious. You know, with all your rice dishes, I was craving rice and so (last week) I made a few. They didn’t last long!

    Ahhh!!! You don’t usually eat rice like us. It’s our staple diet…and any leftovers, I’ll use for my fried rice dishes. I like noodles and pasta too, not really a bread person but will eat sometimes for a change.

  4. I agree with you. The fried mihun looks delicious. Is this shop Halal and owned by Muslim? I think I’ve seen this place before.

    Yes, it’s a Malay makan place. Used to be at the Selemo roundabout, now traffic lights (near Comfort Furniture). You would surely have passed by the roundabout and would see it whenever you drove up to the airport.

  5. The meehoon looks good. I must try daging masak hitam one of these days.

    You didn’t tell me earlier. I could have brought over some of the ready-mixed paste for you. So easy to use!

  6. Everything looks good to me and my choice would go for mee rebus. Yummy!!!…

    Nice but nothing great. The mihun was a lot nicer.

  7. You must cook your famous fried mihun for me to taste when I go over to Sibu! :p I am a big fan of fried mihun and like you said, not many people know how to cook a tasty fried mihun. However there is one stall in Kenyalang Park Wet Market that cook very nice fried mihun. Enough “wok hei” and you can add clam, egg and taugeh with additional charge. But the normal plate of mihun is good enough!!!

    I may use prawns, never use clams. Lazy to go and buy and get them out of their shells.

  8. cincalok =.=, cannot tahan this stuff, haha, anyway, enjoy your trip in KL and safe trip back πŸ™‚

    Nice!!! I can eat two plates of rice if there’s cincaluk…but of course, our local Bintulu ones. So much more wangi and yummy!!!

  9. Cincaluk does go nicely with some dishes, but you’re right, some of it are extremely salty.. ><..

    Hey it was really nice meeting up with you and the guys last evening.

    Latest: Little Penang Kafe Midvalley Megamall Bloggers Meet-Up

    You like cincaluk? Next time I come, I’ll bring a tub of our Sarawak ones for you. You’ll love it, I’m sure. So much nicer than the ones you have here. It was great seeing you again, thanks so much for coming. No worries, things will get better when Martin grows bigger…and when you have a few more kids down the line. Muahahahaha!!!!!

    1. hahaha! few more down the line? hmm.. my plan is to stop at 2 kids i think. :).. thanks for your kind patronage to my blog always, you have to be my most loyal reader. Haha.

      I do like the weekends, gives me time to just relax in front of the PC while baby Martin sleeps. πŸ™‚ .. and hey have a safe trip back tomorrow ya! Enjoy to the max today. πŸ™‚

      My G Hotel Penang Stay During H-Artistry 2013

      Thanks, we sure had a terrific holiday. Two only? Aiyor!!! πŸ˜‰ Hi to Janice, all the best to you two and Martin, hopefully will see you again sometime…

    1. I know, sometimes I will force myself to eat a little bit!!! =]

      I don’t take a lot myself – may lead to a gout attack…but my missus loves buying and frying with salted fish. 😦

  10. A nice simple n cheap meal
    Very good

    Come on over to Sibu and I’ll treat you to this and lots, lots more. Thanks for taking the time off to get together with everybody last night – sure is nice to see you again.

  11. Everything looks delicious to me….mmmm. See how starved I am….haha

    Why???? You can cook your own…and it will be a lot nicer, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

  12. Wouldn’t be surprised if the cincaluk sold here is from Malacca, too. I have to agree with Melissa; the fried mihun looks lovely.

    Yes, I am. Well,holidays are always great, a welcome change from the usual routine…laze around all day…eat, eat and eat…and in the case of my issus and daughter, shop, shop and shop as well…

  13. ” I can say that the mihun fried and sold outside is as nice as mine or perhaps even nicer.” i had to read this line twice to see if i had read it correctly or not. Better than yours? Hmm….sure? Somehow I doubt la. Color so dull leh

    That was the impression I had when it was served. Humph!!! Not going to be better than mine…but the test of the pudding was in the eating! I was surprised that it was actually really very nice!

  14. Hey cincaluk nice lar…

    You haven’t tried ours! You will never touch those bottled ones at your end ever again. All salty, no bau…where got nice?

  15. hey! daging masak hitam looks good! am keen to do something similar at home one of these days πŸ˜€

    Go ahead, give it a try. They’ve the ready made paste here – I hear most of the Malay shops/stalls use that. Very nice, no need for all the hassle.

  16. White rice with cincaluk cili padi is very appetising!

    Not this cincaluk but with the Bintulu ones, will surely go for a second plate of rice. Yum! Yum!

  17. your mixed rice, but minus the cincaluk. Melisa’s fried mee hoon looks very good! I like.

    We can drop by here when you come back again. The masak hitam is nicer that my regular Bandong stall but what I did not like was that they cut the meat into extremely small bits and pieces.

  18. Hi Arthur! When I read the title, I was really excited as I thought you were going to show us some interesting recipes using ginger as ingredient.

    I’m hosting next month’s LTU and guess what? Ginger is my choice of ingredient for the event! πŸ˜€

    Oh? A friend gave me some Bentong ginger powder when I was in KL last week – lots of health benefits, he said. Wonder what I can cook with it.

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