It certainly comes as no surprise that the Japanese were the first to come up with the idea of instant noodles, as we know them today – those workaholics and in today’s societies, instant noodles are a life saver for many – young students and working singles especially, with their tight and busy schedules or they are either too lazy to cook or they cannot cook…or it is simply not their kind of thing. Just look at all those shelves in any supermarket – that would bear testimony to the fact that they’re selling like hot cakes or so to speak.

However, there have been people dropping by my blog and saying that the noodles are coated with wax or whatever and we must boil the noodles first and then, drain away the water…and after that, we will have to cook the soup before putting the noodles back in to eat. Well, let us take a look at the ingredients…


I do not see wax mentioned anywhere – maybe it comes under “permitted food conditioners”, I wouldn’t know. I do not see monosodium glutamate being mentioned as well and I am pretty sure they contain a lot of that. It seems that they have diplomatically grouped that under “flavor enhancers”. Looking at the lists, it is quite obvious that the consumption of these things should be kept to the bare minimum…and not every day like it is a staple diet or something.

On my part, I am not too crazy about these noodles and that is why I will always have a lot of extras added – an egg, at least, to eat together with the noodles. Nonetheless, I always have some in the pantry to cook when the need arises, for instance, when there’s nothing in the fridge and nothing in the house that I can have for breakfast or it is raining heavily and I would rather not go out for dinner for fear of getting drenched and soaked to the skin. However, I usually do not bother to cook the noodles and drain away the water – I reckon that since I do not consume the stuff that frequently, just once in a while, it is all right – and the only time I would do that would be when I’m having the mee goreng variety. Come to think of it, this may be a wiser choice when it comes to instant noodles considering that you have no choice but to drain away the water that you cook the noodles in.

Other than the aforementioned, this is something that you can do as well which is to serve the noodles dry. What I did was to empty the sachet of seasoning onto a plate and the chili paste/oil that came with the particular flavour that I was cooking. Use only half the packet of seasoning or else it will be too salty and this, I would say, is a good thing as you would be reducing your intake of those so-called “permitted” ingredients. I added a bit of oil with which I had fried some sliced shallots to mix everything together and to facilitate the tossing of the noodles later. Needless to say, the oil would give the noodles that extra fragrance as well and would certainly bring the taste to a whole new level.

After cooking the noodles, I drained away the water and tossed them well with the ingredients. Nope, I did not bother to rinse the noodles under the tap and putting them back into the boiling water to heat them up again…but you may do that if you want. Once the noodles were ready, I fried an egg to go with it and served…

Mee Daddy, curry flavour & egg

Was it good? Well, I would say it was…and a welcome change from the usual soupy version.

As for how much safer this is, I don’t really know – probably a bit…but whatever it is, as with everything else, moderation is the key.

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26 thoughts on “Safe…”

  1. i don’t rinse the noodles at all but i think the ingredients used are actually more unhealthy compared to these wax that i have eaten since young! πŸ˜›

    Perhaps. I would think everything isn’t so bad if in moderation. Lots of other more dangerous stuff around that people put in their mouths every day, I’m sure.

  2. I guess like you said, it is for those emergency situations only that instant noodles are consumed for convenience. My mum used to cook the Maggi instant noodles with addition of chicken, eggs and vegetables. It was quiet good but she has since stopped buying instant noodles for health reasons.

    If you add extras, it will certainly bring the taste to a whole new level. Trying adding ginseng hairs (seng see) and those red seeds (good for eyes) to chicken-flavoured instant noodles…throw in an egg too…very very nice and keeps you on the go.

  3. Ever since I read the emails regarding to the wax, I either soak the noodles with boiling water or put them in hot water to take away the so called wax.. πŸ™‚ For soup, I did that.. but for dry style, no need to do double work…

    Soaking will do the trick? Didn’t hear of that. My auntie (they had a maid) would insist and boiling and draining away the water…as far back as the 70’s – they did not hear of the wax then, just that they had this fear about it getting dirty during the making in the factory.

  4. I don’t eat instant noodles so often unless the needs arises. I do heard about the wax in the instant noodles too but won’t be bothered about it so much cos seldom eat. Add a fried egg and some green/spring onions will definitely taste a lot better. Still prefer to toss with Bovril.

    Ahhhhh!!! A convert here? You love it with BOvril eh? Nice!!!

  5. My instant noodles and cup noodles have been lying there for a long time liao, same like you, if only nothing in the fridge to eat or once in a blue moon craving, then eat it….

    I think that is the only good excuse to eat instant noodles…but those with little kids will beg to differ. Kids love them…and would rather eat them in place of rice.

  6. yes, MODERATION is the key.. agree with that!! *wink wink* πŸ™‚

    That’s me all right… *wink, wink back…* LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. I do boil the mee and then drain away the water. Don’t mind the extra step, just so I feel less guilty :/

    But i only cook it in a blue moon, like I have nothing else in the fridge and pantry to cook with. Instant noodle is the last resort!

    I saw someone mention about bovril! Gotta grab one to toss with my meesua, that I bought in Sibu! πŸ˜€

    Get down to it soon – eating noodles will never be the same again after that! LOL!!! Yup, instant noodles, once in a while, should be fine.

  8. When we are poor students living overseas, eating instant noodles becomes a way of life! Whether it has done any damage to us…well what’s done is done I suppose. =D

    Yup, they’re the staple diet of students away from home…and also yuppies living on their own.

  9. Used to eat instant noodles more when I was younger… coz they’re so instant & convenient! And I didn’t bother to add any ingredients apart from an egg. Heard about the waxes but didn’t bother to boil & rinse first. Nowadays, as I grow older, more health conscious… Seldom eat instant noodles and I only buy Korean noodles (yummy hot!) and mee goreng version. Of course, the kids would love them but I would limit the consumption.
    Anyway, there are so many dangerous toxins in a variety of form in almost all the food out there. We just have to be conscious of our body condition (eg whether suffering from high cholesterol or diabetic) and take things in moderation. Bon appetite! πŸ™‚

    That’s right. I would say nothing is safe…but no, I’m not going to go organic just yet like what many people are doing these days. I guess a bit of everything is fine – just don’t go overboard in eating something. Even what is good may be bad in the end.

  10. For me, i always rinse off the n put them back into the boiling water.It is safer to consume.

    You’re a good mum. πŸ˜‰

  11. Instant noodles are not encouraged to eat too often.. Anyway, it’s better to boil and rinse them thoroughly before eating.

    Ya, remember to do that all the time especially when cooking for your family. πŸ˜‰

  12. I seldom cook instant noodles nowadays, but I like the way how you cook it!!! =]

    Ya, you can give it a try. Nice, and something different for a change.

  13. instant noodles were my guilty pleasure when i was a teenager! nowadays i don’t dare to buy them anymore … cos i know i can’t resist eating them every night for a supper snack if i had them stocked at home! πŸ˜€

    Ya, I’m sure you would not want to end up looking like me. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  14. nowadays.. eat anything also got risk… even fresh ingredients… ai ya… so my thoughts are the same as yours… everything in moderations lor… i still love my instant noodles… just something simple but satisfying.. hehe

    Yup, once in a while…no problem. Good things in excess may also bring harm.

  15. I have some in my pantry too….hehe. I love the Korean ones. They are just so good. But they are for emergency….when the cook is on strike πŸ˜€

    Meaning you are feeling lazy lah… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  16. I didn’t bother to do anything extra.
    Some ppl put the seasoning into bowl and pour the hot water with noodle in and stir but I prefer to add in together to boil.

    It tastes different that way – I prefer to boil to cook.

  17. I make like wantan mee….hot water the cold water and hot water again…bouncier

    Yup, removes the starch and prevents overcooking.

  18. well most say that instant stuffs are’nt really healthy, coz it has preservatives
    and too much “chemicals” that’s why I eat those in moderation

    Good, good, keep it up.

  19. Argh!!!!! You do know that for the past few days I’ve started a no carbo diet at night because ppl have been mentioning that I’ve round up all over. Looking at that last pic is killing me. I tried to drain the water each time I cook instant noodles but sometimes laziness just gets into me that I do not even bother anymore -,-

    Don’t bother. I went on a no-noodle diet once, went down at least 4 inches but after a month, it all came back and I put it all back on…without eating noodles. Never bothered again after that.

  20. Nothing is 100% safe or healthy. Either we live to eat or eat to live, we just need to be sensible eat in moderation. Nothing wrong if we indulge in instant noodles once a while or once a week…or else wait nightmare dream about not eating this and that…:)
    Your instant noodle look inviting. πŸ™‚

    Have a nice day.

    Yes, I am sure many of us eat things a lot worse and more harmful than instant noodles…

  21. I have a habit of rinsing them and boiling the noodles:D My late godma who dealt with food chemicals mentioned something like wax but yes its actually food conditioner.

    Ya, that’s what people keep telling me – wax, and that gives the noodles a nice shine.

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