Just one last time…

It wasn’t really great the first time…nor was it the second time even though it was a little bit better. My missus tried the third packet and she did not like it either. There being 4 packets in the pack, I had one packet left and I decided to cook it just one last time but a little bit differently this time around, hoping that it would help to make it better somewhat.

I emptied the sachet of chili paste onto a plate…and half of the seasoning – I reckoned it would be too salty if I were to use all of it. Since there wasn’t any oil provided, I added a teaspoon of my own and mixed everything together…

Seasoning & chili paste & oil

Then, I boiled the noodles (and the garnishes) till soft/cooked and drained away the water. I added some cold water to rinse them further and wash away any remaining trace of starch or wax or whatever. After that, I poured some boiling water into the pot to heat up the noodles again. Finally, I drained away the water and mixed the noodles with the ingredients I had ready in the plate and tossed everything together thoroughly…


Hey!!! It turned out to be very nice! The starchy/gooey feel (the texture of chili sauce) to it was still there but not as much. Perhaps that was because I only used half the packet of the seasoning provided. I cooked one half-boiled egg to go with it…but oops! I broke the yolk! Darn!!!


Never mind! It still tasted great…but at roundabout RM3.00 a packet, I guess I will not be having this again for a long, long time, I’m afraid…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Just one last time…”

  1. So it means the dryer it is the better? No need for it to be half wet/ half dry… Yums lah your egg!!

    You sure do love my eggs, don’t you? Too bad I poked too fast and it overflowed prematurely. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. 1 packet for RM3 or 4 for RM3? I’ll just settle with my ibumie mee goreng then πŸ˜›

    ONE packet, RM11.95 for a pack of 4. Yes, stick to your Ibumie – beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is nicer.

  3. RM3.00 a packet, I would just go for kolo mee and save the time to prepare it. The dry version looks better. Nom!!!…Nom!!!…

    Precisely! Not so bad if it had been really really nice – save the trouble of having to go out.

  4. aw man, I still havent tried mine.. lol… ok, I am so gonna try and cook one packet with this idea recipe of yours… πŸ™‚

    I find it nicest this way – not a fan of the gooey soup.

  5. i love to add half-boiled eggs onto spaghetti too, definitely makes my spaghetti delizioso

    I guess you like that fried kway teow where they break one raw egg on top and call it Moon River or Moonlight Serenade?

  6. Whew, luckily I didn’t rush out to buy this particular noodles. I think if the noodles had been given a coat of sesame oil as well, it could have saved the day.

    Texture wise, it looks good to me. =)

    I’m not fond of sesame oil – got…Penang famous one from blogger friend, not used yet. The noodles are fine…just the taste.

  7. Looks sinfully tasty, especially with the running egg white and yolk at the side.

    Unfortunately it is not…plus it is extremely expensive, just like the Korean and Japanese ones but at least, those taste pretty good.

  8. The other day I tried cooking 1 packet to test and see….
    This noodle requires longer cooking time…and sorry to say..I felt its overpriced and I tot it doesn’t taste that good. My packet of Rusky Tom Yam is better…more kick.hehe…

    See! I told you so. At that price, I’d much sooner go for the Korean ones. I’ve tried a nice one before…but at that price, I can jolly well live without it, thank you very much.

  9. hahaha you finally finish your packet then? I think sometimes expensive doesn’t mean better anyway, some people try too hard to make their product fancy but perhaps the flavour profile don’t work quite as well as a simple packet of Daddy mee. Mmmmm!

    Yup. Can’t judge by the price nor the packaging. The test of the pudding is in the eating.

  10. We still have 2 packets at home. I think the drier..the better huh…Next time, can try your version.

    You can try. I think it’s nicer this way.

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