Asian moon…

In my previous post, I blogged about the time when my missus and I went to Japan on a holiday. Well, actually, it was, more or less, a tour of the Far East, the Asian countries in that direction – starting, first of all, with Hong Kong…


It was not so convenient to fly in those days and I remember we had to fly to Kuching and then, to Singapore, stopping there for a night in transit…but that was good in a way as we were able to shop for some winter clothing that we could use on the tour.

I did not really like Hong Kong. For one thing, they all spoke Cantonese at the time and when one could not speak the dialect, they suddenly turned inhospitable and not very friendly. I hear they’re much nicer now and are conversant in English…but I wouldn’t know as I have not been there since.

We landed at Kai Tak (that was the airport at the time) in Kowloon and went via the undersea tunnel to the island. I remember going via cable car to Ocean Park and there was this place called the Sung Village…


…and we dropped by the ATV studios as well…


My missus was an avid fan of those Cantonese series from Hong Kong on videotapes at the time and would watch every single episode without fail.

Next, we flew to Taiwan and we had the good fortune of bumping into the young and very handsome, Kris Philips, better known as Fei Xiang

T - FX

Of course, he’s old and shrivelled now…and the last I heard of him, there were rumours saying that he was having a gay relationship with (Steven) Liu Wen Chen.

I quite liked it in Taiwan…


…as the people there were all Hokkien-speaking, the Chinese dialect that I am most proficient in…even though theirs was a little bit different but despite that, we were able to manage very well which, unfortunately, was not the case when we went to Seoul, Korea after a few days in Taiwan…


I remember shopping there and because there was this communication breakdown, I just put all my money on the counter and let them take what I should pay for whatever I was buying – the people there were very nice and polite though.


It was December and as you can see from the photographs, the further north we went, the colder it became…


…and from Korea, we flew to Japan.

Flying there was not a problem as there were stops along the way but we flew back all the way from Tokyo on 18th December, 1983 and it was such a terribly long flight. Then, as we were descending at Subang, the airport in KL at the time, suddenly the pilot aborted his initial intention to land and the aircraft turned quickly and started picking up speed and flying upwards again. There was an announcement on board – something about a crash…but that probably was a slip of the tongue. All enquiries after that were accorded very vague and evasive replies. Eventually, we were diverted to Penang and had to wait there for hours and hours till the wee hours of the morning before we resumed our flight to KL. As we landed, we saw the unfortunate aircraft (a MAS Airbus A300, Flight 684 from Singapore) that had landed before ours and crashedΒ – the whole top part of the plane had gone missing! Gee! That was scary!!!

I can’t remember how we flew back from KL – whether it was via Singapore and Kuching or through Kuching…or whether we already had direct flights from KL to Sibu at the time. Whatever it was, we sure were glad we got home in one piece, praise the Lord!

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31 thoughts on “Asian moon…”

  1. praise the lord indeed, else i would not have tasted those nice kompias and kampuas… ur photo… err, like kena jaundice ka… muahahaha…

    Ya, so sad. I dug out my old photographs and was so depressed to see that the colours had faded – not colourful anymore – all light reddish…plus the yellow lighting when I was snapping the pics for use, they certainly do not look nice any more. Faded photographs…perhaps, the old folks were smarter, having them all in black and white. Sigh!!!

  2. I heard about the air crash incident, it was scary and sad!!! =[

    Scary, yes. Something could have happened to us too…but luckily, there were no casualties in the crash. A miracle.

  3. Hi Arthur! Thanks for sharing the interesting post and a peek into your past… That was a good 30 years ago! Was that a honeymoon?

    No, it wasn’t on our honeymoon. Before my girl came along, we would go some place on a holiday every year. I would scrimped and saved the whole year through and spend it all during the end of the year holidays going some place…until I realised that I could have done a lot with the money, buy a lot of things for the house and so, eventually we stopped. Only went to places in the country or Singapore when my girl was small…and all this while as well = except for our trips to NZ – twice so far, we have not gone anywhere else.

  4. What a memorable trip! My aunt had went to Hong Kong few months ago, she also said she didn’t like Hong Kong because the people are not very friendly. While browsing for things, we must buy when we hold the things. Meaning, there’s no window shopping in Hong Kong. LOL!

    They’re still like that? People were telling me that they’ve changed since the British gave up control and they do speak English now but things are very expensive.

  5. Very interesting old stories about your trip! Must have been very nostalgic looking at those old photos.

    I guess that’s what one does when one grows old… Sobssss!!!! 😦

  6. Me too fan of chinese drama series leh…but only those HK ones .

    My missus too, Cantonese ones. You two memang ngam lah like that… Was so annoyed as she watched so many of those shows but when in Hong Kong, she could not speak the dialect. Tsk! Tsk!

  7. Yeah, I think Taiwan is a much better place to visit than Hongkong. You still have lots of down the memory lane photos. These are treasures to keep. Looks so stunning in every pix.

    Well, I liked Taiwan better then…dunno now, never gone back since that trip. But I do prefer places less oriental as it’s like we’ve never left home.

  8. I have been to Hong Kong and Korea, don’t know I can materialize my dream to step my feet on Taiwan and Japan like you.

    Can, can…still young and these days, everyone can fly. A whole lot easier and cheaper to go to these places.

  9. so was that your honeymoon?? HK, Taiwan, Korean and Japan, wow, that was interesting huh?? now i’ve only been to HK and Japan but not Taiwan and Korea.. the Food Mayor must be so rich back then to go to Japan and all these countries.. i just started kindergarten back then, hehe!! :p

    No, not my honeymoon. Our annual end of year holiday – HK-Taiwan-Seoul-Japan.

  10. i LOVE looking at all your old photos Arthur!! so nice, and our dear STP was so young and macho and handsome and slim and bergaya back then.. he looked even better than that two ATV actors, hahaha!! nobody approached you to join them?? :p

    No such luck. Otherwise, I could have been a famous TV star. Step aside, Chow Yuen Fatt. LOL!!!

  11. 30 years is a long period, of course there have been lots of changes.. perhaps you can have a reprise of this Far East trip again after 30 years.. go and look for your old memories in those places and see if they are still there and if you still feel the same.. but of course, minus that part of the crashed airplane.. πŸ™‚

    No, thanks. Sometimes you go back to a place with all the pleasant memories only to find that things have changed so much and are not the same anymore and you end up leaving, disappointed.

  12. What a wonderful honeymoon! Yes, Praise The Lord that all went smoothly for you and your missus.. terrifying to hear about plane crashes esp when we were to board the plane…

    Not honeymoon lah. Just a holiday. Well,I guess when we want to do anything, we just leave everything in God’s hands and pray that He will keep us safe. We’ll be fine.

  13. wah 1983, not sure where was i LOL, btw, you look handsome and slim wor Arthur! hahaha πŸ˜›

    I did, eh? Better than you now…so watch out! You’ll end up like me if you;re not careful. LOL!!!

  14. A lovely trip down memory lane… and those priceless photos to remind you of the times πŸ™‚ Too bad and sad that the colours begin to fade, right. But the wonderful memories won’t fade from your mind. That was so long ago… 80’s? I was still in secondary school that time!

    I guess it’s alright you scrimped, saved and get to travel to places before Melissa came along. Of course, you could have saved so much money but I guess the experiences you had together with your missus, travelling to all those places, is priceless. Pros and cons. But that’s just my opinion πŸ˜‰.

    Hong Kong is nice but I prefer Taiwan. Korea… haven’t been to.

    And gosh! The accident was so scary!

    So sad about the photos…but I guess nothing is permanent. 😦 Some people love Korea but I prefer countries where I can communicate without any problem.

  15. Oh, forgot to add…
    You got to meet and took photo with Fei Xiang? How cool! I didn’t know him then, not until I was much older, but his voice is amazing, huh! Did he sounded like that when he was young?

    He was ok when he first started but I think after his stint at Broadway, his singing improved a great deal.

  16. Korea and Japan, both my favorite country!
    Taiwan, haven’t got a chance to visit it yet, look forward to!

    Many Mandarin speaking locals love to go there…again and again!

  17. i also want to fly to so many places before i grow old and ugly πŸ˜›

    Well, one down, one more to go.No worries, you’ll grow old soon enough. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  18. The rumor surrounding Fei Xiang and Liu Wen Zhen, it seems, was created when the latter suddenly packed his bags and called it a day, retired from the showbiz industry and the former silently expanded his career to China.

    To me, Fei Xiang is still as gorgeous as ever, with that twinkle in his eye. =D

    I’m thinking of visiting Taiwan, HK (need to brush up on my Cantonese first) and Korea one fine day; it still sounds like a food and shopping haven. Only thing is that the accommodation is pricey. =(

    Don’t think I’m all that keen on heading that way but I know lots of people are. Some go every year.

  19. Another “blast from the past” post from you. πŸ™‚

    Your flight back home was scary. Thanks be to God that you and missus are safe.

    It is good that you had a tour around those countries. Those are the countries that I wanted to visit too. I do hope that I will have the money to travel with my future missus to the same countries that you visited.

    Ya…better do it when young, no commitments. Eventually you will have to keep putting off your plans…and then you find that you are too old to enjoy much already.

  20. You are no where near tuapui then! What happened lol!

    Yeah HongKee now speaks English, but their ascent is funny! Like berry bahasa bangku liddat! πŸ˜€

    I got married. That was the beginning…Hehehehehe!!!!!

  21. you’re really a handsome lad back in the days ya πŸ™‚ .. oh no, marriage does that to you? now I’m scared. haha

    Ya…watch out. If it happened to me, it can happen to you. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  22. Would love to follow you.. Please add a subscribe button or your fb page link

    Most welcome. Ya…I think many bloggers do that. Somehow, I don’t feel like joining the crowd. πŸ˜‰

  23. ATV studio in HKG and Fei Xiang in Taiwan! Wow! When I was small I watched more TVB dramas than ATV. And my mum is a fan of Fei Xiang.

    Yup. My missus preferred TVB dramas more than ATV…but the tour went to ATV studios, no choice. She was familiar with the actors and actresses we met – I was the blur one, did not know anybody.

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