Angels brought me here…

Bidadari means “angel” in Malay and that is the name of this new bakery in town…


– or at least, I only noticed it lately since I’ve been driving up and down that road quite a bit these days. It is among the blocks of shops Β right next to the Star Mega Mall here – you will get to it first if you are coming down from the airport and I am pretty sure you will not miss it as you can see it from the main road.

The Gawai Dayak Festival is just around the corner…so, those of you who are celebrating, have you bought all you need yet? And those of you who are thinking what to get for your friends who will be celebrating, you may want to drop by here as there are shelves and shelves of all kinds of cookies…


…going cheap for the occasion. I saw on one shelf a price tag that stated the original price as RM25.00 a jar but it was selling for RM15.00, their special Gawai offer…and I saw on another shelf, jars of goodies that only cost RM10.00.

In their fridge, they have the celebrated kek lapis Sarawak in an array of colours including these rolls…

KLS - rolls

…that cost only RM20 each. There is a bakery selling these on the other side of town and the last time I bought some there, I paid RM25 for one.

The cakes don’t come cheap as you can see…

KLS - whole

…but you do not have to buy them whole. You can choose to buy the cut-up ones instead…

KLS - cut

…and that way, you can have a variety – all the different types instead of a lot of just one or two of them. Don’t you think the watermelon on the top right looks just like the fruit?

Well, in case you simply cannot make up your mind since there are so many for you to choose from, don’t worry! You can try the samples that are made available for Β you…

KLS - samples

I like the chocolate mint best – the green and brown layered one on the left but the black one in the middle wins hands down! That is the hitam manis (black sweet) and it is so soft, so rich, so flavourful that it swept me off my feet. I loved it!!! If you buy the whole cake, it is RM90.00 each, a bit cheaper than those colourful ones.

Ummm…Teachers’ Day has just gone past on the 16th of May, right? Hint! Hint!!! As they always say, better late than never! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Angels brought me here…”

  1. I do like the kek lapis… both for the colour and taste.

    I’m not really crazy about them but if they’re very rich and very nice, I don’t mind a slice or two.

  2. These cakes certainly look pretty. Tasted some of them when I was in Miri some weeks back. A tad too sweet and oily for my personal liking:( But bought them as buah tangan for my office folks who went gaga over them:D

    The ones here, not oily at all but I don’t mind them a bit oily with a strong buttery fragrance – like the one somebody gave me from Lavender in KL, the Indonesian-style kek lapis: – really, really nice but not cheap either. I think one block’s RM45.00…so one whole square cake would probably be over RM100 too.

  3. Yeah I would prefer the cut-up version also. Normally people eat only one or two slice of cakes, mostly they prefer eating snacks or tidbits. Buying for friends celebrating Gawai?

    Like me – not so into sweet things these days. I prefer the savoury stuff. Will not be around for the Gawai and actually, I’ve not gone visiting, never mind what festival, for a long long time now. Old already, lazy…

  4. I am always amazed by the Sarawak kek lapis. So colorful and intricate. I guess the price tag is for the amount of time spent building up all those colorful patterns.

    It certainly is a lot of work but the cost price in itself is already very high considering amount of expensive ingredients, butter, condensed milk and all the rich stuff.

  5. hope it tastes as good as it looks. i bought a small piece in LCCT last time, i think it was prune lapis kept my tummy churning whole day,also not nice, stale and dry.

    Adoi! LCCT, if from Sarawak, you can imagine how old that must be… Must eat in Sibu…or Kuching.

  6. What a beautiful name – Angel. Those very rich with buttery fragrance really taste awesome but some too colourful puts me off. I prefer the cut-up version so I can have different varieties. Have a nice weekend. God Bless!!!..

    Yup, I’d stick to green – that’s usually pandan. There are yellow/brown ones – cheese usually that’s a bit salty. I love those too – more than the sweet ones. But the ones here – not really sweet. Nice…but butter fragrance, kurang sikit. Maybe that’s why not oily.

  7. I love kuih lapis very much. I tried to bake mine, but it wasn’t really successful.

    I prefer those not too sweet and not too many colouring one.

    They steam them…but I know some will bake after steaming so that they can last longer but that will make them a bit dry and hard.

  8. I’d be tempted to buy those colorful kek lapis! Salute those bakers, must be hard in baking those cakes.

    They’re really nice, I would say…just that I’m not so into sweet things these days and at my age, I need to cut down on my sugar intake. Just eat the samples – good enough for me. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  9. wow, the kek lapis look truly beautiful! i bet they’d be a big hit especially with tourists. and ya, they might look pricey but i guess that whole cake would feed a lot of people! and i love the name of the bakery, heh πŸ˜€

    Ya, and one can’t take a lot, anyway…a slice or two…and savour the taste – so rich, so nice! Looking at how much work that requires and the expensive ingredients used, I think the prices are all quite reasonable.

  10. I don’t really like to eat those colourful cakes, but the presentation has already intrigued me. Must be time consuming to get them looking so pretty.

    Not too keen on the colours but they’re usually very rich and very very nice…and very soft and smooth. The black one was soooooo good!

  11. alamak, seems quite pricey either, heard about these before but haven’t really tried any of them yet, i had something similar from Indonesia few months back, didn’t like it, too buttery and sweet, i’ll definitely prefer some other types of desserts πŸ˜›

    The Indon ones – available on the shelves at the supermarket…so you can guess how much preservatives they have inside. I had the one made by a bakery in KL – Lavender…that one’s a lot nicer. These are not so sweet, sugar reduced, I guess…and not buttery, so a bit dry. I don’t mind them being less sweet but I think they could do with a bit more butter – much nicer.

    As for them being pricey, it is common knowledge that when one wants quality stuff, one has to pay for them. Cheap cakes, lots around…not worth the calories.

  12. Ahaha…hint hint at the last paragraph. πŸ™‚

    With the way you described the cakes, I bet that bidadari perfectly described the cakes. They taste so heavenly. πŸ˜‰

    Yes, they’re very nice…just a bit too expensive for me – can’t afford to spend so lavishly these days…old pensioner.

  13. i looove kek lapis! but i don’t really see it being sold here! 😦

    You did not buy any back when you came to Sibu? Aiyorrrrrr!!!! I told you where you could get them…in Bandong.

  14. So colourful and pretty patterns too! One of my colleagues used to bring back these cakes for us in the office and we had a good time trying out the varieties…

    Did you drop by that stall at Bandong when you were here? You did not buy any? Those who did loved them a lot – Yee Ling, for one…but I think on her recent trip, she did not buy any. Too preoccupied, I guess. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!

  15. I love giving those layer cakes to my overseas friends. I get them stocked up when my sis return to her in-law’s home. πŸ™‚

    Oh? Your BIL is from Sarawak? Kuching, I guess. Bet they’ll cart back all the ikan terubok masin, all the telur terubok masin… West Malaysians going to Kuching will buy boxes and boxes back…and of course, the kek lapis too.

  16. :D.. what an angelic store… i wouldnt mind having some of those though. :)..
    in fact right now i’m sitting here having some donuts from the neighborhood bakery.. nom nom !:D

    No, thanks. Not a fan of donuts… Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. If the middle one is the Horlicks one then that’s my absolute favourite. My mom makes good choc and mint version too.

    You like Horlicks? There’s my regular Malay kuih stall here – they’ve very nice Horlicks cake. It’s like kek batek but instead of chocolate holding all the biscuits together, they use Horlicks. Very nice…and not expensive – RM45 for one whole cake, I think.

  18. Ahh, this shop is not that far from my house πŸ˜€ I’ll try it soon πŸ˜€

    Go ahead. There are free samples. Help yourself. Hehehehe!!!!

    P.S. New here, I see. Welcome! Welcome! Ah….you’re friends with my young FB friend, Cornelius, I see. Thanks for dropping by and do come again, I love company!

  19. those were the most colorful breads I’ve seen! haha
    they all looks great, but if you say that the choco mint is the best
    i bet it sure was

    They’re cakes…and the black one is nicer – the nicest of the lot – really good.

  20. lovely goodies! there is so much effort put in for all those pretty lapis cakes… I love them but sometimes I wish they dont put so much coloring in them… πŸ™‚

    I’d go for the green ones – pandan…or the black ones – browning…or the yellow/brown ones – the butter and cheese colours. No rainbow colours for me, thank you.

  21. It looks good! I’ve never seen that rolled up kek lapis before.

    …but never seen a specifically Malay bakery either! πŸ™‚

    We had one at Bandong but it has moved to somewhere in the middle of one of those kampong roads. Ex-colleague of Chung’s – they were at Kingwood together before. This one’s mainly cakes and cookies…no bread. The roll – I think I bought for your Ling before, not sure. From Farley Bakery, very nice…especially the coffee one.

    1. Yup, Farley is good but it’s a bit too far by Sibu standards.

      I didn’t know there’s one in Bandong, that’s why you’re the resident food guru! πŸ˜€

      …and now, there’s this new place as well.

  22. wow, RM110 for that block of cake!! hmmm, i must taste all the samples there, and then leave the bakery feeling so satisfied~~ πŸ˜€

    How come I’m not surprised? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  23. I bought this for my mom during my Kuching trip!!! =]

    I hope you did not buy those sold along the pavements. Dunno how long they’ve been there…and how much preservatives they contain to keep them from spoiling. They do not even keep them in a fridge, you noticed?

  24. WOW! Look at all of the fun colors of everything! Neat!

    Yes, they are indeed very colourful, aren’t they? I think it’s part of the Malay culture here – people of that race are very intricate in their work – be it their cooking or handicrafts or decorations…and colourful too.

  25. Kuching Kek Lapis is very famous….My colleagues from Kuching brought us one small like those cost RM20. He usually bought two flavours. Really nice but not cheap though.

    Hope they get from the house cum factory, not from those roadside stalls. They have nice ones too…but they’re not kept in a fridge and imagine the preservatives used to keep them from going bad…day after day in our tropical heat.

  26. wow imagine the whole kek lapis is about RM100 plus. Well the price paid off with their skill on making those kek lapis design… not hard but the time really consuming when baking kek lapis.

    Try making yourself. My missus used to make – steamed layer by layer one year…and her layers not so fine and uniform, some thick and some thin…and the following year, she just mixed all the ingredients together and steamed. Tasted good too though… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  27. The kek lapis Sarawak certainly look very pretty. Haven’t tasted them before but they would look great to be served at parties. I don’t see them being sold here, otherwise I will be gladly to buy some cut-up pieces to try. The mint flavored and hitam manis are nice? Ok, will keep that in mind πŸ™‚

    Yup, a favourite at festivals like Raya and Chinese New Year too.

  28. Was that some water melon design? Interesting….

    But I think food coloring is used excessively here?.. Prefer natural coloring…

    Sometimes they do – like they use pandan leaves…and this flower or that for blue or red. Ya, that’s watermelon all right.

  29. I always drive pass by this cake shop..and never know, it sells a lot of cakes.

    See! It pays to drop by my blog. You learn new things everyday.

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