I’ll take your word (2)…

And now…the continuing and concluding episode of the Chili Crab Noodles!!! *cues in drumroll and fanfare*

Well, Huai Bin was almost right when he said that the noodles “were slightly over RM 10 but less than RM 11” – each pack of 4 costs RM11.95 to be exact…


– I stand corrected. It is still a bit cheaper though than what he paid for the same thing in Seremban – RM12.99. Honestly, I don’t know how I got the impression that it was RM6 something – if I had known it was that expensive, I certainly would not bother to buy, not at all. Actually they’re having an offer right now on some Korean noodles at only RM7.99 a pack – I did not check but they’re probably drawing pretty near their expiry or use-by date. I would much sooner have bought those instead if I had wanted anything that pricey.

As for what he said about me having too much water in mine, I really do not think so. In fact, I thought mine was rather dry or as it says on the packet, semi-dry…

CCN - 1st attempt

…whereas his in his blog looked like the noodles were swimming in the soup. Anyway, the second time around, I took his advice that I had to measure out the water *exactly*…and I did – 2OOml X 2 = 400ml, using my measuring cup cum fat separator…so the second time around, what I got in the end was not as dry as in the first attempt…

CCN - 2nd attempt

For one thing, on the packet, it says that there are three “rich sachets inside – chilli paste, seasoning powder, garnish“. Now, I thought that garnishes are supposed to be sprinkled on top just before serving and that was exactly what I did the first time! If you google for the definition, this is what it says garnish is: “a decoration or embellishment for something, esp. food.” However, if you look at the cooking instructions on the packet, I am supposed to empty all three sachets into the saucepan…

CCN - cooking instructions

That was why when I cooked the second packet, I threw everything in – the dehydrated spring onions and those crumbs of dunno-what.

And now the final verdict – was it any better? Well, I would say it was slightly better – for one thing, it was not as gooey or as I described it then, “like noodles tossed in chili sauce“. Still, I would not say that it was really good nor would I give the same response as my missus. She took a packet and cooked the noodles for herself and her response was, “Eeeeee…anay phai ciak eh!” (Eeeee…tastes awful!) She also thought it was “sticky” as well. It was, in my opinion, at best…edible and for around RM3.00 a packet, I think there are a lot of other nice things that we can get at the shops and stalls for that kind of money.

To chefandsommelier and Dead Cockroach who said that they did not know of the existence of this/had never seen this in the island republic, here’s what it says on the pack…

Made in Singapore


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28 thoughts on “I’ll take your word (2)…”

  1. there r many products made locally but not for local consumption… hey, i just bought a small bottle of bovril, am waiting to throw into the kampua kosong as what u suggested… taste quite ok, not too thick and gooey… **wink **wink… hahaha…

    I know that’s the case where Japan is concerned…or they’re more expensive locally. They call it the Japanese Occupation – to cripple similar industries abroad, sell cheap…and the fittest will survive. Just “quite ok”? It’s soooo nice. Did you follow the instructions I gave in my post(s)? Wah…so long, more than half a year already…and you still have the dried kampua I gave you?

    1. no no… i meant the bovril itself taste quite ok and not too thick and gooey like marmite or vegemite… re dried kampua, had some, gave my parents some…no more lu… *wink *wink *wink (3 times winks oredi)

      Ummmm…you need EYEMO? I go Guardian and get for you, want? Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  2. hahaha… the garnish might be the thing that floating around after u cooked it. That’s why it’s called garnish 😛

    No, I always think it’s what you sprinkle on top before serving to enhance the taste and also for decoration and colour – things like fried sliced shallots, chopped spring onions, sliced chili.

  3. i do like the look of your dry version! u’re very generous with the egg and other assorted lauk-pauk 😀

    Ya, it certainly looked better but sadly, it did not taste as good.

  4. You know what? I finally saw this at the supermarket one day AFTER seeing your previous post! LOL!

    Ah!!! There! They’re sold there after all. I wonder what the price is like. Dirt cheap, before conversion, I’m sure.

  5. Why buy this when you can get a bowl of kampua at RM2.50 in the shops?

    Precisely, and the same goes for those pricey ones from Korea and Japan. I only bought as I wanted to try and I thought they were around RM6 a pack…of 6 – didn’t realise there were only 4 (but bigger) packets inside. 😦

  6. I prefer your first version more. More apt to semi-dry. Whereas the second attempt is how I usually cook Maggie’s asam laksa! Added less water so that the broth is more concentrated, taste wise!

    But it was all gooey and sticky like adding chili sauce to boiled noodles – I did not like it at all. Not so bad the second time around.

  7. Hah! Hah! I like your wife’s reaction 😀

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. LOL!!! Her favourite is the Indonesian Mee Sedaap.

    1. all hail Mee Sedap! goreng or soto? i like both.

      Her favourite is soto. I’m not fond of it as it has a strong serai smell.

  8. Nice looking egg there! Still not much into instant noodles so I will say I love the egg the best 😛

    Where this particular flavour is concerned, you’re definitely not missing out on a lot. Give it a skip.

  9. RM3.00 per packet, I would rather have kolo mee and save the trouble to go through all the cooking but I love the egg. Have a great weekend. Cooking something nice for your girl this weekend?

    I just finished cooking the pasta sauce. Will cook the macaroni later… 😉 Yes, indeed! With that kind of money, might as well go eat something outside.

  10. Ooo product of Singapore. Nom Nom.. 🙂
    I realize you do Put in a lot of nice ingredients inside. Makes it look and should taste good 🙂 yum.

    What’s the plan this weekend?

    Looked good but despite all the added ingredients, it was a disappointment. No plans, just the usual – cook something for my girl…and Sunday, send her back to her jungle school – the usual routine every weekend these days.

  11. If I didn’t see wrongly, the price is about SGD3+ here.

    Btw, do you cook the soup with the same water that you cook the noodles? I would pour away the water used to cook the noodles then use fresh water for the soup.

    I cooked the soup and threw the noodles in. One last packet – I think I’ll do it your way and see if it is any better. Perhaps it will be less starchy = less gooey. Wah!!! S$3 = RM7.50! They make so much profit one! Tsk! Tsk!

    1. I threw away the water due to the wax that might be in it. I don’t want any of that suff inside me!

      Yup! Young people, should do that. Me…old already, wouldn’t make much of a difference and anyway, I do not eat these things often. Would rather cook fresh stuff, from scratch. Only once in a while, when feeling a bit lazy…or nothing in the house.

  12. well you surely knows how to innovate a simple
    product to a very scrumptious meal huh,
    in my case i never really cared about instructions and
    meassurements haha

    Me too. That’s why I cannot bake cakes – measurements must be very very exact or it will not turn out good. 😦

  13. Maybe I should ask Mama not to cook tonight so I can eat Instant Noodles for once.. hahaha…

    Enough kah? By 9, already hungry… LOL!!!

  14. Semi dry chili crab, paste? First time seeing this actually.. hehe.
    I seldom go grocery shopping :p

    Don’t bother if you see this one – so expensive and to me, not nice.

    1. Went to take a look, S$3.55 for a packet of 4, at first thought of buying, in the end, put back in the shelf… lucky didn’t buy…

      As i’m not into instant noodles, unless once in a blue moon, craving for it, keke….

      That’s about RM9.00. 3.55 is the normal price here for the usual noodles that we have on the shelves, but in RM.

  15. I don’t spend RM3 for a packet of instant noodles. I don’t order Maggi Goreng at Mamak for that very same reason as we can do it ourselves at home at a very cheaper price. Gooey stuff there eh? I love gooey stuffs, well.. SOME of them la! Haha! 😛

    You’ll like lor mee then. Not too crazy about that especially the really gooey ones. I’ve had Maggi goreng once only outside…long ago in KL/PJ – nothing great. Tried frying my own, also the same. Not something I would love to have again and again…like my Bovril mee sua or kampua. 😀

  16. after reading this post, I m wondering on mine… I just bought a pack of the same noodles… lol….

    oh well, let’s see cos now I know not to get my hopes to high… hehehe

    Give it a try. You may just like it – as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Do let me know how you find it though – would love to know.

  17. Okay Okay Arthur! I’m convinced… will give this a miss! Still, I have not seen this before…. will open my eyes wide next time I’m at the supermarket… just to check out the price… 😀

    RM3.30, somebody said…and yes, don’t buy. If you must, go for something else.

    1. My personal favourite for many years is the Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100! Spicy and delicious!

      Try it if you can find it over there. If not, I will ship some over for you to try and blog about it! Ha 😀

      Ok, will look for it. I’m sure they have it here – so many different flavours. If you say it is good, it has to be really really good. 😉

      1. Ha… Pls dun say so… everyone’s taste buds are different… one man’s meat is another’s poison… do a google for the package design… I’m eager to find out if you enjoy it like me! 😀

        But if it is selling for RM11.95, I’d probably give it a miss. Poor old pensioner, doesn’t have that much money to spare. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  18. hahah maybe they only sell it to malaysians! ;p

    No, they have it there – S$3.30 somebody said which would be RM8-9.00 here. See how much profit the people here make.

  19. Such a long time didn’t have any instant noodles!!!
    I like the dry version!!! =]

    No need, better to go without it…unless it’s out of convenience or you don’t have a choice.

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