Sad movies…

I guess those who are around my age would know this song. The lyrics go as follows: “Sad movies always make me cry…” I wouldn’t know about you but I love sad movies – real tear jerkers that will make people cry buckets. So what is the saddest movie that you’ve seen – one that made you cry?

I remember this movie about a divorced couple and their son…


The father, an ex-boxing champion, had custody over the son but he could not really provide for his little boy owing to his compulsive gambling. His wife who had left them seven years ago came back and wanted to take over the bringing up of their son to give him a better life. In a bid to get some money to stop her from doing that, he went back to the boxing ring for a fight that took his life.

Remember those late midnight shows in the old days…when seats were only 50 sen in front and upstairs in the balcony, they were only RM1.50. Well, I went to watch this movie, the midnight premiere, with some friends of mine…and at the final scene, everyone was so very quiet – nobody made a sound…until one of us sniffed and the bubble burst! Everyone was crying over the movie and laughing at one another simultaneously. It was so hilarious.

Well, how sad was it? You can watch the very touching scene here…

…and tell me if that made you cry or not.

According to Wikipedia, “The Champ” has also been called “the saddest movie in the world”, and the final scene has been used in numerous psychology experiments to elicit a strong emotional response. According to Smithsonian magazine, two psychologists, Robert Levenson and James Gross, conducted a study of more than 250 movie clips, and subjected them to 500 subjects in 1988, and concluded the last three minutes of the movie, where “T.J.” sees his father win in his comeback fight only to witness his death in the dressing room afterwards, elicited the saddest response from a majority of the subjects. Unfortunately, it was released the same year as “Kramer VS Kramer” which swept the awards at the Oscars. Personally, I feel this one is a lot nicer – as a matter of fact, I did not even think the latter was anything great.

So, have you watched any really really sad movies before? Did any of them make you shed a tear or two?

Well, in case you do not know,  it’s Teachers’ Day today – May the 16th…


…so if you’re a teacher, this song is specially for you. Actually, it is from another movie that made me cry – it is neither about teaching nor a teacher but the theme is really appropriate to be sung and dedicated to one’s teacher(s) on days such as this…

It’s coming to the 6th year since I retired so I guess like in the years that have gone past, this day, for me, will just pass like any other day. Nonetheless, I do hope you all will have a whole lot of fun and here’s wishing all of you a very HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!


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28 thoughts on “Sad movies…”

  1. oh, it has to be Ibu Mertua… one of P Ramlee’s classic…

    Saw that, didn’t like it…especially the gory part where he pierced his eyes to become blind again. I like Normadiah’s scenes in “Si-tanggang” and in “Hapuslah Airmata”…but nope, didn’t cry.

  2. I’ll definitely tear with sad movies! the storyline for the The Champ has one in Chinese too where Chow Yuen Fatt was a racer who raced his last race and unfortunately died in the fiery race in front of his kid and ex wife.

    Hmm I do still wish ex teachers Happy Teacher’s Day. Once a teacher, always a teacher!

    Thanks for the special greeting. Didn’t see that Chow Yuen Fatt one – Chinese movies were very often real tear-jerkers…especially the old-day Shaw Brothers’ ones. Came out of the cinema, eyes all red and swollen. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. My Sister’s keeper is a recent one i saw, very sobby! Is teachers’day a worldwide celebration today? My son didnt mention anything abt it.

    Probably just in Malaysia.

  4. Happy Teacher’s Day to you sir. You will always be the sir who taught me well in my secondary school days. Always enjoyed your lessons.

    Thank you sooooo much, Jefferson. Haven’t seen or heard from/about you since you left school. Hope you’re doing well. God bless always.

  5. Oh, sad movies! I have done my bit of crying watching sad movies. That song Wing Beneath My Wings makes me cry all the time and it was from that movie Beaches and I cried buckets at the cinema LOL! Another movie is The Joy Luck Club. I cried during the part when the daughter confronted her mother and told her “Nothing I ever do is good enough for you!”. I’ll check out The Champ later, can’t be sniffling in the office hah! hah! And Happy Teachers’ Day 🙂 !

    LOL!!! I love The Joy Luck Club too, can’t remember crying but it’s a really nice movie, many touching scenes that hit close to the heart – Asian families are so alike in many ways.

  6. I like Jackie Chan movies and those that makes me laugh and not cry but that song “Sad movies always makes me cry….very sad and touching. Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers. Have a great day.

    Thanks. I love sad movies, the sadder the better… LOL!!! 😀

  7. Know this Sad Movie song as a kid.

    Happy Teacher’s Day!!! whether you are a teacher or ex-teacher. Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when you retired from teaching?? Lol!

    Thanks. I guess so, still flows freely in my veins…but sadly, only a handful remember – only one here and a couple more on Facebook. Others are simply not bothered, I guess…or perhaps, they only remember the unpleasant moments and are holding a grudge to last a lifetime. 😦

  8. HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY to all the teachers and ex-teachers!!
    STP retired since 6 years ago?? hmmmm, have you been considering to give private tuition at home??

    Thank you. Was giving tuition (and earning lots) for 4 years after I retired…but stopped – I just want to rest and relax and enjoy my golden years. Money isn’t everything – as long as I have enough to get by, that’s good enough. Can live quite comfortably on my measly pension – don’t forget to pay your income tax, ya? They’ve extended the deadline. That’s where they get the money to pay old folks like me… Hehehehehe!!!!!

  9. I can’t recall any particular movie that has long-lasting-teary impression on me.

    But I did watched a drama series which basically all of their episodes are touching. It is called Touched by an Angel. It is about how a recently promoted angel is tasked with bringing guidance and messages from God to various people who are at a crossroads in their lives.

    One particular episode, the 100th episode, “Psalm 151” , is particular touching. I still can get teary reading the synopsis even though I watched it more than 10 years ago.

    Happy Teacher’s Day!!

    Thanks. Ya…I think I’ve heard of that series but I never watched. Maybe it’s on youtube – will go and search when I’m free.

  10. That (The champ) was indeed a real sad ending! I am a father and could feel the pain watching TJ trying to wake his father up… You spoil my morning, Arthur! 😀

    For old time’s sake….

    When they get to the part
    Where he’s breakin’ her heart
    It can really make me cry
    Just like before
    It’s yesterday once more

    Hahahahaha!!!! I remember I borrowed the video tape (yes, video tape) and watched in the privacy of my own room…and gosh!!!! I cried buckets even though I had seen the movie in the cinema already. Gee!!! Wah…the Carpenters? You’re that old meh? Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. Not that young… Haha… These are songs that my father and uncles listen to when I was a boy…

      Very young then. I was already out of my teens when this song was a hit. Good grief!!! I am ancient!!! An antique!!! Sobssss!!!!

  11. Happy teacher’s Day to you! Tears will fall if I watches sad movies. Then I pretend that I need to go to washroom…paiseh ma… :-p
    If I read sad articles…I will shed tears also.. :-p

    Thanks. Wah!!!! So emotional one kah… LOL!!! I love reading sad stories too! 😀

  12. I watched so many movies and cried so many buckets of tears! One of them was The Champ of course.. I also cried watching the Hindi movie ¬ Elephant My Friend and that US movie ¬ Kramer Vs Kramer which also talked about couple in bitter divorce with small son. Hey why so emo today?? Let’s be happy yeah!…. Happy Teacher’s Day To Arthur!

    I guess you were not a fierce teacher otherwise your many ex students won’t be back to visit.

    Hehehehehe!!!! My tagline was: “Don’t make me angry! You will not like me when I’m angry!” So the kids knew what was good for them and were smart enough to toe the line. I didn’t like Kramer and I did not see “Haathi Mere Sathi”. I love “Khabi Kushi Khabi Gham” – touching father and son story – so sad. Sobsssss!!!!!

  13. When I see your title, I immediately think of the song Sad Movies! Love that song though it sounds sad, hehe.

    Happy Teacher’s Day to all the great teachers~

    Sad? The story is sad but the song is not one of those emo ones that will affect one’s mood. Thanks for your greeting!

  14. Happy Teacher’s Day!!
    My girls are having Teacher’s Day celebration tomorrow so I have to prepare gifts and let them do some crafts to show their appreciation. I think it is more important than just buying gifts and asking people to pack them and let our children bring them to school. I am still brainstorming on how to combine gifts and crafts easy enough for them to do.

    Thanks. Ya…more meaningful to have own-made cards, self-penned greetings…and also things they make themselves at home. I remember my teaching practice at a predominantly-Malay school across river in Kuching – I scolded the girl harshly for she was so poor at English until she cried. Come Teachers’ Day, she was one of the few who gave me something – a can of condensed milk probably taken from the pantry in her house. It wasn’t so much the gift but the sincerity it was given – I was so touched… These students, even the very very weak ones – they also have feelings – teachers must be sensitive to that.

  15. i don’t like sad movies cos it will make me sad for very long time.. so to be on the safe side.. i don’t wanna click to play the video 😀

    Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers out there.. and to you too 🙂

    Aiyor!!! I love sad movies, sad songs… Hmmm…am I such a sad person or what? LOL!!! 😀 Thanks for the wish.

  16. Happy Teacher’s Day to you Arthur and also Melissa!!

    My boys’s school only celebrate it next week, and worst tomorrow is their exam start. *sigh sigh* Still thinking what to get for their teacher and also the class party thing. So many things to do.

    Thanks. So nice, parents there…not like the ones here especially in a boys’ school – no need to expect too much. Collect money to buy one present from the whole class, also they would grumble. 😦

  17. Do you still remember watching Taiwan love story movies with stars like CHin Han, Liu Wen Zhen, Tian Niu, Ah Bee, Lin fong chao, lin chin xia, etc??

    Well, the link below to Liu Wen Zheng ‘s song

    I go way before the time of all those names – right up to the days of Lin Dai, Li Li Hua, Kwan Shan, Betty Loh Ti, Ivy Ling Po…and all. Liu Wen Zhen? Quite recently, there was news that he was gay – and his partner, the very handsome Kris Fei Xiang. 😉

  18. well there are a lot of sad movies and it’s hard to choose which is the saddest,
    hmm toy story, my girl, my sister’s keeper, those were just some of the movies that brought me to tears

    Toy Story? Why? I thought “The Tigger Movie” was real touching though. Love the song: “Your heart will lead you home” to this day.

  19. i know that song, ‘sad movies.’ my aunts love it. and i actually like it too. there used to be a lot of tearjerker songs in the 50s and 60s, i guess. i remember one called ‘patches’ that was quite melodramatic and morbid, heh 😀 oooh, the movie that made me cry the most was “titanic,” which i watched six times at the multiplex in 97-98 😀

    Wahhhhh!!!! I think I am one of those very few people you have not seen that movie…and eyewww!!!! The theme song reminds me of…a life support machine! Muahahahahaha!!!! So sad kah? Ya, Patches was very popular too though I wonder why. Both songs aren’t in my list of favourites. They do not sound sad.

  20. ahhh the good old days. hehe, not that I was there.. mine would be the good expensive old days , still cheaper than the cost of living nowadays though.

    You, living the lifestyle of the rich and famous…of course lah! I’m ok with my measly pension…can survive comfortably.

  21. 😥 That’s a very sad story .. sobs.

    Happy Teacher’s Day to you Arthur. Retired or not, your passion is still alive and everyday we learn something from your blog ^_^

    Thanks. Ya, it is very sad. Hmmmm…glad you find my blog “educational”. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  22. HAPPY TEACHER’s DAY TO YOU, ARTHUR WEE! Yes I remember this movie but I cant remember I cried or not… Haha

    Thank you. Wahhhh!!!! Your heart so hard one kah? My missus will cry over advertisements even, not even really sad ones… LOL!!! 😀

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