Beef it up…

My daughter was home for the weekend as usual and we went out to town on Saturday morning to run a few errands. We stopped by here for her favourite – beef noodles…


The chili dip was exceptionally hot that day – probably they added a lot of cili padi and could give Kah Hiong’s a fight. Of course, the noodles would pale in comparison but this is just about the best we have here and it is pretty nice as well. I had the special – the one with the tendons and the tripe…


All in all, the total came up to RM15.50, inclusive of my kopi-o-peng and my daughter’s peppermint tea. That’s a bit pricey, I would think…but beef here doesn’t come cheap, not at all, so I guess that would explain everything.

I did not cook anything special for my girl over the weekend as she had a dinner function to attend at a local hotel here the same day she came home – Friday…but as usual, the mum was cooking and packing a whole lot of things for her to take back to Selangau so all she would have to do would be to heat it up and eat – no need to go through the chore of cooking her meals herself.

On my part, I did fry her some mihun with corned beef…


I used this brand…


…which is as good as the one I would usually buy and they’re both around more or less the same price which is a whole lot cheaper than all those imported brands.

There was some leftover rice in the fridge so I took that and whipped for her some fried rice with salted fish…


…plus some fried ikan bilis and thinly-sliced omelette added.

This way, she would not even have to cook her own rice. Just heat these up and eat with one of the mum’s special dishes – that would be one wholesome meal by itself already, I’m sure…unlike some of the meals some of these young teachers living on their own are having all the time (I’ve even seen their photos on Facebook!) – instant noodles!

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30 thoughts on “Beef it up…”

  1. The beef noodles remind me of the ngau chap i used to have in KK. Can’t find any good ones here in PJ/KL… anyway, I heard a few corned beef brands are listed as non halal in Sarawak. I think pork is too cheap to be mixed with beef. LOL

    Ya, Ka Hiong!!! Simply the best. KL ones, Jalan Petaling, Hutong Lot 10…more or less this standard lah – compared to Ka Hiong, no fight! No idea – did not bother to check whether halal or not. Maybe the imported ones – not slaughtered in their ways, so of course, not halal lah – not that they mix pork inside.

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time. And how thoughtful of mom to cook so Melissa doesn’t have to do that once her workday is complete. I’d do the same if my daughter lived close by after she graduated college. How is Melissa liking her school? How are the kids? I remember seeing a few photos they looked adorable.

    She’s doing ok, I guess. These kids in remote areas – not really keen on studying, weak at most/all subjects…so the challenge is to motivate them to want to learn before one can hope to achieve anything. Ya…I’m sure you would do the same for your girl – parents, all the same everywhere, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. i like that beef noodles, clear soup type and look at the beef slice, still not overdone yet, must be tender.. nice!! and oh, those were beehoon you cooked?? i thought fried rice at first~~ muahahahahaha!!

    You need new spectacles? Growing old, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Oooo the beef is not fully cooked yet, dont think many beef noodles place do tht. I always feel the beef is alot nicer like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The longer you cook beef, the tougher it gets…and it will not taste as good. So I’ve been told.

  5. i been to that Ah Sian Beef Noodle coffee shop during the CNY visit in Sibu! Long queue but the noodle is not bad.

    And wow! Your fried rice looks nice! Yummy!

    Yes, business is always brisk…every day! It’s pretty popular, I must say.

  6. Melissa is so blessed to have parents like you and your wife, both are so good in cooking. Your fried rice always look terrific.

    Nah!!! I’m sure everyone’s fried rice looks the same… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. These homecooked food are so much better than instant noodles but once awhile it would be fine. Not really into corned beef but your fried bihun and fried rice looks good.

    Personally, I feel the canned clams or stewed pork would be nicer but this was one of the ways we had it when growing up…and my girl loves corned beef.

  8. chili dip on a noodle how is that suppose to be? anyway
    that beef noodle seems so yummy and pretty filling

    You dip the meat in it…and you take a bit and dab the noodles in your spoon or your chopsticks…and then you eat.

  9. Beef, not my thing, thank you…

    But the fleshes of beef is quite big, and very generously given!

    Oh? You don’t take beef. Hmmm… I like!!! And my girl too!

  10. ooo, the beef looks well-prepared. still a little pinkish in the middle, so it’s not overcooked ๐Ÿ˜€ corned beef fried mihun looks great too. it’s a recipe that my grandmother used to make for my after-school lunch sometimes. i haven’t had it since 1993!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sometimes I’d miss those old favourites that my mum used to cook…and so I would cook them myself to appease the craving. My daughter loves it too – so kill two birds with one stone. Ya…the beef noodles at this place are pretty good…just that the soup isn’t as rich and thick as the one in KK – but they say they use buffalo there. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Hi Arthur! I love the main ingredient that you used in all the cooking for your girl – LOVE…. lots of LOVE!

    True, and with that special ingredient, everything will taste so good – can’t get better anywhere else.

  12. Corned beef fried mihun sounds awesome!

    Hehehe…you lucky daughter!

    It’s mihun, not rice…all broken up into small bits and pieces as I like to fry longer. Find it nicer this way.

  13. Your daughter is sure so lucky and taken care off, despite living elsewhere. Got packed food to just heat-up during the weekdays some more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    She certainly is. Glad that she’s close enough to come home on weekends.

  14. Oh i love beef noodles! And a bowl of beef noodles must be complemented by some decent chili sauce too!

    Yes, and the one here was really hot – really nice, got kick!

  15. Hmmm..the noodles become so thin after frying it. Normally, I ll get this type of ‘hancur’ noodle very often at the malay stalls.

    I don’t mind. Softer, I feel…like more easily digestible.

  16. AH! I love the beef noodles here..but u know me la, die hard fans of kampua. Usually i will order my kampua and with beef soup. Yummy!!! Their kampua not bad also, i like.

    Wow..lucky Melissa, one week’s meal all prepared by mum and dad.., food with full of love.

    Yes, the kampua here’s one of the best in town – the only kampua that Melissa will eat. Other places, at best, she’ll have the pian sip. Sigh!!! We only have one…and both of us retired, so very free…so it helps us pass the time too, stay active.

  17. now i’m thinking to skip gym for some good food.. argh.. this is bad ๐Ÿ˜€

    oh.. yesterday Mama being so sweet to send us picture of dinner being ready and asked us to go home for dinner .. so sweeeeet of her.. hehehe.. justsharing ๐Ÿ˜›

    That’s to make sure you all go home and not eat out here, there and everywhere. LOL!!!!

  18. ya, nothing beats home cooked meals….

    love your idea of corned beef with mihun!! you are really creative… I wouldn’t have thought of that… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not my original recipe. My mum used to cook that when I was growing up and I think my aunties did the same too – maybe it was a family thing, I wouldn’t know…but we still cook it like this in my family – me and my cousins.

  19. Love anything with cili padis. Especially fried kampung style fried rice like yours. Add it in and enjoy the tingling feeling. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lol! I’m no leopard! Notice recently I only promote the parties but haven’t been attending any? Just doing the guys a favour. Sorry recently all my posts aren’t really personal anymore, can’t seem to find the time unless “forced” to write especially if there’s $ involved.

    Money, money, money… That’s the very reason why I do not want to monetise my blog – it would lose its personal touch, a loss of identity and it will not be the same anymore. I guess people will still go and comment in yours as friends just to support you, not out of interest or anything of the sort. Ya…Penang people, I know, like it hot…very very hot. I was taught to eat spicy food by one.

  20. The fried nasi looks good…and of course, bee hoon also looks good but bit hancur.

    I like it like that – softer too and seems more digestible. Not really a fan of mihun before but with these Thai ones plus the extra frying till hancur, I love it!

  21. Melissa is so blessed to have parents like you. I have a cousin sister who wake up early in the morning to fried some rice and veges for her husband to bring to work. That is a blessing.
    My mum used to fried mee hoon with luncheon meat when I was young. I love that. Never tried with corned beef before..

    I fried some pasta with luncheon meat….or SPAM to be exact, that day and it was very nice. Used to fry rice with it but never tried mihun. Should be good too. So sweet of your cousin sister – unfortunately, not all wives are like that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  22. My mum used to cook very simple fried rice with only garlic, ikan bilis, eggs and of course, a dash of our Sarawak white pepper and salt. We liked it as kids and I will cook the same for my kids but when hubby is around, I will add some oyster sauce as he is used to ‘heavier’ taste in food. I try to train my kids to get use to natural taste/ sweetness of food especially when I cook for them at home.

    That’s good! Train them from young. My mum only fried rice with shallots and eggs – I try to do it in a variety of ways…or we’ll get sick and tried of it. Always have leftover rice, a little bit a day, so I fry quite often – don’t want to throw away, so wasteful.

  23. soup looks so “clear” …

    Of course lah…this is the clear soup version and they do not use buffalo. Cows not so black. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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