I had a post on this in 2011 but never mind, let’s just go through it again quickly.

I did mention then that my daughter would not eat bean curd sticks as she felt that they tasted like plastic. She would take the soup though so sometimes, other than the meat bones for the stock, I would add minced meat rolled to make meat balls and drop them into the soup. She loves those very much and would eat them and besides, that would add to the flavour of the stock and.

Well, this time around, I used chicken – the tips of the chicken wings…

Chicken wings

…that my missus had chopped off and thrown back into the freezer. She had used the rest of the wings to cook her very nice baked chicken wings that we all loved a lot.

I boiled them in half a cooking pot of water together with four cloves of garlic…


…and in the meantime, I broke the bean curd sticks into smaller pieces and soaked them in hot boiling water…


…to soften. See the bubbles by the side? I wonder what caused those. Hence, I would usually rinse and wash a few times till I am satisfied that they are nice and clean and then I would drain away the water thoroughly.

When the stock had started boiling, I let it simmer for a while for the flavours to come out of the chicken and the garlic before putting in the bean curd sticks. You can add whatever seasoning you prefer according to taste but usually I would add a bit of salt and msg. This time around, however, I added some fish sauce/gravy and a bit of Cukup Rasa…and let the soup simmer for a while longer.

Turn off the heat and serve hot…

BCS soup

If my missus cooks this, she would probably add a little bit extra – some sweet corn perhaps…or cut tomatoes…or a few prawns. Of course this will change the taste but I would say that it is not necessarily better – some things are best left in its simplest form, unchanged. I wished I had some spring onions though, or some daun sup (Chinese celery) in the house that I could use for garnishing and for a little bit of colour but I didn’t and I was too lazy to fry some sliced shallots for this some purpose so we just had it like that – very simple but very nice – clear and refreshing.

My mother would always have soup at every meal all the years when we were growing up and this was one of my favourites…and seeing that today is Mother’s Day, I would like to share this song with all of you…

…especially all you mothers out there. A very Happy Mother’s Day to each and everyone and God bless you all always.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Clear…”

  1. i usually just put in a Bouillon cube into the soup that I cook but next round i’ll add in some bean curd sticks 🙂

    Better to make your own stock, fresh.

  2. Can also put bean curd stick into Bubur Pedas dish… 🙂

    We do that too. They’re sellling packets of the bubur pedas (rempah) at the kuih stall at Bandong – the lady says it’s very nice…but I’m not really into bubur pedas so I have not bought any to try – would prefer masak lamak.

  3. Oh ya, I love this cheng t’ng (clear soup). Never have I soak the bean curd in hot water but instead in cold water. For curry, I also love to put this…and yes, Happy Mother’s Day to your missus too.

    Thanks, and the same to you. I always use hot water, be it bean curd sticks, tung hoon or mihun to make sure they’re really soften. My missus will simply soak – she says it will soften completely anyway in the process of cooking.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking too. Great mind thinks alike, hehehe.

      Some parts not really soft and some still hard (the bends, especially) – I don’t like like that. 😦

  4. Any special celebration for the wife today? 🙂

    It’s Mother’s Day, not wife’s day….make no mistake, don’t get confused! Bought stuff for my mum already yesterday – have to get ready and send daughter to Selangau again today. Sigh!!!! Happy Mum’s Day to you…

  5. When I was small, I didn’t like bean curd sticks too. I thought they smelled horrible. But now I like it and don’t mind the smell.

    Love the smell and the taste…but not my daughter, said it tasted like plastic…but she does not mind these days – will eat but I guess she’s not particularly fond of it.

  6. My mom used to make mixed vege with bean curd sticks.. put in lots of glass noodles, mushrooms etc etc.. About the bubbles at the side, is it the oil from the beancurd sticks?

    Maybe, but I would rinse it a few times so it’s ok. I don’t like too many things in the soup as I want to enjoy the unadulterated taste of the bean curd sticks.

  7. Lovely soup! I think I should be able to whip this out as soon as I get back to KL today. Being missing soups of late.

    Ya, I love clear soup. So refreshing after all those thick or starchy ones.

  8. the soup looks great! and that song on the video almost made me cry!
    such a lovely song for a mother

    Yes, one of my favourites. I love it too.

  9. Thanks for the wishes!

    I’d prefer drumstick over chicken wings, hehe…

    Me too…and this part of the wings, we never eat – all skin and bone, no meat. Good for making stock though.

  10. ooo, for me, i’ve always loved bean curd sticks, much more than actual wobbly bean curd. i like how they’re fairly flavorsome and there’s a pleasurable bite to them 😀

    Me too. Love it in curry…and also with soy sauce chicken or pork…and of course, in clear soup like this. Nice!

  11. Oh, you mean the dried fu chuk? I love to eat it, but I can’t stand the smell.

    Oh? So how do you eat it without the smell?

  12. That my kind of soup, Arthur! I am sure you are the cook of the house, and how lucky are your missus and children to have such a great cook like you!!!

    No lah. I only cook once in a while – when my missus is busy. She cooks most of the time now that she has retired – unlike when she was still working.

  13. When i am young, my grandma love to cook this soup. But I don’t know how she cook it but it taste sweet and nice, simple soup but I love it.

    Now I prefer to cook it with can minced meat bean paste, it taste delish too, now you remind me I have not cook this for sometime.

    Lovely video, so touching. Happy Mother’s Day to your mum and Melissa’s mum. LOL

    Same to you! Minced meat bean paste? You mean fried? Hmmm…never tried that but my missus loves to eat the paste with porridge – nice for cooking meat chunks too. You can cook the soup now…so easy, no need to use chicken…use pork – not a problem.

  14. I love to cook this soup… taste superb.
    Normally I will add some carrots/potatoes and a slice of ginger & put some bawang goreng while serving it warm for lunch /dinner.

    Not me. I like it simple and plain like this – not really a fan of ginger in soup except perhaps chicken…or sea cucumber, not this.

  15. I’ve only eaten this in dishes to go with rice. Never in soup. Wow.

    Well, I would eat the soup with the other dishes…and rice, not on its own.

  16. yum….nice nice…must try out this recipe one of these days

    Nice. Have loved it since young – plain and simple like this without all the pencemaran!

  17. Hi, your comfort soup look very appetizing. I love this bean curd skin.

    Best regards.

    Clear & refreshing. That’s the way I like it…

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