Brand new guy…

Somebody told me about a brand new stall at Bandong here selling very nice nasi lemak and mee jawa in the morning so I just had to go and check it out. Unfortunately, when I was there that day before 8.30, the mee jawa was already sold out…and so were the chicken curry and beef rendang for the nasi lemak. The guy commented that it was pay day so everything was gone in a  jiffy but give it  a week or so, things would slow down a bit.

The guy said that he used to run his business in Sarikei and also at Tanjong Manis but owing to family commitments, he had to move to Sibu and as he had not made up his mind on a permanent place yet, he decided to just operate from his stall by the roadside at Bandong for the time being.

I don’t know whether anyone would consider his nasi lemak cheap or otherwise…

nasi lemak prices

…but this much I can say – the rice is really very very good. When he lifted the lid to get the rice…

Nasi lemak 1

…I could smell the awesome fragrance! Gosh! It was that good!

I bought two packets…

Nasi lemak 2

…one with the sotong (squid) and the other with the  kerang (cockles) sambal

Nasi lemak - sotong & kerang

…and I would say it was great – possibly the best in town and definitely the best that I have eaten around here. I would not go for the kerang again though as he used those canned ones, not fresh cockles…so that was a bit disappointing.

Well, you can bet that I would be back there again soon as I’ve yet to try the mee jawa…and also the other condiments for the nasi lemak…and I really wonder what’s in the five-ringgit special. Stay tuned!!! I’ll find out soon enough…

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35 thoughts on “Brand new guy…”

  1. ooo, a little bit disheartening to hear about the kerang, since i’m crazy about cockles, but wow, if the rice itself is great and fragrant, then count me in! (though i think by the time i wake up, maybe the rice would have been all sold out to the early birds) 😀

    Yup! I can’t understand how these people do business. Knowing that sales will be better around pay day, they could always prepare more…and reap the harvest…and less on slow days – not all the same. Go slow on all those cockles – not that good for you…

    1. Well, I guess if he’s a one man operation, it might be difficult for him to prepare more food by himself? Might be limited to what he can prepare alone.

      Leave it to the Foochows, if there’s money to be made…one-man or not, they will surely jump in at the opportunity to make more and more money, no worries.

      P.S. You’ve been here before, Jacky? All the way from Seattle? I don’t recall seeing you around but it’s no matter – welcome…and do keep dropping by. Always glad to have company… 😉

      1. Haha, sorry. I’m actually Malaysian and back in KL now but haven’t changed my information.

        Ahhhh!!!! I see. No matter, all welcome…do drop by anytime. 🙂

  2. hmmm…the nasi lemak looks quite normal only. First time I heard people put kerang in nasi lemak.

    What do you expect nasi to look like if not like nasi? Tsk! Tsk! Nasi lemak in JB does not look “normal” like this kah? Read my lips! The difference is in the fragrance, not the appearance. No kerang? Go to any nasi lemak stall in the peninsula – Jalan Alur has one nice one – you can put anything you like from the array of choices at the stall. The only thing that puts me off there – they never cover up the food. Disgusting!

  3. Didn’t know there is canned kerang…its something I don’t mind stocking up for our road trips 😀

    They have! So many brands. In soy sauce, curry, barbecued…but like all canned stuff, it has that canned stuff smell and it’s kind of hard, nothing like the fresh ones.

  4. New stall? I must go there when I’m going back next time. When you mentioned on the fragrance smell, I already imagined the smell here. ahahahaa….

    You MUST! If he’s still around, that is. Only time I had nasi lemak like this was at Cititel Penang years ago – the fragrance when you opened the lid…aduh!!!! I had nasi lemak every morning for the whole duration of my stay there. So nice!!!

  5. That looks so delicious. I’ve been missing the local foods. How good if I can find a good nasi lemak at Manila here.

    Aiyor!!!!! Only two weeks in Manila – go and sample and enjoy all the food there! You can have all this when you get back – unlike those who migrate abroad – either they cook their own or they make-do with the pseudo-authentic ones sold in the shops outside and pay through their noses just to eat this and it ain’t so bad if they are really very nice!

    1. So true Arthur. We can see but don’t get to makan. I want to boycott your blog lah 😦

      Poor thing! I guess that’s life – you just can’t have it all. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. Gosh, I miss the sambal kerang with nasi lemak. I am so craving for some nasi lemak 😦

    Go Shereen’s blog – I’m sure she has the recipe(s) somewhere. LOL!!! 😀

  7. Not really into nasi lemak but again those two above looks great. Between the two, I would prefer the ones with sotong sambal.

    Yup! The sambal is very nice and of course, the rice is simply the best! So good!

  8. Canned food when he charged that expensive? Jeez!

    I love cockles but if its canned… grr!

    Expensive, eh? If sotong, RM3.50, ok? I think the ones at my regular stall…cheaper, RM1.50 a packet…but very little sambal sotong and on the whole, not as nice though. There, nasi lemak with chicken added, RM2.50 only.

  9. Maybe he used canned cockles instead of fresh ones because he can’t get the stocks? My “regular” makcik nasi lemak has that problem sometimes.

    Perhaps. But we have cockles at the wet market every day here – just that I never buy…owing to all the horror tales people spread and that has put me off eating cockles. Don’t mind a bit like in char kway teow perhaps…but I would not not go all the way.

  10. Nasi Lemak dui… haven’t really had one for years… afraid of the calories 😛

    Hah!!! I’m sure the calories are not very much more than those in burgers in stuff?

  11. Even biasa also cost RM2.50. Hmmm…This must be a premium nasi lemak.

    The rice is definitely a head above the rest. A lot nicer…and besides, you get more than in those cheap little packs.

  12. I can get my nasi lemak ayam at Putra Heights for RM3.50 for those roadside stall. But nvm la….most important is, it tasted good rite?

    Yup. Most important difference is the rice – the only place that is this good was Cititel Penang. All the other places, including hotels in KL…or even here – nowhere near.

  13. is the sambal good? I think for a good nasi lemak, 1st is the rice and second is the sambal. And this nasi lemak look so “neat and tidy” ahhahah..i like those in a mess type..all campur together, that taste a lot better. 😛

    Nasi lemak special – RM5?? Got extra indgredient?

    The sambal is also very very good…everything good – just that I thought RM3.50 for a stall is a bit expensive. I think that is what they charge in the shops but there’s egg…and fried chicken – more except that their rice is not so nice and the sambal maybe also. Will go and buy and see what is so special about the special…

  14. Wow! Nasi Lemak?! I love it!

    Exchange rates aside, I think RM5 for a good plate of Nasi Lemak is worth it! I would not mind paying S$5 here if the food is good.

    If you like Nasi Lemak, let’s go to the stall at Adam Road Food Center. They use Basmati rice and the Sultan of Brunei loves their Nasi Lemak and goes there whenever he is in town.

    Very very good! Would be going back there soon to check the special!!!

  15. looks really yummy! oo… I also love kerang sambal and will order that when I see it. Maybe u feedback to use the fresh ones? 🙂

    Never mind, don’t mind skipping the kerang. People say cannot eat…so only sometimes, cannot tahan – curi2 eat a bit! Hehehehehehe!!!

  16. well it sure looks great! and new stuff are just so fun to try
    the timing of my visitation here was just so perfect for building my appetite
    for dinner haha

    Bon appetit!!! Enjoy your dinner. 😉

  17. The best in town!

    I sure hope he’s open this weekend! We’re coming back with your gold carton. We’ll get some chilli crab noodles too if we can find them! 😀

    I wonder if he opens on weekends. Maybe I can drop by these few days and find out.

  18. Naughty naughty…you purposely post this to tempt Yoong is it LOL…The other day i baru send her nasi lemak photo :p

    No leh? I don;t know she has this thing for nasi lemak…

  19. The mee jawa is just OK to me…tried it a few times last month. My main complaint is that they were quite inconsistent with the “toppipngs” for the mee jawa. The first time, it was half an egg, thinly sliced pieces of beef, slices of fried tofu, and fried scallions. The second time around, it came minus the fried tofu but with bean sprouts instead. The third time around, it came with everything. And most recently when I went, it came with only half an egg, some soy sauce chicken and fried scallions.

    But on a brighter note…the nasi lemak is EXCEPTIONAL! Will definitely be sticking with that instead of the mee jawa.

    Ok, thanks for the tip. Will give his mee jawa a miss then. Not really a fan of that anyway. Ya…the rice in his nasi lemak is simply the best, and the sambal is really good too. Wouldn’t mind going back for more.

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