My cousin, who was home from Brisbane, Australia recently, told me that when she and her husband used to live in Miri, they would drive to Sibu regularly and they would stop at Selangau for breakfast.

She said that they would always drop by the shop directly opposite the SHELL station…

petrol station

…at the corner of the block…

coffee shop

…and that the char chu mee (fry-cook noodles) was very nice and they would always order that.

My missus wanted that (RM3.00)…

Char chu mee

…and she agreed that it was indeed very nice.

I asked for the Foochow-style fried noodles (RM3.00)…

Char mee - tam 1

– the wet version, the one with a little bit of gravy or sauce, that is.

I was kind of disappointed that theirs was the kind where they would fry the noodles first…

Char mee - tam 2

…and then cook the sauce separately and pour it over the noodles instead of cooking the noodles in it. That was why the sauce looked kind of pale…but it did not really matter as once you’ve tossed the noodles in it, it would turn a darker shade of brown owing to the soy sauce used. But it was very nice though and I liked the fact that they did not use a lot of msg unlike many places here…and other than that, they certainly added a lot of ingredients whereas here, most of the shops would give you, at best, a few miserable bits of meat and furthermore, they are just as stingy with the green vegetables. Tsk! Tsk!

Melissa had their chicken rice (RM4.00)…

Chicken rice

…which was actually rice with roast chicken, plain rice but she said it was good and at the same time, I ordered this plate of roast pork (RM8.00)…

Roast pork 1

…to share. Oooo…it was good! No thick layers of fat, very crispy and it tasted real good! I thought that was cheap too! I’m sure a plate like that in Sibu would cost at least RM10.00…

Roast pork 2

Well, that certainly was a delightful meal…and we would come again sometime, that’s for sure.

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30 thoughts on “Cornershop…”

  1. Yup…that kopitiam in Selangau also famous for its exotic food. The price not that expensive. Sometimes I also stop by that place. Glad you found a nice place to eat in Selangau STP. Cheers!

    I am not a fan of wild boar cooked outside – they drown out the fragrance with all the ginger, serai and everything…and never mind what meat, the recipe is the same. My friend ate, dunno which place, she said she could not tell one from the other and everything was way too oily. Not nice. She prefers Ruby…or Payung.

    I had nice kampua, Iban lady’s stall…at one coffee shop opposite the market. Not bad…but the Foochow-style fried noodles at the coffee shop near the new supermarket, 2nd last shop – don’t bother going. Should have tried the last one, the one next door. Another time perhaps…

  2. I am a great lover of noodles. Any noodles dish, count me in. All looks really good….and oh boy!!!…that is my type of 3 layer pork, lean & cripsy skin. Can hear the krukkk!!!..krukkk!!!’…sound when you eat. Have a great weekend ahead.

    Yes, it was really good. Next time, will tapao if not eating there. You too, have a nice weekend.

  3. Selangau? I’ve never heard of this place T_T what a sarawakian 😦

    anyways.. i’ll make sure I go to this coffee shop one day when I do a road trip in sarawak πŸ™‚

    It’s between Sibu and Bintulu. The rest stops for buses between the two towns are in this area but they are not in the town proper, so unless you are driving yourself, you will not be able to drop by – confined to one of the rest stops for buses only. Lots of things to eat at these stops too…and the toilets are very clean.

  4. I should start fasting, then when i go Sibu, i be able to eat all the yummy yummy foods there…

    Don’t fast too much – when you are used to eating very little, you will not be able to eat a lot when the time comes.

  5. i think the fried noodles were just fine, looks yummy actually,
    anyway roasted pork sure looks captivating

    All get the thumbs up! One place I would not mind dropping by to eat again. I wonder what else they have…

  6. Those noodles looked tasty, not very big portion too I think?

    But overall I am more interested in the roasted pork… Kekekeke….

    Ya, it’s good. I’ve had some at places here, nothing to shout about.

  7. I am always wondering those food are actually that good or your photographing skill is awesome.

    Very sorry for not coming here so frequent, work has been piling up. Happy weekend, Arthur.

    You can always hop over and try for yourself – mine’s a simple digicam, not a DSLR…so what you see is what you get…unlike the awesome professional-like photos you find in some blogs. You too, enjoy your weekend!

  8. hmm.. there is a malay stall selling that noodle and we called it mee kicap.. the soup they serve it separately πŸ™‚

    hmm chicken rice should be the chicken rice not plain rice LOL.. grrr

    Yup, I agree. I would not order that but my daughter wanted it.

    1. even she knew it wasn’t the real chicken rice? hmm.

      i will write about nasi ayam budu.. and it happen same thing like this lol.

      She didn’t know till it was served…and she did not mind. Late already, almost 2, very hungry…so aynything will do.

  9. Roast pork certainly looks good. Can’t get that serving size for Rm8 or even Rm10 in KL.

    Yup. Even here, a plate that size of assorted meats with rice for 3 will come up to RM20. I did think that was relatively cheap.

  10. Testing! Testing!

    Somebody commented on Facebook that she could not comment after I made “changes” in my blog. I never made any changes – dunno if WordPress did or not. Anybody else having problems? I hear sometimes, when on smartphones or ipads, there may be some hitches…

  11. I have been to Selangau but have not been to this particular Tiam I think. But remembered having terrapin soup ages ago (something that I would no longer eat though of course)

    Ya, they say you name it, they have it – tortoise, iguanas, anteaters, deer, wild boar… People drive all the way from Sibu to go and eat but my friend said they only have one recipe to cook all these…so at the end of the day, they all taste the same…and it’s very oily. I would not want to eat that!

  12. I like the noodles. Always prefer noodles rather than rice for a meal. The roast pork is very captivating. I love the roast pork back in malaysia. Don’t know why the ones in Manila is hairy.

    Hahahahaha!!!! They did not shave!!! ROTFL!!!!

    Hmmm…go slow on noodles – they say they make you fat! Once, I went on a no-noodle diet for a month and I went down 4 inches…but after a while, I put on again – without the noodles! So I said what the heck – don’t eat, also fat…so I went back to eating noodles again. 😦

  13. Sometimes these small little places hold undiscovered treasures. I like plain rice with the roast chicken and of course if there is roast pork, even better!

    My daughter enjoyed it, no complaints – finished everything and between the three of us, we finished the pork too. πŸ˜‰

  14. hmmm…the noodles look so so, Lucy’s one look not bad. Roast pork look good though. If Cruz, all the crispy part on the top all gone, and he will leave the meat behind. This happen to the roast pork at home, we always find it “topless” left only the meat or the fat. :S

    Hahahahaha!!! Melissa loves the crispy part too.

  15. I’m totally confused with the names of the places you mentioned.. πŸ˜€

    I would definitely fail to locate the shell station or more importantly this corner coffee shop if I ever visit this place myself! (Hee.. got the hint?)

    I L.O.V.E roast belly!

    LOL!!! Follow the signs – this town is probably smaller than Katong – you will not miss it…but no worries, you come over – I’ll be your guide. I got the hint all right! Hehehehehehe!!!!!!

  16. Hmmm roast port i like with a lot of fat ones and crispy skin…too much lean meat hard to chew

    You old woman, no gigi, is it? Me old man, no gigi…still no problem. Yours must be old pig, very tough one.

  17. I miss the char chu mee. I met a Foochow chef here once and had it specially cooked by him in a Chinese-owned restaurant. I was almost overcome with emotions. But after that he left and I don’t know where. Anyway he has been in Oz for more than 30 years, is still single and loaded. Heard he doesn’t really need to work. Btw I was born in Sibu and still like eating Foochow food like la pua, kongpia, tian meng ngu, chao chai beehoon, angchau dish, mee sua, etc.

    Single? Rich? You know his name? Is he on Facebook? Great husband material!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!! Everyone misses all these once they leave town, that’s for sure.

    1. I mean kampua. The auto-correct is annoying!

      Ya…and I wonder what “la pua” is. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

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