Good to the last drop…

If you may recall, I did not quite like the Sibu Foochow-style sio bee that I had here the other day and frankly, I would say that really good ones are few and far between – not that easy  to find these days. Some may be mostly vegetable inside – cabbage or sengkuang/mangkuang…or some would be mostly flour and I think the worst would be those mushy ones. They probably use a whole lot of fatty meat to make them or horror of horrors – I hear that they get the cheap meat from the “unwanted” parts of the animal from the butcher.

Anyway, the people at this place shared a photograph of their sio bee on Facebook and of course, I made a beeline to the place to give them a try. There is a partition now with a sliding door so you have a choice between sitting in air-conditioned comfort inside or dining al fresco in the outer portion of the place. The coffee was really very good!!! I had the kopi-o-peng


…and I certainly was not disappointed. Well, for RM2.50 a glass, it has got to be good, right? LOL!!!

They made the sio bee themselves, they said…

Steamed sio bee 1

…and I would say that I was not disappointed with what I had as well. There was just the right amount of meat inside – I could taste the texture…and there was not too much of it…

Steamed sio bee 2

Our Sibu Foochow-style sio bee is not meant to be all meat – there has to be a perfect balance between that and the other ingredients that go into the making of the dumpling and I would say they have managed to achieve that pretty well.

They are selling them in a set of 6 at RM5.00 so that would work out to less than 85 sen each. Considering that the 70 sen ones that I had were so disappointing, I would say these aren’t expensive at all and are value for money. They also have what they call the deep fried sio bee

Deep-fried sio bee

…but I think it looked like they were lightly pan-fried like what they do with gyozas. Personally, I prefer the traditional steamed ones but my daughter loves these – well, she loves gyozas too or anything fried, for that matter.

Melissa also had their century egg porridge (RM5.80)…

Century egg porridge

…which was actually meat porridge with the condiments on top. She liked it very much and needless to say, it would be a whole lot better than what I had here – theirs is plain porridge so after you have eaten everything on top, you will be stuck with a huge bowl of bland, tasteless gruel. That one time I had that there, I did not even finish half the bowl.

Well, that morning when we dropped by here, I decided to order their Foochow mee sua (RM8.80) for myself…

Mee sua 1

It is RM9.80 at that other place and between the two, I would say that not only is this one RM1.00 cheaper but it tastes a whole lot nicer. Other than that, they give you some extra traditional Foochow red wine to add to the soup yourself if you so desire.

I did think it was a tad too oily though…

Mee sua 2

…but with the chicken from the market these days, even if you get rid of all the skin and the visible fat (and end up with something looking quite unappealing), you will still find what you cook to be a bit too oily for your liking. At home, I would use my fat separator to get rid of the excess oil.

Still, that did not stop me from enjoying it…

Good to the last drop

…and I would say that it was really good to the last drop! Seeing is believing, eh? LOL!!!

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32 thoughts on “Good to the last drop…”

  1. Wah.. liciinn… hehe.
    Thanks to your post, now that I know the name of the Foo Chow Food – Sio Bee. All this while I only saw and never knew what’s the name of it. 🙂

    Oh? You’re not a convert…the Chan in your name? That’s Hokkien – dunno what it is called in Foochow, I’m one but I’m hopeless at the dialect.

  2. All look so good. Makes me craving for sio bee. Just back from jogging and haven’t have my breakfast yet. Prefer steamed sio bee to deep fried. Judging from the empty clean bowl, the mee sua must be really good.

    Yes, it was really good. Me too – steamed for me…and I’m not really crazy about those pan-fried gyozas either actually. Just ok with those. Sio bee, anytime…provided it’s really good.

  3. The food all looks good esp the siomay.
    I found that AhPui’s siomay(at lanang road-sells pao) are good too.

    Lanang Road is a very very long road…and there are thousands of Ah Pui in town – I wish you could be more specific so I would know exactly which one/place you’re talking about and I could go and check it out. 😦

  4. Attracted by the sio bee, keke…

    Sibu Foochow-style. You can only get that here – not the same as those siew mai at the dim sum places.

    1. I thought they are the same until I saw this comment. Could be close relatives though.

      Yup, distant cousins – the texture and the size not the same…and perhaps, the taste too.

  5. only good to the last drop?? you didn’t lick that bowl clean?? i can still see some on the bowl.. muahahaha..

    Here, here…you can lick it, help yourself!!!

  6. Haiyo, you lick the bowl until clean, why dun you eat the bowl too(if can). Where is this huh? somewhere around Sibu? Your site really is a good site for food hunt!

    Of course it is in Sibu… You can click the link to go to the earlier post to see where this is. I usually do that instead of repeating….

  7. Wah…really good to the last drop. The mee sua must be very good. Oh they have a deep fried version for the sio bee. I think I’m going to like this as I prefer fried stuff too 🙂

    You’re like my daughter then. She liked!

  8. The bowl nonit to wash edi. Clean2..HAHA!
    Although the mee suah look abit oily….but I think I still like it 😉
    That’s your type of Kopi O ping kau kau. PASS! 😉

    KIV this place – will bring you here when you’re in town, definitely worth a visit. Remind me!

  9. Looking at the siao bee makes me extremely hungry and craving for dim sum.

    You haven’t been here – can drop by when you come to town next month… 😉

  10. Wow! The mee sua make me hungry now. I love those red wine mee sua a lot. The last time I took it was at my confinement month.

    You had that for confinement? Bet the mere sight/smell of it would make you sick at the time… LOL!!!

  11. Is Sio bee the same as siumai? Look the same to me. Wah good to the last drop ha ha real clean bowl. Your red wine chicken mee sua reminds me of the homemade bottle of rice wine I still have in the fridge. I have to cook something with it 😉

    Sio bee is Hokkien and siew mai is Cantonese – but the ones in Sibu – our Foochow-style ones are not exactly like the Cantonese dim sum ones. The texture, the taste, the size… If they are the same, I would not have people ordering from Sibu, asking me to send… Somehow, they find ours nicer than those you would get at those dim sum places wherever you may be.

    Likewise, whatever wine you may have and use, your chicken soup will not be the same as ours unless you have our traditional Foochow red wine. Ask Shereen – she has tasted it before…so she can tell you it’s not the same as any chicken soup anywhere.

  12. Wow Arthur! Really good to the last drop! I thought you mentioned it was oily? 😀

    Bearable. Anymore than that, I would have given it my thumbs down.

    The thing is one would have to simmer the chicken in the soup for a long time to get the sweetness out of the meat but in doing so, all the fat would melt and make the soup kind of oily. At home, I have the fat separator that I would use but I find that I must not remove all the fat – the soup would not be as nice. Will leave a bit behind.

  13. The sio bee looks really good! Somehow it reminds me of siew mai dim sum. Hehe..

    Not the same! If the same, those folks of mine in Kuching would just go and buy from the dim sum shops there – so many around…and not order from Sibu – ask me to buy and bring/send over to Kuching.

    You can ask Annie-Q lah – she’s from Sibu and she can tell you whether our Sibu Foochow sio bee…and your dim sum Cantonese siew mai are the same or not. She will also look for them whenever she comes home to Sibu.

  14. Ooo, I’d have mistaken the sio bee for some sort of dim sum. Very cool, it’s educational reading this posts 😀

    Yes, you will find that even though we may be in the same country, we are actually quite different in more ways than one.

  15. We called it siew mai here usually, similar to the siew bee there, looking yummy!

    Wah the last picture, haha, polished til clean!

    Similar, not the same…

  16. Wah! Really all licin!! Including the bone and the red wine!! Hahahhah..i see an empty bottle next to the bowl.

    I prefer this type of chicken soup mee suah instead of those red colour, look very scary. kekekekkeke

    Cafe cafe, i passed by there this time, i told my mum, next time we should go and try their breakfast,

    I don’t mind that bowl of porridge too, look good. Sio Bee, i don’t mind to have or not to have.

    Come, we’ll come here the next time you come back to Sibu. Lots more items on the menu that I have not tried yet!!!

  17. indeed they looks so great! every dish was
    but most especially that Foochow mee sua
    no wonder why it was finished up to the last drop

    Yes, will surely go back there again… 🙂

  18. Oooo…. I love century egg porridge!! Hardly cook porridge at home cos the two boys dislike eating.

    I used to dislike porridge too…but my daughter loves it and now I do too.

  19. i miss eating sio bee! yum! does a kopi-o peng has sugar in it? 🙂

    Yes, but I’m learning to take coffee, black…and without sugar now.

  20. I dont have a fat separator at home. If I have I would have separated those fats in my tummy -.-

    You? So thin? So small? I wish I could separate mine and give it all to you. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  21. By the way, I’d slurp until the last drop too if I find the gravy delicious.. but then sure very thirsty after that..

    Thirsty? That would be because it is too salty or has too much msg. Otherwise, just wash it down with a drink and it will be fine right away.

  22. That Mee Sua looks unique to me… but i ain’t a big fan of Mee Sua in terms of the texture, i would prefer something springy instead 😛

    Our mee sua and the mee sua over at your side, not the same. I did not like what I had there…not at all.

  23. it does look like a fat juicy sio bee! whats on the top.. carrot? Hey, I never thought of pan frying this but I guess it does make sense…the mee sua in your photo reminded me of my mom’s Hokkien mee sua that we get to eat on the 2nd day of CNY….:)

    Hokkien? Then it’s different. Here, our traditional Foochow red wine is special – simply out of this world! But you must get a good one – lots of pantang, wine may turn out sour…so not nice.

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