One way or another…

The other day, my friend contacted me and asked if I could babysit his two older children for one morning – one in Primary 1 and the older one in Primary 3. Their school was having the day off for the Ching Ming Festival and unfortunately, it was business as usual in my friend’s school and his missus had a course to attend around that time and could only get away at around lunch time that day. Of course I said yes! What is this? Just a small matter between friends…

Well, he dropped the two off at around 6.15 a.m. and they had not have their breakfast so I quickly cooked something for them. I saw some pasta on sale a day or two earlier and I had bought a packet so I boiled half of it and fried it with sliced shallots, garlic and Bombay onions with bits of SPAM and egg, adding a bit of salt and msg according to taste. The kids loved it and had quite a lot.

The next day, Friday, I decided to cook the rest of the packet of pasta. That is the problem with me – I just cannot stand seeing something unfinished, lying idling around. Well, this time around, I did not want to use any meat…so I used prawns instead…


…with the peeled and sliced shallots, garlic, Bombay onions and chilies, curry leaves, two eggs and sliced canned button mushrooms.

I boiled the pasta till al dente


…and drained and rinsed it with running tap water.

Firstly, I heated some oil in the wok and threw in the sliced shallots and garlic…

Shallots & garlic

…and fried them till golden brown before I added the prawns…


…and fried them till cooked after which I added the Bombay onions, chilies and curry leaves…

Bombay onions, chilies & curry leaves

The mushrooms went in next…


…and finally, the pasta…

Pasta added

I added some fish sauce and msg according to taste…and broke two eggs into it…


…and stir-fried it well till it was done…


So, was it any good?

I would say it was all right but it could do with a lot more prawns – but that was all that I could find in the freezer that day. Other than that, I found that it was a bit too strong with the smell of the curry leaves – next time, I think one sprig would be enough. But it did go very well with the Thai chili sauce that we have in the house.

Personally, I prefer it with SPAM…or ham or bacon or sausages instead of prawns and if you asked my daughter, she would tell you that pastas should be eaten with pasta sauce, bolognese or carbonara or aglio olio…and not fried, Asian-style like this. What about you? Does it matter to you…one way or another?


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “One way or another…”

  1. Just felt hungry at this moment by looking at these pictures!!! =]

    LOL!!! Nothing in the pantry? Poor thing…you’ll have to wait till morning then. πŸ˜€

  2. i’m okay with both version, fried/sauced as long as it tastes good!

    i saw you add in two types of onions, bombay and shallot. what’s the different ar? homie and i are really noobs (so is my Mami :/ used to be a working mom ma) in cooking, we usually only buy those big red bulb ones, which we mainly use for soups and stir-frying…

    If you take a look at the people cooking at the shops and stalls, they only use garlic…but adding shallots (bawang merah/chang kia) would enhance the taste a great deal…when frying rice, noodles/pasta, kway teow or mihun. I added the Bombay onions (bawang besar/tua chang) here as an extra ingredient only – can do without. Usually, those would be the essential ingredient when frying luncheon meat/SPAM or corned beef…or in sweet and sour dishes and in beef soup or stews. By the “big red bulb ones”, do you mean Bombay onions…or the type slightly smaller but bigger than shallots? I don’t like those – not wangi. I think they use those overseas.

    1. asian dishes use red ones, angmo uses yellow ones… as long it is tualiap, is good enuf…

      Yellow? You mean orange? They have the big ones, Bombay onions – same as ours…and what they call shallots are smaller versions of the Bombay onions, maybe half the size or less – not the same as our bawang merah, bigger but and definitely not as wangi. Their spring onions are huge!!! I saw my SIL buying – like leek!!! Then she used only the bulb – all the leaves, she threw away. What a waste! Same as our small, retarded ones – the leaves also just as wangi.

  3. This looks delicious! I could use a bit more prawns too, I love prawns! πŸ˜€

    I don’t think it matters whether pasta is fried Chinese style like it (it’s fusion) or eaten traditionally with bolognese sauce or done aglio olio…as long as it tastes good.

    I’m the same – as long as it tastes good…and it would definitely be good with a lot more prawns.

  4. and that seems very scrumptious! tho i prefer pasta with sauces
    i think i would definitely love this

    Would be great for a change…or when you run out of the local freshly-made noodles.

  5. Very innovative! Pasta should be alright fried like other noodles although I haven’t tried it. I am sure it is very good, I must try it soon!

    I fried macaroni before, char kway teow-style – very nice!

    1. they have this ‘fried roti canai’. Shred the roti canai and fry like char kway teow… havent try those, so dono the taste…

      Don’t think they have that here… Doesn’t sound too exciting. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. oh you were babysitting two kids?? interesting and you cooked for them too!! but you didn’t show us that SPAM version of pasta, else we could compare which one we prefer.. πŸ™‚

    It was a rush – the father dumped the kids at my place and said they had not had breakfast…so I had to get down to cooking that right away. No time to take photos. Next time I cook that way again, I’ll blog about it.

  7. next time if i ever go sibu with my kids.. in the future i mean.. i would ask u to babysit too! =p especially knowing that u will never let them starve =D

    No problem, no problem at all!!!

  8. For me I prefer your way of cooking and leave out all the pasta sauce thingy. But younger generation they would love to drown with those pasta sauce like my son.

    I agree with you 100% – feel exactly the same way…we old school mah!!! LOL!!!!

  9. Ahh lovely, i would have added some bird eye chilies for the extra kick, and replaced button mushrooms with dried shitake mushrooms just because i don’t like button mushrooms πŸ˜›

    …and I, on the other hand, don;t like dried shitake. The fresh ones aren’t so smelly…

  10. I’m with your daughter, I like my pastas cooked Western/Italian style.

    You also so ang moh meh? I’m ok with it…but old man, prefer Asian/Asean style more. More exotic, more exciting.

  11. I love to eat pasta in both way either Asian style or western style. For me, both taste good.
    Sometimes I also cook the sameway like what you cooked (stir-fried with prawns and chicken meat. But never add curry leaves.

    I’ve lots in my garden…and they say it’s good for health. Unfortunately I think I added a bit too much that say – very strong smell of curry leaves.

  12. Looks good. But I do agree that bacon or SPAM would taste better than prawns. Back then when I was in UK, I used to cook pan mee using fettuccine pasta. That’s the closest thing I could do without making the dough. Hehe.

    Yup, it’s more or less the same, anyway – they say Marco Polo brought noodles back from China and that started the whole Italian pasta thing. Can’t beat the Chinese, eh? First in most everything.

  13. I agree with Melissa…. Fusion is just not for me…….

    Not really into western… Just ok with it – will have sometimes for a change – so I’d just stick to our good ol’ Asian ways. Other times, no choice…have to cook it the way my daughter loves it – papa sayang mah!!! Sacrifice!

  14. Arthur, if you do full time babysitting, I am sure a lot of parents will love to send their kids over to you!! The meals you provided are worth sending their kids… hahahaa…

    …and I charge them by the weight of their children? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. So nice of you to babysit your friend’s children, primary 3 and primary 1. Just like the age of my two girls. I hope you stay near us, my girls sure will like Uncle Arthur’s home cooked pasta. I like this version of pasta. It looks so yummy to me.

    Come, come. Bring them over…and I would be happy to cook for them anytime. πŸ˜‰

  16. I’m ok with both as long as it’s good.
    In fact, I cooked spaghetti quite often recently, be it aglio olio or Asian stir-fry
    I even use pasta/spaghetti to cook pasta/spaghetti soup .. heheh
    And one of the fond memory from childhood is a simple alphabet soup for supper.

    Canned soups, I’d go for mushroom. Not into alphabet…I think that’s chicken with the letter pasta inside.

    1. Oh I do not mean canned soups.

      I mean home cooked soups. Simple chinese noodles soup with some meat. Instead of the usual noodles (yellow noodle, hor fun or beehoon), I prefer pasta or spaghetti.

      Oh? I thought you meant the soup with the pasta in the form of all the little letters from A to Z – little kids love that. LOL!!! I love mee kua (mee sanggul) in bone soup with bayam… My mum used to cook. Yummmm!!!!

  17. fuiyo…the kids really lucky…have Master Chef cook for them πŸ™‚

    No lah…simple, simple one – had to cook something fast for their breakfast…cincai, cincai only.

  18. You are not just a good cook but a good friend and good ‘nanny’! :p
    It’s so nice of you~

    That’s what friends are for…

  19. I love this kind of pasta! I love how you blend curry leaves and chilli into pasta, so retro and unique. Why I didn’t think of this?

    I always like your homecooked, they are first class!

    Whatever we add will compliment the taste – when we’ve been cooking long enough, we would have a fair idea what would go well with what – what to do and what not to do…and most of the time, at least, if not all the time, we will not be far wrong. It all comes naturally – somehow we will get a feel for it – no fixed recipe.

  20. Wah the fusion style of pasta. I like with curry leaves… Arthur always makes wonder food with anything you have. Lots of prawns and mushroom, I like again!

    I wish I had a lot more prawns – the sweetness would really make it very very nice but unfortunately, I could only find a handful in the freezer that day – not enough. 😦

  21. I haven’t tried fried pasta but what you’ve done up sure looks great to me. I too thought two sprigs would be an overkill somewhat. I would just put in a few leaves – just for the aroma – but hey, whatever works for the chef.

    As for breakfast for the kids, I suppose what you have whipped up for them could have been the best breakfast they have ever had! So very nice of you to help out. Kudos, STP!

    You’re right there. Never mind even if it’s good for health – just a sprig of the curry leaves would be enough, no need to overdo it like I did.

    The kids enjoyed the simpler version that I cooked for them using SPAM and they ate quite a lot – I asked them to take back what was leftover for the dad…and he said that when he had that in the evening, the son wanted a share too – so I guess that’s testimony enough that what they liked what they had.

    Aiyor…friends mah! I am sure you would do the same if you can…and it was just for one morning – no big deal, really.

  22. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as I can eat pasta.

    Don’t worry much, suituapui. The way you cooked the pasta is delicious enough. =)

    Just needed more prawns…and cut down on the curry leaves, it will be perfect! πŸ˜‰

  23. Looks delicious. I would prefer some meat to go with the pasta. It really does not matter how pasta is cooked, but more on the outcome. Bangkok have a lot of fusion restaurants cooking pasta in Thai style. I found that they are very nice.

    Yes, like at our Payung Cafe here, they have spaghetti with a choice of tom yam or belimbing prawns – both very nice!!! Slurpssss!!!!!

  24. My two boys only favour pastas to be eaten with carbonara sauce though I myself love to cook it the Asian-style, just like yours. πŸ™‚

    Two? You mean your son and your hubby? I thought you only have one?

  25. Doesn’t matter with me. We’ve cooked pasta stir fried with vege and spoonfuls of yoghurt or stir fried Asian style, put in tom yam also can and it was good too. πŸ˜‰

    Yes, if you come to Sibu, you must try the one at Payung – with tom yam or belimbing prawns…request for extra spicy. Very very nice!

  26. pasta in any way is good for me..but with spam in it…that is oh yum yum yum…can I have another serving please? Hehehe

    Help yourself. Half a packet is actually a lot – for a small family of 3 or 4, a quarter of a packet would be enough for one sitting.

  27. Yes we Asian tend to treat pasta/spagheti like noodles. That Asian touch ma. I like mine with lots of bacon and egg and shallots. But urs look reallllllyyyy appetising! with red wine perhaps?

    Nope, not for this recipe. Don’t think the red wine is compatible with the curry leaves.

  28. It really warms my heart to hear that you were so kind to help to baby sit your friend’s kids. You even cooked them delicious meals. God bless!

    That’s what friends are for. It is written in the Holy Book that what you do to the least of your brothers, you do unto Me.

  29. I used to not be able to accept fusioned pasta but that changed when I had an awesome Kung Poh Spaghetti! guess it just take a good dish to change one’s mind??

    SPAM or Bacon will make Anything taste great… lol…. πŸ˜‰

    I’d second that – the fragrance will bring the taste to a whole new level really. I love the tom yam or belimbing prawn spaghetti at Payung here – really very very nice….anytime nicer than the real thing, I would say!

  30. So nice of you to babysit your friend’s kids and not forget to cook them breakfast too. Next time.when I go back I know where to put my boys. LOL!

    I dont know why, I like pasta, whether is fettuccine or spaghetti but not this type fusili. I like it either is fusion or western , both also i like.

    Maybe those like our Asian noodles or mee pok… No problem at all, can drop your boys at my place anytime. They’re such angels too, I’m sure…

  31. No wonder I like you my friend. Me too cannot stand anything being in the fridge too long. However I still think Quay Lo pasta does not taste as good stir fry as compared to our noodles.

    I’m fine with both – Marco Polo brought it over from China, anyway… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  32. I don’t mind fusion pasta but with large variety of pasta/noodles at home generally I keep to the ‘cuisine’ they came from la. though once I did make a Thai version of linguine with peanut butter, sesame oil and soy sauce. That was delicious. I think I blogged about it too. I also like Japanese style pasta. πŸ˜€

    Ya…it’s up to one’s imagination what one can do with it and up to one’s preference when it comes to the taste. For one thing, I don’t follow recipes so I’d just play by ear…and hope what I’d get in the end is nice…and I’d call it fusion. Hehehehehe!!!!

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