Some more (1)…

I mentioned in my post here that I was down to my last packet of the gravy from IKEA and I used it for my beef balls that day…

Beef balls with IKEA gravy
*recycled pic*

…and guess what! Annie wasted no time at all in hopping over to get me some more packets of that…

IKEA gravy

…which she passed to me when she came home to Sibu with her twins during the recent school holidays. Gee!!! Now I’m starting to believe that there is a whole lot more truth to: “Knock and the door will be open, seek and you will find, ask and you will be given…!”

She also got me these cookies from that same place and also from Marks & Spencer…


I am never a fan of ginger biscuits – these taste exactly like those…


– the Pepparkaka from IKEA with a hint of pepper in it as well. They’re pretty good, eaten just like that but not when dunked in coffee – and I always love to eat my cookies like that. Somehow, they’re not quite compatible.

My favourite is still the All Butter Viennese from Marks & Spencer…


– so very nice with its rich buttery fragrance…Yummmmmmm!!!!!

And if you think that is all, then you’re wrong! There is still some more – this…


…bottle of very nice crispy anchovy chili! Annie was telling me something about buying the wrong one – probably she intended to get the dried prawn one or something but it did not matter as this one was really very very nice as well! I certainly would want to grab a few myself should I happen to hop over there and see it in the shops.

I was not feeling very well around that time (after my trip to Kuching) when Annie was in town so we did not get to go out to eat together and I was kind of tied up with getting everything ready for Melissa to go to her school in Selangau and settle down comfortably there. Hopefully, we will get to do that when she comes home again…or when I go over to KL.

But wait a minute! There is some more…still! LOL!!! Just before she left town, she dropped by my place again and gave me one whole ikan patin, whatever that is called in English, a big one! I have not cooked it yet…and when I do, I will certainly blog about it. Any suggestion as to the best way of cooking this variety? Masak tempoyak, good or not? Come, do suggest to me some of your ideas as to how to cook it…

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37 thoughts on “Some more (1)…”

  1. well i must say that’s pretty convenient,
    i mean easy to prepare garvy is handy for such meal

    Yup! Love having that around in the house.

  2. ginger? never tasted it but if you didn’t like it i probably wont too haha
    butter is better indeed

    You’ve never had ginger biscuits? They’re been around since time immemorial, just that I’m not a fan.

  3. ohhh, butter cookies are a weakness of mine! if you hand me a packet of them, they’ll be gone in 30 minutes! 😀

    Mine too…especially these – they’re lighter compared to Scottish shortbreads or Danish cookies but equally or perhaps even more fragrant – gone even sooner.

  4. My mum makes a good ginger biscuit. I’ve never been able to eat the store bought ones – spoiled. 😉

    Not a fan of ginger, so that is why I’m not so into ginger biscuits. My missus loves them!

  5. Wow, so many goodies! I made tempoyak the previous weekend. My partner bought me a packet of durians and I decided to experiment. But I haven’t tasted it yet. How about masak tempoyak? If my tempoyak turn out then I can follow your masak tempoyak recipe 🙂

    You can try this simple kampung-style recipe: I tried another one I found in some blog long ago – nice but with all the things added, they drowned out the fragrance of the tempoyak.

  6. So nice of Annie!! I have yet to meet her… hope we can meet up one day…
    About ikan patin, over here, I normally steam and steam.. put lots of shredded ginger, kicap and fried lots of garlic as toppings… hahaha..that is my style..

    Yes, they do that in Chinese restaurants here – ok, if the patin has no mud smell. Ya…you should get to meet her someday, very nice lady.

  7. Wow, so much goodies from Annie. So all those are your true love. My favourite, All Butter Viennese. Yummy!!!… Slow, slow enjoy your goodies.

    Finish lor… Can get in Kuching? Next time you go KL, remember me hor? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  8. haha… me also not a fan of ginger biscuit, keke…. Me only drink ginger tea from Indian coffee stall, kaka….

    Can’t remember if I’ve tried ginger tea or not… Probably not.

  9. aiyoh so nice lah, your friends all like to feed you with good and nice food!! now you see, there’s always advantage for being a HANDSOME guy right?? :p

    Where got handsome? They kesian old man, retiree…measly pension hardly enough to make ends meet so they all want to chip in mah…. So kind and generous – not like some people that I know. Hint! Hint! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  10. For the ikan patin…maybe you can opt for steaming with lots of ginger & fried garlic.

    Yup…that’s the Chinese style.

  11. The anchovies chili is quite convenient ya! I think I can eat it with just plain rice, haha xD

    It is very nice. Certainly worth grabbing a bottle or two should you happen to see it in the shops.

  12. I have the ginger biscuits too! I don’t know about you, suituapui, but it tasted rather sweet for me.

    I like M&S’s Butter Puff Biscuits. Haven’t tasted their All Butter Viennese.

    Sweet? Not I noticed? Not much sweeter than say Digestives. I just don;t really care for the ginger and the pepper taste. Not too sure if I’ve tried M&S puffs specifically but I have never been crazy over those – never mind what brand and from where.

  13. Oo..i have the similar sambal at home but different brand…Always use that as side condiment for steamboat.

    Steamboat? I just mix with rice and eat…like my homemade sambal hay bee.

    1. Yes, Yee Ling, we had the crispy prawn sambal for our steamboat too. Very yummy!!! slurp slurp.

      Steamboat? As a dip? Hmmmm….usually for steamboat, I would want freshly-pounded chilies with garlic…or with ginger for the meat.

  14. AH! Small little things, don’t mention it. You also bought me a lot things and i cannot buy you breakfast or dinner, so i have to give you back a fish. hahahahhahah. Try this patin, no mud smell, it’s from batang ai. We know someone, he worked there, i brought 10 fishes back in KL!! Give some to my mum’s friend and i keep a few for home. Yet to cook it also, maybe i will steam it.

    Ikea cookies, first time buying, not sure which one is good, so just grab this for you to try. Since my mum are into ginger now, “ good for the health”, I bought her some too. Didn’t know you don’t like ginger, kekekek, lucky Lucy likes it. 

    Ah! The sambal, yes I want to get you is crispy prawn sambal. I didn’t know they have ikan bilis, didn’t see it properly I just grab. Will get you some next month and tumpang my mum to bring back.

    Yes, the sambal very very nice – like homemade…except for the whole chili seeds – when I make, I would pound to dust, cannot see the seeds. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

    IKEA – I’ve tried some of their cookies – next time, don’t bother. I did not think any is really that great – even M&S, I only like these Viennese butter ones – bought some of the others to try before, all not really worth it.

    I’ve cooked the patin – very very nice! See my post day after tomorrow. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  15. OMG… The sambal looks nice… Maybe I’ll get one too. Just to spice up my dishes.

    Can get that her? Do let me know if you happen to see it anywhere – would want to get some more. Very nice.

  16. am not into meatballs but their cookies sedap. I like to buy those cookies

    Me opposite, not fond of the cookies… Dunno the meatballs though – never ever had the chance to try – nobody ever brought me there…but I love the gravy. Very nice.

  17. I like those Ikea cookies. Always grab some when I go there, but it has been some time since i’m there. I would prefer the cap ping pong crackers to go with coffee or milo than these cookies. 🙂

    So far, I don’t think I really liked any of the cookies I got from IKEA, none that I would be dying to have again. Dunno what cap ping pong crackers are…

  18. Wah! So nice.

    Haven’t been eating meatballs in ages. I’m drooling at those.

    Well, you can drop by IKEA anytime – everyone seems to sing praises of the ones there. I wouldn’t know – never tried, nobody ever bothered to take me there… Sobssss!!!! 😦

  19. Yes, ikan patin with tempoyak very ngam! Do the pahang style, rebus everything together, no need to tumis so that the sweetness of the fish will be retained. Campak in 3-4 tbsp tempoyak,some pounded cili api and kunyit hidup, daun kesum,Bunga kantan and Asam keping. Add water.. ohhhh, shiok with nasi lembik, banjir or just hirup like that . My mouth watering already.. Hehehe.
    Yup, I never bother buying ikea’s biscuit.. not nice! If I buy pun, I would only buy the one with jam inside. 2 biscuits kiap together with a hole in the middle where you can see the jam. Only that one Boleh tahan.

    I think I tried that before – not really great. Hmmmm…your masak tempuyak is more complicated than my kampung-style. My way simpler…and also nice – we use prawns or our ikan buris. Must try to get and cook for you when you’re here. Patin, no match, I tell you….

  20. The ready made hay bee that Annie bought for you nice to goreng bee hoon too. I also add that in my char tau kueh and also Penang style char Kueh tiau.. easy peasy and taste almost alike too with the real deal.

    Ya, I used to fry rice… Melissa liked, took some to Selangau – can heat up and eat anytime. Easy.

  21. Those cookies that you had? I havent taste them myself eventhough we can get it easily here! I love ginger cookies and I think I’ll run to get one soon 🙂

  22. I keep some IKEA meatballs for emergency meals:D

    Love ginger biscuits…am actually nibbling on some with my glass of cold milk as I blog hop…

    As long as you don’t dunk it in coffee. Tastes awful – simply incompatible. Otherwise, they tasted pretty all right to me.

  23. Hi Arthur! That was really sweet of Annie! (I must know this lady too … LOL!)

    Patin fish? If very fresh, steam it! Simple steaming with ginger and soya sauce. If you like it with more kick, cook a spicy sambal sauce and pour it over.

    I thought of steaming it, Portuguese style, steaming and pouring the special gravy over the fish but I was feeling lazy – not quite in the mood for cooking so I just let my missus cook it whichever way she wanted – turned out to be very nice…contrary to how I’ve been feeling all these years – that patin is smelly, not so nice. Of course, there are other types of fish here that I would prefer but it was good. Wouldn’t mind buying should I see any at the market. Ya…Annie is a very good friend. Friends like her are rare gems, very hard to find.

  24. I once had the most yummy Patin… steamed with lots of ginger, chili padi and a broth nuked up with loads of Chinese wine… super shiok! 🙂

    Chinese style. I know many people love steamed patin…but I’m afraid it is not my favourite. Nice, but I would prefer some others.

  25. I like the IKEA cookies and stuff too! 🙂

    BTW, can you get Lingham chilli sauce in Sibu?

    I think so. Grew up eating that…but not really my favourite these days.

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