Short changed…

We flew via maswings


…to Kuching that day.

I booked through the Malaysia Airlines website and there was no indication as to whether it would be a Boeing flight or one on the small ATR aircrafts…so I just picked the flights according to the fare and the time. It seems that if the flight is numbered MH2xxx, then it is a Boeing flight and that will only take 35 minutes compared to the rest – 40…and when you board the aircraft, they will tell you it is going to take 45 minutes altogether…IF the flight is on schedule and there is no delay!

All in all, I paid over RM500 for two persons…and that was on Thursday – when we got the news via the service commission’s website that Melissa would need to be present at something that they would be holding in Kuching. The next day, Friday, the MATTA Fair started and if I had booked a day later, I would have save over RM100 on the air tickets. Sometimes it pays not to be too efficient! Tsk! Tsk!

Well, if you’re flying on one of these little planes, it is best to check in your luggage. After all, you get an allowance of 20 kg free (or is it 30 kg now?) and it being such a small plane, upon arrival at the airport, by the time you reach the carousel at the luggage reclaim area, your stuff would have come out already. For one thing, the overhead stowage compartment is very small…


…smaller than even the old Fokkers in the past so you may not be able to squeeze your bag into it and will have to place it under the seat in front of you…and end up getting cramps in your legs by the end of your flight.

Then, there are those inconsiderate nincompoops sitting in front who will just stuff their bags in the compartments at the back before they proceed to their seats. Thus, if you are sitting at the back, when you board the aircraft, you may find that you do not have any space to put yours at all and that was exactly what happened to me that day on our flight home – AND HEAR ME AND HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR, all you airline staff…and those who have this horribly selfish and inconsiderate habit! Next time, I will just take those bags and throw them down the aisle and put my own bags in the compartment right above my own seat that is rightfully mine. You are the world’s No. 1 cabin crew (or is that for Malaysia Airlines’ only, and all the maswings ones are of a different class altogether and are not included?)…so you go and handle that situation yourself. It is not my problem.

They have moved the business class seats to the back now – those few seats used to be right in front. I guess the change is in view of the fact that the door is at the back of the aircraft and it would not be so convenient for these selected few – their esteemed passengers. An ex-student of mine, who used to work with the airline, would promptly move me to these seats if he happened to be on duty – not that it would make much of a difference other than the fact that you would get something a little bit nicer to eat and not just a packet of MILO and peanuts…

MILO & nuts

Well, unfortunately, my ex-student has joined the new airline in the region now but I do recall when I was flying to places in SabahΒ sometime ago, I was given the refreshments on board in boxes and inside, other than those MILO drinks, they had sandwiches and cup cakes and even a Kit Kat! Perhaps that is for their longer flights, I wouldn’t know.

They are still using the same safety briefing video…


…that I thought was kind of funny when I saw it the first time but unfortunately, the “jokes” are getting somewhat stale. I would think a simple straightforward one would be more appropriate and they can keep on screening it till kingdom come and nobody would give two hoots about it. If I remember correctly, they are now using the Malay version and not the English one that you can see if you click this link here.Β Tourists from overseas would surely have a problem trying to make head or tail of the whole thing, I’m afraid.

Incidentally, is there any way one can fasten one’s seat belt while still standing?

Seat belt

I guess one can only do that when and while seated, right? For one thing, I must say that it is commendable that the ones in this aircraft are all long enough and I did not have to ask for extensions, thank goodness.

Yes, if you’re thinking that it is a small aircraft, you are right. Even the seat for the cabin crew is stowed away in a compartment in the wall and for landing and takeoffs, he or she would have to take it out and sit on it…

CC seat

Somehow or other, it conjures images in my mind of those contraptions in James Bond’s Aston Martin…where you press a button and the person in the seat would be ejected into the air and out of the car in an instant…and in this case, the plane. LOL!!!

I guess we should appreciate the fact that we do have this miserably-categorised “rural air services” even though the main towns and cities included are in no way “rural” and the airfares are in no way cheaper for warts and all, at the end of the day, we do not have much of a choice since we do not have the luxury of those smooth, multi-laned highways that are all over the peninsula…and our Third-World country’s Pan-Borneo Highway, I would say, is, in no uncertain terms, a real disgrace in this present day and age. Vision 2020? *guffaws* Yuck…yuck…yuck!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Short changed…”

  1. hey, i do like Fireflyz a lot … albeit it is much smaller plane. Have to tunduk each time trying to reach the seats as will hit the ceiling of the plane. BTW, do u know that they have to put a tongkat at the tail of the plane so tat it will not jungkit upward when boarding? I do go to Pekan Baru and Medan on these, as Subang Airport is just right behind my house… 15minutes dah sampai the airport… and Subang Airport is much nicer compare to LCCT lah…

    Not that I noticed – that tongkat thing… I think Firefly uses this ATR aircraft as well, if I am not mistaken. The stairs not too narrow for you to get on board? The aisle, the chair…all big enough for you kah? I was going to add a special warning for you to avoid taking any flight using this aircraft….

    1. taken a smaller plane before…well, the aisle is a bit small and the chair… hmm…not that really bad lah… all for the sake of work…

      The twin otter – 19-seater…that’s a whole lot smaller. Have to weigh the passenger with the luggage together.Try that one. Hehehehehe!!!!!

    2. Any plane that is loaded from the rear will almost always have the ‘tongkat’ or the proper name tail stand attached to the tail to prevent the aircraft tipping on to its bottom. When Pakcik flew freight ( boeing 727 ) out of subang he always used the tail stand n one of the checks before engine start was to check that it had been removed n stowed. It is very embarrassing to depart with your tail stand flapping away underneath the aircraft.. Lol!

      Eyewwwww!!!! The images running through my mind – Imagine if it had been Superman, instead of a plane. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Has never taken Maswings before. For domestic we usually just stick to AA for the KL-Btu flight. I remember being on the old fokkers though. When Bintulu airport was still within the town centre.

    Ya, I remember those days on my working trips when I used to walk off the plane…and straight into the hotel in Bintulu…. That was nice. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. I’ve never taken Maswings. Air Asia is usually our choice because of the pricing and timings.

    MAS sometimes gives very good deals, all inclusive…no need to pay for this and that – I would check out both and compare…but MasWings flies where no other airline does – e.g. Sibu to Kota Kinabalu…and the airfare can be killing!!!!! It’s a monopoly but really unreasonable to take advantage like that.

  4. Something like Fireflyz… just walk a few steps up… πŸ™‚ Expensive too .. flying from Ipoh to Singapore is around 300rm… to and fro.. RM590… not cheap to fly in small planes.. πŸ™‚

    I suppose they have the monopoly, Singapore – Ipoh…like Sibu – KK, unless you fly to KL or to Kuching using AA and then to KK – so much time wasted and the worst part, may not be cheaper.

  5. I haven’t flown for quite some time already. But I remember the Fokker and how it would be very shaky during bad weather. Once the plane had to turn back to Subang airport during my flight to Terengganu. And my poor parents had to drive in the rain to fetch me back home. I had to take the next flight back the following day.

    In the past, we only had Fokker and Twin Otter. At least now we have a few Boeing and AirBus flights…other than these ATR plus the Twin Otter to some little towns in the state. Ya…the small planes are very weather-dependent…but we do not have a choice – no nice highways, can’t drive or use a bus…and no train!!! It’s about time we have more development in this part of the country!!!

  6. Maswings, me not familiar, more familiar with Air Asia…

    Of course, you would not know it…unless you want to fly to Mulu to see the world’s largest caves….. RURAL air services, for us ULU people only, maklumlah….that’s why people everywhere say we still live in the trees and run around naked!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  7. Its 30kgs of baggage allowance now Arthur… good to see they gave you milo, i caught a MAS flight down to KL last week and they gave me a plain water instead (or apple/orange juice), a big tsk to them

    Yup, that’s KL-Penang sector. Worse…but at least, you flew in a Boeing. More comfortable.

  8. I never on board MasWings before…..For me, I will always opt for AA.

    AA Sibu – Kuching, I think one flight early in the morning and one late evening – so sometimes, time factor…and price, not much difference…I would opt to fly MAS…Boeing or ATR, anyone will do.

  9. Never experience on MasWings. Most of the time would opt for AA. Mind you I have used Twin Otter before to Mukah. Sometimes we do come across those inconsiderate nincompoops. Really get on my nerves.

    Yes, I don’t know why there are people like that in this world – their parents never taught them, meh? So disgusting!

    And the moment the plane touches the ground – these would be the people to switch on their handphones to sms or make calls – even though the announcements say over and over again not to do that till in the terminal building. Maybe they’re illiterate – never went to school so they could not understand what was said – uneducated, uncivilised… Ptuiiii!!!!! Cilaka punya orang, give Malaysians a bad name!

    1. I have heard 2 different versions about switching on hand phones. One is to only switch on while in terminal building. The other is to switch on when plane comes to a complete stop.

      …and another one after they have opened the door of the aircraft. My friend who works as a cabin crew says they themselves never bother to switch off but teachers will be teachers – I am a stickler for rules – no means no…and I don’t see what the hurry is. They are going to miss some multi-million ringgit deal or what in those few minutes. Not likely, not with the likes of those. Tsk! TsK!

  10. From your description, it’s really a small plane and I’ve never flew via Maswings before. I guess they have found themselves a niche market to fly to places where no other airlines fly…and charge an arm and leg for that!

    Monopoly…squeezing blood out of stone, discriminating and taking advantage of us here where the highway sucks big-time so it is not so convenient or comfortable to drive or take a bus…and no train. 😦

  11. For such a short flight, I guess they just give some simple snacks la! XD

    BTW, I’m not changing to be a beauty blogger la, still a lifestyle blogger but due to grandma’s in hospital I didn’t eat any good food lately 😦

    Ok, I see. Hope your grandma gets well soon. Take care all…

  12. Hahaha…your imagination with James Bond is very interesting.

    So how is the snack taste like? I mean the peanut. Whenever I sit Mas, for sure waiting for them to pass me the packets… Usually I take two… very nice to munch you know…

    Hard, not really great.

    P.S. Did you type your blog URL wrongly on purpose? Happens all the time, or at least, this is definitely not the first time. 😦

  13. After watching the movie “Flight” starring Denzel Washington… taking aeroplane would never be the same again… πŸ˜€

    Oh dear!!!! Thank God I did not watch. My daughter used to watch those air disasters shows on Discovery or one of those channels…and for a long time, she refused to fly Air Asia – she said all those cases in the series – cheap airlines. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Mel got a point there.. Lol!!!

      >.< And I had to fork out the money for her to fly 5-star everytime… 😦

  14. oops, this post on planes and flying just reminded me that my passport has expired and i haven’t renewed it yet! but then again, i guess it’s ok since i don’t have any plans to use it anytime soon, heh πŸ˜€

    Yup…or you’ll be paying for nothing. Here, you can get it almost instantly – submit and wait an hour and you will get it already. Very fast, very efficient.

  15. How naive I am, I did not know about this MasWings at all. It looks nice from the outside though. Haha somehow, the picture of the salted nuts and milo looks yummy!

    Maybe because of the picture quality? You have not answered me yet. What camera are you using? πŸ™‚

    Canon iXus 115 HS. Been using it for a few years now… Around RM600 then, should be a lot cheaper now…or no more – replaced by some new models. No money to get anything better…so just have to keep on using lor. 😦

    1. Great camera then πŸ™‚ I maybe need to buy a compact camera since you can always bring along your DSLR all the time. Instead of heavy, it is also big!

      Yes, DSLR mainly for arty snaps…those National Geographic shots. Non-professionals need not bother really.

      1. I bought it and plan to learn more after my studies. So, I can help friends taking pictures for wedding and earn some money πŸ™‚

        Oh? I thought you’re Tupperware towkay already – big money there. I know some people doing that here – jet-setting…holiday north, south, east, west…so nice.

  16. “Please fasten seat belt while seated.”

    Oh, gosh, that really made me laugh. I’m not too surprised at the snacks that they’re serving, as MAS isn’t doing well as of late.

    What do you mean of late? It has never been doing well ever since time immemorial – too much hanky panky going on. Try finding out how much they pay for one miserable meal per passenger on their domestic flights – you’ll be shocked. They’ve done away with those tickets – heard that each cost over RM100… Of course there were people laughing all the way to the bank. 😦

  17. I have not taking MAS airline for sometime, but these two months , I had travelled with MAS thrice. I am so jakun when I see the safety briefing video! Hahahaha

    But I like their service, a lot better than that budget airline and yes now they give you 30kg!!!!

    Oh yes, the snack box! I got so many at home, my boys don’t eat, so I take all back home.

    Maybe yours short distance, so just milo and peanut. πŸ™‚

    Mine MasWings, Kuching-Sibu mah… KL-Sibu, you get pretty nice things to eat AND if you don’t feel like eating, they let you tapao – tray, cup, cutlery (but these days, plastic only lah) and all…. The safety video on their Boeings are straight-forward, more serious…and I prefer it that way. The funny one or even the Air NZ Hobbit one would be good for a while only – after some time, they get boring…

    Well, why do you think I always fly MAS? Only when sometimes, time factor or things like that, I may take AA – otherwise,I’m happy with MAS. Hope Malindo will fly Sibu soon – maybe also good,. that one.

  18. No matter what, Mas Wings will always be classier and offer a superior service compared to AA. We know many captains originally when MAS operated the rural air service who have stayed on and now fly for MasWings because they love the challenging flying environment and hv no desire to fly shiny fast jets elsewhere. I would say these pilots are extremely experienced and u shld hv every confidence in their ability. Now, I cannot say the same for AA… all they want is the status of flying shiny fast jets and as for their ability, hmmmmmm…. !

    Yes, as far as safety goes, it is fine – in fact, all is fine…except the fares on some sectors like Sibu-KK…and never mind that the aircrafts are small, the flights are short anyway…and as long as one can get from one place to another safely, that’s all we need.

    Wouldn’t mind some more considerate fellow-passengers though – those recalcitrant ones really get my blood boiling, shorten my life only. But what to expect? All those NCAA (no class at all) people…Tsk! Tsk!

  19. well why was it only milo and peanuts?
    they should give you more than that

    Only on long hauls. And if you fly on those cheap airlines, you have to BUY your own drinks and meals – nothing is free!

  20. anyway i always wanted to ride a plane
    yet as of now, i might get a job first hahaha

    You’re so handsome – you can get a job as a flight attendant and then you will be flying north, south, east , west…no problem at all.

  21. I know what you mean by those inconsiderate people! I always see them on KL -> Sibu flights. Idiots! They have so much carry on baggage (usually oversize or packaged improperly) that I wonder how they’re allowed in at all…

    …and to make things worse, like you say, they stuff it everywhere, including above your seat, leaving you no place to put your backpack.

    See! Obviously, it’s not that I like to complain, moan and groan. I am very sure a lot of people feel the same way about the likes of those – really disgusting!

  22. For similar price, I will take MAS/MASwing just to make sure there will always be an competitor to AA. Beside, I prefer small ATR plan because there are more to see outside the window.

    …and I think the flights are more reliable – especially those going on to Bintulu, Miri, KK. Not likely delayed or cancelled.

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