In my previous post, I mentioned that I saw the late Teresa Teng perform live at the Neptune in Singapore. Well, I also saw Tracy Huang singing at a show in one of the shopping malls and there was one occasion when I went for the New Year’s Eve Dinner and Dance at the Mandarin Singapore with live entertainment by the very dashing Filipino singer, Ding Mercado. You can see him in this quite recent video doing that hit song by the late Kenny Rogers…

Then there was the time when I went to see Anita Sarawak at the Top of the Hilton. Gosh!!! The place was packed…but I managed to squeeze through the crowd to a table right in the middle. I was supposed to pay a substantial amount for the first drink, inclusive of the show, but I suppose the waiters/waitresses could not be bothered to try and get to me and then the show started…

(Don’t miss her rendition of “More than I can say” and everything else @ 13:05 onwards!)

Boy!!! It was stunning! That woman was really a first-class act and had everybody in stitches and enjoying themselves true and true. You can click the link and watch the above video clip, recorded in 1985 in Penang – it is about half an hour long but she could be really hilarious and definitely worth watching. You will surely ROTFLOL, I tell you! The performance that I saw only lasted an hour though…and the moment it ended, I left my seat and made my way out of the place. Hey! I got to watch it all FOC (free of charge)! Ain’t that great? Hehehehehe!!!!!

Of course, I saw some of the local acts at the discotheques and music lounges and pubs in Singapore at the time, including Heather and the ThunderbirdsΒ at the Lost Horizon, Shangri La.Β How we loved their songs way back then in the 60’s and we even used to request for their songs to be played on the radio. Those were the days!

The only international act that I saw during my stay in the island republic in 1973 was Lulu – at the National Theatre…

– then married to the late Bee Gee, Maurice Gibb. I saw Leif Garrett in Singapore too but that was years later – I can’t remember the venue now though. He was one of those teen idols at the time – something like Justin Bieber today… but if I’m not mistaken, he’s leading quite a messed-up life now and has faded into oblivion.

Of course, in those days, I did not have much money and besides, the stars did not go around to perform in live concerts that much – not like today…so people our time would only get one coming their way once in a blue moon but all in all, I think I had my fair share of fun and of course, music during those long gone days when I was in Singapore…

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28 thoughts on “Stargazing…”

  1. Anita Sarawak! I haven’t heard that name in ages! πŸ™‚

    I remember my mom playing ABBA and Karen Carpenter. I can remember most of the former’s songs by heart.

    She did? Ok, just listen…don’t sing! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Hi Arthur! So nostalgic these days?! πŸ˜€

    Filler posts. Had to go to Kuching with my daughter earlier this week for some business regarding her appointment so I was afraid I would not have time to blog. Did manage to go online on the hotel computers to reply to comments, that was about all. Normal posts will resume starting tomorrow…so you will get to see what I had been up to those three days/two nights in Kuching. πŸ˜‰

    1. I see… Can’t wait to read and see what Kuching has to offer…

      You’ve never been to Kuching either? Oooo…you should hop over sometime – so near, yet so far!

  3. Ohhhh… Anita Sarawak! She’s a legend. It’s been awhile since I heard about her! The lady really can sing!

    I love her showmanship – never a dull moment, very entertaining – very witty and funny.

  4. You so lucky fella!! Watching free live concerts while I have to dig out pockets to pay… and one I enjoyed watching was the Osmond Brothers in Gentings.. other than that, I ididn’t catch live performances in Malaysia… I mean those famous ones…
    But it would be great if I could catch Olivia, Tracy Huang… now most of them have more or less “retired”..

    Ya, I would love to see Olivia. You people there so lucky – all the great acts dropping by. You never saw Cliff Richard or Engelbert? I think they were at Genting too. all the time

  5. How long did you stay in SG at that time?

    Just a year, 1973 and a couple of months in 1974…

  6. Stars of yesteryears! Guess you should check out concerts in Genting. There were lots of veterans stars performed there like Cliff Richard and etc. My bro in law watched Sally Yeh’s concert not long ago while we waited for him there.

    Not into these Chinese acts. Long ago, they used to bring them to Sibu to sing in shows in the cinemas – I remember people like Fung Fei Fei were here…but I don’t remember going to watch – at best, maybe one or two of them.

  7. Wow, you really have a great time. Am a great fan of the late Teresa Teng too. Anita Sarawak is one great & gorgeous lady. See how she dressed up, perform and all.

    Ya…that’s why I always say – no regrets, I’ve lived a life that’s full…been there, done that – had had my share of experiences and fun. I certainly did not miss out on life at all.

  8. I already heard about Ding Mercado but I never knew him. I’m glad that a Filipino singer is somewhat famous sometime in the past.

    Songs these days are no match to the songs of the bygone eras.

    Yes, I saw some of his recent performances on youtube but of course,he’s not that young and handsome anymore. Still looks quite ok though and sounds good too…

  9. Oh nice that you saw concerts for free! Luckily I’m not a big fan of concerts.. too many people, too noisy and too crowded for my own good! So I’m more than happy to save my money for something else πŸ˜›

    I have not been to many…but I did enjoy those that I went to – most of them were dinner or after-dinner shows, actually – not those kind of concerts.

  10. LOL….these are the golden oldies you ask SK to find for the CD ka?

    No, these are easy to find… I gave him titles a lot more challenging. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. I love Teresa Teng. We had the same surname (chinese). My dad nearly named me the same as her..hahahahaha

    Oh? So you’re a Teng? I thought your surname is Yee and your name is Ling.

  12. Memories! I remember being quite taken with Ding Mercado many many years ago. I was still quite young then and saw him perform on TV. Back then, every time there is an ASEAN summit, there is a concert featuring artistes from the ASEAN countries. And I used to love Anita Sarawak! Haven’t seen her perform for a long time now.

    Ahhh!!! You remember him! I first saw him on ASEANEKA representing the Philippines. So when I saw that he would be performing at a New Year’s Eve dinner and dance at the Mandarin Singapore, I got the tickets right away. I love Anita too – she’s a whole lot better live…than on tv – very spontaneous.

  13. wow… Anita is just such a fabulous artist…. I can barely take my eyes of her the whole show and I laughed so much till my stomach hurts…hahaha
    she is just really Geng and can speak so many languages….

    Thanks for sharing!! I ‘d say you still get to watch quite a few of these really awesome singers during your era!

    Ya…love her. Another guy I like is Fredo & the Flintstones – the first time i saw him, I laughed so hard that I fell off the bar stool. He’s still playing around KL somewhere.

  14. Those names…I’ve heard and learnt them from my sis on their greatness…Myself would have very vague memory of those. Growing up was just boy and girl bands from my peers.

    Ya, you’re young…

  15. You’re very lucky to meet those artists. Missing the old good times, eh?

    Not really. Just glad that I had had the chance to go through all these nice experiences in my younger days…

  16. I am not a big fan of concerts, so far only been to one which was FOC. Wuahahaha..

    The dinner shows and the ones at a theatre – where there are seats…would be quite different from the concept of live concerts today, I guess.

  17. I love today’s post πŸ™‚ I have seen Anita Sarawak’s show in one of our company’s annual dinner in the mid 90’s when she was based in Las Vegas. She was expensive but oh, so worth it! I very much into all these ‘oldies’ than the ‘newbies’. Old is gold indeed!

    Ahhhh!!! You saw her perform live – definitely better than on tv or on her recordings. It’s her personality that is the attraction – a real livewire. I’m ok with some of the new songs but not many are nice and most are quite forgettable.

  18. Lucky enough to have been to quite a few concerts so far of mostly international acts (some of them twice!) Perks of living in bigger cities like Melbourne and KL. I know the Chinese singers you’ve mentioned but not the other two….

    I look forward to the day when I would be able to catch you performing live…and give you a standing ovation. Wink! Wink! πŸ˜‰

  19. well, music then and now were indeed different.
    back then on your time vocals really matter but now it’s all about autotunes

    They can get it digitally-enhanced these days – no need to be able to sing well.

  20. and well written and worth listening songs were fewer this days,
    im not really in to much partying songs which is quite the trend on my generation

    Ya, good songs are few and far between these days…

  21. Thanks for sharing the wonderful video. I like Anita Sarawak, she is a great singer always full of wits and humour.

    Best regards.

    Yes, I liked her a lot. Her English albums were all pretty good.

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