Drive by…

Usually, whenever I was on the way to the airport or back, I would just drive by the two or three blocks of shophouses located in the vicinity of the Star Mega-mall here and very often, I would see a lot of people eating at this coffee shop…


…or another one at the other end.

On the way back from Selangau the other day, we decided to stop there for a bite to eat before heading on home but it certainly seemed pretty quiet that day…

Mel & mum

Probably we missed the 10 o’ clock tea break crowd and were too early for those dropping by for lunch.

The selections that they had for the nasi campur (mixed rice)…

AC - nasi campur

…looked pretty good but we decided we did not want to go for that. Do take note of the sliding wire-netting covers to keep out the flies – I really like such places where they make an effort to ensure the cleanliness of what they serve unlike what I have seen elsewhere.

Melissa had the mee goreng (fried noodles)…

AC - mee goreng

…but it was salty and had too much msg plus I think the cook did not add any water in the cooking so the noodles were hard, almost like they were uncooked.

My missus ordered the kampua noodles tossed with chili sauce…

AC - kampua cili

…while I had the plain…

AC - kampua

As you can see, this is a halal shop so they use chicken and you can be sure that no lard is used in the making of the noodles. Both were all right – nothing to shout about but they were not too bad. However, I would say that the halal kampua that I had here sometime ago was much better.

The piansip was quite nice…

AC - piansip

…but the skin they used was too thick so I would say that really spoilt it all. I loved the complimentary soup that they gave – very nice clear soup, quite unlike the murky/cloudy, tasteless or at times, smelly ones that they give at some of the Chinese kampua stalls.

I don’t know if we would ever drop by this place again – after all, we seldom venture to this part of town…and even if we do, we would probably want to try another shop at the other end…or we might just come here again but we will order something else instead. We’ll see…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Drive by…”

  1. eh, cikgu firstday lapor diri lepas tu dah ponteng ye… kampua, plain, tossed with chang eu, cukup untuk saya… can go like Maggi’s ad ‘mak! Kawan datang… makannn…!’

    That’s the beauty of teaching in a rural school… I loved it very much – I hope Melissa would too. Hmmm…come back tomorrow and you will get kampua…and again, the day after. Kampua for the win!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Hi Arthur! I must say the few noodle dishes today do not look as good as those that you had posted previously. I prefer the pork version.

    BTW, why is it called kampua and piansip? What language is that?

    Yup! They’re not even photogenic. I think kampua is Hokkien for Foochow “kang puak” meaning tossed dry – same meaning as konlou mee in Sabah, if I’m not wrong…and I guess Kuching’s kolo mee – the name is derived form this too. Somebody told me the meaning of pian sik but I can’t remember now.

  3. The kampua n fried noodle looks “ok” to me,but for the malay nasi campur dishes, they looks delicious. I should stop by there one day for lunch, it is pretty near from my house.

    Yup! The nasi campur choices sure look good… Hope to stop by and try myself too some day.

  4. Between 10 am – 12 noon, one of the lauk finished already? Business must be good! I like the colour of the mee goreng, nampak sedap although you say otherwise. I’m a little bit confused though.. is this a Malay shop or Chinese? I’ve noticed that Sibu makan places not racist at all. Pian sip, kampua, nasi melayu campur, mee goreng mamak all under one roof πŸ™‚

    Yup! I saw them cooking new stuff and refilling… It’s complicated. It’s a Chinese-owned Malay shop – the cook’s Malay and also the waitress (or Indon) – the one running the coffee shop and cooking the kampua & piansip is a middle-aged Chinese lady. Dunno if she’s a convert or not.

  5. Nice piansip would have thin, smooth & translucent skin whereby one can see the meat inside. The mee goreng looks nice though.

    I thought the mee goreng looked good too but when I tried it, it really was horrible. Double thumbs down. As for the pain sip, from the look of it, I knew the skin would be thick – not so nice…but at least, it tasted quite ok.

  6. Arthur, this time round the food is not very inspiring. Perhaps the nasi campur would have been better. Better luck next time πŸ™‚

    Yup! You win some, you lose some…and if tak kenal, maka tak cinta…or tak tak cinta. Have to try and then only we’ll know good or not.

  7. The mee goreng looks so tempting! πŸ™‚ Luckily I just came back from lunch πŸ˜›

    Waiting for you to come to Sibu…so I can take you to eat all the nice things here.

  8. Hmmm..there is no way I will go for halal kampua, must have the original taste.

    Maybe this coffee shop is famous for their nasi campur, looks like a lot varieties.

    There’s one that is pretty good – better than some of the “original” places that I’ve been to – see my post day after tomorrow. I had a reason – going in search of halal kampua. Maybe will drop by and try the nasi campur and the other stuff that they have on the menu…but not these. Once is already one time too many. 😦

  9. the mee goreng looks good…
    why no big prawns?

    Good grief!!! Which hole did you just creep out from? Where have you been all this time? For anything less than RM5, you expect big prawns? Dream on lah!!! You can get there meh?

  10. The foods there looks so so to me…

    Some of what they had for the nasi campur looked pretty good.

  11. ooo, i just realized something. you eat more kampua noodles in one fortnight than i have eaten in my entire life! heheheh. nice πŸ˜€

    No kampua over there, that’s why. Not really, I don’t even eat it once a week unlike many people here. It’s their staple, their standard breakfast and they would not mind having it every day.

  12. im really having a hard time differentiating and remembering names of your dishes all i knew is they all looks yummy hahaha

    You’re not alone. Gave a kampua treat to a new kid in town – see tomorrow’s post…and he had some problem trying to remember – kampua! He loved it very much and would like to order that again, you see.

  13. well i think first one was the tastiest
    haha i believe in the saying
    the more color the more taste you get

    Unfortunately, as they say, appearance can be deceptive. Good looks aren’t everything, young man! πŸ˜‰

  14. awesome idea with the sliding netting covers. keeps the flies out…and if someone is not careful, it also keeps the flies in πŸ˜›

    Yes, and they should get a fly swatter and kill those hovering outside. Some customers may leave the covers open…and once, I saw a worker trying to get the flies that had got in to come out… I left right away – not going to eat there, thank you.

  15. this looked almost like a Malay nasi campur coffee place?? but I see them serving mee mamak and kampua… lol… what a fusion!I guess Kampua is served all over regardless of what coffee shop it is… and yes, I do agree that you probably had more Kampua than anyone else would have…;)

    You haven’t seen the locals yet – they have it every day and they do not get sick of it! Their standard breakfast. I don;t go for it that often – just sometimes…but more than usual lately as I would like to try to find out my favourites in town. Can bring visiting friends to go and eat.

  16. Their nasi campur has lots of varieties oso..
    HB likes that kind of Malay mee goreng. Too bad this one is too salty =_=

    There are others elsewhere – very nice one. This one, don’t bother.

  17. use chicken ah…hmmmm… umph la

    Sometimes, have to mah… Must show respect for other people’s cultures and religions.

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