Big balls…

Whoa! Whoa!!! Hold your horses now! This isn’t going to be what you think, no siree!!! LOL!!!

It’s just that the other day, I bought these beef balls from our local supermarket here…


I’ve always loved their sardines most of all and we had their Salisbury beef for our Christmas dinner once – they were actually beef patties but they were a lot nicer than the usual.

You get 20 of them in a box…

20 BB

…and you can boil, steam, deep fry or grill them in the oven…

BB in the oven

…which was what I did.

I still had a packet of that IKEA gravy left so I cooked that and used it to pour over the balls and serve…

BB served

It was very nice – my daughter enjoyed them a lot. I would think, however, that it would be nicer deep fried, just that I thought we could do with a little less oil used in the preparation. Of course, if you make fresh ones, those would be even nicer, I’m sure, but that would mean a lot more work.

My daughter cooked this dish of potato gratin…


…to go with the balls.

Throw in some greens by the side and that is one very well-balanced meal, don’t you think?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “Big balls…”

  1. Very big balls indeed! Hahaha did you hear that horse meat was found in Ikea Meatballs and some other Tesco meat blend? Definitely sounds like a balanced meal on your side!

    I really wonder about all that hoo-haa about the horse meat. The animal activists are unhappy about it or what. As far as I know, we Chinese have always been notorious for eating creatures a lot worse than horses… Well, IKEA Malaysia has issued a statement saying that they do not serve horse balls.. LOL!!!

    1. Ikea here ban the balls to do testing, but now the balls back liao, keke….

      Yup! I think there was a press release saying that their balls are not from horses… Oops!!! I mean there’s no horse meat in their beef balls. Muahahahaha!!!!!

  2. tua liap…!

    You like? Yew ai ch’nee, yew ai ph’nee…yew ai tua liap nee!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Hi Arthur! You sure there was no trace of horse meat in there? πŸ˜€

    We all love balls!!!

    Never mind. People have eaten stuff a lot worse – pangolins, iguanas, snakes…dogs.

    You love balls? Reminds me of a story of this tourist in Spain who ate a dish with huge balls at a cafe in Spain and fell in love it instantly. He found out that they were bull’s balls. Years later, he went back to Spain and to that very same restaurant and ordered the same dish. Unfortunately when it was served, he got two miserably small ones. He called for the chef and asked for an explanation. The guy told him, “You see, sir…sometimes, bull doesn’t die…matador dies!!!” LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Haha… Yar… Heard this joke long ago… Damn funny! πŸ˜€

      Hah!!! Such jokes are universal eh? πŸ˜‰

  4. It only show addictive your blog is when I read it at 4.25am in the morning! The price is comparable to ikea’s but since you mentioned the size of the balls, I guess they are bigger than ikea’s. deep fry meatball will turn it into Bergedil, yeah, sure is oily. Are the marina balls chewy or melt in the mouth?

    Hmmm…what are you doing up so early? Feeding time?

    They’re like burger patties, so would be fine if deep or pan-fried. I think it would be nicer. A bit hard on the outside, oven-cooked.

    I’ve never eaten IKEA’s so I can’t make the comparison – nobody in KL and the surrounding areas ever offered to take me there mah – Hear ye! Hear ye! To whom it may concern! LOL!!!

  5. I’d say you need some green vegetables to make it a well-balanced meal, i have seen those beef balls in some random supermarkets here in Penang before… maybe can cook with marinara sauce too? πŸ˜›

    Those were my exact words at the end of the post… I guess any sauce would be good – I’d love mushroom gravy with that.

  6. I love those meatballs from IKEA ones…too bad they cost quite a bomb.

    Oh? I wonder how much they cost. No wonder nobody ever brings me there… Sobssss!!!!!!

  7. Forget to ask… how to cook that potato gratin?

    Dunno. She said she saw Jamie cooking that on his 10-minute meal shows. I think it was just thinly sliced potatoes, Bombay onions, grated parmesan and milk…and maybe salt and pepper and then baked in the oven. I did not like the smell of the onions and if I were to cook, I would leave that out and use garlic instead and I’d probably add bits of ham or bacon and perhaps some herbs as well.

  8. Nice big balls. RM9.80 for 20 balls. That works out around 50cents each. Looks good with the ikea gravy pour over it. Yummy!!!

    Is that cheap or expensive? But it’s ok – will only eat once in a long while…

  9. Super catch title!

    Love some yummy meatballs…I normally make my own or keep some from Ikea on standby in case the troopers are hungry after their swim at our place. Will check Marina out …only remember them selling sardines. But perhaps that is also I have not been looking at the frozen section.

    Yup! The balls and the Salisbury beef would be in the frozen selection. I think they have pretty good fish fillet too, if I remember correctly. IKEA sells their frozen meatballs? Hmmm…I wonder how I can get hold of some. As the English proverb goes, “If the mountain would not come to Mohamad, Mohamad must go to the mountain.”

  10. Oh, yes I have tried the Salisbury steak which are actually like hamburgers. And I agree that they are good. I did not know they have beef balls too. I must go and look for them one of these weekends. I will grill them in the oven like you did and have them with lots of chilli sauce πŸ™‚

    First time seeing them…and that was why I bought them to try – since I liked their Salisbury beef…and also their sardines. Not bad, the balls. My daughter loved ’em – ate a whole lot.

    1. yeah, i am the lowest level of all ang moh wannabe, speak horrible english and understand none of ang moh things.. at least i am NOT a chinese banana, food mayor~~ hehehehe!! πŸ˜€

      Me? Kampung jungle people one, NCAA (no class at all) – not really into all these ang moh stuff, Jepun or whatever.

  11. I have bags of ikea meatballs in my fridge.. Pakcik bought from Oz. The balls are not as hard ( no pun intended ) and dry as the one in Malaysia as they are a mixture of beef and pork… no horse meat.. hehehe. Your balls * roll eyes * are bigger though and at RM 9.90 for 20 bijis, darn cheap lor. Good quality minced meat can be quite costly in Malaysia plus egg plus cream plus breadcrumbs will cost more than 9.90…. have to gelek- gelek somemore and wash utensils. Buy, better!

    Yup! Less hassle and not having them that often so it is pretty ok by me…

  12. Wow! The balls sure are big! Lol! Very convenient and save time in ccoking. I dont mind buying and trying them out.

    Definitely very convenient…and not bad, pretty nice.

  13. I should try this beefballs next time…looks yummy.
    Potato gratin..? Share the recipe with me….

    Better than those that are like fish balls – rubbery and chewy. The recipe – see my reply to cleffairy’s comment earlier.

  14. How many can you eat in one go? I think for me, I need only 2 or 3 the most.. hahaha… I prefer salads and the potato gratin..they look great!! Kudos to Melissa!

    Melissa had more the 2 or 3. Me? No need to ask lor… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. It looks like Melissa is being more and more involved in cooking too, just like you! Like father, like daughter eh? πŸ™‚

    Must learn. Next time, on her own…cannot cook anything, how to survive.

  16. my boyfie LOVES meat balls. me, not so.

    i remember me ordering bakso (it sounded like a bowl of mee) in Jakarta and i got shocked when a bowl of fish balls was served!

    Bakso? I thought they have beef balls in that – but the rubbery ones, the ones like fish balls. I don’t like the pork ones, beef…not so bad, no smell.

  17. Ahahah….dat day IKEA was having a big sale on the meatballs. RM2 for 10pcs because there was a complaint of horse meat traces found. I reckon is not in Msia.

    Aiyor!!!! Sooooo cheap! You did not buy for me kah?

  18. Wa…now you can serve IKEA balls…I meant meatballs at home!! πŸ˜€
    BTW…that IKEA gravy pack I can purchase from IKEA is it?

    Yup! You didn’t know kah? Aiyor… Somebody bought a packet for me once to try and I loved it…and so I asked my friend, Mandy, to buy some more for me and she bought a whole lot! Very nice, the gravy!

  19. Hmmm…your (meat)balls look a little dry. Meatballs in plenty of bolognese sauce, lovely πŸ˜‰ Perhaps I should drop by IKEA when I’m in KL and try their meatballs?

    Dunno. People seem to lik ethem a lot but I’ve never tried. I guess mine looked dry as they were grilled in th eoven – would not be like that if deep fried. I’m thinking of buying again…and cooking beef ball soup with them, can serve with noodles. Would probably be nice.

  20. no need to go Ikea to have this …can go Arthur’s Gourmet Home :)…..yummmm

    Sure not as nice as IKEA lah… That one got class, from overseas one. Mine from a box, so kesian. 😦

  21. Both me and my wife fall in love with Ikea meat balls when we first tried them many years back. Your balls ( I mean the beef balls), looks good too. Aiya, next time when you come to KL, make sure visit Ikea for their beef balls.

    Haiya! IKEA so far, so jammed the area…nobody to bring, how to go…and the taxi drivers all cut-throats, daylight robbers one… 😦

  22. Those are some really big balls you have there sir.. :D.

    Good afternoon, good evening, and good night! and good morning!

    *quickly moves hands to strategic position to cover vital part*…Blush! Blush! Muahahahahahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€

  23. Beef balls, really big in size. Grilled beef balls with gravy. Must be awesome.

    I quite like. My daughter loves them…didn’t mind eating the leftovers the following day even.

  24. ooh, i could imagine lumping all those balls together, squishing them into the shape of a patty, shoving them into a bun and making one big burger! πŸ˜€

    Go and get their Salisbury beef! Very nice. Anytime nicer than all those frozen burger patties…

  25. The title certainly caught my attention! Tsk Tsk Tsk
    Horsemeat-free ka? LoL
    You just made me crave for IKEA balls! πŸ˜›

    As long as it’s dog’s meat free…ok by me. Eeeeekkkkk!!!!! IKEA again! 😦

  26. WOW! So big balls!! I mean the beef balls. πŸ™‚

    Marina, i love this brand, they have others like nuggets and sausage too.

    Ya ya, everyone praise the ikea meat balls, shame to said, i think i had only tried once, and i cannot remember how it taste. hahahhaha

    Potato gratin, looks good, but it is fattening !! πŸ˜›

    Yup! I think this brand is very good – quality stuff. Wah!!! You no worries, extra one hour in the gym! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  27. I did laugh at the title. They look great!

    My mother makes prepared beef balls, she uses them in a variety of ways; spaghetti, chopped up and mixed with a rice dish, served with gravy and she makes them plain too.

    Yes, we usually serve them with other things, not as a main dish on its own like this. Chinese people,, of course, will have them with rice or noodles.

  28. for a second that title get me thinking hahaha,
    anyways it was indeed pretty biggie haha

    Hmmm…I wonder what you were imagining. Hehehehehe!!!!

  29. actually i never thought of using microwave on cooking those
    i mean the first thing i’ll do is to deep fry it

    It was a conventional oven, not microwave…

  30. tried this same brand meatball once.. pretty ok… you have Ikea there or the gravy was carried over… πŸ˜‰

    The potato gratin looked delicious!!

    Somebody bought the gravy and brought over to give to me. No IKEA here. Ya, the meatballs were ok, not too bad.

  31. Your version of the meatballs and the potato gratin really compliment each other, and it looks tasty! =D

    It was good. We enjoyed it, especially Melissa.

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